my message to KSI. lmao.

Jake Paul

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    Park South Freestyle Ft. Mike Tyson

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    1. DRagon gamin457 DRAGON

      I love how his mum is in the corner like wtf

    2. CJ Pierce

      No one: Literally no one: Jake Paul: hAhAhAHahAhAhAHa

    3. DIVE Piano ツ

      You are so full of yourself 😂

    4. Fuckthisshit Help

      My 13th reason why. He’s noodle arms are aching after holding that phone up

    5. Jem Allam

      he never use to be like this

    6. Mr Dr Spyder

      What makes this weird is that he is in bed with his mom and his shirt is off and the lights are dim


      no trash talk but someone is going to kill jake

    8. Nathaniel Franklin

      Bro guess what I’m a boxer and I wanna box you

    9. Isobel Walmsley

      i havent seen a single comment supporting Jake Paul

      1. Isobel Walmsley

        it’s funny

    10. Isobel Walmsley

      THERE’S A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!! THATS WHY HE WONT FIGHT YOU AT THE MOMENT. Does this dude really believe that he can win?

    11. Albi PlayZ

      His laugh tho....He laughs like a F****** fish

    12. Gibbles

      KSI will mess you up

    13. aryan vaka go brrr


    14. TheSpecialGlizzy

      Dude you literally he beat an NBA player with little to no experience in boxing and you think your like 1000 better than Mike Tyson

    15. Ayub Muse Ahmed

      Bro I love you profile pic off gohan it is sick 🔥

    16. Kurt Joshua La Vina

      I can fight you jake wheres your location

    17. potato potato

      KGup kid

    18. Bw outdoor vlogs

      You are full of it jake

    19. Ben Johnston

      Jake Paul that one white kid that thinks hes black

    20. pimp steven


    21. Rose Ahart

      Hey Jake Paul have you fought against KSI at please let me know if you do

    22. Rose Ahart

      Hey Jake have you got against kas I yet please let me know if you do

    23. isaaq and rasheed

      Theres a pandemic and its bad in the uk and the usa

    24. isaaq and rasheed

      Wheres your top broski

    25. Hdog Gaming

      Yo mama so fat when she stepped on the scale it said one at a time please

    26. Futball fantasy

      Dude didn't take the video down cause this video is a whole meme

    27. HypoTree 61

      He calls Ksi stupid but then tries to bribe or offer loads of money to people just fight him so he can feel better about himself or more special in life because without the money know famous fight (excluding ksi) would even notice him

    28. Zaman Aoun

      He's drunk

    29. Bolt otsutski

      Why you got your grandma on your bed

    30. Thmor Awan

      So ur telling me he said the n word he probs shanks his mum while she's sleeping

    31. Joe Asdfghjklads

      High as a kite more like high as a fucking flight

    32. Syko Syxx

      KSI scared he ain't going to sign that contract

    33. BO Heels

      KSI Reddit video: Dating or Soblings?

    34. Jouse Anorvd

      Are you watching this bro jake tied his video this is something in his house you have to help him his dad is going to be a clone is going to have the same faith in him he got the same body of him they’re going to be too dad have please help him please thank you

    35. Anthony Roman

      His ego is bigger than his “fan base”

    36. ABGalactic

      Uncultured virgin

    37. Potato E

      I love how his mom is right next to him.

    38. Landon Whiting

      KSI better doe

    39. Random Things xd

      0:47 "you are dumb haha" will be rembered as jake paul's best roast

    40. kymani ace

      Laugh......challenge......videos...huh, guess I haft to laugh on tntl now

    41. ToxicGames211

      Mans sounds like he’s crying

    42. David Garrido

      This why he got let go from Disney, he can’t act

    43. matzzlol

      Jake, shut up you batty boy

    44. Mai CS

      Make this video most disliked video

    45. Man o war Jackson

      Please stfu jake i'm getting pissed off man😡

    46. Bonnie The Beast

      I swear Jake is at his peak of dumbness in this video i swear

    47. • Kuruna • Chan •

      Sweet home alabama weathers got something to say 😭

    48. Gibson Antetokounmpo

      Bro why are you in bed shirtless with your mom

    49. Revan501

      Arrogant little...

    50. Saad Zaman


    51. Kelvin Santiago

      Is he on drugs?

    52. Picard Art

      Toxic masculinity at its finest people

    53. FOXBOY Plays

      Your gunna get your jaw spun

    54. Poopagedon Guy

      Gay people

    55. Josh Dawson

      Think Jakes paid his mum to be at a strop club 🤔 she’s having fun thou

    56. xBoDukeGamerx

      He sounds drunk and high as hell

    57. GTFO CHAOS

      i have been scrolling through the comments for hours and still haven't seen a jake fan

    58. ImMika ii

      Who loves jake ? - none!, that what I thought

    59. Jippy

      “Oh my god he’s so cool, he is going to destroy ksi” -No one in this comment section

    60. Archie Griffin

      The money has got to u

    61. Archie Griffin

      Ksi is gonna beat yo ass

    62. Juan Hallipano

      Honestly what's Jake's IQ. 6?

    63. Juan Hallipano

      KSI would destroy Jake Paul in a fight. No contest.

      1. Red Hood

        @Juan Hallipano how?😂😂😂 the kid is stupid🤣🤣🤣

      2. Juan Hallipano

        @Red Hood Lol. You getting triggered by youtube comments.

