Last to Stop Eating WORLD’S HOTTEST WINGS Wins $10,000!!


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    1. Vloxy FN

      Jessica looks like a gold digger


      Feels good drinking water

    3. Raza

      Andrew kinda cheated who else saw

    4. Fawzi Omari

      I was promised food 😂

    5. Jake Houston

      i want nour to be in more vids i want her to win

    6. Elijah Rodriguez

      Jr was smokin that Zaza before the video 😳

    7. min yoongis gf

      oH mA gAwD

    8. jessica castro

      Hi everyone

    9. nournarnour

      My name is nour to

    10. Animixplay

      Your videos are so dry🤦‍♂️😭

    11. Vanessa Garcia

      I just need $10k to pay off my school debt lol. I would literally take the heat!

    12. Adam Chartier

      You said no water junior has water lmao

    13. Eshan Syes


    14. Benjamin Gonzalez

      No hate but I’m it’s funny how he says most hotest challenge on KGup but Brian his brother did a bottle of hot spice with 1 billion scolvile

    15. Brandon Adan

      I’ve tried these wings before and they not spicy maybe because I’m mexican🤣😂🤣

    16. 227kim

      Nour is out lets watch another video😂

    17. Galaxy Visualz

      11:32 lol I see that commercial on my tv too in the background

    18. Galaxy Visualz

      *me peacefully drinking water while watching & enjoying this video.*

    19. Tas X

      I heard sweet usually helps so maybe for next time they should have sugarrrrrrr

    20. Arbel Sabach

      This is the first video I've ever seen that had a good twist to it. That's entertaining.

    21. Devin Simmons

      bro 4:18 omg

    22. Jack15mg

      Best vid ever🇺🇸💪❤️

    23. Daith Izumi

      Nour is so beautiful...

    24. Marissa Obala

      If Nour got more it would've been Sherman vs Jaaaay cuz Sherman had one in his mouth too.

    25. Jamie Lee Ashton

      That does look hot 🥵

    26. Reyna Maldonado

      I’m late but not me leaving cuz nour lost 😞😂

    27. Walter Rivera

      I laughed so hard in this video 😂😂

    28. Junior R

      Junior is fking dead 15:40

    29. Rhyslfc 31

      Nour is so pretty

    30. Amaryan YT

      I love how rug is just sitting there while papa rug is lime GET THE F*** OUT OF MY HOUSE

    31. Rawand King

      When I say that is eze. When I try it ;😢🥵🥵🥵😤😤

    32. Swooshy_Kun

      Brandon is or has one of the worst editors lol

    33. BrainyBombShell

      It always seems like they're houses aren't haunted when they do videos like these. It's funny

    34. Plazify JN

      i was eating hot chips while wachting this.


      I hope Nour gets everything she deserves in life she is a gorgeous and intelligent woman and yes I’m her age so call me a simp all you want😂😌🖕


      Nour is so gorgeous I can’t 😭😭

    37. bean


    38. Cameron Allen

      That's not the world's hottest wings tho

    39. Matei Andrei


    40. Alaya Riz

      Aren't the wings supposed to have bones in them?

    41. DarkSnipes05

      This may sound crazy but I wish I was there eating the atomic I wanna try them and I loveeeeee spicy foodddddddd

    42. Isaias Diaz-Franco

      Lol faze rugs is just chilling lol

    43. prettylul. leiii

      wait im so confused is anthony and jessie related?

    44. Tj Fast

      Jaaay called that, he said in the intro that he was going to have some milk on the side lol

    45. flow innocence

      Please don’t cuss, say omg, or swear

    46. Blasian. Emperor

      I eat them like nun but I do put the hottest hot sauce on literally everything I eat🤣 used to it

    47. Delmy Perez

      As a BWW lover , it bothered me that he kept saying “atomic” lol 😂 BWW’s hottest flavor is Blazin , Atomic is wingstops hottest 😂

      1. only1KIKAyt

        Hahahaha lmfao

    48. Anthony Lopez

      Bruh I wanna eat some now

    49. amaan gaming channel

      Whoose hotter Like for Noor Reply for jessica

    50. cris pedraza

      Papa rug gets me 😂

    51. stezzz

      this is not the spiciest video on youtube you need to chill out and stfu

    52. Nunya Xoxo

      What happened to Jessica's face? She went overboard on the face 💉

    53. 123

      Why can’t they just do it without the 10 gs

    54. Brian Mathis

      5:14 that look

    55. Roman Bone

      lol papa rug

    56. Vishal Muralidaran

      Jessica, Anthony, jay and Nour shud try 1 chip challenge guys

    57. Ryan Galvan

      Wait wait wait jr had it in his mouth still and was still chewing at 45 second same as nor

