How to Catch LIVE BAIT in DEEP WATER - Cast Net & Sabiki Rig

Scott Martin

28 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    I show you how to catch bait using the correct size cast net, with sabiki rigs and with my SECRET formula that allows you to catch more bait in deep water.
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    1. Trump 2020

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      Love to come saltfish with you

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      Can you do a video on how to through a cast net

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      That’s a wonderful boat would love to see you do a walkthrough of it to see some of the finer details. Like your videos keep them coming

    5. Jason Billings

      thanks for the bait tip Scott

    6. Offshore and Outdoors

      Definetly the more weight on the sabiki the better, when i fish with kids i put min of 3ozs. If you get big baits they will still tangle them up.

      1. Scott Martin


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      I primarily fish from shore but I do the same thing except I'll use the beach sand to mash up with the chum works amazing. Love the videos Scott 👍👍

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      Just FYI for the viewers who got the add about getting jacked like Hugh Jackman and selling the “secret” to you. The secret is ROIDS don’t feel bad.

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    23. 4:19 Fishing

      I wonder if that chum concoction will work in fresh water

      1. 4:19 Fishing

        Scott Martin is there a certain type of chum that you use?

      2. Scott Martin


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      Those quad G2s sounds awesome! Love me some 2 strokes!

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        Man..good luck in your tournament. I’ll be out of town

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      1. Scott Martin

        They breath well

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      Great video and informative! More like these would be awesome. 🤙🏻

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