ONEUS(원어스) '반박불가 (No diggity)' MV


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    ONEUS(원어스) '반박불가 (No diggity)' MV
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    1. NanaTS TripleS

      Salgan de su escondite To Moon

    2. NanaTS TripleS

      I am here to summon To Moon / estoy aqui para invocar a To Moon a hacer swimmin.

      1. Er-Budd

        **randomly appears** ......... I’ve been summoned?

    3. Xiao Sunny

      Jscwixhwvhsidiqggxodod7vdhdisi I love it

    4. Sotovik Sotovik

      Woooow!!!!! Beautiful !!!

    5. Rue Angel

      Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you my type! Whether it's boy or girl😍🥵✨🤭🦋💕💃💯🖤✨

    6. Moonry


    7. Moonry


    8. Moonry

      RA TA TA TA

    9. Moonry

      yutuv, no me bloquees los comentarios no seas 0jet3 >:/

      1. NanaTS TripleS

        ** inserta el cuchillo**

    10. Moonry

      y sigo aquí

      1. NanaTS TripleS

        Que bueno

    11. alweus


    12. Taylor Gregory

      This got softcore BLOCK B vibes and I love it

    13. pepe's _boi

      Neyse gideyim yine baya bosh yaptim yetheerrrrr

    14. pepe's _boi

      Sarki tam sinavi ve kendi hayatini dusunmelik terapi gibi gibi yawww

    15. Thayli Soria

      Faitin To Moon

    16. pepe's _boi

      Abi şu son birkaç gündür aleyin nehirine aşığım ne gadan güzel bir şarkısın sen beeehhhhh

    17. pepe's _boi

      Son dozumu da alayım şöyleeehhh

    18. MK addiction

      ONEUS is all that's right, I'm waiting for their next comeback ♡

    19. Dennis yeray

      Tenemos que llegar a los 20M si o si

      1. Moonry

        Claro que yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

    20. Ari II ари !

      To Moon, no te rindas, sigamos con el str34m, hagámoslo por los chicos!

      1. Moonry

        LET'S GO TO MOON

      2. Dennis yeray

        No me rendiré

    21. yaratıcılık bitti

      vcr çeviri izledim, çok softum şu an

    22. yaratıcılık bitti

      neden bu kadar güzeller ki

    23. Nanami

      ya estare aqui mas en la nadacion (swiming) en el oceano de ONEUS UwU

    24. Dennis yeray

      Son mi mundo entero

    25. Dennis yeray

      Definitivamente esto es arte

    26. stray kids stay


      1. NanaTS TripleS


      2. Dennis yeray


    27. ØZÏ

      Can someone name the members and include timestamps

      1. ØZÏ

        Thank you

      2. stray kids stay

        Hwanwoong=0:20 Leedo=0:55 Xion=1:48 Ravn=1:07 Seoho=1:40 Keonhee=0:32

    28. Anormxl ._.


    29. yazmoon



      STRE4M TOMOONS!!! >.


      17.5 leggo!!!



    33. yaratıcılık bitti

      off kaçmış tüm eğlence, ağlayacağım ben artık yeter ya

    34. yaratıcılık bitti

      ben yine duygusal bir bulutum

      1. pepe's _boi

        Maa bulut neden üzgünsün ağlama yağmurlu havaları sevmiyorum bir de senin ağlamanı jojuğum

    35. Nily W


    36. Bighit RBW Groups

      Hadi TOO MOONLAR😎

    37. Bighit RBW Groups

      Her zaman gelip dinlerim😍

    38. Bighit RBW Groups

      Çok güzel şarkı yaa

      1. pepe's _boi

        Wuuhhhuuuuu tanıdım seniiiii

    39. 형원HYUNGWONIE

      Why is this not on spotify?

      1. Nily W

        kakao m

    40. Jenlirosoo

      Lyrics : so cool 😎 MV : amazing 😍 Choreography : WOW 🤩 Song : so addictive 💘🤪

    41. Nusrat Forever

      My ears : listening song My eyes : watching comments My hand : scrolling comments My mouth : singing '''''

    42. Elizabeth Andoh


    43. oo_ Moon

      ONEUS !!!! 사랑해!!!!

