CRAZY World Championship Final Day - Major League Fishing

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    It all comes down to this! One of the best days of fishing in my career. Giant Louisiana Largemouth Bass. Aaron Martens, Takahiro Omori, Mike Iaconelli, and I are the only 4 left standing battling it out for the title of World Champion in the final day of the General Tire World Championship! We start out in a hotel in the city of Vidalia, Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi River. After 3 days of previous competition the championship field of 12 anglers has been narrowed down. Was fortunate enough to win the Knockout Round and the Elimination Round so I am feeling good going into this final day.
    I happen to find a little HONEY HOLE that is LOADED with big spawning largemouth bass all by myself! I don't even make a cast and i know this place is MAGICAL! It's not long before the scoretracker starts DING'ing.
    Filmed in Vidalia, Louisiana. March 2, 2019. Filmed alongside the Major League Fishing television show that aired on CBS Saturday, July 28, 2019.
    General Tire Major League Fishing World Championship
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    1. Easton Honaker

      Im in school and bored so i watch Jacob

    2. Cummins Case TV

      You came and crushed my home lake your an absolute fishing animal

      1. Cummins Case TV

        So glad you came your awesome bro

    3. Kobie Kennedy

      Watched this same video like a thousand times Bro you later the Hammer down!! Ahhh ding 🛎

    4. Ian Hobson

      Fishing is not a sport

    5. Caleb Cowan

      Who loves fishing or is it just me

    6. Robert Gallacher

      Those three anglers are mentally weak. They basically admitted that you are a better angler than them all by having no faith in their own ability to select an area capable of producing a winning bag. They left their first choice areas to follow you. You now have them mentally beat every single competition you all fish from here on in. It might have annoyed you at the time but the long term benefits in competition of having all these guys in your back pocket is priceless :)

    7. Barry Kern

      Jacob the HAMMER!!!!! Congrats bro

    8. Justin Rider

      Takahiro is a chump

    9. Cameron Williamson

      Down in my home town been wanting to fish there ever since I’ve watched this video

    10. Ethan Hollis

      What lake was that

    11. Colby B.

      You know you’ve watched this video too many times when your wife walks by and says “wheeler, again, really?”

    12. Phillip Cdr

      Now come back to the elites auwsome win but theirs not way that could compare to the Bassmaster classic

    13. Wesley Threadgill

      It’s a requirement for the judge that’s in the boat to be a lame old ass hole the entire time they are not allowed to smile ever

    14. Deacon L

      Almost midnight and mlf came to mind aka my favorite KGup fisherman

    15. The Traveler

      Did tak really come on ur boat just to get a peak at what ur using lol geez

    16. Bennie Maxwell

      Still my favorite JW video. I watch it regularly. I can’t believe those guys all moved into the area that you were fishing. You definitely handled it better than I would have.

    17. Uri Orlov

      Congrats! That was good watching.

    18. onedeaddeer

      Reminds me of a pond I found on Table Rock years back. Early spring tourney, water was cold. Found a pond that had the dam broken and I could get my boat into it. Main lake low 40's, pond mid 60's. Spinnerbait, the win and Ding!! Only person with a limit that day.

    19. HV Outdoors

      In the end, some guys would’ve went nuts on all them guys in your spot. You did a good job keeping your cool. Thanks

    20. Shane Meeks

      Funniest part, IMO, Jacob walks by Aaron’s boat and Aaron is worried about Jacob, looking, at his baits..then Jacob smokes um...and then Aaron runs in on top of Jacob in second period🤣 Hey Aaron!, king of coming up short...maybe do like Jacob said..”you do you and he will do him”...oh!, but that would still always leave you behind Jacob🤣😜

    21. C P

      How do I get into competitive fishing

    22. Doyle Hargraves 2007

      Takahiro shitty roghmouth fishamin. I know iit

    23. Winestore _ Grindcore

      Ready for the next one Wheels! Bout that time!

    24. Jake Taylor

      Some of those fish looked dead.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Pretty sure they were alive...

    25. Jake Taylor

      You guys realise this is an advertisment right?

    26. Josey Duckworth

      If you wanna hop in the boat here we can have both of you hahaha. Savage wheels

    27. Gabe Wilson

      I think you are a amazing fisherman and love watching your videos hope to see more and you catch toads

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        I appreciate that!

