Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"

Tom MacDonald

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    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. John D Rocky

      U & Nova crushing it as usual! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU BOTH!!! :-)))

    2. Wandes

      Stay motivated:

    3. myshady21

      It brings me joy to see dislikes on Tom's videos, cause I just know that 14k+ snowflakes are triggered.

    4. Cassidy Miller

      How much money did u get from smartwater

    5. IAM Thetruth

      #IAM Keep on Rocking Boss :)

    6. Leave me alone

      I don't know y but the rappers who speak the truth are so underrated. And hardly people knows them.

    7. Anna Smith

      Everyone who has been in this. I'm so sorry. This year is almost over, and tbh it can kiss my butt. I'm so happy my family has an essential job. Anyone who is not an essential worker, you have it rough, but do not, I repeat DO NOT give up. You deserve to survive this as much as anyone else.

    8. Moon Pleiades

      I know you just said you "sold out", more as a joke to your haters...but those lockdowns and mask mandates are not normal people or for our "safety". No fear. Don't hide from life. Even if celebrities or artist you look up to tell you it's okay or you should. This is our world not there's!!!!!

    9. Shellie Nemes

      Thank you Tom

    10. Elijah Gaming

      you got a 0.01% chance of dying and we are scared like there is a 99.9% chance of dying

    11. RedBowll ThaDevil

      a lot to process now that 253k are dead. more dying with 11 million infected. 1 million new infections in past 8 days. glad i counted on science from other outbreaks to guide us from days past. was easy not to get blinded by the media or politicians. now just gotta duck the infected hiding out in the open. good luck!

      1. Jtbecool

        It's cold and flu season. Where are the flu deaths?

    12. Brandon Boss

      I will admit it, when I first saw Tom I was super judgemental of his look. But he made me learn that no matter what anyone looks like, it truly doesn't define who they are on the inside. The old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" has never been so realized by my own eyes, until now. I'm sorry for judging you Tom. I love you and all your music. I also love all of you out there reading my long winded comment. Stay safe friends!

    13. Zone6 THE Ohio State

      I swear I just binged all your songs..Never change to me you’re the greatest rapper of all time

    14. Chris Weidner

      Awaken the naive to the sociopaths behind the plandemic and theft of freedom. Take care of one another. Be free.

    15. uncle bobo

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 listening from broomfield Colorado

    16. Timothy Kozlof

      I drive truck up North in Canada, We just keep pulling and keep rolling, no stopping. No Wind, Rain nor snow will stop these wheels. People need there supplies.

    17. Tara Lynn

      I love Tom MacDonald!!! All his songs are amazing!!! He has so many great messages and real shit in his songs!!!

    18. Higher learning 101

      Learn all about this man made virus vaccine here, patent number and document number included in video Love your music tom Macdonald but here's some knowledge on this man made virus vaccine everyone should educate themselves about This doesn't mean it's not a real thing with a 99.94-99.04% survival rate and sadly some have passed but that doesn't mean we shouldn't educate ourselves

    19. Owen Smith

      my dad died of covd -19

    20. #90mnu


    21. savagepatchkids

      You talk about the elites but then drop songs like this, it's confusing. New world order agenda 21, this is apart of the plan.

    22. savagepatchkids

      The vaccines about to come out tom, those pHARMaceutical companies are about to make billions off of scared and blind people.

    23. Esther Mack

      Man your lyrics way to better them than those niggas who rapping bout thair chains and fast cars, your music is for all ages

    24. Casey Perdomo

    25. Casey Perdomo

      Release the Kraken Sidney Powell! Newsmax! Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    26. Glee2010

      It’ll just be a few weeks to flatten the curve

    27. Green Velvet Toupee

      Its almost December and I have not worked since March 16th. I need to do more for myself family and friends. Don't kiss the wind without a mask.

    28. Kaitlin Meuse

      I live in Canada. In my province, Manitoba, travel is restricted. Can no longer buy nonessential items at stores. They had to physically block every item the government deems nonessential. (but booze, smokes, dope and lottery are apparently essential 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️). Not my kids Christmas presents though! Not allowed to visit with anybody that doesn't reside at our household. There is a military presence in a town 2 hours from me. Keeping things in line. They're building internment camps in every province. They'll start sending people there if they don't comply. Basically says they can send you there for any government decided reasons. Not wearing a mask will get you a huge fine, or arrested. Not making your child wear a mask, they can take them away from you, for "endangering" them. This is all out of control. I don't live in a free country anymore. How did we let the government dictate our lives to these extremes?