    44. Vaiven

      Hello guys have a nice day ! UPDATE ON THEKKING: Pink will expire on April 1st so we should start collecting again in April to get the NY Times Square ad :S

    45. Vigofy

      The arrangement of this song is ❤️💯

    46. yeye kyunn


      1. Ari II ари !

        Problemas con KakaoM, pero sigamos haciendo str34m por aquí, el álbum está en el canal de ONEUS, fighting!!

    47. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

      I read a comment under LIT comeback stage it said : *_I didn't knew they were this good, sign me up for that Moon shi_*_ already*_ it made me laugh and feel proud

      1. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        @Heart_ Nathalieee UWU....hugs for you To Moon

      2. Heart_ Nathalieee

        Time by time, our fandom is getting bigger and bigger. Slowly but steady, I couldn't be more proud.

    48. Lilaria's

      leedo adamı napıyon beni öldürmeye kastın mı

      1. Bighit RBW Groups

        Dimi yaa çok tatlı ama aynı zamanda haşmetli😍😎

    49. Lilaria's

      ilk başta baya hızlı ilerliyodu aslında 17de takılı kaldık sanki

      1. Bighit RBW Groups

        Aynen RBW grupları pek tanınmıyof çok güzel bir şarkı🙂

    50. sakura 。•́‿•̀。유령

      원어스 ✿

    51. violet

      *don't waste your time ~* Yes seoho shi , during my exam today I submitted my answer sheet 10 mins early XD And I spent the rest 10 mins left in sleeping in the exam hall , yEs I diD nOt wAstE tImE ~ 👀

    52. Starlight Another Galaxy

      goodnite tomoondeul~ have to go.. keep swimming~ c. u..

      1. Renni Hands L.O.V.E


      2. violet

        Yasss gud nite ~



    54. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

      I had a fun trip around Oneus mvs, now I will go to B sides tracks

      1. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        @Starlight Another Galaxy ohh about we go to stage performace from Valkyrie now?

      2. Starlight Another Galaxy

        but they turned off the comment for all bside songs now @,@

      3. Starlight Another Galaxy

        hola.. im catching up.. kkkkk



    56. froodytowel

      guys i just realized youtube music is linking the videos on twilight, no diggity, aswe and valkyrie to the 1thek videos! i’ve already contacted them asking them to fix it. fingers crossed they do. could be why a lot of views aren’t here? it doesn’t make sense. if i’m listening in the official channel and click to play a video it should also be from the official channel what the heck youtube!

      1. froodytowel

        @Starlight Another Galaxy well some of the others it is the official channel but it’s so frustrating! i don’t care if they’re not verified yet. if we are using youtube music and listening in the oneus channel then the oneus channel video should always be the default video playing. they’ve not been understanding the point i’m trying to make all morning in twitter. i won’t shut up until they make it so ahhh haha

      2. Starlight Another Galaxy

        hey.. idk it's related or not.. but someone told me months ago.. that oneus channel hasn't been certified (or something like that) i don't understand acctually.. she said maybe coz of that when we search Oneus's song.. the top result it from 1theK.. cmiww

    57. neknarf1973


    58. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

      I am going to Valkyrie next...................come on follow my lead To Moonies Vamos a Valkyrie next

    59. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

      sips tea ☕

      1. violet

        @Renni Hands L.O.V.E omg- 👀 I feel embarrassed now 😂 Well I'll introduce myself again then. I'm violet , sister of bea. The vampire who loves coffee and goes to the woods everyday lol

      2. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        @violet so sweet from you, thanks again. Yes I know everything, well almost everything since I am a little quiet lately and haven't read the news there (⊙_⊙;)

      3. violet

        @Renni Hands L.O.V.E ohh *replaces it with a black one* hope you like it. Oh and- You know about moon palace and me?

