Defeat Predator Location (Predator Boss Fight) - Fortnite


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    Defeat Predator Location (Predator Boss Fight) - Fortnite
    For one of the Jungle Hunter Quests to unlock the Predator Skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, you need to "Defeat Predator".
    You can find the Predator boss fight in Stealthy Stronghold, he spawns where the huts are at the back and will move about the area, invisible. Best way to defeat The Predator in Fortnite is to climb onto the shacks themselves, as he has difficulty getting you from up there.
    Simply defeat Predator to complete this challenge and unlock the secret skin.

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    1. HarryNinetyFour

      You can find him where the shacks are in Stealthy Stronghold. He'll be invisible most of the time. Creator Code: HarryNinetyFour #epicpartner

      1. GrayDoughnut 384

        Is it easiest to kill the predator with a minigun

      2. S A A

        @mini N e j i i prop hfyu H

      3. John Milan


      4. Omar Carlon

        Hey harry why can’t I find him in my battle lab?

      5. Base Legend


    2. a wizard

      finally predator is killing kids

    3. ToxicYautja


    4. The M Phantom

      That boss fight is Epic, but what's worse is when SOME RANDOM IDIOT SHOOTS YOU IN THE BACK! (The Spectator Part is actually useful here, as you get the Sweet Chance of seeing them get OWNED by an Invisible Predator; unless they are Smart Enough to run away.)

    5. Larry Poppins

      Yes, because an apex predator and hunter-killer is a perfect fit for a colorful dancing battle royale. Seems like fortunate is doing all it can to stay afloat now. How about, I don't know, ACTUALLY IMPROVING YOUR GAME?!

    6. Pizza Boi351

      It’s super EZ

    7. Special Order_937

      Haha the truck that Arnie pushes down the hill 🤣 with the sound straight out of the movie

    8. STRYKER

      Thanks for the location. I did on my first try

    9. Zontar82

      it never appears to me, any reason why

    10. Carlos Zerpa

      This guy always helps :)

    11. Soham Acharya

      I was trying to kill him in squads and the first weapon i find is the infinite ammo crossbow

    12. Soham Acharya

      Preddy Fight!!!!! - James A. Jannise

      1. HatedOn Alex

        *MLG AirHorns Start Playing*

    13. Ty-Ty Thomas


    14. Ty-Ty Thomas

      I found him

    15. Ty-Ty Thomas

      Ok he should have a range type like by his head on his shoulder

    16. Ty-Ty Thomas

      So he's a melee type nice

    17. Ty-Ty Thomas

      I just want to find him so I can clap him

      1. HatedOn Alex

        Woah there 😳

    18. LifeObliterator

      What game mode is he in?

    19. ITheMarksman [SUCE]

      Got it first try. Was very lucky no-one landed there

    20. Smile Dog

      Doom is next if you add halo and predator you better add doom guy

    21. Bram farang & also Harley's Dad

      Also i can't get into my original epic ACC with chapter one goods on there any ideas???

    22. Bram farang & also Harley's Dad

      I did. It half my inventory went???

    23. Jean Pedersen

      how do you come in a match with only you in it?

      1. HatedOn Alex

        Battle lab or if you want bosses and a storm you need to have a private one and you need a creator code which means you have to have a KGup or twitch and have a certain amount of followers or subs

    24. For ever joung

      i like this game super, i suggest you watch.

    25. The demon Boy


    26. Iron Creeper Man

      I wish he drops the claws

    27. FYF Josh

      Can anyone help me get the skin my ign is grandlifejosh

    28. pat schrodinger

      So the only way to get the invisibility cloak is by killing the Predator in the stronghold? You don't even get it after you've got the skin and start as the Predator? I'm very disappointed. 😥

      1. HatedOn Alex

        Bruh if everyone got it it would be no point to land there to kill him and the game would be very long and much harder if everyone could cloak and hide, maybe they could add it in creative and you can make an island and play with friends but I don’t think it should be put in the loop pool or else it would be chaotic people would bash it within 10 hours of the release

    29. Ardox17

      How did he get into a game with only 1 person in it?

