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    I Literally Paid for Anything My Friends Drew
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    1. ZHC Crafts

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      1. Dlanzer Otivrec

        Notice me please 🎉😅👍

      2. Aaisha lesa

        I'm subscribed

      3. Angel Veliz

        Ok 👍

      4. the dawn boutique

        Thank you for understanding the package

      5. Padmakshi

        Ya , i have subscribed to both of your channels ! ZHC and ZHC crafts

    2. Devarati Bala

      And me 4

    3. Devarati Bala

      You give india

    4. Omar Abdul Haseeb

      India 🇮🇳🇮🇳💪💪


      Hi I love your video’s.

    6. Nora Cecena

      1:17 jazz I thought that was going to be a toilet

    7. ᴄᴀʀɪɴɢ ᴀɴɢɪᴇ


    8. mm carts34

      The plucky clave conversely deliver because pond intradurally stuff times a sour drill. interesting, shrill purpose

    9. FearlessGaming

      that shoe disgustin

    10. gamer yt

      I would draw lots of money

    11. Total gaming with us

      U only want to pay a little money so u have rejected don't take it seriously please

    12. Narelle Rowe

      Love this

    13. Aviral Stream

      Indian boy won the challenge , hope I win a giveaway because I am indian

    14. Benjamin Paticchio

      Why does jaz always do jordans

    15. Yari Ruiz

      1st:Viv. 2nd Johnny. 3rd:Jaz. 4th:Michelle. These are my Voting in my opinion! Please respect my opinion! Thank you!

    16. Huzaifa Poonawala

      Why does everyone want only Nike and Apple 😂

    17. new kannada ಕನ್ನಡ songs

      If I was a participent I would have drawn roles royals

    18. Nicole Pessagno

      Win something for me

    19. Trish Tran

      Can you do a challenge where you carve and big piece of soap and my a mastered piece?

    20. Skyler Playzz

      Wow I wish I got an iphone 11

    21. TheAqua11026

      Jaz is the best

    22. Isabella Meyer

      I actually thought the phone was amazing I think u Just don't wanna cosdamize it like that.

    23. Monique And Kerry

      Viv should have won

    24. Shirin Saabira Q

      OMG Can I Get It


      Poor Viv she was so sad she didn’t win

    26. RBA2x

      U can’t cap has is so cute

    27. Clarice Miranda

      Love from india

    28. Dagshai1

      zhc in 90 years: if you win the challenge ill buy you everything in the world

    29. RAG3 BLANCO

      i sub to u and like

    30. Nicola Jagessar

      why is vivs nose so shiny

    31. Paiz Gunthe

      He has an iPhone X but has a lot of money lol

    32. Reece Gerlach

      Viv should have won

    33. Gavin Porter

      Jaz was soo happy! it made me happy!

    34. 2414 PRATHISH P

      actually subscribers from india did not get selected and I am to

    35. D phect

      Is it only me that thinks jazz looks like charli damelio?? 👇🏼. What do you think?

      1. Nithin

        Yes....I always think of Charli whenever I see her.....quite surprised no one mentioned it earlier....

    36. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    37. pankaj panchal

      3:30 / 8:36 India😢😍🤩

    38. rita di bello

      Done I sub

    39. halima zain

      Is it just me or does jaz always draw shoes

    40. Jasika Mohan

      Michelle is getting better at drawing

    41. Maty Aa

      Poor Viv and Michelle they always lose :(

    42. Banana Monkey

      4:43 seconds bald head 👨‍🦲

    43. Deven Goswami

      Never fight when there is a indian in the competition remember t series.. bullshit ah yeah

    44. Adolfo Herrera

      The guy should’ve won he’s is better her shoes is so crecket

    45. Rowdha Alfalahi

      I really wanted a hamster since I was 5 years old and now I’m 9 so if I would have on thing in the world I would pick a hamster i have been watching you for your first video I love art and i hope you can come to uae so I can meet you inspired me to keep drawing I love your videos so much Zach I wish you can come to the uae I love you Zach and it would be the best to also have a iPhone 12 for my dad he has the same phone for 13 years and just wish you can do that I love you all and your team is so great I wish you you have the best day Love you.

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via.