      4. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        @violet It will be black for me please, and about me knowing u its because you said that under Moon Palace

      5. violet

        @Renni Hands L.O.V.E aah you want too? *Hands you a cup of latte* How do you know that I'm a coffee addict?

    60. Starlight Another Galaxy

      let's get eighteen M.. and held big party~~

      1. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        @Starlight Another Galaxy I cant wait

      2. Starlight Another Galaxy

        @Renni Hands L.O.V.E provides lots of delicious food & snacks for tomoon.. coz all work hard for 18M..uwu

      3. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        yes a big party

    61. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

      just look at the numbers rising

    62. Gianella Machado

      To Moon ya vieron el último video que subió ONEUS?

      1. Dennis yeray

        No todavía no

      2. LEEDO ONEUS

        Ahora iré a verlo!

      3. yazmoon


      4. Renni Hands L.O.V.E

        no aun no

    63. ri

      0:42 i totally lost it THIS SONG OH MY GOD he did that !!

    64. ri


    65. Chloe Smith

      the guy w green hair.... maybe i do like men

      1. froodytowel

        @Chloe Smith yes we try to be a mild and chill fandom. i can't speak for any outliers bc we can't control ppl but on the whole i get that feeling too. and i think all the members are amazing, i love all 6 of them so much now even if i say leedo is my fave, myself. i really truly say ot6. they each have their charms and i am so protective of them now! when i made a separate twitter just to interact with other to moons it became the twitter i was on more than my main! well remember that is because of kakaom and spotify not renewing their license and it affected like over half the kpop industry. so while it sucks i will just have to make do for now with streaming yt and at least the videos get more views, too!

      2. Chloe Smith

        @froodytowel brooo for sure i’ll check it out! this is by far the most chill fan base i’ve interacted with and they feel like one of the time the most authentic groups with the best chemistry i’ve seen. not to mention their music is just UNREAL. i’ve been on a bit of a binge today fr, i’m just so mad so much of it is off spotify!!

      3. froodytowel

        @Chloe Smith hahaha yes i was just a pretty casual listener in kpop before oneus. and something just clicked with me with them that no other group had the power to do. so anyway, they have a lot of content on the 1thek channel. their stage breaks (four of them so far) are pretty epic.and their small series there "show me the mwm" there are two seasons, the 2nd just ended. (4 ~15min eps each) and hwanwoong has some dance covers about to be released, he is just unreal at dancing and expressing himself.

      4. Chloe Smith

        @froodytowel babbyyyy you alr know i spent a full half hour finding out who he was this morning and binge watching videos of them and him and like all their songs. they are so unreal honestly, and i’m not super big on kpop on the whole but holy shiiitttt sometimes groups like oneus make me really consider becoming a stan

      5. froodytowel

        that's leedo! and if you think you heard it all with that cave voice, if you heard him sing the way he can you'll be shook even more, he does so many times including in their song released before this one (to be or not to be) he can go high and low in the same song. also he's shirtless and you see his toned back in that one! if you're into that sort of thing :)

    66. gax marshall

      Imagine not stanning oneus CAN'T RELATE

    67. 해라

      ONEUS, I love you so much. Have me ♥ That's so cool

    68. Shamini Ramasamy

      Very addicting song.... I'm in love !!!

      1. mariama barry

        Me too

    69. Елена Ивахненко

      Это так сильно похоже на A.C.E,что даже смешно :/

    70. Maria

      I love this song. Seoho and Ravn's voice is magnetic

    71. Maya A.

      17.4 M unlocked!

    72. daevu

      Keonhee SIR, why so violent?😩☠️

    73. daevu

      I'm such a fool to not have known them before -.- But now I'M HERE AND I STAN!

      1. yazmoon

        Welcome to "Tomoon" world✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

      2. froodytowel

        welcome and enjoy!!!! we are called to moon because oneus is our earth and we gravitate and revolve around them in a harmonious relationship :)

      3. Maya A.

        Welcome to the fandom!

    74. Talat

      Come on we made it 17M now we can make it go to 18M

      1. froodytowel

        yeah and then 19 and then 20 and before you know 100 let's get it! 8)


      Why tf is this low-key giving me Descendants vibes?

