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    1. FunnyMike

      100k likes slutty will cut his hair!

      1. Djthr33j dixon

        Can I be a bad kid

      2. Djthr33j dixon

        Funnymike you is my biggest fanHead ass gang

      3. Yes Sir

        That shotgun that one I'm telling u got it couple years ago plenty more but that's most effective and efficient one

      4. JVyan Bennett


      5. Harmony Thompson

        Wait, are you cappin’. I thank u is cappin’😝😂🤣🤣

    2. Jameer Stephens

      Can I be a bad kid please

    3. Diego Sandoval

      It was jay bussin out the draco from under the bed for me 💀🤣🤣

    4. Ian Holiday


    5. Antoinae Jones

      i love god bless you good job with the kids

    6. Master X

      That going to be a problem my mama died

    7. JVyan Bennett

      i am outside funnymike

    8. yoppa choppa

      o he thuggin

    9. Crystal Holmes


    10. IamDeasha

      Imagine having to clean all them bullets up😂😂

    11. Aniece Adams

      Mike you really love the kids 💕✊🏾!!!

    12. TikTok who

      What happened to woo woo

    13. Syjiah Randle

      It’s the end for me 😂😂

    14. Ashanti Allen


    15. Lakesha Thacker

      i love bam

    16. Kay Lin

      These Chicago jokes getting very lame u say the same thing in every video btw I’m from Chicago

    17. Morthon Joseph


    18. Morthon Joseph


    19. Lul Jaysmoov Raps

      I watch Mac back to back because he 😂😂😂

    20. Lashantae Gibson

      Have fun and I wish I come a bad kid one day I've been waiting

    21. Nariahsia HargroveMcKinley

      I wanna be a badkid so bad. No cap badkid mark is so fine.

    22. Sylvia Crews

      I Love DD

    23. Skye Smith

      funnymike u need to make video about a boxing match

    24. Key DripZ

      Cant wait for NBA youngboy to drop his new music 💯🚫🧢🙏

    25. Jd Hayes


    26. Student Account

      how do i get in the bad kids tell me on instgram @_614.ant

    27. Pauline moses

      When is Bam going to have a date😝🤪😐🤑🤑🤑

    28. Evanie Carrizales

      He stop what you doing and like the video umm yeah no I’m eating candy 🍭🍬❤️

    29. Chloe Black

      Why jakiri on punishment??😭😂

    30. Jonahgotgame Williams

      You should do kids and teens vs adults

    31. Paul Pierre

      i like how most of evrey begining of funnymike vdeos start out boring then becomes good

    32. ariel shaw


    33. Zye Copeland


    34. kyra harrison

      "0:08" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $973 a week with them!

    35. 302_ Laylay

      When big E pulled out that lil a** gun 🤣🤣I choked on my spit😭💀.

    36. Taleigha Runyon

      he is not going to do it 😒😒

    37. Ek Ayy

      Luv this bro

    38. Go Crazy Jay

      i ain't gon cap mac looked fresh this vid

    39. Go Crazy Jay

      bruhh i wanna come i wanna be a bad kid so

    40. NF KINGCOLE 1

      Lil dude look like Pooh sheisty

    41. roger mards

      Dee niggas funny

    42. Richainel Pieter



      Y jakari got punished

    44. Chris Crawford

      Nerf gun nerf gun do sum

    45. Ade okungbowa

      your ads ar stupid and waist of time

    46. Liyah K

      Oh my gosh

    47. Diane Simmons


    48. Reyna Timmons

      why jacari on punishment i fell bad for him

    49. Larry Reed

      Where is woo and wings I miss them

    50. karma mitchell

      can u make a new intro

    51. Desti’nee Marii

      He better not cut his hair

    52. Zamya Satterfield

      we did it

    53. Zamya Satterfield


    54. Malayaw Malayaw

      I like bam I’m 15 and light skin like bam

    55. Malayaw Malayaw

      Can I become a badkid I subcribe

    56. life with dasanni

      do anyone know why bam got eye shodow on?😂😂

    57. Dj Games

      onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ganggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    58. Tyler Backman

      How do I become a bad kid?


      yes ser heat

    60. Yung Mæzzy

      I wasn’t worried about no nerf gun but now I want one so bad😩😩😩

    61. Debra Horner

      Can I be a bad kid

    62. Josiah Cooper

      Next time get bodie cameras

    63. Javiel St.Hilaire

      Great Video Funnymike💯✊🏾

    64. Jaliaya Palmer

      i like your sistres and your mom

    65. Fortnite Legend

      Why jakari on punishment

    66. Rackss

      dis nigga goofy as hell 5:01

    67. Mar'Cylaa Tarkington

      why jakari in punishment

    68. 502.Tootie

      Tyler looks like BookGang

    69. Princess Mani

      Yes bam you my bae love ❤️ you in were is maceii in my they my bff

    70. K4_glocks

      Why u had to clown high points like that

    71. kingdrip

      There's 100k likes soo...

    72. Jay Bandss


    73. Badkid Bryan

      Hell cat

    74. Rayn Bryant

      That boy feel on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    75. Khiface Jackson

      Y’all need to do paintballing

    76. FEIN X KOBY


    77. Rhoyal Cannon


    78. Zariyah D5Dixon

      I wanna be a badkid so bad💚

    79. t switch rees

      You shed make a movei

    80. Candy Wright

      Bro he do so. Much things he been helping us with bored things ever day

    81. Tatyana Prince


    82. RedDreadHead _underscore

      I had three black eyes and I only got two eyes-BAM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. BabyGlock

      Why kari punished ?

    84. The Goat

      I wish to be a bad kid if you come to Maryland then I could be a bad kid but y’all are in houson teaxens

    85. Jasmine Anderson

      soo when da vid coming outtt

    86. Typical Crazy TV

      Nuktown beat

    87. Russell Banfield

      Hey! You better watch out!

    88. Dimitria King

      Tell me a location that I want I want to be a Becky Becky

    89. lexi patrick


    90. royalty loyalty


    91. Streamley deon And the crew

      Cut that hair Boy

    92. Netta Rogers

      keep doing

    93. Dereka Anderson

      I miss woo he my birthday twin 🥳 is he coming back ???? LIKE SO THEY CAN SEE ❗️

    94. Deonrick Green

      Jay be tryna act hard we all know he scary like what you tryna out people under yo wing for son like you under Mac wing man if I was a badkid and jay did dat to me I stand up for my self super Markus and Kc turn up bet r than him

    95. Deonrick Green

      Why Mac say deedee so long

    96. Mary Reid

      My grandson really want to be a badkid

    97. Amir Thrower

      mac carrying 2020 🥱 prove me wrong

    98. Ariane Allen

      Funny mike me sis and baby sissy she say u funny 😂🥳🤨😟😒🧐🧐🤨🧐😛🤨🤨

    99. Renee Charrelle

      If you like funny mike like

    100. Simply.cloudz

      Funnymike raps like its a sentence