    29. colemonster123

      This song will be the theme of 2020 ,made in March its now December pretty much as I write this lockdowns hurt us more than the virus, stand up and remove your government mandated muzzle! TAKE THE POWER BACK THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND ! IF YOU ATE HEARING THIS MESSAGE,YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!!!!!!

    30. edwin valdivian

      Lol 😂 😂 it is funny lol sorry

    31. FBA WASH

      This is fire

    32. Robin Hope Wilson

      Fn bad ass dude

    33. Hayden Kallis

      it feels like yesterday when this song came out :o

    34. J S

      You can always rely on the science. Gods don't exist.

      1. J S

        @Angel Winter It's not up for debate if God's exist or not, we know they don't. How many slaves do you own, none I bet, because slavery is evil, yet your Bible endorses it.

      2. Angel Winter

        He is exist..He only dont exist those who dont beleived in him heading to destruction..Seek Him & you will find him & u will never regret it..He loves you dearly.

    35. Travis Duran

      Dude, and now the stores are like this again. Tom Be On Some TELL THE FUTURE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. adam sharr

      I used to drive truck. I retired from it due to an accident. I was going to get my cdl back after this struck,and shelves were becoming empty. I wanted to help my brothers and sisters of the highway so much. Thank you to those who stayed and kept the loads running. God Bless you brothers and sisters.

    37. Some Random Guy

      IT has begun

    38. Tilly MB

      6 months lockdown in Victoria Australia more suicides in that Time then covid deaths here 😓 4 reasons to leave home 5km limit from home and must wear a proper facemask outside at all times. Brake them and the cops had free go to go through your home car for no reason and fine you and lock you away haha I pray America don't have this happen 6.5 million locked away for months didn't work 0 covid deaths but at what cost 😥

    39. Sierra Penner

      Btw the news is lying, no such thing as a virus only poisons that they plan on injecting us with. Death rate is down for the year worldwide but soon starvation is about to go through the roof. Planned NWO. Good songs just off on this one....

    40. Antonio Marquez

      It was not as bad as they said it would be they fucked us

    41. Rainbow Deathhearts

      It's been a year it's messed up

    42. Mike Luch Beats and Bars


    43. R Mac


    44. Noelle Campagna

      Trapped there for months... I've been stuck inside my house since March... it's November now...

    45. Guntzelman, Nathan

      This man's a shake spear.

    46. Wyatt Knutsen

      Vaccines are coming soon

      1. NPC Broadcasting

        No u

    47. Gv dxv!L

      I shouldve paid attention he said wait till the riots hes a time traveler lol

    48. spenceational86

      If this man plays it right he will be the next Eminem

    49. McChillin Daily

      Well this is disappointing and gay

    50. Neyodan 34

      the memes still funny aint gonna lie

    51. Alien Encore

      He's like rapping Karen.

    52. Craig Huntley

      Can you do an updated version ? You know, since proving the media IS full of shit and all the hypocrisy, etc 👍 You'd probably get banned though 😔

    53. william adams

      Been following you for a few years now my younger cousin put me down with you. You are my favorite rapper out there right now. Keep spitting truth.

    54. TheMusicMaker

      As they put a dam learn more about covid lol

    55. orono pius

      you real hit men....

    56. Kellen Martin

      Music like this will one day be useful history

    57. Ted nugent

      Sounds Eminem!!! Bro wtf

      1. Ted nugent

        I'm not a trucker

    58. carguy

      I'm a40 year old dad and I find myself agreeing with a face tattooed rapper with dads on KGup. Great music Man.

    59. William afton

      My father is a owns a tire company so he helps out the truck drivers so they can help out our world keep running we all are a big part of of community and the world 🌎💗

    60. Ray Osborne

      Uncertain times my brother

    61. freewithnature

      *shows his braids* He has such pretty hair. 😆

    62. Oscar The Grouce

      Lol they fact checked a music video.

