I Hosted A $50,000 Talent Show!

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13 млн көрүүлөр1 871

    We hosted a massive talent show in VR Chat and got Quackity to help us judge! Big shout out to Quackity, go check out his channel! kgup.info
    Massive thank you to everyone who helped making this video possible!
    Tsuna for creating the VR chat map for us!
    Graelyth for helping us with production
    Sombie for helping us with production
    Mochie for helping us with production
    Shoutout to DarrenZeus for creating the MrBeast skin!
    Shoutout to the winner Speed73 - Watch his video here

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    1. Default name

      wait why does this say it was uploaded on March 1st?

    2. 43verLonely

      Okay but are we gonna talk about how cool the animations on these characters actually are?

    3. NoT A NuKe

      7:00 best part

    4. Titan Ark

      What is karl

    5. Ella Mills

      fun fact, i auditioned for america’s got talent but never got a call back👍

    6. Jesse Memerson

      I wanna see a song by the raccoon guy with the body suit guy dancing. They were actually good.

    7. the weeb man UwU


    8. MrBeastFan90

      I think that racoon guy deserves it

    9. Tubee

      Quackity makes this more awsome

    10. NightMaRe

      8:10 name of back round???

    11. Amelia Bell

      Karl roasted him so hard he burned alive.

    12. Tom Grossi Jr

      Bro If Kids Didn't Watch This Raccoon Could've Won

    13. Lightshadowww

      Best rap ever 7:14

    14. Andrew Gyde

      You should put googly eyes on your vr goggles

    15. Extrxrc

      She tried to make them simp for her :/ 4:05

    16. zjw 0330

      the new Americas got talent: Beast gamings got talent

    17. OsDada Jr

      to the moon dogeship it funny cause its an actual meme

    18. Aya Omari

      Yayyyyyy i rich

    19. Corbin Trujillo

      you see dipper pines just screaming

    20. Milan

      The random word rap dude was the best

    21. 0_0 2

      How did this say a month ago but it’s made in February

    22. Mary Sofocleous

      You did not give me a Tesla like I hoped you would. It’s a Lamborghini lol

    23. Cloyd Santos

      Ez win if the doo is still going in vrchat

    24. x MAN1775

      I would love to play VR with mrbeast

    25. Mr. Winner

      Yeah taking the chance to get the money away from the raccoon guy wasn’t cool kinda ruined the video for me.

    26. Marivic “The Iron Lady”

      Just realized they put a Quackity mannequin next to Chris

    27. youisgood cooldude

      Karl is diper dandandan

    28. G E N T O ?

      Dude NoLogicDavid was here! He was the dancing guys at 5:49

    29. Stacy Wayne

      More VR videos

    30. Galaxy Kitty


    31. Jelly Bob

      The raccoon guy was fucking robbed. He 100% had the most talent.

    32. The Unknown person

      Jimmy in hate videos be like: TODAY I BE GIVING AWAY A MRBEAT RAP TESLA

    33. Flat Zone

      Earthbound was the turn based combat. 9:59

    34. Wxlfy

      f for racoon dud

    35. 0_0 2

      Why not watch this yet

    36. iamziden

      coming from greatmoonaroma

    37. Aiden Moran

      How could Karl do that

    38. Gissel Fonseca Alvarez


    39. Shadow

      When you realize someone you know in the video but you don’t know what to comment for example No logic david

    40. dat banna

      quack quack quakkty says

    41. wii boi_alex

      That vr set caused the raccoon guy 50 grand

    42. Allard Bosma


    43. Talha Palowan

      Dude what the rap was insane how could u do that Crail..........?

