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The Lincoln Project

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    Life’s too important not to.

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    1. Xavier T

      I lost one of my young uncle who has 3 young child due to the covid. Every time I watch this ad , I chocked a little. Because this is how they were talking to him. May GOD allows all the people who died due to Covid-19 in Heaven.

    2. Bonnie Lassise

      And trump played golf while Americans died

    3. Janks H

      Crying!!! So sad!!! 🤧

    4. Chris M

      Thank you, Lincoln Project!

    5. noble philip

      It hits hard

    6. Michael Theunissen

      Just a short note to salute the efforts of The Lincoln Project team. To have a different point of view and be able to rationally debate , and even have your opinions swayed , speaks to a level of maturity most people don't have. As things stand, possibly a Biden victory , I hope that the USA can use this to recognize the failings in the current political system and collectively move towards each other to put the United back into the States of America.

    7. Nancy Zimmer

      Can’t stop crying. This Should never have been allowed to happen. Every single US Senator and Congressman that did not stop Trump from doing all of the ugly things he has done to America should be ashamed and should be voted out of Congress and never allowed to run for ANY seat ever again. And all of that is beside the fact that they will burn in hell for every single person that died from COVID 19.

    8. Desperado Lighfoot

      This is heart breaking, this should be played everywhere possible!!!! VOTE

    9. Monkey Pod

      So fucking sad. So sad.

    10. Mike


      1. Ben Theredonethat

        Good fucking question.

    11. Tolis Z

      It wouldn't be like that. Even with this dramatization, the Lincoln Project held back. My dad was not silent nor calm when I saw him in the ICU on his final day. He was gasping for air every second. Literally suffering as a ventilator did all his "breathing" in vain and spine stiff/legs cramping and contorted on the hospital bed. It wasn't a "move a finger" to respond as if he was barely awake. The only way I knew he saw me through the glass wall was because he mustered what he had to turn his head toward me and tried to move his hand but was still too shaky to have a recognizable gesture. No one should suffer a death like that.

    12. bob timster

      Unfortunately, we are all singing to the choir here. The people who really need to read these comments are the people who never will. I for one, really appreciate the comments of support here from the concerned people overseas. (How many of your respective countries are accepting political refugees?)

    13. Bruce Latulip


    14. Dean Backer

      You people are sick

      1. Ben Theredonethat

        How dare we preach reality!

    15. Dave Sloat

      I am so thankful that my mother passed a year before COVID broke out. She was spared living through COVID as she mentally declined.

    16. eyemight Rat

      American Citizens go off to war and die for their country.. American Citizens that die from covid-19 ...are dying because of their very very sad.. VOTE Biden & Harris.. stay healthy

    17. Denatorxxyt Dummer Name


    18. TicketyBoo

      A little different to trump who has a private helicopter ride to a private hospital and can nip out anytime for a joy ride - all paid for by those that are dying because of his ignorance. How seriously stupid or how evil you must be to support a creature like him.

    19. Lane Ralph

    20. P L

      If this Message doesn’t Move Ur Heart That means ur dead inside . My question can a person be dead inside ?

    21. P L


    22. Joseph Mooney

    23. Joseph Mooney

      Lincoln Project is outstanding!

    24. Noeline Smith

      Oh my goodness that ad was really hard to watch.. It brought tears to me eyes.. I feel for Americans and they pain and loss they have suffered this year.. My thoughts are with you guys. Stay strong and resilient.. Well done Lincoln Project for all of your amazing and powerful ads.. Vote for Biden 💙💙💙.

    25. hbshannonw

      Trump 2020 4 More Years L0sers!!!!

    26. Herbert Miller

      We are down to almost nothing Donald Trump. Tell that to the families left behind.

    27. TheDrjehr

      Thanks Lincoln Project. Hope you will drag enough Republicans over to the sane side of politics.

    28. William Bailey

      1,000 Americans are dying every day and Republicans and Trump told those families "So what, good..." When Biden confronted trump about the families losing loved ones. "Good" trump replied at the debate. Vote for a real American on Tuesday, vote for Joe Biden!

