Zach Choi ASMR

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    ***This is an ASMR video. To experience ASMR tingles, PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS, DO NOT WATCH. ***
    What is ASMR?
    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

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    1. Manan Brimo

      It's like a cooking show!!!

    2. pink penguin

      drop the recipe bro, its looking heavenly

    3. Darío Alvarado

      10:34 Starting Eat pov: viniste a los comentarios para ver quien puso el minuto donde arranca a comer por que tarda un chingo

    4. Hoichem Aimee

      Eating starts at 10:21 Hope tht helps✌

    5. carmine di costanzo

      it's not the Italian one but it's a good substitute

    6. cottage farey

      So we not gonna talk abt him just casually having a watch while cooking!?!?

    7. Dave cabral Encarnacion

      Why your not hiding your face ?

    8. Maymay May

      I think Zach is secretly a world class chef :)

    9. Denise Llamas

      That looks so good👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    10. jason dxe

      Name song min 3:20

    11. ᴠᴇᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ

      Wanna marry someone who cook like this

    12. chewbone

      Came for the eating stayed for the cooking

    13. chewbone

      Came for the eating stayed for the cooking

    14. Crystal Gotcha life

      He is soooooo goooooood at ASMR. Idk? But he is the best at ASMR

    15. Jjoseph Rramos

      The cooking that you do looks like an ad

    16. Sofi Rivas

      I'm so hungry but I still watching this 🕴🏻

    17. Aline Sousa

      zach choi fiquei com agua na boca simplismente delisiosa

    18. Lollipop. fn


    19. Moritz Naake

      Who likes cheese? 👍🏻=yes 👎=no

    20. Sharon Choi

      This asmr is an absolute art *sniffles* *wipes away tear*

    21. Lil Gamer

      he can LITTERALLY make anything sound satisfying

    22. P W

      I hate the sound you stroke the bread. It's really disgusting:( (but I still gave u the like)

    23. Tom Himawan

      he cook better than gordon ramsay and after the video hes gonna eat it again

    24. halo

      I ate cereal while watching this.

    25. samarth shrivastava

      I hate those people who eat cow's 😡😠🤬

    26. Yazuko_Plays

      Bro ur so good at cooking

    27. Anonymous

      Imagine his set up while cooking...

    28. Lavinia Oliveira Salvador

      Ele malha fazendo e engorda comendo

    29. SAN

      I nvr has a lasagna before

    30. Lady Bird

      This man can cook... whoever his girlfriend is, wife, or, whoever is in his life is so lucky... his kitchen skills are amazing... I was looking like wow, I want that, I want some!

    31. Sasha Jones

      Omggg your butt is going to be on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😴😴🔥🔥

    32. Kaye Peñasales

      I'm craving ugh

    33. 5thgearfreak

      Dude probably eats once a week

    34. Zelinga

      Zach, im italian and i showed this to my grandma, she had a meeting whit his cooking cult: *They accept your lasagna.*

    35. RockManiac

      He looks so happy 😅

    36. MR_ASMR

      _Hi! Cool video!_ *I also shoot ASMR VIDEOS*

    37. Yasmeen Mujahid

      wow three thousand are just staring and watching this man eat

    38. Riccardo Maria Baldo

      I’m italian wow your lasagna is o cool

    39. Riccardo Maria Baldo

      Your name is happy why you have happy face look videooo😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Jerny Cya


    41. Fanny Widiasari


    42. Alberto Caiazza

      Lasagna? Dove? Quando? Non è questa la lasagna. Questa è la brutta copia.

    43. Chezburger Animations

      I really want lasagna now...

    44. Fabio Degl'Innocenti

      italy is proud of you XD

    45. INÈS Hassaine

      I am hungry

    46. Jesse Eclipse87

      11:11 Ah, the taste of success

    47. zapper kazuma

      Mom: son want do you want for dinner Me: LASAGNA

    48. Абукар Газдиев

      [jxe reifnm

    49. Andreia santos

      Além de ser lindo ainda sabe cozinhar gt 😍🤩🤗😘😘😘😘

    50. Andreia santos

      VC e muito do lindo 😍😘 brasil

    51. Gaming With Karamo

      Parents:Happy birthday we bought you a ps5 Me:I wanted Zach Choi to cook for me for my birthday Brother:so.. can I have the ps- Me:NO!

