HOW MANY LANDINGS can TIRES withstand?? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    This question I have heard countless times. „Joe how many landings can an aircraft tire withstand/endure“? To be honest, I wasn’t sure either. But doing the research and asking our mechanics I found the answers I needed.
    Many factors come to play when it comes to rubber abrasion of an aircraft tire. The weight of the aircraft, the landing speed, the runway surface, environmental factors and on how softly the pilot lands his plane.
    We’ll also be looking at with what a aircraft tire is filled with. Surprisingly not with air!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Manjiri Desai

      you look like Scott Lang (a.k.a Ant Man).

    2. Justa Youtuber

      I just read the cost of the 747-8i tire is $9,200 for a single tire. But it said typically all airlines lease tires from the tire manufacturers. Tires are owned by the tire manufacturers and the airline companies pay price per landing basis. For this lease, all maintenance is also taken care of by the tire manufacturers.

    3. partimepool

      Inhale....... Tyres .........Exhale

    4. Jonathan

      Just wondering... Shouldn't airplane tyres be filled with Helium? Inert properties plus extra lift.

    5. Stephen Adams

      Just to let you know, it's tire tread not thread. I've heard you say that a few times. It's best to tell people of errors like saying your fly is open. Helpful I think.

    6. Arne Ragnarsson

      Why compare a Carge plane with a car tires? Shouldent you compare with a truck instead.?

    7. Matt Speer

      What is re-threading a tire? Is that re-treading the tire?

    8. repentant slacker

      Thanks for useful information. We are constantly watching your videos with my students. :)

    9. JHNielson4851

      What is the cost of a new tire or a retreaded one?

    10. Air Canada Lover

      Have u been to Luxembourg


      Does the plane's tires have an engine?

    12. k e r e z y m a i i

      0:00 Tyre is like over half the size of my boi. Didnt know they were that big. Dayum

    13. Aruchamy Nachimuthu


    14. Sarada Prasad Mishra

      You explain very well captain Joe . Thanks captain joe 😊

    15. 32% Nitrogen

      Well then, that answers my brains random ass questions. Now to go back to regular life problems.

    16. Lil Sheep


    17. Hugo Mouret

      Can you prepare us the futur pilots to the exam FCL 055 ?

    18. Southwest 737 Gaming

      What about a 737 Tires after an arrival with a weight of 24.321 Ib of fuel? Can it also cause a highly explotion of how smooth your plane is?

    19. Matthew S. Aziz

      3:28 for the answer to the title question

    20. Faisal Kasujja

      During landing why aren't tyres spun up to match the landing speed, wouldn't that save on tyre wear or is it not worth the extra mechanical devices required to achieve this

      1. Ethan's Aviation

        No because it wouldn't be worth it, watch mentor pilot vid on that

    21. waleed arif

      What is the better college for pilot course. For emaretes arline

    22. Jishnu Prasad V M

      Can the aircraft's tires be resold/reused?

    23. swaraj miraje

      how smoothly do you land

    24. ZOMb2010

      Great videoes ...would never of expected that many take off's and landing's before tires are changed ..very interesting as always ..YEG 😄✌️

    25. Google User

      You mean frist over joe

    26. deba gangu

      you are just v good and knowledgeable

    27. TheNasaDude

      TIL the Boeing 747 is an 18 wheeler

    28. Blixer is annoying

      tire:*S P I N S* propeller:*S P I N S F A S T E R* engine:*U L T R A S P I N*

    29. Andre Silva


    30. Neelam Flora

      👍👍 good knowledge

    31. Reuben Mclord

      Am just glad I saw a BMW

    32. duane wing

      Why do pilots of planes and ships use the term " tks " ?