    46. Saroj Sahu

      If you are a Indian like ❤️

    47. Kelsey Campbell


    48. ABC Gaming-X

      Looks like ZHC customised everyone’s hair too lol

      1. Yuliya Lesyk

        Lol 😂 so funny 😆

    49. Angelica Zapata

      I think everyone did good but I thought viv did the best but don’t come at me just an opinion

    50. Nuha Rasul

      This is so not fair Viv drew the best one and they made JAZ the winner ......I HOPE YOU SEE THIS ZHC

    51. Pooja Shah

      I am indian and I have never won any giveaway 👇

      1. LilXMega Wolf

        Over 19 million people have never won a giveaway, and good for you, but why do you think saying your Indian would boost your chances?

    52. PREM KUMAR N.K.

      Wat is your fuull name

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via.

    53. lilly hughes

      Jess always wins

      1. ZHC

        @lilly hughes yes

      2. lilly hughes

        are you the real ZHC

      3. lilly hughes

        @ZHC hi

      4. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via.

    54. EmEE

      Me plessssss I have been subscribing for a long time

    55. Levi Hackmann


    56. Levi Hackmann

      Probably Johnny

    57. Levi Hackmann

      Or viv

    58. Levi Hackmann

      Johnny should of won

    59. Sunny Side Up •w•

      why didnt anyone wants to draw a house? XD

    60. Babysharky

      This was an awesome Video it was a very close time between the cool shoes and Johnny is excellent drawing of an iPad I can’t wait to watch more of your videos

    61. Jesselyn Lie

      I think it's Jhonny's the win tho

    62. Mishya Seth

      Viv should have won

      1. Mishya Seth

        @ZHC thank you

      2. Mishya Seth

        @ZHC thank you

      3. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via.

    63. madz lav


    64. Judy&Phoebe

      Omg viv’s drawing was amazing! So destined! I think she should’ve won in my opinion....

    65. Mehak Shahbaz


    66. Devanshi Katara

      Please choose me

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via..

    67. Bhavya daga

      Love from India

    68. Sallsola

      So if they draw space do buy them space........?

    69. Paige Wickstrom

      I feel like Jaz always wins this stuff

    70. Catarina Pedro

      1:55 Zach:do you have any words of wisdom for Johnny? The kid:no

    71. Aurora Calugi

      i am soooooo sad i don't have intagram....

    72. Peepee Poopoo

      “Michelle i need content keep drawing

    73. Maria Matheos

      I love your hair michelle

    74. Royhail Khan

      I m indian

    75. Royhail Khan

      He was to lucky indian

    76. Ilakkien Gaming

      yayayayay jaz

    77. Ilakkien Gaming

      Jaz your subscriber has the same name as me



    79. Bri Owens

      i feel bad for Viv because her drawing was actually really good i feel so bad poor viv

    80. Gamer Man

      I will do it

    81. sne luv

      I'm to young for insta so is the a way to dm with KGup?

    82. prishika goenka

      I would've picked viv

    83. Romeo Rodriguez Camacho

      awwwww you so nice :D

    84. Yohanna Polanco

      Viv is really pretty so is Michelle and jaz

    85. Hamad Abdulla Alnaqbi

      What why she win her drawing is basic no detials

    86. Upashana Dhamala

      I think that either Johny or Viv should've won cuz................................I liked their detailing

    87. Murray Johnstone

      I subscribed 😀

    88. Pop Music

      Super video ZHC craft very fun and funny watching the struggle heheee :)

    89. Jessica O’Malia

      I think that viv should have won.

    90. R10- Jallow

      They need to drow 10 mil $

    91. suria saznizan

      why they dint dram a tesla???!!!

    92. Supriya Saxena Swapnil

      i vote michelle

    93. Lara Aybar


    94. Emma lly McHugh

      Ń )fdss

    95. Emma lly McHugh

      ¥. Ø

    96. Joel Mitchell

      i am subscribed and i have post notifications on and i liked

    97. Pierre Pihan-Silcock

      I would draw a gan 11m pro

    98. Spogmai Arif

      Hey how do you FaceTime the subscribers I am also a subscriber I Am Your Biggest Fan please please FaceTime me

    99. nanna freisleben

      i think vivs was best

    100. idk

      Actually I think Johnny’s was better. Like it was more details and Jaz shoe was a little bit weird, Just me? No offence!!!! 👉🏼👈🏼