Marvel's Loki - Official Trailer (2021) Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson


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    Watch the first sizzle reel for the Disney Plus series starring Tom Hiddleston as the god of mischief.
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    1. yee yee

      has no one mentioned the fact that at 2:03 there’s someone sitting on vormir that looks like natasha????

    2. Maximilian Mitchell

      Why didn't umm why didn't Owen Wilson say wow?

    3. Santiago Zapata Pineda


    4. e e

      Tum pagal Ho tumko nahin pata ki iron man Tony stark hai aur koi nahin hai pagal

    5. ari g

      loki deserves a movie :/

    6. Marcus Walker


    7. Chris Gotta

      This seems nice, who is this?

    8. Gabby Estrada

      The fact that this is actually going to be a movie is unreal

      1. ZAP GAMERZ

        It's a series not a movie

    9. Ganesh Gurmit Singh

      This Littlefinger (GOT) Spinoff is amazing!

    10. Zildjian Casurao

      *Loki got away* Owen Wilson: *Wow*

    11. Dave

      I'll watch this when hell freezes over

    12. Sristi Jairaj


    13. Paolo L. Prota D'.

      2:09 D.B. COOPER

    14. quran recitation by Usman

      Hate Loki

    15. DimondNinjaX55

      Yeah but this is alternate universe

    16. the art empress

      2:02 is that black widow!?

      1. AD


    17. Mersijane Quillobe

      I've been waiting for this? When is the release date?

    18. Dylan Wicklund

      Can't wait

    19. Machinedead

      2:07 'Hello there, Mr. Anderson....'

    20. Hasinur Rahman

      2:23 So This is how D. B. Cooper Disappeared

    21. Rotten Banana

      2:03 is that Natasha?

      1. AD


    22. Takayami Tsukishima

      Movies nowadays aren’t worth it..

    23. pryncyss

      Oh that wink has my heart 💀

    24. whyistomatoafruit

      FU*K YES....MY DREAM SINCE 2012 IS COMING TRUE!!!!!!!!

    25. Rose Lydiard

      People who haven't seen endgame just being so confused.

    26. Noemi Armas

      Okay This One for you Loki BATGIRL CRYSTAL REED Voice Lines in disney plus

    27. Captain Jack Sparrow

      Thanks Hulk for taking stairs. We got a new movie.

    28. Captain Jack Sparrow

      If Natasha is alive. Then gamora must be alive too

    29. Captain Jack Sparrow

      Finally the movie he deserves

    30. Mystic Online

      Yayy Loki is coming, So Exited

    31. Hoang Phuc Sinh

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    32. StarBucks 42367

      Why can’t this be in movies not on Disney plus like some of us don’t have Disney plus

    33. Elizabeth Blaze

      What about Habib! When is it coming out?

    34. just some one

      This is the start to the what if series

    35. enspa1r

      remember kids, this movie wouldn’t have happened if they let hulk take the elevator

    36. Dead Armour



      Who one is here just to see Thanos's comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Black Koru

      Disney has a natural talent of wrecking movies

    39. Thanos

      Impossible.I killed him 😮😮

    40. Kashwin Paul


    41. dev mollik

      "00:24" 😂 Your choice but only *𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐜𝐨𝐦'* 📌

    42. Marianela Shinn

      "00:24" 😂 Why waste your time when only *𝗜𝗡𝗝𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝒄𝒐m'* 📌 does it for everybody

    43. ahmed haji

      "00:23" 😂 This is not 2017 man!! Now your best bet is *INJAPP.C0M*

    44. Gautam Siddharth

      This Marvel superhero is kind of lo-ki!

    45. JIT SANYAL

      2.02sec is that black widow?????

    46. Ricmaniac

      make a netflix deal again @disney+

    47. Noah Bruno

      At this point, Marvel's just making movies for each character because they're out of ideas.

