Fivio Foreign - Trust (Official Video)

Fivio Foreign

7 млн көрүүлөр791

    Official video for "Trust" by Fivio Foreign.

    Listen & Download “Trust” out now:

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    1. Bell Carson

      You know this is a banger when you see King Von turning the fuck up 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #LLKVFOREVER

    2. Wopo Ent

      Mah Niccas Crippin foe ah Cause💪🏽💙

    3. o méstre dos mestres

    4. Dbear's Midnight Station


    5. Joseph Kingwood jr

      Who wants to have power’s that you can bring people back

    6. Dor Amor

      Damn i fw this beat. RIP V.ROY!

    7. Detroit Raised

      Detroit 7mile tapped in! 🔥🔥

    8. Nolimit T2real

      Fivio we can’t lose you bro🖤🐐💫

    9. Ugly Beats

    10. Alexander Tomas

      fhamm collab w Nba Youngboy!!!!

    11. Harry HAWKRIDGE

      fivio's best song

    12. Exodus-Highphen

      "i turn mah niggas into bosses" respecc 🙏🏽.

    13. Αντώνης Χόντας

      look at von man so inspirational

    14. Juni

      Give my music a chance 🎶

    15. Juni

      Everyone follow me please

    16. Luke Makandidze

      MY BEST SONG 2021

    17. Roy Sanchez


    18. Roy Sanchez

      This song is vibe and get motivated

    19. dee dericks

      Fivi is really doing great we really still need this guy with everything he's giving is pafectly DOPE

    20. LorLegend 4400 entertainment


    21. Elimzyy

      All of a sudden everybody a von fan lmao

      1. onkel byll

        Cause he didn't have that much recognition before??

    22. Elimzyy

      All im saying is that I’ve been a fan and we must Protect Fivio.

    23. HipHop Wild

      The Realest Rapper To Come Out The Most Dangerous Nieghborhood In Brooklyn Amazing Bars! Click Dat Link.

    24. Kelly Kent

    25. A3 Co-TownSmoke


    26. Steve Labile

      Here from football lifestyle videos 🔥 🔥 🔥

    27. Your Worst Nightmare


      1. NSG YoungStunna

    28. Jinx3r

      0:45 that was king von in the green hat in the black jacket beside him

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    29. GrrPoww

      this music video could go to that tv demos on the stores... shit got quality fulll 8k

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    30. Kendia Turner


      1. NSG YoungStunna

    31. CherryBomb718

      I'm Late AF.....But Who Else Looking 4 T Dott Woo Walking?

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    32. Yonica Pope

      LET'S GO!! 🔥

    33. Xacc_2002

      Video looks like 4K wtf

      1. NSG YoungStunna🔂💯💯

    34. bob saga

      notice how they get bigger and bigger they have less crew members around then... frauds...

    35. טמסגן גטהון


    36. Yaroslav Melnikov


    37. Rayan Ahmed

      The faded mint conceivably shop because tempo immunohistologically accept beside a elderly pheasant. tangible, amused earth

    38. gein


    39. Gp Gwapo

      This Shyt Gooo right here No Cap🧢 this Shyt Dopeeeeeee ♿♿@finesseamestreetTv

    40. Jackliner6

      that camera is cleaner than mr. clean (give JL a raise)

    41. Zizi Miranda


    42. Oboi

      Bro lost his parents, pop, and so many others, we need to keep this nigga protected

    43. Lluri Sierra Salinas

      Love it

    44. Kry RSPS

      that o block chain glissen, just know they vee veez

    45. Tahirah Stokes

      I see a lot of people saying y’all cause see pop smoke on this song but do you think fivio would’ve said “give a fuck who the king of New York “🤔of pop was still alive ?

      1. Guy Michel Asseke

        Why not

    46. David Makayi

      Who in 2021 is still listening to this

    47. bronxmosthated1

      In the age of cell phones I don't understand why we need a representative government.Great Documentary I hope to see about the Legalisation of all drugs and prostitution we don't need government watch

    48. Kelvin Mendez


    49. Kelvin Mendez


    50. Kelvin Mendez


    51. lil shiers

      my man living for pop & von keep the legacy going king

    52. Joey Dallas

      Like this if Fivio should do a song with his opp CoachDaGhost 🔥🔥 Fuck the beef. They both lyrical.

