How to fly an RNP APPROACH with a BOEING 747??? Explained by Captain Joe

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    Many of you have been asking me "How fo you fly an RNP approach with a Boeing 747". A few months back the ILS (Instrument Landing System) in Luxembourg was down for runway 24, that you could only use a RNP approach. So I took the liberty to record this approach with my great captain. We briefed the approach a few times in advance as it is relatively rare to fly an RNP approach these days.
    Please bare with me that this is just a brief explanation on how to fly this approach. I did not mention the"ghost pointers", the 747/8 IAN capabilities, which I will highlight in a Microsoft Flight Simulator video very soon. It would have just come across where unnatural to stop the video over and over again to show what exactly is happening, there the SIM videos are just better.
    Please bare in mind that the PFD and ND displayed in the video is screen recorded from a simulator which I flew on the same day. But it is a little inaccurate compared to what we've really done that day!
    I hope you enjoyed this video, more of these will be coming soon!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Mac Delaney

      Never been prouder to have my Capt Joe REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT when I configure my VW Jetta for departure.

      1. Mr Remix

        I often do a safety briefing before departure in my Subaru exept the thing with the oxygen Masks (... still have to fit those:D). When im at work however i include that because my work vehicle is able to provide oxygen to some of the passengers (... my work vehicle is a Fire Truck)

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    5. Stefan Palade

      Why not use ILS? Why would a pilot choose RNP or RNAV?

    6. 羅中允Jack Loh

      Wonderful landing and explanation. Thank you Cap. Joe. I Strongly recommend to use the professional 747 training software- The AerowinX PSX, which is really realistic and simulate almost all the functions of the 747, including the maintenance overhead and circuit breakers. But right, it only simulate the -400 (RR PW GE), and not the -8. The Cap Joe channel is always the best aviation channel.

    7. Gihanga Manvidu Gurugamage *

      Joe I enjoy watching the episodes where u film your self in the cockpit and explain what is happening pls do more like the taxiing in Hong Kong. I really find your videos very helpful. Thanks for making such enjoyable and informative videos

    8. 77thTrombone

      Seems like pilot & FO have to reach across to the other's side of the instrument/switch panel a lot.

    9. GILDEF

      Hey, that's the Cargolux maintenance hanger in the left windshield on 9:13

    10. Michel Beauloye

      Hi Capt. Joe! With many airlines getting rid of their 4 engines airplanes for economical reasons, what is CV planning for the (near) future?

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      hey Captain Joe, quick question, don't the Boeing 747-8 have Krueger flaps?

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      Hi captain Joe! My name is Joe also. I am 11 years old. My favorite airplane is the B777-300ER. My dream is to be a pilot. Is it hard? What’s it like?

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    18. D Alexander

      Hello Captain thanks for the video you can use a weather engine Activesky connecting to the P3D or FSX simulator and fly historic weather by setting the exact date and zulu time of when you were flying in the film :)

    19. Khoi Tran

      Hello Joe ! I have a question, that is where could we see the MCP altitude (1600ft)

    20. AvNober

      Is this Prepar3D lol i thought it was a flight sim at the outside view 😂😂😂

    21. Mr Remix

      I always wonder why pilots dont retract Flaps upon Touchdown. Wouldn't that help slowing the plane down because of reduced lift thats generated or does it help because of increased drag

    22. Mr Remix

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      Watching after failing an RNP approach into HAAB with a 744F in my sim

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    26. Gone To Earth

      Awesome video! As a Cirrus pilot flying Garmin 1000+ I find it amazing how similar the procedures are as I would fly a RNAV (GPS) approach but SO MUCH FASTER! LOL. I assume the green arc on the ND represents the position you will hit ALT set with present vert decent rate? Thanks again!

      1. Gone To Earth

        @Tom Harper With SBAS (WAAS in USA) the Cirrus will fly ALL SBAS approaches with and without GS coupled to the AFCS...

      2. Tom Harper

        @Gone To Earth nice one can you then fly lnav vnav gps approches but using SBAS or is LPV and LP the only type that use SBAS

      3. Gone To Earth

        @Tom Harper thanks for the answer! Yes the Cirrus flies SBAS down to LPV Minmima. Like a zip line. Lol

      4. Tom Harper

        yes it does the legandary " curved banana " shows you at what point you will reach the MCP alt which is set, regarding RNAV does your cirrus use SBAS and can therefore fly LPV minima ?

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      1. Thomas Mortimore


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    32. Anttoni James Numminen

      Hi Captain Joe, thanks for the video! Just a quick question if that's alright. As you're filming inside the cockpit, do you first need to OK your videos with your airline/Cargolux before you upload them or are they cool with you filming whatever you like? Thanks, Anttoni

      1. Anttoni James Numminen

        Ah, only just got to the end of the video where it says it was approved! :D

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      Apart from the slightly dated FS2004 external views of the aircraft, I really enjoyed watching and learning from this fantastic video. Thanks Capt. Joe ! 👨‍✈️👍✈

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      hi, Joe! thank you for this great video! tell me, please, why do you set transponder to no altitude reporting mode after landing? as far as I know, ALT mode is turned off only after you have arrived at the gate...

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      1. ZK-APA

        Yes there is quite a bit of maths in aviation. However it's not the complicated one, but rather basic.