    28. Jarrett Flythe

      Idk who does the editing for your videos, lol tell Brody or whoever his music taste is on point, I swear I here loudpvck or some GASSSSS

      1. Jarrett Flythe

        my b my b it was rickyxsan i think

    29. Chris Gable

      You care you was ready to throw a fit but you kicked there ass anyway

    30. David Settle

      What do you do with all the bait and tackle and rods and reels after each season ,

    31. Lewis Edens

      I would have zero respect for tak and Aaron. Never associate with those dudes ever again

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Competition can get to the best of anyone. Both good guy's

    32. Scott Sherrard

      If you have never done that to anyone else then I understand the argument. You would be one of the few. Most people have done it at some point then complain when it happens to them.

    33. Bob Hale

      WoW!! Just subbed you a few months back and now I'm subbed to DC & MDJ as well. Elite trio of young men with outstanding character for sure. But to imagine what would have transpired had Iaconelli been in your position.. LOL.. I can picture teeth.. eyes.. and hair ALL over the boat deck! You are pure class my friend! :0)

    34. Shannon

      Odd1sout brought me here to competitive fishing

    35. Cruiser Chris World Network

      Watching a video like this reminds me of when me and my late father used to go out on the water get ready and go fishing thank you for bringing back that memory for me I would also like to invite you to connect with the cruiser Chris World Network which is the channel that I have started on KGup

    36. Adam Carmello

      Sitting in this Prentice loader, moving logs and dreaming about fishing. The weekend never lasts long enough. Right now is the time to be on the lakes here in Louisiana.

    37. thatdude 1700

      Most consistent fisherman ive ever seen. P.S. doesnt have to be the world championship for people to show you that they have no consideration for others. Thats like admitting they had no clue what to do.

    38. FrankieTheDude

      4:53am for me

    39. Jay Fournier

      Mr. Wheeler. You are a legend in my eyes sir. Your my favorite on the pro circuit. Follower fir life !!!!!!

    40. mohunter68

      You know you're a badass when you've got the competition following you around trying to horn in on your spots. It's got to be flattering as well as frustrating, but you put them in their place and they didn't even get close. You handled it well in my opinion and even offered to let them fish in your boat "Hey just come on over and jump in my boat!" Priceless!!

    41. Justin Shearer

      Your my favorite angler ill be fishing against you in a few years grrrr i hate haha

    42. Youssouf Chérif

      It’s 3 am I’m bored AF and for some odd reason competitive fishing popped up in my head so here I am and honestly I’m not disappointed 😂

      1. Ben McKenna

        2:03 checking in

      2. Devendra Bhandari

        same thing bro

      3. David Andris

        1:37am checking in

      4. tgballa003

        I honestly just did the samething 4 days later and ended up watching this video again for about the 8th time!! Just amazing man amazing looking spot and you straight killed em!! Ahhh... DING!!!! My favorite angler love your videos my man!! @Wheeler Fishing

      5. Wheeler Fishing

        Appreciate you!

    43. doug

      I figured there was some douchy guys on the circuit that just follows boats or whatever you where saying

    44. Michael Marvuglio

      Love fishing and love watching you fish.learned so much applied most of it.hey can anyone give me ideas to help me with free gear please let me know how or what i may do to make this happen.thank yall and have a great day on the water!!!

    45. Jonathan

      You nailed it! What a day in the water

    46. Bass Bro Fishing

      Great Job! I can't wait till I am old enough to start tournament fishing!

    47. Justin Howe

      What it did with all them in the same spot was show who the best angler was and who had the most class and angler IQ. Props

    48. Roguex Infid3l

      Woke up this morning feeling dangerous 😂

    49. Cory Ambush

      One year after this video was made is the 1st time watching it and have truly made me a fan of Jacob Wheeler class act. Those other yahoos are a bunch of douchebags, for pulling that bumper 🚢.

    50. charles britt

      Class act. Congratulations

    51. TattooedBassing

      What knot did you tie? That’s a serious knot lol

    52. Steve Hogan

      Wheels, man you are flippin some nice fish into your boat. Always better to fish your own game. it always pays off for you not to mention that it's your pattern that you are fishing... You can be proud of how you fished. Trail blazers are the ones that get the prizes. Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, J Wheeler, Louis and Clark... Hey who knows the names that followed.. LOL

    53. EthaninG VlogS

      here bc of james

    54. Bradley Whitaker

      First time seeing this video, hands down the best bass fishing video I've seen.

    55. Strawberry snow

      oddslout told me to come here

      1. Anthony Jeronimo


    56. Moua Xiong

      Ike has a reputation for stealing spots ask kvd lol 😂 jk lol lol do yo thang Ike lol

    57. ckrow

      GOOD JOB!!!11!!

    58. Bela Flor

      How much mac and cheese do you eat! 🤣🤣

    59. Jackson Murray

      Where do you fish?

