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De'arra & Ken 4 Life

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    Truth or DRINK!!!! The moment y'all have been waiting for.. We EXPOSED everything and more...
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    1. Cassandra White

      Lol yll funny

    2. jessica Hall

      I am dying from Dearra being drunk. Girl after that 3-4 shot, she was done

    3. Queen Rae

      Its Crazy Cause My Name Is Raven And My Brother Name Is Remone 😂😂

    4. April Cox

      "but,but,but,but" ken laugh

    5. April Cox

      "I am here for you" lol

    6. Fannypack


    7. The RSW Family

      God checks on you when you're alone, not feeling okay, not doing well or upset with people on your job. 🙏🏾💓💯....

    8. Magda Włosicka


    9. Sara Nee

      you guys should become friends with rissa and quan❤️

    10. Sara Nee

      i just love her😭💗

    11. Maurisha Harris

      De'Arra was getting lit lit, lol. Entertaining video.


      Still can’t believe mans was caught in 4K😂😂😂

      1. phoebe


    13. Official K

      ken was really out there mane omggg

    14. Official K

      7:23 lmao I was not expecting that AT ALL

    15. Bmx Damobb

    16. Makayla &Alex

      This video was very very funny😂😂

    17. HotGirl Jess

      Dearra was drunk asf lmao it’s all in the eyes. 😩🤣🤣



    19. Shaye Williams

      Drunk d’earra is hilarious 😂

    20. Nikki Boo


    21. RandomGnIa

      Damn, they stopped posting after tht incident😭😭

      1. Jacksonmization

        On YT yes, Everywhere else no

      2. JDM NATION


    22. 💕💙omg


    23. Taniyah Brown.

      she hilarious 😂

    24. IAMIKACI

      8:43 ,did he say 12😭😭😭

    25. queen H

      Dearra deserve so much better

    26. Shelly Ruiz

      Den blocked me 🙋‍♀️

    27. Jessica Woodstock

      Drunk De’arra is the best😂❤️

    28. Flxurish

      HEYYYY post agian I love when y’all post together ❤️

    29. Koya

      huhhhh I misss y’all 💔

    30. Ashley Xoxo

      Oh nah his answers 🤢

    31. Hailey Dillon


    32. keisha gatcha Rideau

      when new video coming out??

    33. As Told By G

      Dearra southern accent comes out strong when she’s lit 🤣

    34. As Told By G

      I have the same shirt Dearra has on 😊

    35. Monica Queen Mo Johnson

      You can't come to my city (Chicago) and not hit the dope

    36. The Lubruns

      Just give me this 1 please Nie please ☠️😭😂

    37. jake Bosak

      Still waiting for they’re next post

    38. Its Shay

      Ken’s shirt ✊🏽

    39. QueenShyaah


    40. Adam Primo

      4th time watching this😩❤

    41. WE PLAY SPORTz

      Raymon gotta chance to clap cheeks still🤣🤣😂

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    42. Liah the artist

      About that plan b .. dearra face 😭

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    43. Astrid Baby

      How have they not brought that up yet r they avoiding it or not?

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    44. Rreana Thomas

      Who is here in 2020👉👁️👄👁️👉

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    45. Jay Buckley

      Cuz disrespecting tf outta her 👎🏾

    46. Tinkiepanda

      What happened to “new videos every week”...???

      1. GWAK 300

        @Cee And Tin I subbed good luck!

      2. Cee And Tin

        We hope we can be as big as they are one day 🤞🥺🥺🥺 one can only dream

    47. Betty Milton

      Do more and post more

      1. Cee And Tin

        We hope we can be as big as they are one day 🤞🥺🥺🥺 one can only dream

    48. Renae Cal

      😂😂😂😂😂 Too funny!

    49. Lee-yeng Stimpson

      😍😍😘😘😘🥳🥳dear and men


      Dearra look drunk

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    51. Shimmy Simango

      They’re cute and there’s nothing toxic I’m seeing.

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    52. lifewithlay b

      we miss yall

      1. Cee And Tin

        We hope we can be as big as they are one day 🤞🥺🥺🥺 one can only dream

    53. GrohIlgg

      Can y’all stop with the ken stuff smh

      1. GrohIlgg

        @that teenkia your right

      2. that teenkia

        Its the internet... What do you expect?

