I Challenged Professional Football Players to a 1v1...

FaZe Rug

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    I challenged 2 of the best football KGuprs @Deestroying and @Dockery to a football competition and it was INSANE!!
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    Dockery: @Dockery
    Sherman: @ShermanTheVerman
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    1. FaZe Rug

      drop a like & subscribe if i should join the NFL

      1. Kerim Alic

        Rug you have to go to a college team first and they draft

      2. Alexander Denton

        @Joe Skillzz 5

      3. The biggest Packers fan


      4. CarterBlaze

        Nice to try the 30 yard

      5. Victor Acevedo


    2. Rizzy Dee


    3. 小美林

      The humorous toad analogically grab because paste additionally peep without a silky april. acidic, unaccountable emery

    4. Ethan Thegamer

      Noah got cuppings?

    5. PixeL_S0uLz

      Are The Professional Football Players In The NFL?

    6. Jose Montenegro

      Yes Ok

    7. DorianCurtis Sadiswa

      Like comment and subscribe


      What’s that thing on your arm

    9. Th_og _ray

      Damn that catch tho he catch it behind his back

    10. Kamraan Playz YT

      Destroy do be vibeing

    11. Ashtral

      Yo what is Gage's @?

    12. Tammyzack

      4:39 That dude with the camera. Did he get cupped on his back?🤣

    13. Delphine Obasi

      20 m please did him

    14. The explorer Team

      Me sitting here know non about sports

    15. Mayra Perez

      Join the NFL

    16. neel s

      10:56 why does this look like cod

    17. Braulio Ascencio

      Can someone tell me what was on Noah’s back I forgot

    18. Melissa Cary

      Noah what’s on your back like those red or brown dots

    19. crwuser

      I realy want a ps5

    20. Teeqo


    21. amy&heidi _


    22. kayl clarke

      Behind his back damn

    23. rich jay hammon


    24. Boston Ikurere

      far u did mean as Faze rug man dokery's catches r legendary

    25. Advent Xeleq

      6:45 he ran like a little kid running to their parents

    26. Rolllexxx

      Can i get a iphone 12 plz because I want to gift it to my mother wish me luck

    27. Tee

      I’m 9 years old and you make my day

    28. michael krueger

      FaZe rug: HOWD HE CATCH THAT Dockery:I dont know

    29. Elsie Obra

      I can't even do that only soccer how

    30. Misty88 Schmidt738

      The sharp wire substantively trust because pot acly rule beneath a true company. lamentable, last steam

    31. Kason Parten

      Destroying beat the nfl rec

    32. Savage Boy2

      Is that the guy from TikTok who where’s the football helmet

    33. Bartolo Colon

      They aren’t even pros they are KGuprs.

    34. Austin Krigbaum

      Donlad sucks he ain’t even rich he only has a mansion but that doesn’t mean that he is rick

    35. Wyatt Cato

      Football !!

    36. Michael St. John

      not pros

    37. Joseph Torres

      Dockery is legit but he always half assing things when it comes to competition. Like man you is a beast, don't doubt yourself.

    38. Savannah L

      @10:15 you spelled challenge wrong 💀

    39. James Amor

      Rug it was funny when you broke the thing then you said no way I destroyed that hahahahahaha🤣🤣

    40. Luis Uzhuri

      You mean AMERICAN football

    41. Glenn Neidlinger

      Can I be in a video, pleaz.I subed droped a like and have notis on.

    42. Julian Tyler-Ladd

      Dock would’ve won all he needed was a little speed and the throw

    43. Air Gram

      Noah fam

    44. TXL FADE

      Rug said I thought 40 seconds was good I feel bad for sherman he just stood there like my time was 45 😡🤬

    45. Jacob Finkst

      Can I please have a PS5 my mom got scammed and I’m a huge fan

    46. Suns10Rule

      The mature cardboard effectively wait because permission connolly talk upon a rainy scorpion. jobless, real vegetable

    47. Oriola Ori

      (4:37) what has noah in his back?? (10:14) you spelled challenge wrong

    48. Shanda Mowbray

      You should challenge my cousin

    49. Olivia Moreno

      What’s on Noah’s back

    50. marivee romero

      The real handicap methodically guarantee because mine allegedly last pace a idiotic cod. slim, steadfast bronze

    51. OvvnV2

      Rug you have to kick it from the side lmao

    52. Bla Bla Bla Bla

      Destroying Should Be A NFL Kicker Lowkey

    53. Jahangir Akbar

      3:01 song name?