    63. Sebastian Sturdivant

      And with what's going on now in November 2020, with this fucked up election and continued hate. I think its important more people here this message. You're the man Tom! Keep speaking the truth! Btw No Lives Matter is a masterpiece!

    64. Lateralus 9:24

      Eradicate these two felonious institutions - and abundance and freedom will abound once again here in America: . . . . . The entire history: . . . . It would be really great to here you write a song about the content of these videos, Tom. I really love your stuff and I don't usually like RAP; but I really really like yours.

    65. Ashur

      He looks like a goof lol

    66. Smitty S

      He hit the the nail on the head with this one. Called it 2 days shy of 8 months ago.

    67. Donnie Grove

      The truth people

    68. elijah ps3

      People didn't listen to science because of the liar in office... And I truly believe cult followers cleared shelves the same way they have allowed our great country to get where we are... I wish people would take this shit seriously!!! 🤬🤬🤬

      1. jerthon1 You all talk about listen to the science...then how come you all dont listen to the science? the locks downs were more devastating then the virus, yet they are talking about doing it again Listen to the science ...Unless it goes against your narrative? You all are bat shit crazy

    69. Starchild Hybrid

      i can’t help but notice homegirl (nova) last name is rockefeller 👀

    70. Rebeccah Herdener

      How did i never see this til today?👀 youtube...u fail me.

    71. John Stevens

      Case fatality rate is way less than any other disease we have gone through since like 1980's. Ppl who are dying always would have regardless of covid! Look up death rates from past years to this year. Covid ain't fuckin real in my opinion. The CDC themselves state they haven't found a isolate for this virus... without isolating it , they don't know what to look for! So that's why the pcr tests have such laughable false positive AND false negative rates. Ppl wake up and study something for yourself instead of blindly believing the tv or radio or "official sources"! So do you trust the government? If answer is no, why do you comply with this crap you only see numbers for. No actual deaths or people you know or love being a victim to it.. The case numbers can mean a test hitting positive, which might as well be flipping a coin. The death numbers, according to the CDC, ca mean anyone who died of ANY cause as long as they test positive before they died! People are so gullible and complacent. IF YOU GIVE UP ANY AMOUNT OF FREEDOM FOR ANY AMOUNT OF SAFETY, YOU WILL END UP WITH NIETHER. I promise

    72. Dorothy McGee

      I never like this music format, but I have to say that now I'm giving it another look. You've opened my eyes on this. Thank you

    73. Dileep Kumar

      If u love india then like🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    74. D Hotz

      tom i need ur help with a rap song that tells that cys is fu@cked they screwed my wife and the law lied she tried to contact netflix hulu amazon trump she lied to keanu reeves agent said she from netflix n doin a doctumentary she tried nf emien cant spell it.....she has paper evidence enough to write a book its a true lifetime movie rappin it is her last option to get the truth out......can n e one help

    75. Guy'sGuruGrades

      Holy shit, it took me _8 months_ to find this song, but I'm so glad I did.

    76. Asia Beard

      Brother youre the only artist i listen to everyday. Bout time someone calls out everything and everyone. Please keep the music coming! It inspires so many people

    77. Doug Sander Here is my new about the Covid-19 , hope you all like it.

    78. Christina Miller

      Whos here for wave 2

    79. ANDY Martinez

      This man is the real deal hell yeah tom mcdonald

    80. HWPNeon

      The fact this was only a few months ago is madness. Since I listened to this song it felt like years... Once we're through this the world will never be the same

    81. Blackblade

      Fanstastic , I have not been a fan of rap since the days of Tupac and Biggie, but I will listen to your songs all day. Kudos bro , you tell truth like no preacher ive ever listened to. No swearing and a clear message with your lyrics all about life as we know it. You're a professor , a teacher with lessons we need to learn. Love it !

    82. Ashley LovesOTO

      This song is so true

    83. Gaurav Thapa

      Great ❤️❤️

    84. Tokyo Sno

      Holy fuck, how was this so accurate?

    85. Ian Drake

      C19 is fake as milli vanilli .


