NEVER Make This Mistake as Impostor..


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    1. Lawrence Gordon Wu

      why is your discord is on its such a shame ahh man!

    2. Tate Roman

      Could you make more AMONG US. Videos

    3. Ethan Perkins

      11:28 Biggest mistake you can ever make with discord chat in among us with friends!

    4. UltraBloxTronYT

      M A K E M O R E

    5. Vvs- NoSpray


    6. Tankdogg747 Leland

      Dan is so Sneaky

    7. Raymond Holt

      This game is definitely way more entertaining then Cwazy Cupcakes.

    8. Samina Kausor

      Just defend smajor every time hahaha ha :)

    9. Sumptuous Hydra Gaming

      My name mr cheese

    10. Archie Newby

      1 second later Scott's died

    11. Slime Alyvia

      Hi Dan I gave a question what does the TDM mean I your name

    12. Foxy Gaming

      I feel so bad for Dan on the 3rd round. XD


      When i heard this voice this been my memory

    14. Candy Heart

      9:22 a five year old battle Think: Mommy Jordan called me small brain Mom: Vote him child, vote him. *This is not based off of true events*

    15. Candy Heart

      Sussed you out of talking time? That's NEVER the worst thing once I was in a public game (I have no friends one like=one more friend jk) and i'm generally a fast typer on phone so I was imp and they voted me out BY MY FAST TYPING BY MY FAST TYPING Its ike throwing a cat for chasing mice STUPID and if I was crew I would have up and left but I did leave because when i'm crew and type fast it would've been bad btw if you see someone named unicorns in a public game and you say i told you/ya you have forfeited your life privilege's anyway PEACE

    16. Thomas Pegorer


    17. Vivian Gamer55

      Dan: I knew I should’ve jack he is big brain. (With discord on) Me:lol poor Dan. I feel u. (Even tho I have no idea what among us is) lol

    18. Kelvin Agard

      Between Ninja and Dan which one do you think is the worst imposter. For me it’s both, and if they were on the same team for imposter they would both automatically lose.

    19. Neo Dong

      lol smooth brain.

    20. xfirefox25

      Indeed the dumbest mistake but you’re good at convincing

    21. Spencer Lent

      0:30 Dan: *kills Scott* *EAR RAPE EVIL LAUGH*

    22. xfirefox25

      What do ya mean!?!

    23. Lila Carpenter


    24. WhenMonkeysPopBloons

      Who else watched the end about 100x

    25. Dillon Doty

      Has everyone forgot about The Diamond Mine Cart

    26. Abeerah Zafar

      This is how many times dan got voted off. I I V

    27. Matthew Melgoza

      Bruh really Dan

    28. Joan N Abi

      Dan with his most stupid moments in among us

    29. IzayahminerYT

      Meeting Ends Dan: I knew I should have KILLED HIM! Everybody: OI Oi OI OI Oi Dan:??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! 11:30

    30. Scott C. Bauer

      Love ur vids

    31. Scott C. Bauer


    32. Ilyas Majid


    33. Natasha Fathers

      Dr tray forever

    34. Molly Mo

      "tdm"stands for "the diamond minecart"

    35. India Barrett

      dan how do i join ur discord group

      1. India Barrett

        me c

      2. India Barrett

        TELL EE

    36. Danilop2010YT

      Oh I'm impostor wait lemme stab my self

    37. Sharon Austin

      ME: made dis mistake many times

    38. Joelsticks

      Here’s the thing The only way you can make the discord mistake Is if u actually have a group to play with and your on discord

    39. Stable

      Who is tiff

    40. Idhaant Sudarshan Chetlur

      WHAT DO FLIP!!!

    41. Mj Pascua

      Jemm's a good editor tho

    42. Vishaan Moodley

      Sus sus sus sus i know i know ik the murderer among us but i dont wanna do it i dont wanna do it that looks really sus. .

    43. British Youtuber

      Ah yes the thumbnail and title means that imposters often stab themselves in the chest accidentally very good children you're learning Read More

    44. 100 suds chalenge no vids


    45. thousands to millions

      Dan: Cleanest imposter round Title: The biggest mistake as imposter.

    46. Nihaaligo

      11:29 At this moment he knew he f-

    47. Nate B

      Dan when imposter and discord on: "Jack's got big brains. I need to kill him." Scott: "Dan..."

    48. Johnny Hannifin

      No one: Not a single soul: Dan:ah f*ck delete me

    49. Jordan Kamony

      Omg when I seen the mic on, I was scared for you!! And it took you so long to noticeee.

