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    So we built an unbreakable cage and challenged the strongest man in the world to try to break out of it..
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      He’s not the worlds strongest man so shut it up

    2. Tay Games

      Box: no roof Them: breaks the bare Me: climbs over roof casually

      1. Tay Games


    3. Sarah Swanson

      Dude yo should just have climbed out of the cage dingus!

    4. Andy caliu

      I never knew there was more than 10 worlds. Different one has a “worlds strongest man”

    5. Wise Plushie YouTube

      what a nice carpet bro.

    6. owemdbd roblox


    7. GeorgePlayz YA

      That ain’t worlds strongest man

    8. Snack Daddy

      this ain’t even abt strength dannys just more manly

    9. Karen's Orphanage

      That isn’t even the worlds strongest man

      1. Karen's Orphanage

        @Zion Martin Lol

      2. Zion Martin


    10. Adrian Jiménez

      $ 10 0000000000000000

    11. Zyaire Pulliam

      he is not the world's strongest man

    12. PinkCheese

      Fun Fact: He is not even close to being the strongest man

    13. Ccmanski

      I would just climb up the metal bars

    14. C&C Outdoors

      Pls sub to my channel plllllllls

    15. Coty Clapp

      Did you think to go over it

    16. Mom Gaming

      Unbelievable Prison? More like Unspeakable GAMING

    17. jaybee mantos

      What if the rock trys to break that

    18. Gopal Chetri

      Brian Shaw is strongest Man

    19. Kimberly Burghard

      Definitely not the world's strongest man

    20. Lolo Filiai

      can he arm wresle braddly martin

    21. Antonio Veloz

      Doesn’t look unbreakable to me

    22. Azizi

      Honestly, ryan did the pushup with full range of motion , the other guy did 0 pushups

    23. The World Of Sanaa


    24. Martin Russell

      The well-off beat uniformly crash because step-brother consequentially pinch modulo a dear dill. simple, previous repair

    25. ethrex

      You literally spoiled the whole thing by the intro

    26. Noah Garcia

      Rug saying you have to subscribe if he wins the first round even though it wasn’t fair rug used the tools straight away so I disliked

    27. Conan Mccoy

      Wewsshhwhwh W E E E E E E D E E E E E E E E E E D

    28. Brody Shimmel


    29. orizt '-'

      lol 9:05

    30. Anything Random

      ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT a_reckless2020

    31. Ayeesha Hasnayeen

      rug is ssssssso cute

    32. Sage_Wolf

      That was funny

    33. Jennes Sayn

      um did you see papa fug in the backround flexing

    34. Blaze 10

      I love how the world strongest man easily breaks through with one hand

    35. Riley Gaming

      Love your vids

    36. yeetamus 5643

      If it's called the unbreakable cage then how did he get out

    37. AyeAbdul

      “Please don’t try this at home” People in prison: oh man☹️

      1. Zion Martin

        @Ali Hezam shut up bro

      2. Ali Hezam


      3. Nagi Anakeeb

        Shut up

      4. Inserts Epic Name here


      5. C_4ns

        That were*

    38. Sion Greenidge

      But I love your videod

    39. Sion Greenidge

      Week !!!!😂

    40. MythicK.

      Rug: Don’t try this at home Me: Does it look like i have a jail at home?😳

      1. OQQasim


    41. Hanan Almasabi

      Orange brown Forte

      1. Hanan Almasabi

        Brown by your Orange brown

    42. straight sav

      The spectacular eight aditionally release because cocoa congruently shave lest a fabulous view. equable, enthusiastic aluminum

    43. Annapurna Maitra

      Noodle rug😂

    44. Eoghan Mulvey


    45. Dr edgar zomboss

      I think ima try this at home

    46. Gio Samonte

      I do not call that unbreakable prison I call that breakable prison

    47. RedKnightsBlue

      Fun fact: that isn’t the world’s strongest man

    48. Karen Guinn

      That is not the strongest man in the world

    49. Don Don

      Clim it

    50. F. Olivas

      did you make 2 million more subscribers since july 16 2020

    51. Jenny Juarez

      U hi hiiii

    52. Jenny Juarez


    53. Headless Alien

      He is the 4th strongest

    54. Headless Alien

      He is the 3 or 4th strongest man in the world is he 6ft 5

    55. Kaole Mutoti


    56. Ethan Rahal

      Brain:yo you need to smack that like button Me:now you own me a new ipad

    57. Jasrin Nethon

      Honey Singh love to see your people Snapchat on that big guy I'm not in the big island but you ain't talking to me

    58. TU Scary

      What kind of prison is that you break out in 2:45

    59. Mary Coblentz


    60. ryan Khith

      Faze rug could just climb up there or go under it

    61. Ynw Walker

      The world’s strongest man Mark Henry:am I a joke to you

      1. Ynw Walker

        @Im Loco my bad that was a mental mistake

      2. Im Loco

        Mark Henry is not the strongest man in the world

    62. John Babineau

      The unaccountable waiter analytically excuse because channel tentatively transport failing a adorable sagittarius. courageous, arrogant amount

    63. BSIMON

      Congruts for 18million!! How many subs will Rug have in 2022 👇

    64. Faustas Viščiūna

      hahahahaha luserr

    65. mate216

      So now Rug is a professional?!?!

    66. Anand Udaanjargal

      you can just climb

    67. Little jimmy Friday’s And saturday

      I would be out in 10 secs

    68. Rezelt

      7:36 what’s he’s dad doing behind? Welp he’s stronger then rug XD

    69. Lidia Aguirre

      Okay people do not try this at home Me. okay let me try this at the park

    70. Lidia Aguirre

      Who is watching this in 2021

    71. Josh McCoy


    72. ParRaptor

      Rug don’t try this at home Me I don’t even have a prison at home

    73. TheBeastmaster

      Its unbreakable but not unescapable, you could just climb out the top

    74. rixzee

      The rock

    75. Victor Ivanov

      Lmao 😂 2021 There are over 1000 strongest men in this world 🌎 🌍 🗺!

    76. Young professor Chang

      18M congrats

    77. Jericka Baquiran

      Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    78. Amy Reilly

      Ok inform

    79. Luke Mcc

      that is not the sronges guy in the world

    80. Team Daniel7 Fan lazer

      He's not the strongest man

    81. Reaper gaming 5551

      Come on Brian even I can do more than 18 pushups and I'm eight years old and I've been working out for half my life

    82. Jackson Schwab

      when ryan flexes like omg

    83. #Bruh Studios

      Rug: Don’t try this at home Also Rug: Not even listening to himself

    84. Padaw8n Fan

      just climb the wall 😆

    85. Joseph Hugo

      Why in every video their is a new strongest man in the world?

    86. Rachel Chamoo - Tobias

      I no haha 🤣

    87. Chase Roberts

      theres 3 people who have said a person is the strongest man in the world :/

    88. Mariann Landon


    89. Mariann Landon

      Just clime the balls

    90. Jose Chavez

      I want to arm wrestle rug I Bhet I’d win

    91. Jered Peralta

      Man was doing one arm pushups in the intro

    92. Controlla Crystal

      I like how he can saw the cage open with 1 hand in a faster time than he did with 2 hands

    93. leedon tan

      such a good idea lol

    94. BlueBerryBoy

      I have bigger muscles than faze rug

    95. Jdjekcm dkdkkd

      Faze you have your own dragon in Dragon City!

    96. funtime

      if he goes to jail they will have to put him in a bed rock cage underground with military guards with machine guns.

    97. terence yu

      No one comes out

    98. Ebony Watts

      His Outro song is goin live

    99. Angeles Jenny

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