      Fantastic #byurbyurhartopsuminar #byurbyurcoronasongsuperhits

    87. JAMIL Singleton

      Its all pseudoscience. Either the virus is complete BS or its real but has little to no impact on us when we get it. Ive been close to two people that got it and ive been fine. Whose to say i didnt get it and recovered at home? Did yall do the math on the mortality rate? Did yall take the total number of cases and put that as the denominator and put the deaths as the numerator to find the percentage of people that actually die from the virus? Naw thats too much digging and research for yall. Yall would just ride with whatever mainstream media says. I worked for the CDC for 8 months during the pandemic. I just got two other work from home jobs this week. This shit is a joke. Look how all yall scared sheep wearing masks. And they making this stuff mandatory like wearing masks and taking vaccines.. That isnt scary to yall? That isnt a sign of the last days and mark of the beast? I feel this virus/vaccine is the mark of the beast amongst other things. Will you take the vaccine and receive the mark? Ill leave the country but you can imagine with this new world order one world government shit they got going that they gonna have all countries all over the world complying with the same safety precautions. One world government. Biden gonna ride this agenda out hard. Closing schools and making vaccines mandatory etc. Look at what they doing in new york. Im not a fan of trump or biden but do agree with some of trumps statements such as the coronavirus hoax stuff and biden pushing this coronavirus agenda to create fear and keep yall so scared to where youd do anything they say cuz you are too foolish to think for yourself. Youll go to the doctor for broken bone and theyll misdiagnose you just to help nbc and fox's reporting on case numbers. Its to further their agenda. There are videos with both patients and nurses saying they are misdiagnosing people with covid and even killing them from malpractice and still people still going to the hospital to be murdered for an agenda....thats what you call a sheep. Its people who get both postive and negative results from two different covid tests the same day. How does that work? Because their testing system is effedd up too. They dont even know what they looking for lol. My little brother cant even play sports this year in high school because they keep cancelling games and practice because someone got covid like wtf. They are trying to keep everyone scared, separated, poor, in need of government assistance, so we can all gravitate more to social media and technology like staying on our cell phones 24/7 becoming robots and slaves to technology and this will take away from the social norms we are used too. Imagine the next generation's way of life, cell phones will control our society if this keeps up. A baby will know how to download an Instagram app on their iphone before they even know what 1 plus 1 is. Playing outside will soon be an extinct thought. This is whats going on right now. They are trying to lessen human to human interaction to let technology be your source of entertainment and control when you are bored at home and depressed because you cant find a job due to covid. Some schools in georgia have students going to school everyday while others are virtually doing school. Imagine what this does to the parents who cant work from home like me. Imagine what this does to kids who want to do extracurricular activities. 2020 is the craziest year and biggest brainwashing of the world that ive ever seen in my life or ever came across in history. Never have i known an entire human population to comply with BS. We are slaves in many ways.

    88. Nahlannen Trela

      Who's ready for round 2? =(

    89. Brenden S

      It'll all be OK. Life didn't stop for my friends. It won't stop now. They died, I'm alive. It's OK. It's life and it sucks.

    90. Andrew Cornell

      I like your songs, you say whats up. Keep it up.

    91. VanillaCream

      hOw- For a poetry unit I have to write a rap about this virus but I find it so hard to write a rap because I hate rap music. This has given me many ideas for this assignment, tHanKs fOr tHe iNspO

    92. Ethan Dunlap

      Anyone else think he’s the next Eminem

      1. The Bad Seed

        Because of his subject matters, I personally think he is better. MHO...

    93. unbelievable

      im waching this from the future and there was riots and all of the shelves arent gone anymore

    94. Lily Smalls

      OMG I'm just NOW discovering this man!

    95. mfZIG

      get ready for the "coronavirus lives on dollar bills", and switch to cashless society worldwide.. crazy to me that is fuckin November 17th now and it literally seems like more of a shit show now than it did in February with whatever the fuck is going on in the world. lost of "meteor showers" recently ;)

    96. Oluwadunsin Ifedayo

      You will be always you 👍

    97. Nightmare Foxy

      Amazing song

    98. Jay cunningham

      Now they want to give the vaccine to us for free? Lmao come on now.

    99. Pragmatic Stan

      Tom shake the fuckin world.

    100. Jahsoni Clark

      Sneezy E