    29. Gar La

      G O P 🇷🇺🇷🇺GOVERNMENT OF PUTIN 🇷🇺🇷🇺

    30. Kinky Streets

      DEATH CULT of tRumpTardNation

    31. Heart Momma


    32. Sandra Newman


    33. Eileen Davis

      Career RN here- This is as real as it gets. Vote like your life depends on it- because it does! And wear a mask already. Don't be numb to the numbers . The death count alone is 40 plus 9/11's and every 3 days another 9/11 in body count is added. And lets not overlook those who survived Covid19, but their robust health that kept them alive was the price. I have former nursing students who contracted Covid, who 6 months plus later are "long haulers" with heart and lung side effects unable to return to work and are facing long term disabilities. I fear we are on the precipice of a generation whose youthful health was taken by Covid. Make no mistake this is a slow moving mass casualty event with a cross section of healthcare workers dead or disabled in numbers equal to the leveling of your states largest hospital, front line workers dead or disabled equal to a collapsed shopping mall, and every 55 plus community in your state crumbled by a massive earthquake, and there is no end in site

    34. Ruth Waytz


    35. Billie Daniels

      The simple truth is that he doesn’t have the capacity to care. He is so focused on himself, others are shut out of his being. He is a complete narcissist. Dangerous and fatally flawed. Unfit.

    36. djondjon


    37. Brooke Lowry

      My mother is dead. She died alone in a nursing home in April. Keep supporting Trump and you too can know how it feels. He's never tried to fight Covid19. For Trump and the GOP it's all about you working, paying taxes, so the 0.1% don't have too. How's your Mom doing?

    38. Onion Potato

      Are Americans aware that bid-government, socialized-medicine Europe has covid just as bad as the US? Blaming this on Trump is ridiculous.

    39. TreesOnTheBeach

      Man, that video is painful to watch.

    40. Anya

      Made me cry ....this very thing just happened to me.

    41. JB Lesleh

      I cared for my elderly mother of 89 for 5 weeks, in the home where she had lived in since she was 9 months old. It was the home where her mother died. It was the home where her father died. It was the home where her husband, my father died. She never wanted to be placed in a nursing home. She wanted to die in the home where everyone she knew and loved had died. I had to take a 5 week leave of absence from work to give her that last wish. I regret nothing of what I had to sacrifice to give her the one thing she wanted at the end of her life. Despite not getting along with her for most of my adult life, I felt compelled by duty and compassion and love, to fulfill her last wishes, as her only child. She was the only mother I would ever have in this lifetime. Ask yourself. Would Donald Trump do what I did, or what many of you out there have done, for an aging parent? No. He would just let them die. Alone. In pain. Without dignity and love during their final hours. It would cost him too much. Donald Trump, you are an Abomination against all that is decent in the world. You are soulless. You are compassionless. And you are about to be sent back into the hell from which you were created. Prepare Ye, Donald Trump.

    42. Jeff Stewart

      Shoot. Now this ad got me, dang I already voted though.

    43. lawrence ramsey

      fear mongering by the leftwing radical nuts.

    44. divinecomedy0

      This breaks my heart 💔. I’m sure there are numerous similar calls, the last time a loved one hears some words of comfort as they die. Please take this disease seriously!

    45. Bucky Cromwell

    46. Stija Njija

      Oh and vote Trump unless you want more of this.

    47. Stija Njija

      Scary stuff.. 99.8 survival rate despite these new nazi lockdown rules preventing you from being human.

    48. Vin Krieg

      My favourite so far. "I would prefer the health care program where a helicopter arrives in my yard and flies me to the best hospital in the country so 15 doctors can dance attendance on me and give me special treatments to help me recover. Do you have any thing like that available for us????" Don't know what Dance Attendance means, but I like the jist.

    49. sillyone52062

      I don't blame Trump for Covid-19. It was coming, no matter what. But by downplaying the virus, making mask wearing a political statement and pushing aside experts in epidemiology for quacks that agree with him, Trump has sentenced 300k+ Americans to death just so he could get reelected. I wish there was a hell so Trump would go to it when his miserable life comes to an end. Biden/Harris 2020

    50. maringlen leskaj

      Vote Joe Biden for President now in Person, and all the Democrats in that Line. Let,s Make are Sky Blue Again

    51. J O

      Here in Texas several Trump supporters attacked one of Biden’s travel bus! It reminds me of the mobs that attack innocent people in Venezuela! Venezuela is a dictatorship where the Dictator attacks the media and his opponents!!! We need to vote and finally destroy Trumps party before it’s to late and we end up like Venezuela!!!!

    52. Sissy Sinclair

      Well done Lincoln Project you have balls! from an Irish fan watching and waiting for that muck to be kicked out of the WH 🇮🇪 I cannot listen to one more lying 🤥 word out of his nasty mouth and I’m living in Ireland!

