JET POWERED Vacuum Cleaner


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    Meet FRANK the new beast in household appliances.
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    1. colinfurze

      What a house still stinks haha. Thanks to the KGup members who sent in their pics, if you would like to be involved more in videos become a member and click join, the #furzearmy its as cheap as I could make it and you get money off merch........BOOM!

      1. Jim O'Hagan

        @cocospops 1 year later, how'd that work out for ya

      2. Jim O'Hagan

        Colin, honestly, how the hell do you even keep a roof over your head? One insurance adjuster and it's all over X_X

      3. Cogz Fam

        i didnt mean to dislike lol

      4. Romina Baldorado

        Now you bulid a jet

      5. Romina Baldorado


    2. Mat

      Takes something for cleaning and makes it way cooler

    3. Stellarion Prime

      colins channel is the only one where the music right ! keeps me commin back !

    4. Blue

      This is what my mom uses when i try do do my homework or just chill :(

    5. BananaPeel Productions

      ok put it on the sidewalk and watch it run off

    6. John McFerren

      Now do Hetty Xtra!

    7. shin asuka

      The fbi is probably lookin for you

    8. Thorsten

      These vacuum cleaners are also used in Germany, mainly by cleaning companies. There is also Hetty and James.

    9. Hakan Arpacı

      Çılgın adam

    10. alsmith20000

      And yet for some inexplicable reason, the fools at Hoover, insist on using electric motors in their products.

    11. muhammad usman

      how is his cam guy alive i mean he knows what he is doing but that guy.........................

    12. Teng Zhang


    13. colin

      You would be an awesome neighbor.

    14. Eamonn O’Shea

      honestly think this house must be just used as a set for his KGup videos. there is no way he operated that jet in his sons bedroom!

    15. Talal Zarik

      A tutorial about how to kill everyone in your house and burn it down😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

    16. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      You must Wearing a Mask while using of this Jet Vaccum

    17. Luke Dawson

      How is your jet vacuum going ?

    18. Sentience

      consuela, lol

    19. Astro's Electronics Lab

      Wrong "to" and that's not how you spell vacuum. What the heck is a "vacum"?

    20. ThePixelatedHashtag

      Mom please don’t vacuum the house

    21. Mike Gilbey

      No you use no jet vacuumed

    22. Ayano Aishi

      poor raindeer hehehehe

    23. Glawen the Goy

      run it on biodiesel to get that nice mcdonalds smell in the house

    24. Ephram Brooks

      Anyone else think that the inside of the jet engine looks like a tig welder tip?

    25. Chris Droblyn

      That's AWESOME! Just watch out for the cat

    26. Tsak

      Why to put a Numark dj sticker on a Vacuum Cleaner???

    27. VBHAKTA652


    28. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      Cuba Libre - Murica (공항철도 노선도) Composer's: Jangdol Drum, 라더, 공항철도 [AREX] Arranger's: Jangdol Drum, 라더, 공항철도 [AREX] Released: 2019. 10. 23. (가온고등학교) Album: 짱돌드럼 5집 'Cuba Libre'

    29. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      Dodo Friends Our Story(우리이야기) is Canceled and deleted by: Jangdol Drum

    30. RLH

      Man learns how too build jet engine,,,, now if its not jet powerd. Soon will be! Hahaha. , has too be the most creative person I've ever seen. Awsome!

    31. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      2022년~현재 2pm: 컴백을 앞두고 있다.

    32. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      2pm(아이돌) 2021년 12월 31일 오전 기준 모든 멤버가 제대하였다. 2022년 모든 멤버가 제대하였고 그 후 5인체제로 컴백을 앞두고 있다.

    33. Kieran Brown


    34. Dylan Meloni

      Colin furze is the best inventor I've seen on youtube i want to meet him in real life eny 1 else want to

    35. Ishita Patel

      Dcccccc. XX

    36. Wigglytuff Gaming


    37. josh 47 40

      What colin should do is have a temperature gauge so if it gets to hot he can have servos on the vents so it automatically opens and let's more air

    38. Guitarate

      This is the first video with the Collin furze logo on the thumbnail

    39. ace iimov

      jet engines are good for moving lots of air and that's pretty much it. they're defiantly not good for static pressure.

    40. 三春鲁岳

      After every 25 hours,got to send back to factory to repair lamo.

    41. Chris Moon

      It would be so interesting to be your neighbor! "What did you make today?" 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Caramell Dansen

      5:32 *too also, at 6:42 just put an umlaut over the U and say Frank is German

    43. JAM_YT_07

      That's so Consuela... 🧽

    44. alex j

      Henry the sexrobot 😅😂🤣

    45. richardthered

      Like a fine wine Colin gets better with age, and more dangerous. lol thanks for the laughs and amazing engineering skills...AGAIN. :)

    46. Jonathan Visintin

      Good morafteveing, was watching your videos and had an idea, a drone made for clay pigeon shooting would be quite fun. So a drone that can fly different patterns, mimic the flight of birds, however would also need to be able to take a hit so to speak and bounce back from it.