    52. Cinnamon Toast Deplux

      That lasagna looks good and ew because its so fat

    53. Just a Person

      You're an amazing chief. I m very proud of you.

    54. Lumbago

      Watching this when you have no food should be a form of self harm

    55. w1zard

      I watch only cooking part

    56. brianna quiles

      I wonder what he do after eating food that looks this good. Knowing me I’d take a nap right after 😂😂😂

    57. JoonintheMoon

      I'm just asking out of curiosity, but is it like a mukbang requirement to shove giant loads into your mouth in one bite or is it just a personal preference?

    58. x7 Cole

      Who else watching at midnight starving on some lasagna..

    59. Kz


    60. The Diamond Dimanian

      3.7k people are jealous of either his cooking, good looks, filming skills or all the above.

    61. Livia lol girl

      5:20 did he cry when cutting the onion?

    62. Mos,Gaming

      I love you

    63. Mas sayur Staf

      Only zach eating extremely delicious food instead of eating raw frog

    64. asmr no talking

      why the music in the beginning:( much preferred the prep/ cooking with no music

    65. • Kelvine .W •

      3:43 kayak jemurin baju bangsul awokawokawokawok 😂😂😂

    66. Azys

      I'm Italian and I approve it

    67. Flame Rush

      70% of this video is zach cooking and the 30% is zach eating

    68. OnlyBlushful

      Ngl, i see why ZachChoi is way more respected in the Mukbang community. This man actually puts in effort on his videos. Then just eating.

    69. Mashup Coco

      Avsfcwfh agg. D von Ruby geb d day ygybv

    70. ali beesly

      You ever just... want him to talk???

    71. きみきみしーな


    72. Toni Diqnen


    73. Antonio Faoro

      I'm Italian good job man

    74. Jhemanny Tenoria



      Bro keep for me am come

    76. Irene Flores

      혀려쵸ㅠㅏ혀. 춏허ㅑ. ㅏㅐㅊㅇ호 ㅓ뎌 러ㅐㅍ ㅎ혚 ㅑ로 찾아 제

    77. rm Abeyrathna

      Zach can you make a giant oreo cookie 🍪 asmr cooking 🍳 and eating 😋

    78. Jacobacobs

      How to say lasagna Right: Lasagna Wrong: Lasanya

    79. Calvin.m.stalin Stalin

      How is he fit after eating all this food?

    80. Zoe Games

      Only if my lazzna would look this good

    81. Andrew 09

      Man, Zach was smiling alot in this video

    82. Chloe

      Ok can we just talk about the first half of the video on point

    83. Shania Grant

      Am I the only one who skips to the eating part😬🥴

    84. Jewels

      Me watching Zach eat this with a bowl of ravioli and my imagination : 🥲🥲

    85. Jewels

      I wonder if Zach ever thinks to himself “ Damn Im good “ while he eats

    86. tobian graham

      its the video quality for me

    87. Love Is Everything.

      I love to have some 🥺 a bite through the screen ain’t enough

    88. Sticky The Stickman

      Garfield: Pathetic.

    89. ASTRO HERE

      Smiling eyes intensifies

    90. wEiReD pOtAtO


    91. Алёна Карабаненко

      КрюютЯ 😉

    92. sydndur

      i love watching your videos zach! Only thing I would like to see changed is the consistent social tags on the bottom. Its kind of distracting since I watch your videos full screen to fully appreciate your awesome editing & cinematic shots!!! Suggestion: maybe do a few pop ups with your tags to remind people to follow you!!!! Hope you see this!! Love your videos! 💖💖💖💖💖

    93. Junji


    94. Mady Zoldyck

      So no ones gonna talk about the *height* on the lasagna- like damn

    95. abeljosh pasilan

      6:14 so satisfying

    96. conte suas histórias

      Aí dei valor. faz e come o q fez👍👍👍👍

    97. Salem Kane

      Bruh. I'd be looking like Goku destroying that lasagna. Barely breathing but constantly chewing

    98. •нσρє•

      Man 😔...... POR QUÉ TIENE MANOS TAN SEXIS!?? 🔥😲🔥 Literal casi convulsionó cuando lo vi amasando la masa para la lasagna! 🌚🔫

    99. Jessica Denisa

      Well....he broke the diet.....😕

    100. Sergej Mišakov

      This is a killer lasagna