    48. yes

      I'm so in love with Loki

    49. jorge munguia

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    50. d williams


    51. Shiva Gamer

      Telugu vallu like plz

    52. Aditya Jaiswal

      A perfect example of chameleon

    53. Flair Xo

      Tiktok is the worst.

      1. Mysterio


    54. kolluru naveen

      Bifrost is cool..

    55. King Solomon

      Baphomet horns in the thumbnail.

    56. Unnati Mishra


    57. Senpai

      2:03 is that Black Widow ❗⁉️❓

    58. Buyantogtokh Ulambayar

      loki was in mongolia

    59. Weebos Nuts

      1:13 doki doki

    60. logical creations

      WT* agent romanaf is alive @ 2:03

    61. Tupper_Wave

      DC > Marvel

    62. The Senate

      2:39 "what did u expect" everyone *thinks loki bout to betray someone*

    63. Ayush Chhabra

      They took so long to make this one even when they knew it was going to be a major hit

    64. Eternal

      Evidently Loki is DB Cooper

    65. Ertoguk

      Brother, when im down.. you better be ready

    66. Rancord123

      This looks much better than Wanda Vision and Falcon and Winter Soldier combined. Something the MCU has really been needing

    67. Panic! at the Disconnect


    68. Tai_Cha

      Loki is DB Cooper 😂😂I love it

    69. STARK TIME

      If removing one stone cause this many reality. What if we remove all the stones imagine!

    70. Zimmy YT

      ever wonder what would happen if Tom Hiddleston was THE JOKER?????

    71. Mr Grimmbo

      Is it a movie?

    72. PokeGo Walking


    73. Gavin Merasty

      Also dose this mean that loki was Cooper?

    74. Gavin Merasty

      All we had to do was take the damn stairs hulk!

    75. Haneefah H.

      Yes! Let's gooo!!



    77. Jetskii S.

      Can we just acknowledge the fact that we lost basically all of Loki‘s progress because he died and this is the version of him from the past?

      1. The Red Diablo

        Was my first thought

    78. ncsun mvsj

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    79. That dude

      Love what Anthony Mackie said. "Movies these days are made for 16 year olds and China."

    80. Zy Block

      Loki is d.b.cooperman confirmed?!?!?!?!? Lol

    81. Jane Boland

      2:02 is that captain marvel?

    82. Dur-E- Sameen

      Are we all gonna put blindfolds and not gonna do anything about loki's thumbnail? Like seriously, can anyone please broke down the meaning behind the way 'LOKI' is written?

    83. Avengers In Trading

      Ok. Love Loki but Owen Wilson in the mcu??????? Doesn’t match

      1. B Sell

        He's an actor, how can it "not match"

      2. The Red Diablo

        Every big star goes in the mcu at one point.

    84. Katrín Egilsdóttir

      Loki is such an underrated character... glad he is getting some love❤

    85. ItzRichTV

      This is amazing 🤩

    86. B Md /Shihab Islam

      waiting for this movi

    87. Crimson OP

      Doesnt Loki feel like team rocket to anyone cause his plans always backfire😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. oh dats2

        yes it does xD

    88. Dan O

      Oh they got Owen Wilson to be in this...I mean...just....WOW

    89. Mattias Thisner

      But what happened in the universe where the blue infinity stone is now gone? Thanks to Loki disappearing with it. In a way they never managed to return the last infinity stone and restore that universe to order.

    90. redox redon.

      Loki ka last pe popat hora hai bhai😂😂

    91. Elane Baranowski

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    92. Srigiri Pearze

      Atreus To Me!!


      but loki died in avengers infinity war

    94. Millie Mouse

      My friend gave me a loki for president pin and it is my most prized possession now

    95. xd preachrboy

      he's D B cooper :o


      2:03 was that black widow 🙄


      2:03 was that black widow 🙄

    98. فيرمان عالم الدين

      What??owen wilson joined marvel

    99. Anshul dmn

      db cooper

    100. NBA2K21Mazq

      Too bad his neck got Thanos snapped.