    53. Phyllis Cook

      Heart breaking

    54. Etop Etim

      This channel lays out all the evidence of Trump’ s corrupt dealings in Russia, Ukraine and China, debunking all his lies and guilt projections, including the Covid angle. There’s enough material for ads in the disclosures.

    55. Harvey

      The Lincoln Project who the hell do you think you are. Abraham Lincoln will be rolling in his grave the thought you'd be using his name on adverts like this caused to spread lies, fear and insight division upon a side he once represented who are doing more than most other countries. Record testing and a 99.7% survival rate under the age of 50. When America has over a 100,000,000 tests while other countries a few million to be generous. Those who believe 'COVID' killed 212,946 you're a sheep and blind to the truth.

    56. Dainty

      Damn....that hits home :(

    57. Harry Steptoe

      230,000 dead and infections on the rise again. Yep, the corner has been turned a full 180 and now back where we were 7 months ago.

    58. Nona Davis


    59. Sharon Martin

      If this didn't hit you in the gut nothing will. Vote to end the madness! Biden - Harris 2020

    60. Mark Holtz

      Trump dances to YMCA while Americans die!

    61. Lyle Coglianese

      Odd, how something called The Lincoln Project, named after a Republican President is hell bent on getting a DemoRat (Commie) elected 🤔🥴 !! 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 !!!!!

    62. nestuccaband

      Reality. Breaks my heart.

    63. Connie Alford

      It makes me angry, sad, disgusted and heart broken that this scene has played out almost 250,000 times in less than 9 months. Humanity needs to infuse the white house. It has to... Please vote!

    64. Ioana

      Trump about Covid 19 behind closed doors :" This is deadly stuff". Trump about Covid 19 in front of Americans: It's just a flu, it will magically go away". Couple of months down the road, he gets infected 😂😂😂😂😂 What a clown of a president Americans have 😂😂

      1. Lyle Coglianese

        You, perhaps prefer Biden, the Communist, to lock you in your house, or THEIR house (jail) and quarantine you for however long he decides?? Not real Patriots, We will keep our freedoms, thank you.

    65. Pavel Sfera

      That was painfully real. What have we become as a society!

    66. Vic Marc

      Done, and DONE.

    67. T C

      For families to say goodbye like this is THE MOST TERRIBLE FEELING EVER!

    68. lotsoffish

      Did anyone notice we didn't have "fake news" until we had a fake president with fake hair, fake teeth, a fake tan, fake health records, a fake business record, a wife with fake everything, and a fake excuse why he can't show us his tax returns? Why do you all suppose that is?

    69. Kara Ramos


    70. Darryl Brown

      WOW this really hit home!!! I don't know whats going with these moderate Republicans, but as a liberal I freaking LOVE IT.

    71. Libra

      Obama, Biden, and Fauci provided $3.7M to the China Wuhan P4 lab (COVID-19), so Americans got what they paid for?

    72. Joie McCumbee, Sr

      Where do these Trump supporters come from? And before one of you says something disgusting because you think you are all that, politics does not exist in my world. Pain, suffering and disease does and that fact that most of you people pretend he is right about everything is just plain sad. This individual is darkness personified. Be careful, his slim may rub off.

    73. David Jordan

      So sad.

    74. fonsecorona

      This clip sincerely tore me up inside...Couldn't help but shed a soon as it started...I was there..last that same situation..but different circumstances....Even though my mom didn't die of covid, as she did pass away last year, a few months before the news of this disease were flying around..I was in these two ladies' same situation...The difference was..we were with her..with her side....So mother didn't die alone...she was in the hospital and we were all able to come and be with her..'til the last minute...I was able to hold her hand..and gently run my tissue wrapped finger across her watery eye as she looked up at me while we both knew it was good bye... If anything, in retrospective, I thank the Lord he took her away when he did.....I can't even imagine what It would've been like for her should her time had come this year...i can't even imagine how many sons and daughters missed..a chance like the one I say good bye..this year...And I feel very sorry this happened to you really...tears me up...My sentiment goes out to you...i know..words are not enough to express the pain..and the sorrow..but i do understand..and, like I tears me apart..

    75. Maerahn

      Here in the UK, we're about to enter our second lockdown, because cases and deaths are rising rapidly again as part of the second wave. The experts project that, without swift action, we could end up with daily deaths in the THOUSANDS by Christmas. The rest of Europe is seeing a similar trend - we in the UK are actually among the last to instigate this second lockdown. If you want to know how much worse it could get for you, you need to be watching what's going on in Europe. WE ARE YOUR WINDOW TO YOUR FUTURE WITH COVID - and only Biden has any interest in learning from that.