    47. Paul Freeman


    48. Leonard_321

      why doesn't it just speed off across the room

    49. Andrew Martin

      This thing will burn your house down so well!! That it will be perfectly clean

    50. Martin

      You didnt think it through Colin,, use the blast of the jet and aim it through a venturi,, that will create a massive suction without restricting the compressor input

    51. nath

      love this tuumbnail

    52. Mr.Brainless

      Really enjoying that colin took it that far. Joined the channel under 1mio. Colinfurze is the consistency no one asked for, but everyone needs!

    53. gardienpo st-jean

      Family guy meme

    54. The Source Of A.T.G.

      Has earphones, doesn’t use earphones

    55. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God...

    56. Lars Petersson

      Oy KGup, quick question. Why isnt the vacuum cleaner go forward? Whats going on with the thrust of the jet engine?

    57. MBoyzTV

      the frist thing I thout of is dope or nope with there small henny

    58. snapboy130

      3:01 this gives a hole new meaning to turn that frown upside down lol

    59. Freudman

      good idea...but...but Whyyyy

    60. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      WE LIKE 2 PARTY: 경계(D)에서 심각(E)으로 격상되었으니 BANG BANG BANG: 주의(A)에서 경계(D)로 격상되었으니 가온고등학교: Jangdol Drum 나온중학교: TJ DrumXX

    61. Wyvern

      LOTS of flow, no suction.

    62. Ogre Under Bridge

      Arse first I think it could run a wicked exhaust venturi effect

    63. Finpsa 123

      The new roomba

    64. Макс Ф.

      Next -- jet powered hair dryer.

    65. Ononymous Figure


    66. Fureous Caldwell

      amazing content!

    67. Matthew Slinn

      'how many vacuum cleaners do that?' = broken ones

    68. Beakeman 95

      It sounds like my vaccum cleaner, but louder.

    69. SuperWiliamNES64

      with a bigger tube like huge tube

    70. SuperWiliamNES64

      cann you try to make a vacuum for outside with a jet engine that will be cool

    71. Digital Wolf RC

      here in the Netherlands we got Henry's too!

    72. The Tsar Tank

      I wonder if his neighbours would call the entire fucking army on him because of the Goddamn jet engine provided from where...

    73. Daniel Heydon


    74. Zoltan Hoppar

      How cool would be to have a jet engine driven flying pig :D

    75. Karen Brinkley

      Henry was not sure what to think of these modifications...

    76. Philip White

      Just sooooo good!!!! What a legend!!!

    77. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      Cuba Libre Composer's: 파뿌리, Jangdol Drum

    78. Андрей Б.

      Всасывает не лучше электрического пылесоса. Я ожидал намного большей мощности.

    79. Playboy OneNonly

      Their called 'Shop Vac' in the states, in case anyone was wondering

    80. pets rule

      He'd fone warning

    81. pets rule

      Merry Christmas and a happy New year

    82. Legends_Devz

      If he’s still using it, I’m surprised his house isn’t on fire by now. LOL

    83. Legends_Devz

      Where do I buy a jet engine to use as air dryers at my Car Wash?

    84. The Pro

      Is it his BMW M3?

    85. 권세진스타워즈 시리즈 공식 TV

      Jet Powered Vaccum Cleaner Frank is making the Smoke of Coachella-19 Virus

    86. professornuke

      Now, if you were to use a gas turbine to power the suction fan of a vacuum cleaner mechanically, the way a jet powered helicopter does, I suspect you'd be able to tear up the floor boards like Vyvyan Bastard's V6 powered vacuum cleaner in The Young Ones. "that vacuum cleaner's a hell of a sucker...and I don't mean it's easily fooled".

    87. Thomas Matthew

      The part I'm most shocked about is that Colin drives a Mineral Gray M3. Seems way too reasonable...

    88. lantaarnpaal

      His wife disliked that

    89. bea71mc channel

      but why though why would you do that why would you wanna do that.

    90. hackbyte Daniel Mitzlaff

      Well .. for the fall .. why not make a leaf blower from it? ;)

    91. pigtailsboy

      Wait a second... you're making a jet propelled (riding) vacuum cleaner. This thing needs zero point steering and a fine seat and then you're off!

    92. pigtailsboy

      What if... the jet was rejiggered to pick up the filth coming into the canister and then passed it into the expansion cone to burn the refuse? Would have to love the air quality standard on that set sure enough.

    93. tommy price

      At 8:29 you can see the ending to raiders of the lost ark

    94. Martin Chick

      “Jet engines definitely do not want to be vacuum cleaners.” 😂

    95. Pantomath

      just a man cleaning his house with jet vaccum nothing to see here 👀👀👀👀

    96. kke

      Why doesn't it fly?

    97. ReDzPlay

      Dyson is better What about meh P20 Jet Vac: 7:13

    98. Dr. Acula

      5:47 right when he said "I do have a solution for this" a vaccum cleaner ad started lmao

    99. Excerticus

      ah yes a ‘vacum cleaner’