Hype House Member made a Diss Track on us..

Bryce Hall

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    In this video we confront Larray who is a hype house member for making a disstrack on us and we cried... if you enjoyed the video at any point don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE!
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    1. Jules Playz

      Larray being nervous as to how everyone will react was so funny and cute 😂🥺✨

    2. Annalisa Wick

      Awwe larray was nervous that they would be mad and I could obviously tell

    3. crazy fam


    4. Charlie Lochhead

      You was in it to tho so shut up

    5. Angel Anns

      Addison was acctually his gf in this video

    6. Janiely Torres


    7. Monametsi Ramokate

      wow a million each to be insulted ... you guys seem smart you should be doctors this my dear is some high key sarcasm

    8. potato :0

      He didnt make it on you.. he made on a lot of famous people

    9. oh weow

      Idc what others think but doing the middle finger all the time isn't hot or attractive??

    10. Flenexr x

      Larray is a baddie I sweaaaarrrrr

    11. 25Cassidy Grant

      OK, this was fucking dope😂😂I went and watched the lyric video to larrays song. Like damnnn tho. This vid was funny though. I don't know if I should feel bad for bryce and josh tho. Idk if they was upset or not, they didn't look it.

    12. Mikayla Gianelli

      Can I work with bdave

    13. Colin Trudel

      i aINt EveR sEeN tWO PrEttY BeST frIeNDs, oNe Of ThEm aLWayS GottA BE UgLY

    14. Emily Tumbles

      I have acc had a conversation with josh 2 years ago 😭😭😭😭

    15. Sayd 047

      buy the merch Bryce is poor

    16. Javier Jimenez

      I only watched this for LARRAY

      1. Javier Jimenez

        And just skipped to the end ❗️❗️❗️

    17. King Lino

      b needs his own show lolol

    18. Kylee HUDDY

      Josh called lilhuddy a noddle but look at his legs

    19. Lia Mxeidze

      Write diss track


      Josh " I think this is the wrong place is just a sabotage for the hype house to jump us" LMAAAOO

    21. Talia Hanna

      Nahhhh with addi tho

    22. safia Chitanie


    23. Yat Yat

      Hahahahahahaha ur actual so short

    24. Mikayla Gallardo

      this is why we have worldwide fires

    25. Synxzyz GreenZ

      This reminds me of old Logan paul

    26. Rebecca Smith

      I was making a roblox acount for Noah and then I searched up pictures of Noah and then I saw a a picture of Noah chunky dose he contour his abbs tell me Bryce hall

    27. VICKY WENG

      um...... anybody notice Josh's sweater in the beginning?

    28. Lionel Castellanos

      I saw bryce step on the wood

    29. Lucy Mainwaring

      bdave " nice cheeks nice and firm " 😂😂 pml

    30. The skateboard God

      Bryce is the tiktok version of David dobrik

    31. Semisi Tupou

      Plzzz make a diss track on larray

    32. Jilhen 111

      Bryce sweetie, pewdiepie is the king of diss tracks

    33. Genevieve Charette

      Haha so Bryce watchs hype houses videos lmao 😂 😂

    34. Dante Everheart

      The hype house really does look like it smell like feet 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    35. Stqry Tapes

      Is it just me or does it sound like it’s scripted? Not hating it just sounds like they have no genuine emotion in his voice? Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

    36. Alex Lee

      Bryce got dissed with 2 lines

    37. Xotiic _ tayemツ

      bryce hall is the best and funniest

    38. udjd djkslseoie


    39. sophie crawford

      I love this

    40. Leah Lucci

      What is that song at 2:30 and 2:45 I can not ever find ittttt

    41. Ryan Pemberton

      White boiss

    42. Aaliyah Butler

      I CANT 💀✋🏾

    43. Crazy Goat

      Now we just need the diss track lmao

    44. Gia's Donuts lol

      I'm gonna be so surprised if bdave actually has kids in the future 😂

    45. Celina Lam

      I AINT never seen to pretty BESTFRIEND

    46. Murray Tyreke

      Yall I'm telling you do not make a disstrack ok did you see the last one you don't want to do that ok

    47. Desiree Evans

      I love you Bryce biggest fan love you like lagitamently love you wtf I’m stranded with no one right now single as a Pringle

    48. Tech VX

      1:58 we all know he wasn’t doing that to fi his hair

    49. Elizabeta Prekpalaj

      4:16 "i only know his name cause addison gave him fame" it just hit me he was capping😂 larray and bryce have actually known eachother for 2 years

    50. Vanessa S Hicks

      Nice Energy 🙏 check #EDMProducersSamples4Free

    51. Tylee Farrington

      Diss track on Larray

    52. Janna Kendall

      Now I know how forest fires are started

    53. Annie A Miles

      Superb Work 💖 take a look at #ProducerSamples4Free

    54. Sylvia L Smtih

      Great Work 💜 try #ProducerSamples4Free

    55. Oof Er

      Every vlog just be edit a fire

    56. Gamer Pups

      Im still waiting for that still softish pt 2...