    76. Willy Ustad

      COVID is not rounding the turn. It is Trump going around the bend.

    77. mike gerth

      Trump says "it is what it is" and I sure AF hope voters tell him the same thing on Tuesday.

    78. Lily Wilson

      * China Corvid-19 had also killed President Trump own Brother Robert Trump, and had infected President Trump, and FL Melanie, but pointed at Hope Hick when she was talking, walking, sitting with President Trump's Personnels, and at the Debate's Room, but nobody got infected except President Trump and FL Melanie, perhaps when they invented China Corvid-19, they already have these thoughts. China Corvid-19 has destroying the entire Economy, Lock down the Economy, for close down the Businesses, for lost Jobs, unemployments, sicks, and dying. You know where China, you should facing to China and ASK why destroy our Economy, killing people, and ASK China to pay for you. And Do Not let a punch of Lincoln Project, and other Channels like them to lead you, they're ILL, STOP listen to them, DELETE them, and STOP put the blame on President Trump.

    79. Will Willis

      I love the Lincoln Project ads. Some made me think, some made me laugh. This one made me cry so hard that it was 10 minutes before I could see through my tears to make a comment.

    80. Obstatic

      Oh wow this ad made me cry.

    81. Eloise Rosas

      A friend's college mate died at 3 a.m. today. alone and on a ventilator. He was robbed of his life by trump.

    82. Dog Squad Storm

      WOW! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant... definitely cutting it close to the bone!!! VOTE BIDEN PEOPLE OR THOSE NUMBERS WILL KEEP CLIMBING!!!

    83. elzumia

      Is so sad 😭

    84. Dee T.

      Yeah... that is exactly how it goes. My Mom had been in and out of the covid ward in her nursing home 3x, hadn't physically seen her for 8 months... then that. (RIP Momma...I love you always💔)

    85. Brian Hill

      It is official. I have no respect for anyone who admits to having voted for Trump in 2020. A vote for Trump is a vote for insensitivity, incivility, and implicit approval of lawlessness, incompetence, and corruption.

    86. ThatGuy Jimmy


    87. Anna Lawson

      This is Trump's fault! Disgusting, Disgraceful! VOTE TRUMP OUT! Americans Deserve Much Better! Sending Love and Prayers from Canada

    88. Noone AnybodyKnows

      The day that my Mama died was the first day that the hospital started only one visitor per day. Upon hearing this, I immediately went to the nurse's station and informed them that I would have to be jailed to keep me from my Mama. Not being with your Mama when she dies is unthinkable for me. My heart breaks for everyone that has lost a loved one that was left alone to die. 💔 Please vote like it's the last time you will see your loved ones...for it may very well be. Vote 💙

    89. klondike316

      A whiny failed "businessman" is not who should be running our country.

      1. Rahul Aryan


      2. Rahul Aryan

        Lol these leftists will say ANYTHING

      3. Rahul Aryan

        Trump is a failed "businessman"? Wtf😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    90. Pat Riley

      I was so lucky to get to be there when both my parents passed away . I can't imagine the suffering of covid victims and their families.

    91. Dee Mitchell

      My God...Please vote!!!

    92. Spring Ranch

      This is EXACTLY how it is. The in between for a family friend was a priest. When our beloved sister became infected, we were blessed to be able to quarantine, isolate and care for her at home. It was an around the clock team effort of the family, and many, many phone conferences with her caring medical team. One month and a day after becoming symptomatic, she was medically cleared. Two days later, she insisted, and was driven-up to VOTE IN PERSON. *V O T E B I D E N 2 0 2 0* Sad to say, the person who gave her COVID died several days later. Freedom is NOT free. The price of freedom, is vigilance. *V O T E*

    93. Toni Weaver

      Please vote it is to important to all Americans. VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS Our life depends on it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    94. Spring Ranch

    95. Harry C

      Not going to lie. This had my heart hurting after watching this ad. One of my best friends is going through something similar to this. This is tough to watch.

    96. V GF

      #TheTrumpPlague It didn't have to be like this...

    97. xg6hpyk

      This video made me cry.

    98. Gwen Reader

      Covid doesn’t care what party you identify with.

    99. J R

      He just doesn’t care do you? Go vote 🗳