    33. DaRK VIpEr

      Plz make a video from cold to dark

    34. Leo H Loved it,I really like your channel,you do a very good job 👌👍 invite you to watch my videos, subscribe, like or make requests for future videos. Your support means a lot to me and i am really grateful for your support with my channel.... best regards Leo H

    35. Jon Hollingsworth

      Luv it

    36. No Reply

      Holly fuck those are bigger when you’re standing next to them. I guess in comparison to the plane they look tiny lol

    37. Nicole Millner

      Life of Ryanair tyres: 10 landings

    38. mcadams

      wow 210 psi compare that to my bike 45 psi 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    39. Will Ludlow


    40. Jerry Hanson

      So on average how many landings can a 747 tires take before they need to be changed? Thinking about it I was guessing 150 landings and takeoffs but don't laugh at my guess I'm kind of a moron😂

    41. Scott Roth

      Here is the video referenced about tire tread: "WHY do AIRPLANE TIRES have a STRAIGHT LINE PROFILE??? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE" - title of KGup video

    42. Dog Walker

      I was working on a prototype Fiberoptic cable laying machine to go on ships, to feed the cables they were fed between pairs of aircraft tyres, well due to a err Typo in my programme the tyres lasted 20 minutes from new oops the smoke filled the factory. And by the way car tyres are filled with nitrogen too.

    43. MartynR-718

      0:11 You need to be showing that burnout to Cleetus McFarland!

    44. TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!

      Racing teams fill car tires with nitrogen because they can better predict pressure changes caused by heat.

    45. Dave Smith

      Your videos are awesome Capt Joe!

    46. Brent Parker

      Wow. I learnt so much!

    47. Cluj Napoca H

      So do the tires spin up prior to touchdown? It seems crazy to think that a tire goes from 0 to 150mph in a few seconds. But what do I know, I just work on cars where most people are oblivious and drive until their tires wear completely through and blowout or drive them with 10psi and destroy the sidewalls. Also are these tires balanced? Even truck tires create a hell of a vibration if out of balance

      1. Ethan's Aviation

        No the don't spin up prior to touchdown. Watch a slowmo of a plane landing and you will see👍

    48. Stone Heart

      Maybe i m the only one who searched for this video.

    49. Tiny Ford

      Glad he gave the psi, I’m going to my barometer now to see how much... nevermind, barometers measure Bar not psi

      1. Steak Saignant

        Good thing that he gave both psi and bar then :)

    50. Tiny Ford

      Who speaks in inches and pounds? Come on man you are a pilot you know real units

    51. Aerospace Engineer

      Designed by aerospace engineers, explained by pilot. Credit goes to . . . Pilot.

    52. Reality Gaming

      sir can you make a video on which studies we have to do for being a airline pilot

    53. harithmeow number 2

      But that's just a theory. A plane theory! Thanks for reading!

      1. Ethan's Aviation

        Oh no 😂😂

    54. prateek priyadarshy

      are you part time professor captain joe?

    55. ATVER Gaming

      I was wondering, my $15 headphone has a better microphone, aviation headphones cost almodt 10 times my headphones, now I understand that aviation headphones have great noise-cancelling system, but how come their microphones are so bad? Did they ignore microphone and pay more attention to noise cancelling? Or is it designed to prevent the sound of the loud roaring engine?

    56. Otacatapetl

      It's "tyres". You're not American, are you Joe?

    57. Mike Lynch jr


    58. bitsnpieces11

      I was wondering if they could be retreaded.

    59. Nico Bianco

      6 mins to answer one question

    60. mikuelable

      But some people fill their car tyres with nitrogen ....also motor vehicle experience hot and cold conductions so yeah

    61. Saif Al zadjali

      Amazing ,Interesting Video. Thank you Captain Joe ❤Stay Blessed ❤

    62. Dika

      49 inches? So the tires is taller than 2005 ford gt

      1. Ethan's Aviation

        I guess so


      Shout out to US Airways! 🇺🇸

    64. UraFlight

      How much is one tyre for Boeing 747 cost ?