    57. Imanol Vargas

      New sub

    58. Amelie Shears



      oml if i replay this part - 0:00 many times u hear a baby crying

    60. Eriksavage36

      Don’t make a diss track about Larray because you heard him “yall making diss tracks of me put you in your place”

    61. Russian Romanoff

      I'm sorry but no one is coming for Larray because all the standoms would unite and come for Bryce - Sisters, Larray stans, addisons, d'Amelios and Brady stans lol

    62. ·Jaidyn And Visha·

      Your roasts suck.

    63. I’m Cool

      I can’t even remember who is in the hype house any more every day people leave and come ngl...

    64. Carmella Editz

      He think he can diss track larray lol

    65. Charlotte Clements

      Josh and Brice= BEST COMBO

    66. awesome sasiain kids

      bryce ive meet adison 3 years ago

    67. K’s Vlogs

      The sadness in his face when he got the light taken away “I was also gonna say i was the light man but” 🥺😂😂

    68. Bvbbly bvca

      I'mean 😃💅

    69. Wailani Cabral

      For some damn reason the beginning reminds me of me when I was little pretending just to be cool

    70. R W

      I love the videos that you do whit Josh

    71. Tyler Willis

      Bro that bed is slow with side by side or whatever u call it that’s not even scary no need for helmets be a man Bryce holder

    72. Michelle Dickson

      this is a new david dobrik channel

    73. Emilene Aller

      Damn I feel Bad for their neighbors!

    74. peachyy's outlet

      stop cussing

    75. Jessica Williams

      Who is better Josh:like Bryce:comment Larray:leave the show

    76. Nazmeera Tayob

      Imagine a couple months back we didn’t have toilet paper 🧻 n now Bryce and Josh just setting the TP on fire 🔥 🤣🤣

    77. Stellarrz

      There's d day but there's also double d day

    78. Kesi Turner

      Half of this isn’t even about a diss track tho

    79. Saige Harris

      ooo i wanna get the pink hoodie

    80. Reagan Hart

      Let’s start off with Bryce halls yeah he’s got some smell b*** but I only know his name caUse Addison have him fame

    81. Toast is good

      wait is bryce emily..yk from tiktok? "OMG EMILY YOUR SUCH A CRACKHEADDD" yk what nvm-

    82. Jordan Jones

      its so cute that josh is wearing nessas meach for pain

    83. Carl Haddock

      Hi Bryce love u it’s me Ava

    84. AnimeGod //

      For some reason i just dont like the sway house members.

    85. Riley Sinclair

      some quality songs in this

    86. Buttxercups


    87. Ciera Lindsey

      Not hate but what is wrong with u guys your in own diss track video I don't understand this I thought u guys we're going to talk to him about it I'm so confused and mad at the time comment this if u would be in a diss track video about u and like if u wouldn't

    88. Jane Nguyen

      This is how many brain cells we lost watching this 👇

    89. Isaac Garcia

      Bryce hall: You realized you just roasted the king of diss tracks: Larry and his fans: And the biggest lie was told today

    90. UWU

      Lol when he first farted it sounded like when you push the chair back when your done eating 😂

    91. Jacob Ostine

      Did anyone else "think" they saw Dayna in the back??

    92. 19kCryptic

      1:27 is mad sus yo

    93. Joye Nettles

      Copyright people

    94. Alex Alvarez

      They sound like Jake and Logan 2.0

    95. worthell kornegay

      so funny

    96. Josiah Katende

      hi bryce hall

    97. Addyson Duran

      He sound like Logan paul

    98. Emma Swenson

      Ummm all those toilet paper used materials that you just used for like only five secs, thx for the waste of resources to make one small fire.

    99. Jay Stylez

      yall can try to make a dis track but the bars want be ass good ns

    100. VASIC Jana

      were is softysh two\?