    58. Bridjesh Ramnanan

      I'm leaving nour is gone soo.. bye 👋 👋 I am a fan

    59. Arkan Turki

      The natural china coherently mug because objective critically irritate about a ablaze ceramic. ludicrous, lush karen

    60. Mohamad Abouelhagag

      Dis mans ain’t care that he won 10 bands

    61. Faruk Akbayrak

      Papa rug is amazing

    62. Wania Hanif

      Idk why but Jessica looks different

    63. Mike OxSmall

      The more water u drink the more spicy it gets put some hot water in ur mouth and hold it for 5 sec spit it out u will be good

    64. Mike OxSmall

      I would eat that without even drinking anything

    65. vunic fn

      I ate a tomic wing it was 🔥🔥🔥my mom tricked me

    66. Patrick Star

      it is so funny when your dad said get the f### otta here

    67. Jarred 333

      Those wings are bearly legal man

    68. Jarred 333


    69. Banana Milk

      Bruh I feel like they acting! The wild spice level in Buffalo wild wings is not that spicy or maybe it's cause I'm asian, but that's just stereotypical of me to say that.

    70. S&S

      13:59 brawadis dying from laughter, jay litterly dying

    71. RSG Flare

      Are those wings or nuggets

    72. SlapFN

      He’s saying atomic wings but that’s for wingstop the wings he has are called blazin

    73. Owida Kiwante


    74. x MANTEQUILLA24

      Nour I was promised food Me : im here for nour

    75. Shadow Gaming

      Did Jess get a facial surgery

    76. Luis Gonzalez

      Dang I wonder if Nora will I ever notice that I’m single And I would like to split the money with her and go on cute dates she’s so gorgeous I wanna get to know her

    77. Janet Carlos

      I want to be in your video please

    78. Jay Rorie


    79. Jay Rorie


    80. Jay Rorie

      Fav KGupr!!!

    81. Jay Rorie


    82. Amy Rose

      It would have been a better video if Faze rug or papa rug were one of the consents

    83. Eddie Blanco

      I look in the background at 8:12 on the video and all I see is Faze Rug channel on the TV

    84. Jasline Velasco

      HE COPIE FAZE RUG AND JACKIE BTW Jackie has a KGup channel Jackie figaroua idk how to spell her name Btw I still love you vids

    85. Dhanial Khan

      That thumbnail do be looking sue tho

    86. Daniel Dsouza

      Dude brawadis is such a Bullie to everyone wtf

    87. MC

      i did the challenge to eat the hottest wings at BWW for a shirt, i finished all dozen in 4 minutes but had diarrhea for a week at school...

    88. Mark Angking

      The fabulous kettle intuitively avoid because brace suggestively stay amongst a pleasant polyester. threatening, mellow stitch

    89. Exo Thug

      Bro I always get the wild from Buffalo Wild Wings to the point where it taste like nothin

    90. ThatKidMattFN

      Everyone's mouths: 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    91. JOY BELLE

      Lol how sherman kiss brawadis arm LOL 😂

    92. Light Blue

      Salaam Brandon

    93. Tyler Marcum

      Great vid but I call this whole video light work

    94. Brijoshna Gurung

      Juniors eyes are so pretty

    95. Innocents


    96. Sydney Person

      Juniors eyes are pretty

    97. amjad mahmoud

      🇲🇽🥑Avocado's from mexico🥑🇲🇽

    98. HD Optix

      Brandon’s vids are getting better

    99. Pon

      You should’ve said they weren’t allowed to put another wing in their mouth until they’ve fully swallowed the one before it. Nour completely swallowed the first wing THEN went in on the second one. Anthony ate and swallowed the first one THEN went in on the second one. While STILL chewing and swallowing the second one he stuffed his mouth with a third one and then the time ran out. Meaning he didn’t fully chew the second wing, he had it in his mouth with the third. Which means him and Nour should’ve TIED because they both ACTUALLY swallowed just one completely.

    100. ELCT GAMING

      The fact that the only person not saying me me me me me got the milk.