    54. Eleah Davis

      LMFAOOOOO 7:10

    55. Charisma Dace

      And his too lol but I see hers now

    56. Charisma Dace

      What was she drinking on I need the name

      1. Davia Gordon

        she was drinking 1942

    57. Haley Jones

      See de’arra, you should’ve had smaller shot glasses. That was a tall one lol

    58. Esha Aswani

      Why so long not update vedio😭

      1. Esha Aswani

        Bdwy im from malaysia. We love u guys

    59. Dillon Smith


    60. MelaninMonroee

      De'arra is funny af 🤣

    61. Marilyn Rivera

      Sis, you needa leave him lol

      1. YS#28th

        What happend

    62. Jnessa Marie

      2 months?

    63. Rakho upnext

      So was this the last video ?

    64. Paige D

      If you never dated a Leo you won’t get their relationship 😅

    65. Leandra Bean

      Dang I miss Vlogmas,Ken like WTF!!!!!

    66. Elizabeth Simpson

      It’s the poking at her because she reacts for me

    67. Hanging With The Hairston's

      lol de'arra too funny! love ya'll!!!

    68. danesha jamerson

      I’m drunk just watching this 🥴

    69. Renee Williams

      hopefully they post soon, its about to be January a (new year) so hopefully they can both move passed what happened be the Dearra and ken couple that dgaf lol

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    70. Kelly Bassett

      These comments are ridiculous no one wants these two to be happy instead of seeing all you people being negative

      1. DJ Davis Beatz

        I dont think he wanted to see them happy 😂

    71. chris Jésut


    72. That Kid

      Post another video

    73. Jalanda& Jordan4l

      When y’all gone drop another video de’arra and ken we missing y’all

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    74. Tenille Draine

      I’m Sooo loving the Drunk D Right Now🤣🤣❤️🅿️

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    75. Oluomachi Gladys

      I have this strong believe that ken doesn’t like de’arra any more ...I pity the innocent girl ☹️..

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    76. The Young Train

    77. Bridget Williams

      bruh de'arra is so loving and pretty. any man would be lucky to spend the rest of their life with her. i hope she starts her own channel, she's more interesting anyways. 💁🏽‍♀️

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    78. Ugly Love

      New videos every week 😞 now it’s just probably never agian..

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    79. Me'Aye Lancaster

      When are y’all going to post again???

    80. Shea

      i love dearra omg u make me laugh LOL

    81. Shakiyla M.

      Why y'all do D like that? Lmao😂

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    82. Katanya Johnson

      Proof ken and dearra are actually broken up in this video 😢

    83. Life With Rene

      D drunk af

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

      2. Savage To The Streets Movies

    84. D&R Nation


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      1. Don and Capri

        Same to you! Be safe and have fun!

    86. Yogirl Jasmine

      out of all the shots ken drunk he didn’t looked or fell drunk

      1. Don and Capri

        Lmao not at all😂

    87. Terry Watts


    88. Woebrooke


    89. Krystals Purpose

      Tarot Yes or No Questions Specials for the Holidays👑🔮 Respond for details ❤️🎁

      1. Krystals Purpose

        @sloppy joe hello 🧡

      2. sloppy joe


    90. Lakiesha Graham

      Ken & de’arra anounce another baby🤗🤗

    91. Chyna Lubin

      i love yr channel u the best LOVE U

    92. Rutha Wilson

      Can you guys post a video please I miss u guys and I am a super dan of dk4l I have watched you guys since I was five and I am ten now please

      1. Don and Capri

        Hey we make awesome videos! You should check them out!

    93. Tiara White

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    94. Yasmine Ouédraogo

      Me struggling to find the perfect level of volume

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

      2. Savage To The Streets Movies

    95. Amir Edwards


    96. sbabyxox

      Great video! Merry Christmas 🎅🏼❤️

    97. Kenya Green

      Ken didn’t want to say an ex name until de’arra did 😭😭😭 he do too much.

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

    98. fauricio acuña


    99. Janita Hearn

      Where are you guys? Just thinkin of you.

    100. Eva R

      De’arra. You deserve so much better. He doesn’t deserve your time, emotion or nothing.

      1. Savage To The Streets Movies

      2. Savage To The Streets Movies