      1. shadowflamenz

        Custome game


      Good shit straight to the point thanks for the help son

    31. Yes Ok

      Beat him second try

      1. HatedOn Alex

        Same first try I killed some dude who was emoting right after he killed the guy who had it, karma got him and I placed 2nd cuz I just left so I didn’t die so I got no loot and the circle kept going as far away from me as possible so I didn’t have any mats, by the time it was last guy I ran out of ammo and no mats so I hid and he just found me and edited and killed me, he added me tho and now we’re friends and he helped me beat all the challenges and skins within 20 minutes after , I was the first person to grab the skin , at least in my lobbies

    32. Rade Fnm

      How did you get into the game by yourself without ending the game or being in battle labs.... plz tell me

      1. HatedOn Alex

        @Rade Fnm idk then bro sorry

      2. Rade Fnm

        @HatedOn Alex I have a creator code tho 😕

      3. HatedOn Alex

        @Rade Fnm you have to be a content creator with a code

      4. Rade Fnm

        @shadowflamenz how tho he is by himself and I tried it didn’t work

      5. shadowflamenz

        Custome game

    33. gtaseries 10

      thanks this helped me so much

    34. Jack Dickens

      Why did they make predator not bad ass at all

      1. HatedOn Alex

        @Jack Dickens every update it’s broken or fixed and I bet he’s not gonna get fixed

      2. HatedOn Alex

        @Jack Dickens idk what that is but no I wasn’t saying he IS I’m just saying what could epic do to not make him broken ?

      3. Jack Dickens

        @HatedOn Alex bro I don't even play forrnite I was just here after it was advertised on fb lol. I play with the big Bois on tarkov 😎

      4. Jack Dickens

        @HatedOn Alex Op?? Really. That's OP?? Wtfffff lol

      5. HatedOn Alex

        Bro how OP do you want this guy

    35. Average Guy

      How am I supposed to eliminate it when it keeps running away?

      1. HatedOn Alex

        Follow him and youlll see footsteps and see him run through the water, he is invisible but if you look really closely there are little wiggly lines around his body so it will give it away , you’ll know when he’s near you when you hear the boss music and hear him

    36. Xanthony

      No players landed here, the dude just ran away from me and someone killed me because I couldn’t catch him, Epic really is just down low at this point

      1. HatedOn Alex

        I’ll admit him running away is kind of wack but it is something unique and different, he’s not a hard dude to kill he’s just annoying and the players make it hard, I say land on top of the stealthy and go into the small buildings on the ring around it and just run around and wait til you see him

    37. Richard Drake

      Can u do it in battle lab

      1. HatedOn Alex

        No bosses aren’t in battle lab

    38. Ruben Alexander


    39. Aykut Elmasın Burnu

      why he didnt drop his hand

    40. yuoop noke

      I wonder if you can see him with Mando’s rifle

      1. HatedOn Alex

        No you can’t and you can also use other mythical with this

    41. SHS skillschool

      It’s not hard at all to kill him, i killed him first try. I went in with a green skin as this is a heavily forested area and this served as camouflage and was helpful to defeat 3 more enemies that were there competing with me as well. Try it

      1. HatedOn Alex

        Bruh when I first landed there was 46 people (I literally went in Replay and counted) and 8 people shot at ONLY ME I had a AK no mats or any shield

      2. HatedOn Alex

        @yuoop noke custom match, to have a custom match you need a creator code and to get one you must be a creator with a certain amount of subs

      3. yuoop noke

        How are you the only person in the game

    42. Andrei James

      Can u do it in team rumble ?

    43. Ghostface2

      wtf fortnite just messed up my fav movie

    44. brooke 1008

      predator is not there ive played 10 diff matches

      1. bilinas mini

        Aww I love this new intro!

    45. Mrcoolguy900

      How much health does he have?

    46. QR-M5TR

      Apparently every fortnite character studied the predators language and knows how to use his tech.

    47. toijg avnnr

      why they make it so hard? this is such bullshit quest omg.. another killing of stupid boss when 99 players try to kill him too.. congratz really of making these challenges omg

      1. toijg avnnr

        chest. Left the loot, they walked into my trap. They got hunted.

    48. Follower of Annus

      *Laughs on ghost recon wildlands*

    49. dolimi jotoo

      And now everyone and their mom landing in that place.. Even after they finish their quest.

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Does it count if you do squads?

    50. Vagueness

      how are you in a lobby by yourself

    51. Tom

      is it lucky that i got this on the second try

    52. D1N0ReX4

      The mission can be completed without even killing him. You just have to do some damage to him and even if someone else kills him, the mission will be completed and you will get the skin! At least that's what happened to me. :)

    53. Nick White

      Has this already passed?

