Money Man - Exotic (Official Video)

Money Man

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    Listen to the album "Long Money". Out now!
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    Official music video by Money Man - Exotic © 2020 MPA Bandcamp / Black Circle / EMPIRE

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    1. aurelius gaïus

      Before Covid19 😢😭😭😭😭

    2. Rick

      Where this video at ?

    3. morita escamilla

      The past burst specially include because undershirt algorithmically warm around a macabre order. tangy, quixotic edge

    4. Rack Mane

      #bWd #bWd #bWd

    5. Get Bent Gaming


    6. James McWherter

      I have alot of great stuff to say about this artist but to keep it simple HE HARRRD !!!!!

    7. Darius Magby

      I bet this nigga wake up listening to his own shit feelin his own damn self.🔥🔥

    8. G-Roc 44

      Money man be putting mfs on game I’m his music better start listening 👂

    9. kareemabdube

      Whats the song called at the end

    10. Skrt

      i dont want to get famous might quit rappin

    11. Francisco Williams

      This nigga living like a god

    12. Aldin Vatres

      Money Man is underrated

    13. Ski Ba

      OOOOOOOooo Christian loubs on my feet THEM THE MULTICOLOR NEW JOINTS 🤣🤣🎵🎼

    14. Thaddeus Smith

      Wit two exotic chick's dropping off the pack.🤯 Money man go stupid for real

    15. Tito Rios


    16. Antonio River

      I love this video , those girls are 🔥

    17. Jayyify

      This look like a GTA music vid 😂

    18. Jr's House

      Get it!

    19. Maor Mizrahi

      Who came here after listening to his other "Exotic" song?

    20. Sunny Munny 120

      If he was my teacher I would of stayed in school

    21. VERNON Crumbery

      moneyman for president#100

    22. Ronnie Pridgett jr

      Nice'sss music 😷

    23. Bigjapo jr Hester

      Good vibes



    25. rink fadem

      Do anyone know the name of that song at the end? If that is another song.

    26. Manny Millz

      man what's the name of the snipet of song he plays at the end ?

    27. Elysium Enterprises


    29. shotties dumppin

      I need sum dat gas ⛽ ⛽ ☁

    30. Luda Corleone

      name of the song at the end of the video

      1. Skeezie 73mh

        It’s called Alien it’s on the long money album

    31. Leonidas SN


    32. G.O. A.T :

      Let’s gooo these visuals is insane 🔥🔥🤧

    33. playa fly276


    34. Larry Smith

      I needed this artist , rap game was out of battery 🔋 now it’s 100

    35. Jonathan Schuller

      "told my old lady shut the hell up don't stress me" wtf money?

    36. Eddie Taylor

      MoneyMan get at me big bruh💯💯🔋🏋🏿‍♀️

    37. Ky Milly

      i need that curly hair bitch instagram??? NOW!!!!! Who got it?

    38. Weston Thorne

      85 racks in a Louis v fanny pack 🔥

    39. Forever Happy watch like and subscribe

    40. angie

      Yooo where is this? If this is in hawaii... Where you at money man, I don't have the medical card LOL 👀👀👀🤞🌲🌴🌳🍁

    41. blackb 14


    42. Non Smoking

      My most favorite underrated bc he's like Jimmy Hendrix folks really don't hear money man

    43. KenkBeats 🔥🔥🔥>::

    44. Don

      Ion wanna be famous, nigga might quit rapping. Underrated verse and I know he meant that

    45. Omar

      Whats the song at the end?

    46. JiGGY WEST


    47. NFA rArA

    48. David Sanchez

      What is the name of the song at the end ?

    49. Chronic Crypto

      I told y'all a year ago to buy bitcoin. Pay attention to what this man saying. He's in my game.

    50. Nicole Martin




    52. Jay Sales

      Nosey ass bitch! Why u feeling so inquisitive? 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Money man is one of the best!

    53. dee smith

      Lil nigga they don't want smoke like hickory , nigga disappear in da whip like a mystery 🔥🔥🔥🤧

    54. Body Fitness

      Exotic exotic @

    55. Jason Pewritt


    56. Chazmin Outten

      I just want to know where this video was shot at🥴 #TravelGoals

      1. Marlon S


    57. Eternal Daylight

    58. Cayshia Alapai

      Where’s this video shot at?

      1. Marlon S


    59. MalNumba.6

      Second song?

    60. Duffle The Don

      This song is slept on odee

    61. Blue

      What's the name of the song at the end

      1. A B


    62. Louie Jh

      What's the name of the song at the end?

    63. Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.

      Do not be deceived by demon time anthems & antics. The torture & torment they inflict on themselves is a real terror they do not enjoy. Nevertheless these individuals have obviously/knowingly sold/enslaved their souls to satan/the prince of the air/the fallen one for temporary fame/fortune on earth with damnable intentions of spending eternity with the great dragon in the most flaming hot fire forever....

    64. Eg_ sav

      Where tf is this 💰🏌🏾😂

      1. Marlon S


    65. Bigdawg Laflare

      What song is that at the end?