    44. Annoying Red

      I’m drugs I’m a drug me

    45. h i

      now i know quackity is a bad person

    46. Christian Ruiz

      mr beast ever one loves you

    47. BruhAnt


    48. Jaykob Finn

      Now i lost all my respect to carl because he did not let ROCKER RACOON win

    49. Garfield Gaming

      11:42 yeahhhhhhhhhh

    50. AngelPlayzMC

      7:20 was racoon guy and how many did he say a** 7:47 here guys 7:23 too

    51. An average Noob

      Rocket raccoon was best

    52. tomgday

      i thought the first 1 was like Chef from South Park *at the start* ...

    53. Bev Bailey

      have you ever think a animal can sing

    54. HarryYT

      I have the “one month early” checkkk YA YEET

    55. Rie-San


    56. sanidani animations

      He got stickbugged

    57. PopcorN

      quackity is very rude, i bet that singer should have won

    58. yash yadav

      dude you should have shown karls face while he was saying no to the racoon guy. I dont think karl can say no to that. The rap was just so op...chris and jimmy were jumping on the sofas... and really hate that other judge i dont know who he was but i just hate him as he said no to the racoon guy from karls side ( i think karl never said no)

    59. Marcos D

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    60. Angie Charatkulangkun


    61. OG Tube


    62. Tiffany Belisky

      What!!!!the raccoon rocked loved it

    63. Accelerator

      there’s a lot of roblox references

    64. gacha ivy UwU 847

      I have an Oculus quest 2 and I have VR chat I've also been in that world which is amazing and I'm a big fan of Mr beast my cousin too

    65. FlaMeZ Wizard

      Why isn't Quackity wearing a vr?


      bro karel got that aot shoes

    67. Julia Kenzitt

      🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎. CooL

    68. gianna


    69. payton ducky

      that racoon should have won

    70. mixi

      my favourite line in this viideo was: I get that reference because I play amongis

    71. Kailitgaming

      Racon should've won f in the chat for qaqed

    72. fatima khalid

      ❤️❤️ I love you

    73. Anna

      At least you can’t blow up the stadium now

    74. Nora Ahmed

      When I get that money I give them to poor people I don't really want to have it

    75. CloudyCatGod

      Moon should of had a better chance language barrier was to strong tho

    76. Cinder815

      Nice that a Furret won

    77. Flannery Rebekah

      7:00 my bird was deadass bopping his head to the song, shoulda won

    78. Cindy Wilson

      Why does it sound like quackity says among gUs

    79. Maria G

      More VR pls

    80. Objection You Dummy

      "ANTIMATION????" 8:59

    81. Atom Kun kitune

      Rip great moon

    82. Ansel's Glitched World

      3:50 looks good

    83. francis Lao-e

      tfmjonny pls

    84. Arjun Arjun


      1. Arjun Arjun

        8 got z ??

    85. Zulema Villa

      Give the rapper 1000

    86. Isabella Hernandez

      7:40 quackity vibing

    87. Some Random


    88. Regina Maria Pia Socorro TAGULAO


    89. Aubri

      karl being dipper for 1 min

    90. Deku

      Actually mad that the racoon guy didn't get a chance. I am actually pissed bro he or the body track suit guy could've got it That was Bakugo NOT ME

    91. Micheline Jordan


    92. I'm A Blue Wolf

      I'm really super pissed because the racoon guy didn't win

    93. mine blox game thing

      Is that quackity????

    94. Leonardo Rucalcaba

      The raccon had to win, he deserved those 50k dollars, not those mogus drip things

    95. Mr. fortnite


    96. Blajco 1

      I hate quackity

    97. Illuminate

      ngl qaukitiy legit took that joke too far, I understand it’s all just about having a good time but There’s a difference between talent and just using animation models that you probably spent like an hour on, same with the guy who played guitar and the full body track suit guy, Again I understand that at the end of the day it’s all fun and games but damnmmm, that raccoon guy can at least get a shoutout in the description or something

    98. TheSlipperyDominator

      11:52: When I step on a lego

    99. Mihle Jonas


    100. Gabriel Marthy Otico

      Happy 17m subs to the gaming channel ❤️✨