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      I love all of your video cap. You give me inspiration and make easy my life. and I love if you blogging with Dutch pilot girl hahaha thank you cap. salute

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      A couple of questions for you Capt Joe. Why are you setting your speeds manually? Are you required to use a +5 kts value on flap speeds? Also, why the LVSA isn a -8? Do you not use the IAN function of the -8 at CV? Also, when you put the transponder to XPNDR you are still reporting altitude but you are turning off your TCAS/ACAS display. The plane puts out an "On Ground" bit in the Mode-S transponder data so planes in the pattern would know you aren't flying. Nice video. I like how you put things together. I miss flying into LUX though I don't miss the hill on the RWY 6 side.

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      Hi Captain, I got a question and will be gratefull for your answer; Does Boeing has something similar to Airbus "Final descent point" in the flight plan? I mean to indentify where the final descent segment will start in case we are level for example, thank you and congrats for your success.

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      can you make a video about flight preparations and fmc in 747!!

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      Joe, I have a question: What does "approaching minimums" and "minimums" mean? I've heard it on landings when the aircraft is at 500ft or something like that. Please reply, or anyone else who knows this answer.

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      Nice idea to add the PFD from the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. If I'm a little bit deeper in the Simulator (in 10 Years, haha) I might try to fly this approach on Lux too.

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      1. Ron Baruah

        Just one of the ways to be sure you are at the centre. Despite having a PCN, a metre on or off and you never know your wheel just goes into the pavement.


      Captain! Could you please explain about Aircraft Speed, please? Like TAS IAS GS Thank you and with much respect for all your sharing

    60. Matthias1172

      Great video as always. I would also like to see a NDB approach. Do you ever use this these days?

      1. Thomas Mortimore

        Very rarely used nowadays especially airports a 747 would land at as replaced by GNSS approaches or VOR if that still hasn’t been employed

    61. MasterOneLew

      I suppose this will help me in X-Plane haha

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      I gotta question. Why didn't he say "heavy" in his callsign when the 747-8F is in the heavy category?

      1. Chester Wang

        @Ron Baruah OK. Thank you.

      2. Ron Baruah

        Cargolux is a all heavy fleet and they are flying into their base which ensures the controllers are familiar and it is safe to shorten radio calls. You might even completely exclude your callsign on the radio provided a level of familiarisation has been established between the pilot and controller, but not in a busy airspace. Something like Franfurt where you have all sorts of Lufthansas, you won't exclude your wake category or callsign.

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    64. Blaze FN

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      Do you fly an Airbus A320 aswell and the Boeing 747? or are you able to switch planes to pilot sometimes or no? ( I'ma Cessna 172 Skyhawk student pilot and i'm on my 5'th and i think its minimium 40 Hours till you reach the pilot's license point? (

      1. Thomas Mortimore

        Bekker the Dutch Angel Dragon he flew the A320 when he flew for Air Berlin but they went in 2017

      2. Bekker the Soku Angel Dragon

        ZK-APA I didn’t know so but thanks for telling me / answering my question.

      3. ZK-APA

        Bekker the Dutch Angel Dragon legally, if he's current, and type rated,he can fly whichever plane he wants. But practically, a pilot is kept rostered with a similar type of aircraft. (Though in this case he only flies the 747 as his airline doesn't operate A320)

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      1. Thomas Mortimore

        It’s the angle the radar points at. It doesn’t just point straight ahead all the time as you may want to look down before approach or up when ready for takeoff

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      Been bingeing your videos again recently and had a thought. Do you always record your videos before/after work, or do you get dressed for work just to shoot these videos? I'd assume in the latter case you just do the shirt and wear shorts or something more comfortable down below. Or maybe you live 24-7 in your uniform... ??

      1. ZK-APA

        Richard Speir the uniform which he wears in most of his videos isn't his actual airline uniform, but a generic one (unless he's making a video with something related to his company where he does wear his company uniform)

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        CRT displays. The refresh rate of the screen is out of sync with the camera recording frame rate

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      1. ZK-APA

        EZY_Addi it all depends on experience and supply-demand. A fresher pilot will have to take whichever option is available. One with experience can choose what he wants (provided the market for pilots is good)

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      1. ZK-APA

        DerParadonym he's not in Lufthansa (he flies for cargolux). The thing he is referring to is related to Lufthansa flight training I think

    89. Ye 2020

      Thats pretty much every approach I've flown in flightsim if I was too high/fast to catch the glide. Just set a lower altitude, extend the flaps, let approach mode capture the glideslope and set the altitude to go around altitude after it.

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      1. Thomas Mortimore

        Only 2 and 3 have reverses. All 4 would kick up too much debris such as loose stones or standing water etc. Plus the amount of thrust produced by2 engines was sufficient as the A380 isn’t going to be going to small airports

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        Because all the sensors in a modern aircraft give you a clear enough picture and combined with ECAM/EICAS you can see what is wrong. Pilots don’t need to know WHY something has happened. They need to know WHAT has happened, what has failed and what needs to be shut down, reset, transferred etc. Having cameras is just not currently viable. The tail camera and underwing ones on the bigger jets are purely to assist in taxiing like your rear parking camera in a car

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