The Main Character of Dream SMP


7 млн көрүүлөр241

    technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character

    edited by Wardenboo
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    "The Happiest Days" by J.F. Gloss

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    1. noval

      this video is the terrible plot of naruto

    2. Aidan Keslake

      master roshi didn’t die

    3. Koko Kashi

      techno you've been watching too much anime

    4. MrDrSquid

      You could get like 20 pig spawners and make a super op exp. farm

    5. beachcave

      He got 1 million subscribers in about 2 months.... ARE YOU KIDDING

    6. Ty Bo

      Is it just me or did he jump over a stone wall with effects on at 11.32

    7. Aaronsmithjr Smith

      O no

    8. Magic Falla

      i dont know why but i keep watching this over and over again

    9. Gab

      I love the last clip

    10. Sans Zockt

      All he needs is haste Potions and he's set

    11. Firedra6on329

      Dream is obviously the main character... it is the DREAM SMP, not the RANBOO SMP

      1. محمد الحمادي


    12. Alp Ersoyu Davet

      He is a Enderhuman

    13. Themorehatt

      Technos sub is mrbeasts favorite number 69

    14. kostas siozios


    15. J wal

      I love how big Q, Tubbo, Fundy (In full netherite) fought Techno and would have lost badly if Quackity did not threaten Carl

    16. FrostyMaty

      "suck main character!" Famous Last Words.

    17. AG Fragile

      Techno you know that Tommy has a barrier block and bedrock

    18. Nice Guy4000

      6.9M ;!;!!?!

    19. Rafi Pearlman

      I’m watching the Sun it’s actually near 7 million

    20. Mishimoo

      *O r p h a n ²*

    21. Michelle Mocke

      Tecno sounds like the meme are you wining son🤣

    22. Jaxson Schram

      Uncle Iroh didn't die

    23. Newest Master

      Doesnt the side characters live?

    24. Jingque Cordero

      Ranboo is a god

    25. Jingque Cordero

      Ranboo as a half enderman half ghast Technoblade As a king pig

    26. Gaming Unlimited

      techno pointing out squids because of his fear of I am a squid kid after the potato war.

    27. Zfaydogdu

      9:25 or maybe go to a mineshaft and find spider spawners

    28. ana

      Tubbo's the president and Ranboo's the main charcter of the SMP, Micheal is gonna have a great life

    29. ana

      "Thats why he's so powerful he- he's *HE'S DOUPLE ORPHANED* "

    30. B10knight _

      Not sure if you know this but sometimes behind the Pillager face in the mansion there will be a diamond block covered in obsidian or sometimes a spawner of spiders

    31. victoria konzem

      We'll get 7 million by tomorrow don't worry techno

    32. Calebowskinetic

      petition for techno to have pig powers like oinking

    33. Sharpshooter Jett

      Bro he said no like 10000000000000000000000000000 times

    34. Thegamergirls play

      I took multiple screenshots of Techno's grave😹 I'm gonna remember his grave

    35. Rynor

      Don’t worry: TECHNO NEVER DIES

    36. SUNIC136

      7:25 CANNIBALISM! you get bacon from pigs not cows.

    37. E

      Chiron from Percy Jackson is the mentor and does not ever die in the series.

    38. Idiot._. Lia

      CC: rambu.

    39. Canstaion

      any1 else randomly just singing with the lyrics while listening to that song at 2am or am i just weird probably is both true hahah (:

    40. B Sports Analysis

      Orphan squared

    41. JaeLex

      Soo is Ranboo part of that one SCP the uh infinite cake like, if a crumb isn't contained in some substance it will keep multiplying non stop.

    42. ace


    43. Yung gAtz

      I thought technoblade never died wtf

    44. Comic Titan

      "Squids spawn on this server way too much. Also endermen." Ranboo is an enderman... IM_A_SQUID_KID JOINING DREAM SMP /j

    45. Dynamix78

      11:53 the way he goes from talking to a laugh

    46. KUBY

      Just about to be at 7 million go technoblade

    47. Get noob

      Da baby LETS GOO techno blade new da baby?

