McGregor vs. Khabib | Best Moments


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    Best moments featuring Conor McGregor & Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229


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      Conor dont be cock again

    4. Drowning Beast

      Dana so biased to conner it hurts

    5. N.

      bruh when Khabib jumped out the cage it was just badass & iconic

    6. DEEGO

      Everybody saw who fookin stomped on whose head😂

    7. hsbr00m

      Dude the way Forrest Griffin butchered Khabid's name is funny AF. On a side note he shouldn't be breaking down fights. The amount of concussions this man have had throughout his career has diminished his ability to speak.

    8. I Flekz

      Noob cornor

    9. HeIsHere

      Losing a fight is embarrasing, but losing a fight that you started...

    10. HeIsHere

      Conor: Attacks Khabib's bus with 40+ people, disrespects him, his religion, his people and calls his father "terrorist" UFC and media: Ok *Khabib takes revenge* UFC, the commentor and media: Stupid, Unnecessary, Foolish

      1. Danilo Zarauza Dyke

        Actually it was the opposite

    11. Phillip Nguyen

      khabib is way too humble

    12. Kevin Jones

      20:27 HAHAHAHAHAHA 😭😭😭

    13. Usamah Patel

      Can't stop watching this lol

    14. The Globe Gamer

      Danis better than Khabib? That kid is delusional and has never fought anyone.

    15. Irajan del rosario

      7:22 conor said one of the most funniest things 😭😭😭

    16. Hussein Ahmed

      Questioning if the Irish boys have Irish balls as they claim?

    17. Oxy

      it's a shame this Mcgregor

    18. Sirenulbun

      when i type ..Connor.. i have made copy and past because its degusting even to wrote you stupid name ! (no offence to other people having this name )

    19. Sirenulbun are a shame of humans race

    20. All-In-One Zone

      Commentary, except by Joe, was horrible.

    21. Zuhaib Kokab

      Best fight ever

    22. lowkey


    23. REAL NEWS

      Respekt to Khabib! He is a Real Gentleman

    24. Rafael Cervantes

      As an adult and a parent I still question why this crap is still on youtube ? for sure this does not inspire good sportsmanship for yong athletes striving to shine. SAD.

    25. 7resist7tyranny7

      *Khabib*: "His legacy money, my legacy smesh." Damn, dgaf mind set right there lol

    26. Dom Negative

      Khabib was going HARD on Artem and Conor had nooo response 😂😂😂

    27. mattgotsskill

      dillon danis training conor was a mistake

    28. frank enns

      Khabib doesn’t want to jeopardize the fight. He wants to smesh and make Conner humble 🤣🤣🤣 that’s why he won’t respond to Conner 🤣🤣🤣 he sure smeshed that tap machine and as far as I’ve seen Conner does seem humble now 🤣🤣🤣 ugh Dana is so sad when he talks about Conner going to jail 🤣🤣🤣 Khabib always did say Conner was Dana’s son 🤣🤣🤣 Khabib is a lion 🥰🥰🥰

    29. OhjaecIII

      I always thought the UFC was in on the bus deal. That shit was a crime but they wouldn't hesitate to use it for promos.

    30. Eduardo Ramirez-Avilez

      Im watching this in 2021...Im still saying: HOLLY SHIET lmao

    31. Stax

      20:27 if you want a good laugh

    32. Never give up

      But khabib kicked his ass out 🤙

    33. Justin Young endaewed” of about 4 “carrots” with nice parsley leaves

    34. Helena McDill

      Connor people usually tell others what they see in themselves. You are a fake and a coward . All bullshit for the sake of money . Who are you really?

    35. Kenshiro

      When Conor Mcchicken lost, Entire western & european cult cry so hard on that day hahahahaha !!!

    36. Z2B1RDIUS


    37. Krazed__

      I love the respect between Khabib and his Dad. I would kill for mines. Dana talks about the sport aspect but let’s it get personal. This is nothing more than a chicken fight and your making a killing out of it.

    38. joe 20096

      This is the worst of Mcgregor but this is literally how every mcgregor hater sees him forever now which is kinda wack

    39. Yusuf Dasoo

      Khabib.!!! 👍

    40. theRealNME

      Conor lost when he got nicked for the bus thing. Khabib was in his head because he just didn't care what Connor said

    41. Gastón Batuco

      Khabib you are the BEST!!!!!!

    42. George Bushaway

      Looks like wwe

    43. Rajindra Ramnauth

      i loved seeing khabib dominate mcgregor in their fight...shut connors arrogant mouth and at the end khabib got the last laugh😭

    44. Grigory CiTiZeNCooK

      Dana white talking shit about khabib for quite no reasons.... ouah the governor left. Like if he could ever felt in danger. Dana made everything to reach that climax. He knows that sells tickets and everything around. He should question his reponsability about that

    45. Tareq Aihi

      Dillon "I bring a better version of Khabib" Daniss.

    46. Irfan Khalis

      Who's the guy saying "wtf, fucking pussies". Is it Chiesa?

    47. Dha

      I miss the eagle 😪

    48. Griff Servo

      Did Chiesa ever see any money from that bus bullshit?

