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    Such a cool experiment! What should we try next? #shorts

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    1. MOTO KIDD31

      The bubble looks like a condom

    2. Elli Areses

      Wow I did not know that

    3. Tobal link


    4. Tiana Haley

      I brb let me go get a cd we don’t use

    5. Lacey Thorne

      Your cut

    6. jel bel

      What that’s sick

    7. Sanchira Vanity

      Omg who ever did that remix did that song dirty, sounds like a fucked up cd and someone just going YA YA over it

    8. AlexaBrandon Gallegos

      Hfbvfhebbdvdhd 😨😨😱😱

    9. Toast

      thats a bag

    10. Ebisi XBL

      Is this how they made condoms?

    11. lunar vibe

      Cool n satisfying

    12. white_ demon_heart

      I think my bf could use that🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. Goku Z gaming

      Fake i know that trick is really easy

    14. Eric Cook

      Kind of looks like a giant condom

    15. RobloxFnaf Gamer

      The bass

    16. Eamon Lee


    17. Simran Kaur

      Isn’t that a bag?

    18. Katie Kaye

      Other people watching: Me be like: 💃 🩰 🕺 💃 💃

    19. Ramona M

      I wish I could meet you

    20. Ramona M


    21. Ramona M


    22. Thu Le

      He stopped the recording

    23. Ronarcy Lombard

      I tried and it did not fucking work

    24. soul killer

      It looks like a giant condom I am not trying to be sus it just looks like that

    25. isaac gaming

      how to make a home made condom

    26. RNGultimate

      Is it a condom tho 🤣😂🤣😂

    27. not seansushi


    28. Slippery Pickle

      It looks like a condom 😳

    29. Charlie Duncan

      It’s plastic

    30. Emu Juice

      Fake but ok

    31. UwUclxdy

      He cutted a hole bc i never sawed whats in his hands/są Szwed l gý

    32. Common canadians

      magnum xxxxxl

    33. Boredom rehab

      Looks like a condom ngl

    34. Jesse Tovar

      How do you do that

    35. Piper Tangen

      Cool 😎😎😎😎😎

    36. Lulana Hughes

      Looks kinda like a molted snake skin.

    37. Ariana Grande


    38. jane li

      That’s not bubbles that’s plastic wrap not really amused🤔🤗

    39. twixaller


    40. Little memer Gamer boi

      Yeah you need to do that but also if place fire below it so it melts a little bit and creates that bubble

    41. torchboo

      you hurt me

    42. aiyanna walker

      😒 So lame

    43. 7z Mxney

      Me everytime I hear this song:🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟

      1. Лия Алиса Маркович

        @Fuck You you need jesus

      2. Лия Алиса Маркович

        @Fuck You TF

      3. Fuck You

        @Лия Алиса Маркович oh I mean 😩✊🍤💦😩

      4. Fuck You

        @Лия Алиса Маркович yes😐

      5. Лия Алиса Маркович

        @Fuck You no

    44. Jessica Simpson

      That's magic from you

    45. FlareFuisonVR

      That is extremely toxic to the air

    46. LGC night


    47. Dylan Wolfe

      Don't. Touch. That. Bubble

    48. Daniel Munaretto

      You know, that looks like something very very inappropriate

      1. Ibrahim Faraz

        And to think that mostly kids watch him🙊

    49. Reaction wolf

      I'm your 98th comment🤗

    50. Ian Molter

      I hope you didn't break my elsa disk

    51. A_M-_-

      Diy condum

    52. •DOGGY•:D

      That's plastic

    53. M B

      How did you do that?

    54. Moy Munoz

      So cool

    55. el chingon

      Who told you you look good with those lines in your brows?🤣

      1. el chingon

        @Joshua lmaooooo😂

      2. Joshua

        Himself cause your dumbass dosent need to

      3. thick pogger

        @robin adams yup looks like scars to me, totally

      4. robin adams

        those could be scars idiot.

      5. el chingon

        Whoever told you it was a good idea should be in jail rn🤣🤣

    56. Speedy Pig

      We sure that aint plastic

    57. Titanium.W_Rl

      Him, is making a bubble The music: Ah aH Ah ah Ah hEy HeY HEy Hey

    58. Brenna Nelson

      That is plastic yo

    59. Odavia Alfaro

      Poor cd

    60. dragonfly4200

      thats fucking plastic asshole

    61. Man

      customizable title: diy condom

    62. Rachael Lewison

      This guy is stupid

    63. Hadiyah Coleman


    64. collin Fowler

      Not a bubble it's a shrek condom

    65. Polly Cherries

      you put rap around the disc and covered it ^^

    66. Alexander Lais

      YOU ARE CUTE 😍

    67. •?¿シAvacadoシ¿?•


    68. James Jones

      Thats plastic not bubbles

    69. Spongebob :

      That look like plastics rap

    70. Dietich

      That looks like a condom

    71. Amanda Stewart

      Who else is mad that he does that to eyebrowwwws He’s still cute tho

    72. Cortney Clark


    73. s sanj


    74. PJ Taity TV

    75. PJ Taity TV


      He didn’t show that part where u should heat it up with a lighter or a blow torch

    77. Conny the dog

      This isn't safe in any way

    78. Fluid_ Mellozz

      5 minute crafts trying to make diy condom takeing the cd and blowing through it

      1. Tanu Does a Thing

        Oh thank gosh I wasn’t the only one

      2. Lofi Beats Chill'n'vibe

        "So thin you'll have a kid"

    79. Andy Wagoner

      DIY condoms

    80. GamingWithTev

      thats cancer knocking at your door

    81. Caleb Daniel


    82. Iris Vickers

      We all know that's not bubbles

    83. Hey you!! Its dolly here!!!

      He failed the first time, and then he tried to cover it with his finger LOL-

      1. Machinima Guy

        Fake? Maybe

      2. Daily Madness

        Just noticed lmao, you have a good eye

    84. void fighter


    85. Adam Syukri

      Its not bubble, its plastic😂

    86. manoj sinha


    87. Ivan Canales

      he should do glasses with that

    88. Logan smith

      See how he had already tried before and covered it with his finger

      1. Vanxkren


    89. Bendanillo

      You can do that with jolly rancher too And it's edible

      1. Connor O'Riley

        What’s the process?

    90. lani wani

      414 :)

    91. Nicholas Dalton

      forbidden condom

    92. Marco Eckert

      forbidden condom

    93. sharkzilla

      Oh my lord what how when?

    94. Xian Camp


    95. Rayyan YT official


    96. 2do Draws

      he peeled it off its like nothing

    97. 704-nida Farha

      OMG that awesome 😍😍

    98. XxshadowwolfdarklightxX

      Oh snap I'm traumatize

    99. Shineshade

      Early gang

      1. TurtleGamer

        @Keith Runs what you doing here lol

      2. Keith Runs


    100. lil_dire21

      Huh lol