    65. Abe Coulter

      My car tires are filled with nitrogen...much better traction because of a heavier curb weight and harderd breaking and acceleration from a bigger more powerful engine

    66. Dominate955

      I know this probably sounds stupid but how do you inspect the part of the tyre which is touching the ground? Would you have to get back in the plane and roll forwards a bit?

      1. UraFlight

        Very good question ! I thought about that too. I don't think they would move the aircraft just to check that part.

    67. tomasz urbanski

      Joe how does the engiene stay in place?

    68. Michael Loeffler

      just seeing the title i came here expecting 100 to 200 takeoffs and landings for commercial aircraft. Also depending on conditions only 1 landing to 1000 (1000 being multiple retreads). Smaller private aircraft i could see tires lasting for a much larger number of cycles, and in many cases actually being replaced more due to age.

    69. Prab Han

      Joe: the 747 tire is 49 inches in diameter Monster truck: am i a joke to you

    70. dinger40

      Thread on tires/tyres? is that US terminology, would have thought it was tread? Very informative, a big thumbs up.

    71. Matthew Haynes

      How does the ground crew know when and what to do at which gate or plane or even what bag or what amount of fuel

    72. Allen The Aviator

      Who else smiles when they hear that intro song✈️

    73. thomas m. tordel jr.

      interesting, thanks. BTW search the A380 RTO testing to see what happens when the fuse plugs do NOT work as designed. Quite dangerous

    74. duinsophie

      Just curious, why aren't your videos in metric?

    75. Singh Amaninder

      #AskJoe How you stay soo cool, awesome and laughing all the time?? ❤️

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      Captain Joe, Started to watch the next video and stopped to see this one first. Thanks for the heads up:) Cheers, Rik Spector

    77. Joy Chung

      did the plane have Tire Pressure Sensor/ Indicator inside cookpit? I just wonder. if during a fly and a landing tire is losing air before landiung. do inside plane have a emergency pump to fill the air? like the car?

    78. Jose Mateo Vargas Reina

      The comparison from a plane part and an every-day item he makes at the beggining makes you want to see the vid till the end.

    79. Plain Aviation

      3:58 so I guess Ryanair replaces a tire on an aircraft once everyday

    80. jeng ants

      is that a 777 landing gear n the intro

    81. Leon188

      Could you please explain the breaking and anti-skid?

    82. Antonio Hagopian

      They should add a small engine to spin the wheels before they hit the ground so they dont get used a lot

      1. ZK-APA

        Antonio Hagopian not that practical Because you will add complexity and dead weight to the aircraft

    83. Jeff Luo

      Can a 747 tire be used on a 777?

    84. Diego García

      Ryanair may change their tires every week. 😂 Just kidding 😏

    85. Stuart Ronald

      That looked a lot like Prestwick airport in a clip there, which is local to me and has cargolux aircraft using it. So have or do you often fly to and from Prestwick?

    86. Rithik Vlogs

      Sir what will happen if Tires puncture during landing

    87. Wolf 76

      Do you actually fly a plane?

    88. chengfu cui

      Nissan GTR tires also filled with nitrogen

    89. Ria Angalini

      Why you hug the tires??lol


      Looks like he's a scientist and a real pilot in my opinion

    91. MrPianoKnee

      As a kid I would often see tires vaporizing as other kids, who did not buy their own tires, would "patch out." I guess that planes "patch in." As my English grandmother would have said, "Disgraceful wastefulness. " In both cases the tire speed does not match the ground speed. Car wheels spin faster than the ground is passing beneath the car. On the other hand, plane wheels are still when they hit the ground which is passing beneath the plane at 150 MPH. I have long wondered why we do not spin up the plane's wheels to match the ground speed once the landing gear have been lowered and prior to hitting the tarmac. Some volutes on the sides of the wheels could accomplish this, in some measure if not fully.

    92. MrPianoKnee

      It is a bit odd to say that plane tires are not filled with air when 78.09% of what we breath is that with which we fill plane tires.

    93. admiral_peck 7

      So they're 18 wheelers but with wings

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