      1. Er-Budd

        Now that you said that I totally see it lol

    76. Stray Kids world domination

      I will stan all the 4th generation

    77. Jael

      i'm really vibing with these lyrics tho

    78. Otaco Ashlee

      I think I’ve heard the name Oneus somewhere before but never looked into them. Pink hair dude stole my heart within 3 minutes.

      1. froodytowel

        hwanwoong is a powerful little man stealing hearts with that energy of his. the dancing! those faces!

      2. Julia

        His name is hwanwoong 🤗 If you like him make sure to check out his dance covers they are really great

    79. Seher ÖZDEMiR

      Gençlik RBW 15 Mart'ta yeni kız grubu çıkarıyor (Purple Kiss) haberiniz olsun desteğe bekliyorum. Stan Mamamoo & Oneus & Onewe & Purple Kiss RBW Family!!!

    80. maHa NBTM

      Good Morning Moonies ^^

      1. Er-Budd

        Good morning

      2. Starlight Another Galaxy

        morning ~

    81. maHa NBTM

      Good Morning Moonies ^^

    82. Mary joy Carinosa

      I don't get tired listening to this song everyday... I love it...😃 Its fantastic😁❤

    83. violet

      Just 600k more in this channel and we'll have 20M including 1thek! That's great! ✊

    84. violet

      Letchugooo moonies for 7.4M ~

    85. Talat

      Loving it

    86. Let's talk about


    87. Moo Rich

      I love the expression from the pink hair boy. So great

      1. violet

        His name is hwanwoong , the main dancer ☺️

    88. KhansAlice

      I love them so bad!!! 😭😭💓💓💓

      1. Moonbow Leny

        @KhansAlice pretty tired, so I am going to relax for a while and sketch something ^•^

      2. KhansAlice

        I'm really well Hbu?

      3. Moonbow Leny

        @KhansAlice how you doing? :)

      4. KhansAlice

        @Moonbow Leny hello bestie 😉

      5. Moonbow Leny

        I see you :)

    89. KhansAlice

      Look at me now

    90. Super

      I’ve been busy lately :/

      1. Starlight Another Galaxy


      2. KhansAlice

        Hwaiting >.

    91. Er-Budd

      Goodnight everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Fighting!

      1. Starlight Another Galaxy

        u too buddy

      2. KhansAlice

        It's morning here ㅠㅠ

    92. Mariela Muñoz

      Eee siii :3

    93. Yiami Tan


    94. Yiami Tan


    95. NanaTS TripleS

      Hola my friends, how are you? Como estan?

      1. NanaTS TripleS

        @Starlight Another Galaxy mwahhh

      2. Starlight Another Galaxy

        @NanaTS TripleS sure.. im joining vote team, so i really2 busy nowadays.. but i want trip so bad.. get well soon

      3. NanaTS TripleS

        @Starlight Another Galaxy my Lovely big sis, I miss you too, let's go on a trip when I fully recover

      4. Starlight Another Galaxy

        hola.. sissy i miss our field trip :(

      5. Gianella Machado

        @NanaTS TripleS me alegro que estés mejor, yo estoy bien :)

    96. Valeria Cortez

      Las expresiones del chico de cabello rosa, simplemente woooaaaaah, los vocales de todos ellos son increíbles sin hablar del increíble rap, creo que me quedo de este lado

      1. Gianella Machado

        Bienvenida :)

      2. Agus

        Si, no te arrepentirás de stanearlos :) derrochan talento, hacen sus propias coreografías, letras y composiciones de casi todas sus canciones desde predebut. Y no se mantienen en un sólo género, así que hay de todo un poco en su discografía;)

      3. yazmoon

        Bienvenida, no podrás irte xd ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

      4. LEEDO ONEUS

        Sí, se llama Hwanwoong.

    97. Kimberley Gray

      Still my soty

    98. Kimberley Gray

      17.3m views on KGup

    99. Akbar Alfatih



      que tanquinho lindossssss