Gonzaga vs. UCLA - Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

March Madness

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    Gonzaga held on in the final seconds of overtime after a clutch three-point buzzer-beating bucket by Jalen Suggs to send the Bulldogs to the National Championship Game. The Zags had all five starters in double-figures, led by Drew Timme with 25 points and Joel Ayayi with 22 points and 6 boards. Watch the full game highlights.

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    1. ゆきりぬファン


    2. Diogo

      ucla got complacent

    3. WXYZ 77


    4. George Floyd's Ghost

      14:19 I always imagined they were all yelling: “WE WUZ KANGZ!”

    5. austin kittridge

      I want to say this is the greatest college basketball game of all time but I can’t Bc it’s not the national championship game so Villanova vs NC is the greatest game ever

    6. Icon Eason

      Best game of the tournament

    7. Icon Eason

      No one thought UCLA would make it this far good run bruins

    8. Al Armstrong


    9. Akando Arlo


    10. Ainsley Arlie


    11. Aiken Arkwright


    12. Aiken Aric


    13. Duhew Game


    14. Gamil Game


    15. Eli Maiorana

      Plz stop giving away the score in the thumbnail and/or text Im not one of them but some people like to watch the highlights to find out who won

    16. NCDabKing

      UCLA just couldn’t miss from mid range my goodness

    17. Gibby Rat


    18. Cartman 4Ever

      Brutal loss by my Bruins. They deserved much more than this. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    19. full7


    20. RazaXML

      i'll never understand why people care about college kids playing sports. never will. the university I went to I don't even know if they had teams. I don't care. it's a waste of money. not that they shouldn't play at all, but the big deal it's made of just causes tuition for the 90% of kids that could care less have to pay for all of it.

      1. Dan A


    21. doire aintu

      UCLA alum here...the end hurt...but we lost to a great team and I can’t be ashamed!

      1. Jordan Wolfson

        Careful calling Gonzaga a great team, if you say anything other than they were overrated the internet will burn you at the stake. It's ridiculous.

    22. Dj Rauser

      Why couldn't Butler vs. Duke in 2010 end like that?

    23. Roberto

      This was justice for adam morrison...

    24. dolita windo

      Shoutout to Johny Juzang. He definitely played himself to the NBA draft.

    25. Cedric R

      This UCLA team repped SoCal bball to the fullest. Most of these guys came from Mater Dei, Harvard Westlake, BMHS, Sierra Canyon, Corona Centennial, Etiwanda, national powerhouse teams with winning traditions

      1. atmosvere

        @doire aintu Lol it was a lucky shot. UCLA had no timeouts so they couldn't regroup the defense and prepare for the last Gonzaga possession. It was the right decision for Juzang to drive with that much time left because there's always the possibility he'll miss so you don't wait until the very last second to take the shot. They forced Gonzaga's hand. If Suggs misses, the game goes to 2OT, if he doesn't they win and it's over. Just an unlucky end for UCLA.

      2. doire aintu

        He should've never been able to take that last minute shot. Did NOBODY notice the clock??

    26. Mohamed EL ASSAD

      I'm happy for this

      1. dolita windo


    27. Ask to seduce Miss

      Shoutout to Johny Juzang. He definitely played himself to the NBA draft.

      1. dolita windo

        Give credit for ucla

    28. Hao Jah

      Juzang be looking good

      1. dolita windo

        He should've never been able to take that last minute shot. Did NOBODY notice the clock??

    29. soinu foig

      Juzang is going to make an NBA team very happy, guy’s a shot maker

    30. bodoti qwiu

      foot game winner.

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      1. Ask to seduce Miss


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      1. bodoti qwiu

        Skips right that's pure luck a bank shot come on man

    34. Just Me

      These are young men, not kids.

    35. Beefery


    36. yk belivss

      okay but hes cheering in front of cardboard fans..

    37. ryan hannigan

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    38. zijuiy wttuy

      Mark Few is one heck of a coach. What he has done for Gonzaga over the past 22 years is nothing short of amazing.

    39. queen shanda

      He should've never been able to take that last minute shot. Did NOBODY notice the clock??