    50. Karim Ali

      Love this video

    51. Chaitali Acharekar

      Dan: Realizes what hes done- OH NO! Also Dan: TRULY realizes what hes done-*OH NO INTENSIFIES*

    52. Logan Kilane

      I feel bad for his son

    53. NightSlasher 1

      Funny Theory: Dan still hated scott even when both of them were impostors and knew that his discord was on and displayed it as a mistake so he sacrificed his impostor round just to get scott out?

    54. mama newt

      11:29 is the mistake

    55. Sierra Pennington

      saw someone pretending to be Dan on North American servers lmao

    56. Joshua Macias

    57. SnipingisEZ3819

      damm you got did dirty

    58. cruz mills

      Ok buddy I will be there in about five minutes I’ll be there in about an hour or so I’ll be there in about an hour or so I’ll be there in about an hour or so I’ll be there in about an hour or so I’ll be there in about an hour or so I’ll be there in about an hour or so I’ll be there in about an hour

    59. cruz mills

      😦 you have your own family I can tell them that I have a look 👀 you and you don’t want me to do that stuff so I’m gonna be there for me a few hours so I’ll let them know that you are going on a day off I can get a gift 💝 and you go out and do a little gift 💝 for a little gift

    60. mahir ali


    61. Kenzie Craven


    62. taliesazaw


    63. Lena McRae

      No one: Not even orange: Not even Purple: Red: Why am I always sus?

    64. MM - 06KM 776370 Castle Oaks PS

      Dan is always imposter with the same person in a row whenever he plays.

    65. urijah caughell

      Cupqacke sucks

    66. Bad Bud

      DanTDM whoever says something mean to you they are truly rude

    67. Potatoedss


    68. Potatoedss


    69. Dylan Elkins

      I played with him once

    70. Soha Mirajwala


    71. GamerGirlPaige

      Every game as impostor: “Scott has to die”

    72. Joao Paulo Silva De Paiva

      here 👇

    73. Cool trampoline Stuff and some Randomstuff

      dans forehead is bigger that my future

    74. Jonas Kelly

      CAN I HAVE FUN????????????????????????????????????????????

    75. Austin Post

      how do you get imposter so much

    76. T̲o̲a̲s̲t̲e̲r̲ n̲u̲g̲g̲e̲t̲s̲

      I died when he said "oh no! i made a boo boo" (」><)」

    77. xkrosales34

      Cleanest Imposter round ever. Also in that round he vents in front of someone

    78. Sammy Hodgins

      lol I love when Dan leaves his discord call on! Those reactions😂😂

    79. Hakima Bounama

      Was Scott a detective in his past life

    80. domino

      Dan should’ve pulled the f bomb

    81. BlueDolphin ZuZu

      Dan logic: Kill Scott....

    82. Night Nika

      So basically among us... but dan is a bad imposter. *Very interesting*

    83. Felicity MOWER

      Iv watched this so many times and can’t figure out what big mistake he made he made so many mistakes 😜

    84. Life2Gaming

      dan you got discord i wanna get your name and number in discord

    85. Kaylee and Leslie

      How many time did Dan say redemption 🤣👇

    86. Araceli Franklin

      and I want dantdm much

    87. Araceli Franklin

      I love among us

    88. Manduhh Lee

      1st time huh

    89. Random Shaz

      why does he just sit in the vent ;-; XD

      1. Random Shaz

        i listen to this while i sleep

    90. •Karlee•

      Dan: delete me just delete me Editor: ok I will MAN! Dan can be an idiot sometimes at 11:43 Edit: he always just wants to kill Smajor.../Scott

      1. •Karlee•

        Or that

      2. Body Basics


    91. London Toliver

      Dan that IQ qould have work if they had bigger brains beside think, he already big brained

    92. Karen Parasram

      Dan: There's only one thing on my mind, and it's murder. Me: I got murder on my minddd

    93. Henry Stickmin

      Think Isnt Talking

    94. Ethan Dela Torre

      How is it possible that you get Impostor 4 times in a row. And somehow lose the worst way in every round.

    95. More Galván

      i love D

    96. TwistingGem Games

      11:29 My favorite part lol

    97. Aquiles & Ed The New York Brothers

      Dan is entering his iner Dan mode

    98. Samuel Dailey

      5:50 nice spelling dan lol

    99. Liam Crisp

      can you play zelda