      3. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @Red Hood look through the comments you lad both of you guys said name one good person that Jake has fought make your own comments 😂😂😂

      4. Red Hood

        @Mr. oga Travi paddy how am I copying comments?😂😂🤣🤣🤣

      5. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @Red Hood make your own comment before calling someone a pathetic lad 😂😂😂

    64. Jakub Garbacz

      Society didn't create him, he created society.

    65. E


    66. julilazer

      WHAT THE Ḩ̷̧̧̩̠̣͉͇̿͆̀̂̊͜͝Ḙ̷̟̇̐̃̑̇̈̾͐̀͝L̷̢͎̿̓͒̿̿̽̾͛͝Ḽ̶̨̳̬̝̣͆̔̽͗͗̔̄̈ͅ did I just witness right now 😕 THIS IS UNCOMFORTABLE...

    67. Man like OG

      Mom: Alcohol won’t affect my child The child: 1:02

    68. A G

      1:03 Did you just crying and laughing at the same time??

    69. Bomberboy 0422

      No one found this funny

      1. Barack Obama

        @Mr. oga Travi paddy Your def a little kid 10000%

      2. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @Barack Obama Is the type of guy to think that fortnight created Predator The doors that way kid 🚪

      3. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @Barack Obama The same flow on every single KSI song

      4. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @Barack Obama sit down and go back to playing Fortnite chapter 5672. You’re a little fortnight squad is waiting for you go off Mute you dummy 😂😂😂😂

      5. Barack Obama

        @Mr. oga Travi paddy Lmfao Ksi is more entertaining than this dude😂😂 u probably listen to Jake thinking his music fire, shut yo lad a*s up😂🤣🤣

    70. God Corf

      Sort your life out. Be normal please

    71. XxSavage_Xx120 2

      Dude a 64 year old women next to her

    72. NCH Suite

      Unfortunately cant get away from ksi music on a lot of radio stations in the uk so it’s doing something

    73. aNIEAniekeme Ani Wellington

      hes drunk

    74. Diego Flores

      Everyone is scared of him, as he thinks

    75. Dope Hacker

      I mean. He did beat your brothers ass. So idk why your talking.

      1. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        This comment sounds dumb af 🤣🤣

    76. Nathan Hsia

      1. your sitting next your mom like you have chickie's (no) 2. wtf is that laugh at the end

    77. Authuntictwo playz

      ma your gonna get more dislikes then likes

    78. Justin Smith

      Are his likes bots or are they real ppl I’m actually curious.

    79. Noble EdXplorers

      “Your Ur Dumb” Says Jake Paul Me: Says the Guy Who Made EveryDay Bro

    80. Kyrie

      jake ksi will literally knock u out and it’ll go viral just stop

      1. Kyrie

        @Mr. oga Travi paddy you do realize the only reason jake paul has a k.o is because his opponent doesn’t even know how to fucking box

      2. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        KSI‘s fighting skills 🗑🗑🗑🗑 how many ko does he have

    81. Foot lettuce BK21

      Damn Jake you’re spitting facts

    82. pogman

      he needs to get a life

    83. Roisin Celine

      You bet deji thats easy so chill and ksi's songs adopting offff rn

    84. WizardLion5393

      This content is the definition of cancer.

    85. Chill vibe

      Jake : your scared to fight me Ksi : i have no time to waste with this fucking idiot

      1. William Henry Harrison

        @Mr. oga Travi paddy ur a clown with Jake thinking Jake can beat the NOTORIOUS MMA😂💀🤣🤣

      2. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @William Henry Harrison i’ll just let you watch a little KSI bounce right off the canvas

      3. William Henry Harrison

        @Mr. oga Travi paddy you and Jake need help😂😂🤣🤣 bro thinks he can take on the NOTORIOUS MMA🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

      4. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @William Henry Harrison One more thing I want to see your reaction when Jj gets knocked out 😂😂😂

      5. Mr. oga Travi paddy

        @Cruse Raider you and Jj have something in common you both were dropped on your head as babies 😂

    86. Arthur Pitts

      LoL Ksi better than you

    87. Silly Simmy

      0:35 says the guy that got killjxper and designer to write fresh outta london for him

    88. TWG

      Ok Listen To this and Imma Say this only for the music. Ksi - 6 million monthly listeners Jake paul- 500,000. Now all you jake paul dick suckers can come at me but facts are facts ☮️

    89. 999

      Ur a jew

    90. Shining Fox

      Whys he sleeping with his mum?

    91. Ismail Sorwar

      😂😂😂you ain’t the a side, you fought a fucking basketball player who had no idea what the fuck he was doing, you fought a crab that wasn’t even supposed to be in that weight class. Fight ksi, who has good fighting experience, who is in your weight and watch how he breaks your face and knocks you the fuck out

    92. YuhanLMAO2

      Dating or sibling

    93. Finn hadfield

      i wouldn't be surprised if Jake Paul was born premature

    94. Android 17

      This guy is so cringe, so white-washed I swear to god.

    95. Eneri

      Why u so pressed😭🤚🏽

    96. WillTheThrill

      Bro jake Paul is cracked out of his mind right now

    97. soupeatingman

      Bro my guy is clearly reading a script while high on acid lol

    98. Beowulf

      The mom is like wtf is my son doing

    99. Dead Body

      Gonna reach Steve o level insane eventually mark my words

    100. Snip3s 34

      LMAO he thinks he's A-Side 😂😂