    53. Wizzle McGriddle

      speaking that real rap, non of my niggas mourning

    54. TrenchMoney Snow

      Only here because king von

    55. niyaz3797

      He killed pop smoke

      1. KPTKez


    56. Matt Collis

      He’s gotta keep this shit up like honestly best shit I’ve heard

    57. larry 2funn

      Fivio like ski they always lose the ppl close to them 💀💀💀🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️😔😔

    58. Default XO

      We need lil durk and fivio on song

    59. Default XO


    60. Бизнес и Бабки

      BIG WOO I LIKE U! we l4ve you

    61. RAEL

      Man this my favorite song and music video but it feel like sum missing felt like it shoulda had a von verse it woulda felt complete

    62. Fernando Salcedo

      Who else saw von

    63. Splash2Real YT

      Who here from TikTok

    64. Betto

      Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Production 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    65. TTV MiNi

      War, Everybody on the floor🥵 0:34

    66. Doreen Rose

      Was it von in the vid it look like him

      1. Rockford- Shay


    67. bronxmosthated1

      🔥 🔥 bro

    68. Entity 303 FilmsTM

      AXL SHIT !!!

    69. Rayan Ahmed

      The doubtful legal iteratively multiply because chronometer perplexingly bathe minus a pumped dish. sore, imminent step-uncle

    70. Alejo Carral


    71. Cory Wright

      Rik GT ft. FIV🔥🔥🔥🔥

    72. sky sky

      in a gun i trust

    73. MrTP

      Yo Fivio gon put Jay Dee on I can just tell

    74. Stars

      This so FIRE YUHH 🔥🤐

    75. Sir Almonds

      fivio definitely isnt an extreme artist with some amazing lyrical ability and that sort of stuff, but his execution and flow is so unique which is why i think he’s better than most rappers of his generation

    76. Kendrea Scales


    77. Yellow Synth


    78. Tierry Tessa


    79. Jayy 2litt


    80. Hyped Gaming

      Plz don’t die 🙁 I want u to say with us

      1. Guy Michel Asseke

        He said himself that rappers are the most targeted people on the earth


      He needs a pack to send the mail out

    82. Keenan Zulu

      That's a serious camera.

    83. Five Star

      Song stays on repeat 🔥🔥

    84. ziad

      his best song

    85. Kiing Minah

      1:23 brooo that’s hits diff fr LLV 🥺😩💔

    86. anubis20049999

      Its crazy how he shouts out Jaydee but Jaydee threw shade at him for not helping him after getting out or whatever he was claiming.

    87. CHEF MARI

    88. CHEF MARI

    89. CHEF MARI

    90. Elena Bandera

      All thanks to FBvendor vendor on Telegram I was able to get my dream car

    91. 4x steven


    92. Junior Laray

      Rivio twins with rowdy rebel

    93. Skywalker

      Protect at all costs 🥶💯🖤

    94. Brian Sistrunk

      This track go’s so hard 🔥 See what happens when they cross us .... losses

    95. Trư Thuy

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    96. Esoteric Guru

      Kinda wavy and I prefer 90s music.

      1. seaner

        Stfu thats 20 years ago

    97. Megaman. EXE

      *Gun I Trust*

    98. Rashardgocrazy 8:24

      This bit 🔥

    99. Saucy Zy

      Thing's we don't wanna hear: R.I.P fivio foreign R.I.P lil uzi vert R.I.P lil baby

      1. Tyrell Lawless

        Or R.i.p chief keef I’ll fuck around and die too lol

      2. Amahle Hlongwane

        @Areeb Amadness 😅😅😂😂...but Uzi vert is garbage

      3. Areeb A

        @Amahle Hlongwane wouldn’t mind hearing Amahle Hlongwane

      4. Amahle Hlongwane

        Wouldn't mind hearing lil Uzi vert

      5. Kai Smithley

        uzi ain't gonna happen thank God he stays safe and doesn't do drugs, I'm concerned about fivio though, if they got bashar then they can get him too

    100. Sniper Smith

      Blessings like Raindrops King stay focus and safe in those Grimy streets