Surprising My Dad With My NEW Dream Home!

Graham Stephan

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    I recently bought a new home in Las Vegas Nevada - here is my dad's reaction, enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan -- LIMITED TIME: Get 3 FREE STOCKS ON WEBULL when you deposit $100 (Valued up to $1600):
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    1. younghat5

      You should buy some investment property in Atlanta

    2. Ana Pukas

      Gram buy your daddy a house too 🏡😅

    3. Shiva Sugu

      Wow house

    4. Darius Phillips-Perry

      Love the dad, he seems like an awesome dad. Hella supportive, still got that parental love and care. Giving him suggestions for future videos and everything

    5. Tell Telly

      I love all your videos but this takes the cake!

    6. Seth the Guy

      Waitttt Grahams half Canadian?!?!?!?!

    7. Jessica Yang

      Graham's dad is just awesome

    8. Azzurri82

      Graham gets it .... priorities. Family is definitely what's important. Loved this video! How awesome!

    9. Crazyirish __

      Smash the like button. Your Dad is cool. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    10. coffeemaddan

      Nice reaction :)

    11. Tohidul Man

      This is huge

    12. comedycopter

      The smell of Real grass under foot is an essential experience.

    13. Apple Account s

      Love this. Congrats on your hard work and luck. Luck is an important part for me at least.

    14. Shayne Johnston56

      You should buy your dad a house too...

    15. Tiffini

      So sweet he is so proud and excited for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    16. Alex JT

      Such a boss

    17. Mighty Max Glitches

      KGup Graham and in-person Graham are like two different people. And both look different too.

    18. JJ Carmichael

      Me as a Canadian agreeing w his dads Nevada statement

    19. bababue33

      New house with a beeping smoke detector!?

    20. Rocket Stock Picks

      5:34 a classic Canadian apology

    21. Dreaming outloud

      Congrats graham you deserve it!

    22. lucia mendez

      You should have your dad in more video. Its entertaining listening to his comments!

    23. Vestlen

      3:54 So he likes the arrangement of the range... :o)

    24. Garrett Brooks


    25. 0009stephanie

      Wow a tankless water heater lol

    26. bruh moment

      Lmao you just got his reaction for a video and youtube money maybe if you give him this house or at least let him move in that called sharing not filming his reaction for video

    27. Amelia Rush

      I am 56 ... you amaze me.... cannot imagine your parents pride, over all you have accomplished !!!! HUGE !!! Congrats and many blessings

    28. Inspiring Media

      Bruhh his dad is so wholesome haha.

    29. Inspiring Media

      So nice to see you finally spend more than like 2 dollars your hard earned money on something! :D

    30. Rachelle Richardson

      Did you buy your dad a house, I would rather see that reveal

    31. Nick Athon

      Is that Adam savage in 10 years???

    32. WhatSilviadid *

      Love watching his dad. He seems such a kind heart person. Best wishes to you and your family Graham 😊

    33. WalterFrostbyte

      Hey, a fellow Canadian! Sorry hey! I'd like to see your dad more often, he's awesome!

    34. Anh Nguyen

      Your dad will be a better KGupr than you Graham. His energy is great !!! Open a channel for him please 😂😂😂

    35. jdubo79

      Beautiful house, but my prediction is in a couple years you will make a video "Why I downsized my house. Big houses are just too much work"

    36. Sir Robert Spriggs

      Your dad looks like an older version of you

    37. avo samuel

      Your dad is super awesome! Love him!

    38. Survival Vince

      He mentioned that "you could park a couple of cars in here." I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a Tesla pull into your house. No fumes or oil leaks to worry about so why keep them in a separate garage. It would be so awesome to have it sitting in a living space and jump in it in the morning to leave for work.

    39. Wearisome Nomad

      The house is so ugly; I want more of a big cabin

    40. Jess Machado

      omg this video was so nice to watch

    41. Alvaro

      I would love to see your new home once it’s finished. 🙂

    42. Wham Bam

      bless you bro

    43. bufodo

      Gonna look forward to your future house tour.. probably on april

    44. Lively

      Love this.

    45. Make One's self Better

      Love this, your dad seems so proud of you

    46. Lee Steven

      Dad will be proud of you.

    47. Lessardo

      3:40 Grahan is like 'that's crazy but actually a good video idea'

    48. Overland GoGa

      thought he was giving Dad the house ...

    49. StudioOff

      Graham, whats the smallest amount of savings one can realistically invest in real estate in SoCal you think, 100k?

    50. Bogdan Torchilo

      Your dad’s perfect for KGup

    51. Mari Wong

      You are so awesome!