    48. Lil Confused

      You forgot Uncle Iroh, Uncle Iroh the last Mentor.

    49. lemon demon

      Techno:maybe im a main character to. *breaks the soil* Techno: *war flashbacks*

    50. A Dumb Bagel

      Techno at the end became the villian

    51. Gamebanaantje

      Sensei wu didnt die

    52. egg

      my people

    53. taC ocaT

      Cake. We need to test cake. WE GOT TO BAKE A CAKE JESSIE! JESSIE WE GOTTA BAKE A CAKE!

    54. J3lly F1sh

      6.9m subscribers n i c e

    55. Phoenixairandsea

      6.9 MILLION SUBS

    56. Jubbano

      0:42 He’s at 6.9 mill currently in April 15th 2021.

    57. Calum Munsey

      April 15th he has 6.9 million subs

    58. Fortnite Ruination

      Techno forgot what he must do to orphans

    59. Just Meh

      6,9m subs....Noice

    60. UndeadSouls

      he has a piece of bedrock and is surprised when he gets a soawner

    61. Alone Stitch

      6.9m gang vvv

      1. unknown_lil_t


    62. Eric Graham

      Sensei cluch

    63. Aeon Ángeles

      when you forgot silk touch

    64. Tommy B.

      Now I know how to put a Minecraft mob spawner in the basement of my house:D

    65. akio andz wanganmidnight

      how he do dat?

    66. Max Lee

      make ranboo break a piston head

    67. King Zogoro


    68. Professional Idiots

      nice (look at the first two numbers of your sub count)

    69. panda _ninja

      i had the time of my life watching this lol

    70. Dogshark Gaming

      Ya but you can kill dream and kill country’s

    71. Brian

      Thw aren't endermen allergic to water part made me laugh so hard I threw up oh god 😂

    72. SecondBest


    73. Hacking Guest

      6.9 subs go brrr

    74. you know who i am

      epic games he got 6.9 million subs

    75. Fabiola Durán

      Whenever you are feeling sad, just remember that the world is millions of years old, and you somehow managed to exist at the same time than Technoblade. No need to thank me!

    76. Freddy 390

      is technoblade dababy?

    77. Lila Huynh Rodriguez

      while i was watching I spilt h o t w a t e r on my leg right when you were talking about screaming and I screamed-

    78. Molly Francisco

      Ranboo's not the main character he's the self insert fanfiction.

    79. Fyres

      what about end portal frame

    80. Naruto

      Watching this video when he has 6,9 mil subs ayyyy.

    81. technoking


    82. Iman

      I thought main character is Tommyinnit

      1. Iman

        @Rain make sense

      2. Rain

        There is no real mc in dream smp, everyone is the mc of their own story. Tommy just gets a lot of attention in the story and in regards to views

    83. Peyton Campbell

      Dude I think has the greatest gaming chair in history. Bro that’s insane.

    84. powobop

      Technoblade: "I want superpowers!" Also Technoblade: "I chose human"

    85. Danny Hooks

      7 million

    86. Random Gamer22

      Orphan squared Lmao I'm dying 🤣

    87. unstoppable squad

      He must of forgot technoblade never dies

    88. unstoppable squad

      I was hear at 6.9 million

    89. Green Projector


    90. Oleg Balabanov

      6,9 mil subs POG

    91. Earl Jeoseff Prudenciado

      I thought the main character was dream or techno or tommyinnit or wilbur yeah thats it

    92. Asta Clover

      6.9mil subs nice

    93. Amar الغامدي

      We did it boys 6.9 million

    94. Dragonator

      6.9 million subs... NOICE

    95. Rainbow monkey God

      Everybody gangsta till techno eats the pork chop

    96. L3murz

      6.9m pog

    97. SquirtBruh

    98. Sera Houston

      Quoth the raven.

    99. Crack Bros

      tehnoblade never dies not even in the nether

    100. Radio Radio

      I just realized the dream SMP is going to go on forever since Techno never dies So this is kind of a problem