World's Largest Beyblade - Powered By A Chainsaw!

I did a thing

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    1. I did a thing

      Head to to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

      1. Mysterious Person

        Much needed after eating paint

      2. Henley Witt

        You make it in the latest Beast Hacks video 🤝

      3. Marý Linda Jóhannsdóttir

        @MyGuyKi _ Iii

      4. bixby guy

        I have my vodys height of hair

      5. Qyasar

        Make a shotgun that shoots seed shells to plant trees What could go wrong

    2. Marni

      Most australian thing i've ever seen.

    3. IDKhyren

      chainsaw powered fishing rod I want to see this

    4. Surachai Skye

      Holy fuck bro the leg

    5. Austin Wendl

      So the beybalde needed a rubber tip. Good to know that even beyblades use protection

    6. Curby Kai

      0lease tell me that wasn’t real glue you put in your mouth...

    7. Curby Kai

      I really don’t like how he is barefoot during testing

    8. - TonyWasTaken -

      ill donate a leg any day

    9. - TonyWasTaken -

      did my guy just eat rubber glue?

    10. Sheildusergaming Sheildusergaming

      17:57 IT A DEFENSE TYPE!!!

    11. xthe_memerx King

      News flash this guy is fucking crazy

    12. T-pose

      4:38 - 5:44 Me on acid

    13. CoRrUpTaGoD

      Who else agrees that he should have used flex glue?

    14. mister misanthropic

      I too sometimes grow a third leg

    15. Mark Moller

      buddy im actually in need of a right leg. should have asked if anyone needed it. what a waste of perfectly good right leg.

      1. Mark Moller

        also if i was able to keep my leg and still had it i would totally give it to you but alas it probably was dissected by some guy. plus it was all rotten lol.

    16. Simon L

      4:10 this is amazing. you make really good videos buddy.

      1. I did a thing

        cheers mate

    17. SuperChromatic

      Literally every part of this video is upsetting.

      1. SuperChromatic

        There were like 40 times where I audibly said "nooo...".

    18. Josh Priestly

      glue by bicep was a nice choice of song whilst you ate glue

      1. I did a thing

        Thanks mate

    19. natalie sweet

      maybe make the tip fully out of rubber and a flat bottom instead of a pointed tip in theory if you did that you could make it act like that one horrible pegasus one.

    20. John Zurick

      You need to make like some sort of bowl or ring for it to move around like actual beyblades

    21. giacomo zambelli

      Love when he's messing with glue and Glue by Bicep starts playing

    22. Ultrajack88

      Most youtubers have a warehouse to do dumbshit in. I did a thing has an actual abandoned house that was once used to grow weed.

    23. Clueless_Music

      Imagine being an abandoned building explorer and entering the drug den only to find a bone taped to a chair

    24. Bill Davies

      man that rubber glue is good shit

    25. Ryuko Matoi

      Can u turn this into a fishing rod

    26. Im Right Your Wrong

      That poor drug dealer.

    27. Liam Coxen

      For future reference. You know for the next time you make a massive beyblade. Make it unbalanced it will cause it to be more chaotic. That's what they do with some of the real beyblades

    28. Glass Joe

      4:32 is a satisfying part ngl

    29. EG G

      I can see it being used as a fishing saw

    30. DeWorDeR

      i thought that "drug dealers house" was a joke until saw more :DDDDDDDDD

    31. BurnRoddy

      23:16 That's because you are unfufilled. By now you've been twice into a Triad house and Fu hasn't filled you with lead yet. So you're unfufilled.

    32. Flame _F1yer2037

      *AY BRO WTF* 😳

    33. KrisFirebolt

      So he ate rubber and gained sentience Does that mean he's into it? xD

    34. River Vanderkloot

      What’s the song in the beginning

    35. Anxiety 2006

      I just cant stop loughing from thinking how some random teens go to that house to investigate and seeing all of this.