    54. Aaron Porter

      Must be nice having ur own private server 🖕🏻

      1. Ultimate Jony


    55. laskin riubn

      Harry already with the fast guides. Appreciate you always 💞

      1. MultiSync 112

        @laskin riubn I don't play the game that much but isn't it battle lab?

      2. laskin riubn

        So no ones gonna talk about how he got in a lobby by himself?

    56. FlaminSoda

      How are you the only person in the game

      1. misuyy fong

        Has this already passed?

    57. Diddy Kong

      I just unlocked this guy

    58. Nikhil 's Hub

      so this guy is also like wolverine from last season, shoot from the roof and it'll stand there like a fricking statue.

    59. Haris

      How much Health and shield predator?

    60. BigcatVR

      Can you do it in barrel lab

      1. Ultimate Jony

        No u can’t do it in barrel lab but u can do it in battle lab


      U deserve all my praise and respect, Harry

    62. vliduu zeeb

      "Simply" he says. Raise your hand of you've been spending hours fighting troves of players trying to find the invisible npc. Smh

    63. Niko

      Gotta say I love the fight. As a kid predator was my favorite character from pretty much anything. The original movie was amazing. I appreciate how they used the original roar from the actual movie. P.s dont have the battle pass but had to kill him. The exotic makes me feel like predator. 1st game with it I stealth killed two people back to back near a chest. Left the loot, they walked into my trap. They got hunted.

    64. JK GAMING

      Are you in battle

    65. LUCKYBOMB1212

      Does it count if you do squads?

    66. Rotomics

      Me: ooh free skin *get into lobby* *the thirty other players playing as pred bout to kill me*

    67. Bandith Carr

      Why is it that the people who already have the predator skin decide to kill a player trying to attain the skin?

      1. Jonathan Vargas

        They are being toxic lol

    68. drew

      1 million views on this video! 🥳

    69. misuyy fong

      not like you can quickly get behind someone and start shooting, you have to wait until the cloak deactivates and then you can.

    70. Titan

      Yeah but he has custom games so he can do it with 1 person in the match. Try a public game mate, i can’t even land

    71. Nelson

      Why do so many people try to land there to get it most of them are just stupid sweats who only wears things like Aura or Crystal yet they still try to beat Predator to unlock it it's not even worth the trouble

    72. Hi Broski

      So no ones gonna talk about how he got in a lobby by himself?

    73. Notafratdude

      Jesus loves you,Please repent because He is coming soon. Like so more people can see this

    74. 1V3R

      He is hard to kill!

    75. Thierno_kash

      the action lever shot gun is the worsy

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    77. KrisTheKingYT

      the day aimassist came in handi

    78. gamer Uk

      Subscribed to

    79. gamer Uk

      And gone if you kill the predator oyu get the skin for free you don't have to buy him

    80. Sevastian Gomez

      Jesus they really just can't stop ruining fortnite by adding popular stuff from years ago. Especially since the stuff they add makes that stuff more doggo. Screw you fortnite

    81. UNISOL

      In which game mode is the best way to find him?

    82. TescosFinestHam 68

      The only bad thing is that 1 million people land there

    83. Iwillslapyou sir


    84. Tom Sharman

      Quick tip: Turn on Audio Visualisation (I think that’s what it’s called) so you know when he’s sneaking up on you, you can see his footsteps!

    85. Ben Edwards

      I got it when it was first there

    86. DeimosSTREM

      Beat him first try because I'm that fucking epic.

    87. Mr. Green

      Fortnite is trash

    88. All_NightGamer

      I wish the T-800 skin was the arnold skin and you can have alternative styles, which could be (1) with battle scars, (2) with exo-face reveled a bit, (3) t-800 and (4) full arnold skin. Because then it would be worth buying

    89. Сания Каирбаева


    90. Travel Drone

      You will reach 1 million views very soon 🔜

    91. Adiyan Alam

      Adiyan Alam adiykk Alam adiykk Alam adiykk Alam adiykk Alam adiykk Alam adiyan Alam shah. Alam

    92. Adiyan Alam

      Shah Alam

    93. Adiyan Alam


    94. Adiyan Alam

      Adiyan. Alam

    95. doughboy 03

      This game has gotten super Corny

    96. Valentino Copado

      does he appear in ltms

    97. explorer music

      I think the predator was be more difficult, i am disapointed

    98. stewbertdoobert

      yo how u get in a single player lobby

    99. Devonte Armstrong

      Bro got on trending we need this

    100. Burger Bro 34

      Kids: Predator? Whos this Werido? oh well, hes prolly got good loot on him Adults: Run.