    54. SoaR yozy

      There was wind blowing through my eyes and I blinked lol.

    55. Jiden Comilang

      I keep rewatching this cause this is insane pls make more

    56. Abdullah Mumin

      i love the way rug kicks and much love to them 2 and sherman lol

    57. Mason Wolfram

      “The wind is going left so we have to kick it towards the left” what school did you go to? his school: 85+75=8575 that is correct. my school be like: e392 Times e9291= 17,698

    58. Syed Rahman


    59. Allen Nkepang

      I am in the NBA and the NFL

    60. Syn

      all the legends go to this highschool 😎

    61. Taco And Pizza Gaming

      didn't yall see he spelled challenge wrong at 10:10

    62. Neovlie

      6:38 look at docks face lmao

    63. Brady Grener

      Browns we need this kicker

    64. bryce rasmussen

      My friend has the same gloves

    65. Simona Cabello

      Destroying is the best kicker in the world

    66. Jack Cook

      Jidion hates you

    67. PengWin0420

      This is not football lol. Yes i'm an European

    68. KING JOBAN

      FaZe Rug I want a ps5 or an iPhone 12 because I need one and I am you biggest fan when you hit 20 million which I think it will happen very soon and I subscribed and liked

    69. angel jimenez

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    71. Cameron Vidz

      Like and subscribe if u want faze rug to post ( Faze rug Vr. OBJ ) on KGup

    72. Jax Rendon

      I’m gonna explode right now

    73. Jax Rendon

      I love football what’s your favorite team in football

    74. Tyler Cool


    75. Bryan Jester

      He didn’t get the one that he said. 250k likes not 250k likes

    76. Cool Sharkbroww

      Who think destroying is going to be Á punter in the nfl

    77. sonia fernandez

      rug im a boy btw but can you add me on fortnite please it will be my dream qt fr0st with 0

    78. Your boii F

      The. Behind the back catch is easy y’all dramatic

      1. Your boii F

        I don’t even post everyday like you and I still got more subs I’m weak 😂

      2. Your boii F

        @Liana’s Vlogs ok but first i would like if you get more then 2 subscribers and 2 views

      3. Liana’s Vlogs

        i would like to see u try ;)

    79. Xd AcE Yeti


    80. Jett 69


    81. Braden McGee

      Oh he got the one hand

    82. jp 2

      I love football

    83. Cynthia Reyes

      I would be able to catch that

    84. LuXuRy xNoah


    85. Baby Heredia

      Bruh tell me why when he said chicken nuggets I got a McDonald’s ad

    86. kswagtjr gaming

      Noah should win cuz he run all that yards

    87. Diane Salazar

      Do you remember you know we are back to win out here you already lost my kid you’re so water your dog water my kid

    88. Diane Salazar

      Hey face drugs I have one question for you

    89. Remah Abouali

      Rug was pretty slick not gonna lie

    90. The fishing Master

      I love football and base ball

    91. Josh Austin

      I thought Sherman made it

    92. Peyton Ramos

      Have yall noticed that in the intro of deestroying he missed the fieldgoal.

    93. Brandy Purvis

      Faze said the winds going left so kick it left in The field goal challenge.

      1. bobby poop

        Did i ask?

    94. Noobforfun

      NFL stands for, National football league. This is just for the people who don’t know what it stands for

    95. Scorpion1231 Coolest

      I love football 🏈

    96. Alijah Williams

      Y7ghm5dtydh6fyjtuj time, Girls

    97. The Buentello Family


    98. Amy Coon

      65 yards is the farthest in nfl

    99. Jayden Sale

      What you're shong okay

    100. Chaka Dorcean

      no you should not