    40. Esgar Nevado Purisaca



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      1. zijuiy wttuy

        They couldn't do this Baylor though yikes

    42. Noel Williamson

      Give credit for ucla

    43. Sharon 92075

      *Y A Y !*

    44. Mark Nethercutt

      Baylor made that look easy

    45. senni bgon


    46. Steven brooks

      That supposed offensive charge by the bruins at the end of regulation should have been a defensive foul ijs

    47. Kinan Kirana

      hey everyone, help me to up my channel by subscribe

    48. FL Elite

      Skips right that's pure luck a bank shot come on man

    49. Joseph

      UCLA would’ve given Baylor harder time. PAC-12 vs Big-12 more competitive

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        Nah baylor is just a different animal.

      2. senni bgon

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    50. PayStation4Pro

      Did he just celebrate too a bunch of hardboard

    51. Ezequiel 25:17

      I want Charlotte’s commentary on this game 😂

    52. misolou fout

      their minds. Truly one of the greatest sporting events I've ever seen.

    53. Cool Dog

      Guys UCLA wasn’t 11 it was just actually Roman numerals for 2

    54. Cool Dog

      Watching this live was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Insane game. Wow.

    55. TimThyTurtle

      if only suggs wasn't screaming to virtual fans after that shot, probably wasn't how he dreamed that shot would go

    56. K cake

      They couldn't do this Baylor though yikes

      1. misolou fout

        What a game

    57. Donnie N

      The refs stole the game from UCLA! That charging call at the end of regulation was absolutely ridiculous! Without that call, UCLA would have scored and that would have been the end of the game!

    58. Unknown Unknown

      Look how the people wear their masks, and practice social distancing. They probably think corona came from a fish market, and don't have a remote clue of the reality of what is going on. Then you have the players that are so close pushing each other. NO masks, and No social distancing. Do you not see how totally ridiculous this is.

    59. laskin riubn

      This is what Kids in School imagine when they play at Pe Friday

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    68. Austin Scruggs

      This might go down as the best college basketball game of all time. Great showing by both teams.

    69. Залина Газдиева


    70. Charnado Boy

      What a game

    71. In Pain

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    72. shani yan

      guys stunned the world heads up incredible incredible team you guys are

    73. Sea the Scrolls


    74. Gaming With Cris!

      I wonder what the guy was thinking when Suggs jumped up on the table like for real

    75. Aidan Kelly

      We literally just witnessed one of the most historical games in NCAA Basketball history

    76. ThePurpleZombieYT

      I've been a zags fan since the beginning and I'm starting to think weather that I should go to UCLA or Gonzaga for collage basketball. I still don't know yet but anyways this was an unreal ball game UCLA played their heart out my God hats off to UCLA!

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        Go to Baylor

      2. 2k Demiks

        Depends on if those schools offer you a scholarship or not😂 u can’t just choose your college, i wish you the best of luck tho

      3. shani yan

        No.2 Timmi so strong and very interesting player

    77. Zeb Askvig

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    79. Hop

      The fact that (at the time of this comment) there are 1.6K dislikes-thumbs down to this video makes me seriously wonder if dislikes are in fact largely generated by bot-algorithms and not actual individuals. I'm serious.

    80. Xhevahire Laci

      F ge aya dina

    81. Larissa Cardoso


    82. Torin O'Connor

      14:16 Few mad?

    83. Unknown Unknown

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    84. kellan e.

      March madness but it’s in april

    85. Bloody Vulture

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    86. Enas Tarish

      Villa v BBMg in nov BBC ZmamMMk

    87. Mark Caviness

      Not caressing one another..... lol

    88. Scales

      This is the greatest basketball game I’ve ever seen.

    89. Rufaydah Elmowafi

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    91. F A

      No.2 Timmi so strong and very interesting player

    92. Al Arlo


    93. Ana & David F

      That is one of the best college basketball games I ever watched. Not a fan of either school, but have to respect the bball tradition at both!

    94. Mitt Obama

      All he convinced me, I'm putting Suggs ahead of Cade. It will be: 1. Green 2. Suggs 3. Cunningham 4. Timme 5. Kuminga

    95. Dary Markova

      That's the shot of a lifetime right there... Suggs is the future 🙌

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    97. Ain Arkwright


    98. Ceno Tall

      Best game

    99. Nero Coldo777

      kgup.info/get/g36AfKKmpHCdh6E/video this is more interesting

    100. Typical Maraa

      I know 99% won’t care but I hope everyone stays blessed and safe during these times. I’m struggling to reach 1k 😔💔