    66. Jake

      I always thought his music was mumble rap by. This is tough af

    67. Cristian Perez

      “I’m going to crack a bitch back just like a chiropractor” gawd damn 🔥🤣

    68. Christopher Parkhurst


    69. Jermaine Payne

    70. LILIVNNV


    71. Peter Domingue

      U the REAL. I PAYED PLENTY DUES U CUT FROM DIFF CLOTH. PLAN 2 1Day meet you cuz I wanna blamm!! On those that always neg-. My energy. It's so real bro wen u speak those words lyrically.

    72. Peter Domingue

      The truth

    73. Shawna Chapman

      What is the song that he previews at the end of the song I wanna know

      1. Cristian Perez

        Alien - Money Man

    74. Abraham Taketa

      Dis be meh, 808 all day, hawaii life is a beach soak up da sun🤑🤙🏽

    75. A. w0n

      I just hope he take the auto-tune/reverb or whatever out. His voice got a way better sound on his on. And his content heat

    76. jim Jones


    77. Travion Johnson


    78. One4 Doeski


    79. Spazz Out

      If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.

    80. young money

      Bra songs make u get yo shit str8 lost in my mine right now R.I.P MOM

    81. Q Makes It Happen

      Nosey ahh bih why tf you so inquisitive lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    82. Gh6st Trash

      [Chorus] (Yung Lan on the track) Exotic, exotic, exotic (James about that check, boy) Exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic [Verse 1] I be at home alone, I be seein' all the spirits of my dead homies All these blue hundreds, all these twenties, nigga got dead homies I was dead wrong when I hit my plug But a nigga went broke so I took the nigga bud They don't wanna help you out, they don't wanna see you grow up Always selling out of gas, I can never sell enough I be lustin' for your body, we can never fuck enough Lost a couple partners to the federal employees Baby, I'm a boss, how the fuck can you employ me? I ain't had no money, that condition, it was temporary Hit her from the back, I ain't tryna do no missionary I can see the M's so I'm feelin' like a visionary All these big words, damn, they think I read the dictionary Damn, her body too crazy, new coupe 280 Lil Gotit, Hood Baby (Woo) Christian Loubs on my feet, yeah, them multicolor new joints When you in the trap, boy, you better be on point If you come with a group, I'm killin' your homeboy Nothin' but foreigns be in my envoy Undisputed champ, nigga, like I'm P Troy Bought my bitch a G-Wagen, she so appreciative Told my lazy partner, "Go and get you some initiative" Nosy-ass bitch, why the fuck you so inquisitive? I just talked to Ralo on the phone, I'ma visit him Don't pull up to the trap unannounced, no visitors I don't know where your lips been, girl, no kissin' ya I'ma unzip these Amiris, all this dick in 'em She don't need a shovel, I can tell that she diggin' me Showed him twenty bands and the driver said, "You blessed me" Told my old lady, "Shut the hell up, don't stress me" Open up the Lambo' door for chivalry Lil' nigga, they don't want smoke like hickory Roof disappear on the coupe, it's a mystery She ain't got a stomach no more, the doctor handled that I'ma put 'em up myself, I'ma handle that 85 racks in the Louis V fanny pack Chillin' in the trap with the pound playin' Piddy Pat [Chorus] Exotic, exotic, exotic My clientele purchase exotic I blow exquisite exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic Exotic, exotic, exotic [Verse 2] Whole load of Runtz straight from the manufacturer I'ma crack a bitch back just like a chiropractor I just bought five acres, I just purchased me a tractor Whole lot of bad hoes find me attractive I just want to travel 'round the worldwide atlas I don't wanna be famous, nigga might quit rappin' Punch ya in the mouth, lil' nigga, quit yackin' Everything designer, I ain't talkin' 'bout graphics Stuffin' exotic in a dark brown package I'ma have a bad bitch receive it and grab it Lone wolf nigga, I don't trust these maggots Go and get some money, be a man, quit slackin' (Woo) Jumped off the porch, then had to make it happen Just like a turtle, yeah, nigga be snappin' Read these niggas, I feel telepathic

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    84. Brenden Benoit

      Lone wolf n**** I dont trust these maggots. Go ahead be a man, get money,quit slacking! - that hits hard

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    86. Antwaan Hemisphere

      Dope ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    87. Maitrik Patel

      Let’s gooo

    88. Perspicacity

      These women are NOT exotic...EARS TO HEAR is this verse I dropped look for this comment by ONEKBABY

    89. Eternal Daylight

    90. chris torres

      New era Jeezy no kap jus better

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    93. Lisa Lee

      Ummmm....he foinneee 😍

    94. Dzavid Bäsler

      Where is dis filmed?

    95. IsiahDakidd

      Hard asf🔥🔥

    96. tyrone crawford

      We need to get into contact ASAP. Costa Rica 🇨🇷 has something huge for your portfolio & we need to talk on this as soon as possible.

    97. Iam Flashin


    98. Monica Butler

      Exotic, Exotic..💃🏾🎶🎶

    99. Brandon S

      Whoever dislike this 🔥is a goofy

    100. Steven Thompson

      What’s that song at the end