    52. tim acorn

      this is so motivational

    53. Just Lo

      Sweetest moment ever ❤ Thank you for sharing

    54. Canadian Karen

      Which Province is your dad from? 😃🇨🇦

    55. Lil View

      Did you buy your dad a house yet?

    56. Milton A

      We gotta get the house tour when its done


      But it’s Nevada 😒

    58. Bryant Favela

      Aww you dad is so sweet awww 🥺❤️ he deserves the world to !

    59. Tank The Pitbull

      I’m happy for your success Graeme but it seems like your subtly trying to flex ❤️

    60. Emma H

      I thought he was buying his dad a house

    61. badsomething

      I thought Graham was giving his Dad the home... was kinda disappointed when I re-read the title

    62. Enhance With Milly

      😂😂"yes I'm coming here"

    63. Never Time

      Love how the Dad said "we need to be correct with that IT IS NE-VAHHHH-DUH" and his face...your dad's awesome Graham

    64. Sweet Silly Stuff

      This got me teary eyed. I also bought a house and my parents lives with me. It makes me so happy to help my parents

    65. GET2222

      I seriously don’t understand why anyone would spend this kind of money with a tiny yard and 15’ concrete walls around the perimeter. Tiny yard.

    66. Chae Bunn

      That’s your dad alright 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no denying down to the vernacular 🥺♥️ love this and ur dad y’all seem so sweet

    67. BurrThang


    68. J D

      2021 LAS Vegas defeats la

    69. J D

      Now your ready to begin a family Channel. Love living here in Las Vegas since 1996

    70. J D

      No way bro, you Moved here to Las Vegas !!

    71. Rebecca Coulson

      Hope his parents aren’t renting anymore. Would be nice to help his parents out.

    72. Rodrigo Camargo

      I thought he was going to gift him the house. Still awesome video and beautiful house! Would love to see the final result. Cheers!

    73. Deyvid Bitencout

      Great video Graham, very motivational and inspiring. You deserve it man!

    74. Tiff Meek

      How lovely! Beautiful supportive parents. A joy to watch.

    75. Sunshine Living

      Graham, it must feel so good to see how PROUD your Dad is... thank you for sharing! 😊

    76. Diamond M A X

      I'm probably also going to buy a house in Las Vegas because it's sooooo cheap..

    77. Simon Talbot

      That's a proud dad

    78. A 1

      Whats the point in such a huge house? No one needs this kind of space. Delighted dad is a joy, but he is proud anyway.

    79. Zeky Canahuati

      Forgot the morgague was for 30 yrs wow thats a long time.

    80. dauntie kay

      You look and talk like your dad!

    81. Al Manzo

      WOW Graham, Instantaneous Deluxe Xerox machines ! He's Great

    82. Kay Ballentine

      As a parent of tweens, I’ve wondered about your parents and how they instilled good values in you.

    83. dd x

      The ludicrous sudan rarely arrest because delivery acromegaly announce among a adventurous tuesday. mixed, easy pest

    84. Kris Rifa

      Your dad is awesome, such a cool and humbling guy :)

    85. Dave D

      5:43 Canadian eh dad? Go Canada Go. Eh

      1. Dave D

        I'm In Kitchener - Waterloo Ontario Canada 60 miles From \Toronto

    86. Davia

      His dad was so much fun to watch ... i had to “ destroy the like button” 😆

    87. Jihane Jay

      Take good care of your dad 😘

    88. PureUnwindASMR

      Love your Dad! def do solar

      1. PureUnwindASMR

        So cute Nevaada. Def change that backsplash is that the backsplash? It's bad gotta tell you now. can see where you get your genuine kindness and goodness

    89. Guadalupe Ayala

      I love to see your Dad so happy and excited to see everything you’ve accomplish!! Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us!!

    90. PansatHD

      What a cool dad!

    91. Kristian Baidanov

      ahhahaha i think im moving here hjahahahah

    92. Joshua Gribschaw-Beck

      Now I want you to show is once it's all done and moved in!

    93. Joshua Gribschaw-Beck

      Nice work! Congrats!

    94. Tyturner98

      Man, your dad is so extremely supportive. He’s so huge on everything you’ve done awesome father

    95. km5658

      thought you were buying your dad his dream home, read the title wrong lol.

    96. J.Brytni B

      Aww, your dad is so proud. "Pop Champagne"

    97. Drew Smith

      Such a good son and you made your dad very proud of, wow

    98. Mike Criswell

      Well, at least you didn't buy another house in California! The government there has run that state into the ground!


      I love you fathers reactions it’s always awesome lol. Good job Graham

    100. bumpak

      is your dads hair real? If so you may have a chance