    49. Az Azluh

      He didnt saw blue lips, he couldnt saw the eagle straight in the eye because the eagle has also the Eye of the Tiger...

    50. KarenbutcherP97

      "He think Whiskey gonna help him" is my favourite quote😂👍

    51. bigaza2151

      one day im gonna explain to my son how the money, the bravado, the ferraris....yeah there all great. but watch how this fuckwit ended up on this night. your words are your bond. you words your bond and its all you have. "its just buisness" in front of all the world to see......dudes a fighter whos an even better actor. thats it

    52. lun l

      Coner needs to take himself off the cocaine

    53. Charlie Erickson

      Oh so satisfying..

    54. Barış Özlü

      From 2:46 to 3:24 was on fire

    55. N A

      I really feel embarrassed for conor watching this. Man he is a lost soul


      Stommmmp on his head as he is unconscious

    57. Supreme Trampoline

      “khabib numugomev” 😂 you nailed it forest

    58. Tyree Walker

      This was the best rivalry in ufc history

    59. Rithy Eam

      In 8:50, when Conor said How is Noah to Ali, anybody knows what does it mean?

    60. Joe Craft

      Here is hoping for some more Khabib videos. He really is entertaining.

    61. XL wireless Electronic repair

      19:59 lol

    62. Lorenzo P.

      cocaine conor

    63. Bùi Chiến

      Đánh toàn ôm vs giữ người . Thắng thì thắng đấy nhưng ko đc đẹp

    64. Joshua Phillips

      I forgot just how off the rails conor was

    65. Deshaun Allison DC's analysis of this fight is pretty cool. Go to 4:30

    66. LeQuit

      I lived in Dagistan, I know Khabib nurmagomedov in real life he's a Kind person.

    67. llsmurkll

      Never seen mcgregor talk until now 😂😂😂 what a angry 🍀 leprechaun...

    68. asdknjakljye

      Conor deserved that ass beating for throwing that dolly

    69. jamie Foley

      18:13 "Khabib Nurbodenov"😂😂

    70. NOBiTA

      Act like a king, fight like a mouse

    71. Anthony

      Also I love how the end of this clip didn’t show any of the strikes Conor was landing on him, he was clearly dominating the stand up besides the one shot Khabib landing on Conor which didn’t faze him

    72. Anthony

      Shame they didn’t run this back. The way Khabib finished his career was sorry IMO, my opinion only. He fought Conor after he went 7 rounds with the best boxer of all time. He fought Dustin when he wasn’t in his prime. He never fought Oliveria, Chandler...

    73. Bozo Petrovic

      Gregor bolje da ides igrat bilijar nisi ti za borbu

    74. Bozo Petrovic

      Khabib je najbolji borac

    75. MH Threeseventy

      11:28 the closest to alcohol breath Khabib reached

    76. David Yepez

      Khabib vs Ferguson

    77. Great MERLIN

      Conor always be KING!

      1. UnSpeedAble

        Stfu he’s the worst and he lost lmaooo

    78. Leo P


    79. DeJuanchi27

      “Meh meh meh meh meh” oh,Conor the amount of material you gave your haters to work with.

    80. rochhunga v

      Both are stupid

      1. UnSpeedAble

        No khabib is better

    81. daniel Azhar

      Whos here after khabib officially retired🦅

    82. Todd Jackson

      who's here after khabib announced retirement for good :(

    83. AgentCody Banx8

      Ita hilarious that Khabib was looked at as the bad guy after this fight. Conor was a POS the entire build up.

    84. AgentCody Banx8

      I love the reaction of the loser in the crowd when McGregor tapped. He was so shocked, like your boy was getting whooped the whole fight it was only a matter of time before he got finished

    85. Stefon Bryant

      True wwe type shit at the end I love it

    86. hakan keskin

      McGregor and Cocain

    87. Adrian Q SOTX Grappler

      Khabib looks so uncomfortable with meghan cuz of how shes dressed

    88. Cody Kincaid

      At the time, I really wanted Khabib to win. But in retrospect, I would have loved it if Conor won

    89. J P

      The fact Connor got his ass beat is hilarious 😂

    90. Wonskiiixd Xdd

      Macgregor to cipka

    91. Ayub abdi

      One night everybody eats slap😂😂😂

    92. Rozz Qureshi

      Michelle Waterson is so cute

    93. pc & android gamers

      Conor is one of the best

    94. Josiah Kato MD

      “He can not wrestle with me 25 minutes. How can he wrestle with me if bear can not wrestle with me?“ Khabib is hilarious 🤣

    95. Josiah Kato MD

      The Kendrick Lamar soundtrack when Khabib comes on 🔥 BE HUMBLE!

    96. Josiah Kato MD

      Connor: * fights with glass * Khabib: Just send me location. Tell me where 🤷🏼‍♂️

    97. Wajdan Haider

      Dana white lost alot of money .. he was literally mad when McGregor lost.

    98. Wajdan Haider

      Khabib was like. He thinks whiskey is gonna help in when I c him ?😃

    99. Mushthak Ali

      #37:05 dana yellow

    100. XJTempo

      Best ufc fight ever