    60. Jake Boehm

      Ur hella funny for that

    61. Michael Roe

      I was rooting for since th very first update

    62. Madding King

      What were you fishing with at the beginning?

    63. Rusty Shaklford

      Boomerang lake

    64. Christopher Lilly

      I would have told him to get off my butt

    65. rc dune smacher

      amazing time laps

    66. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      🏆🏆Completely awesome 🏆🏆

    67. Kujivs

      You said you didn’t have a problem with Tom like 5 times

    68. Goat 23 James

      His aim with the rod he placing the bait so well in between trees

    69. Jordan

      Why did he say he didn’t have a problem w Tak then explain how he had a problem w Tak 😭😭 thr was so funny

      1. Jordan

        Gus Walk oops didn’t pick tht up at first

      2. Gus Walk

        He said Tak, Takahiro Omori

    70. Bassin' With Koontzer

      I watch a lot of bass videos at work on CC. When I'm watching Jacob I often think the CC is messed up until I turn the sound on for a second, nope, he said it. The man has some unique expressions.

    71. whippin Bass

      But that is lil bitch shit an it would get under my skin

    72. whippin Bass

      Ay if they are followimg you you know ur doimg something right got all them scared

    73. Jeremy Gilbert

      Awesome job jacob. You defy deserve to win that. Awesome vids as well!

    74. Heath Fitzgerald

      You done messed up A-aron. Congrats Jacob you showed class unlike those other punks.

    75. Pond Fishin Magician

      I’ve got to know what music you use?

    76. Musky Hunter

      Dropping the hammer down with the boys wanting to poach his spot. Just awesome. Flat out awesome.

    77. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

      Hey Jacob! What kind of blades do you use for your spinner baits?

    78. A. Grim

      Lost all respect for the former classic champion takahiro

    79. Bassin' NY

      EPIC!!! Good for nothing, POTLICKERS!!!! Those guys disappoint. Awesome day so glad you smashed them!! Way to switch up on 'em and show them how to work !!! Well done!

    80. Christopher Hasse

      And live worms work I caught a 5 pounder and a 2 pounder in 2 days

    81. Christopher Hasse

      Using fake bait is a waste of time I only use the whopper plopper

    82. Sderp Fishing. SF.


    83. Jkingsnipes


    84. Captain Gene

      what a weird looking drama on it

    85. Tyler Fish

      Should be North American championship

    86. KBThaDrummer

      Everybody wants the sauce but not all can handle it. Great job on your end! True sportsman

    87. William Otto

      Stop making such riveting video's Brody, I can't go to work or sleep. lol Jacob, you are such a class act and great fisherman. Alicia and Olivia add alot too. I live in Houston but Niece lives in Tyler so we fish Lake Fork, Palestine, Tyler and Welsh. When in Texas, hit me up if you need ANYTHING. Love y'all.

    88. Art Slade

      J-WHEEL GETTIN’ IT DONE!!!! Nice job buddy it was well deserved my friend!

    89. michael williams

      That man was swing stickin them toads makes me feel like I’m on caddo at the house! Congrats big dog!!!

    90. Jonathan Scroggins

      Gotta say even if terry is my dad and fishes against you, you have to be one of my heroes brother. You're one hell of a fisherman between you dad and Jordan lee I'm never disappointed with the show. Keep up the good work hammer love to fish with ya one day if ever the opportunity arises or you want a prefishin trip on the st johns

    91. Jordan Parker

      Pure class

    92. Alexander Леонидыч

      Amazing! Best of the Best!

    93. bowhunter65

      I see you no longer are running an Evinrude?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        That was just in the major league cup event boats

    94. TheHurriedRabbit615

      Kkona Bruther HELL YEAH

    95. Cody Masterson

      Wow what a performance. Even with the pressure of others God gave you a gift. The gift of humbleness. I have watch hours and hours of fishing videos and never have I seen someone keep their composure and use the gift God gave them. Wow just have a huge respect for you.

    96. Jeremy Gilreath

      U cant be friends cause u taking they damn money do what u do bro lol

    97. Jeremy Gilreath

      As soon as he see u in there he should of got his ass out period

    98. John MangO

      talk about being completely out classed in every way possible. To see all those guys try to jack your spot was honestly one of the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen. way to stick it to them man! absolute domination!

    99. Lunker Dunker Baits

      Congrats! This will start to happen more with real time tracker. Big money on the line and guys are there to get paid. I suspect this will start to become more common, unfortunate yes, but money does things and this style of tournament angling will have to adapt to it.

    100. PR Angler