    36. Jaxon Rohrer

      The way you dont wear shoes and touch the blade makes me so nervous

    37. Seth Jones

      whats the song at 0:32

    38. DKR_02

      Just in case he didn’t know, the blade is gonna go perpendicular to the slope of the wood it’s on, left or right depending on the spin since the side of the tip is touching, not the center of the tip. Hope that helps

    39. Evan LaMartiniere

      That's not a leg ;)

    40. Felix B

      Bro you didn’t have to eat the glue

    41. Eternal2401

      Man fuck outta here with that beyblade shit, we in Lego Ninjago territory with this thing, ditch the sharp edges and stand on top of it to begin training in the art of Spinjitzu.

    42. HeirLethal

      Ball bearings tip is the answer. Like Draciel.

    43. Aequinoxium

      The anticipation for your next video is killing me

    44. Puddingmaster

      This is the absolutely the most fucking terrifying channel I've ever watched

    45. Maxifire 32

      1:10 you can use soda to remove the rust: step 1: get a big bucket of soda (the beyblade must fit in the bucket) step 2: put the bayblade in the bucket step 3: wait one or two hours step 4: remove the beyblade from the bucket (WARNING, THE SODA WON'T BE DRINKABLE ANYMORE)

    46. hamza nawaz


    47. Eather Panda

      Bro you are like my last braincell.

    48. SirPandaFluff

      This dude is drunk and high 24/7, he's the definition of "hunk" (high and drunk)

    49. SirPandaFluff

      We learned the "how", but shouldn't we know the "why"

    50. NitroCrypt

      Imagine turning that modified chainsaw into a fishing rod

    51. Zendekka

      Damn, you made yourself an xcalius in the thumbnail

    52. Paul Nicola

      22:47 dude perfect hire this guy

    53. nice person

      3,2,1 LET IT RIP *Literally rips everything in its way*

    54. GamerDude

      I love how they start treating the saw like an SCP as soon as it starts spinning

    55. Cringus

      this man just had an astral out of body experience with rubber glue

    56. HeyItsGranny

      4:25 Excellent choice of music

    57. im mad with world

      Who hates feta cheese

    58. II7MDJ _

      I’m never going to lose against that 10 year old.

    59. Mindaugas A

      More animal videos please

    60. Andi Heub

      Wheres the new new video buddy? Im not your buddy pal ect😊👍👍👍👌 pls do t keep us waiting any lo ger

    61. Blitz_jr_ 4591

      i remember the day this came out i wasn't expecting mrbeast to see it

    62. MadBunnyRabbit

      How's the cat situation? (:

    63. No Name

      what's the name of that song towards the beginning its been stuck in my head for days.

    64. BEASTMOB2


    65. evangellic

      this channel is such a fever dream

    66. fan_tasia

      When i did a thing finds stuff, he automatically claims it as his.

    67. missingindy

      I’m assuming that you are the owner of the world’s biggest scrapyard with how much scrap metal you have

    68. Fabien Knight-Williams

      Mr beast wya?

    69. ColdEzra

      I sound alot like him

    70. Duckweed

      5:31 Wait, *what?*

    71. Average Po

      13:59 The marijuana sneezes are actually a thing. Not from smoking it but from trimming it. It's a flower so you can expect regular allergy symptoms to occur. I work at a hemp shop and every time I have to trim I sneeze all day and get bloody noses ;(

    72. comrad is crazy

      Smash that leg button

    73. Dreamweaver

      Song at 5:19?

    74. Lin

      I clicked on this thinking I would just see destruction of stuff, but this was the most unexpected random video I ever saw and I just love it

    75. Magnus Beaumont

      Forget Robot Wars, we need Giant Beyblade Wars!

    76. Thomas Bramwell


    77. Andre Chestnut II


    78. daddy tabasco

      i love the way you pronounce aluminum 😁

    79. Adam Oravetz

      Try making the tip flat, like the bottom of a cylinder or something then put rubber on it

      1. Adam Oravetz

        And more layers of rubber

    80. Peppa Pig Edits And More

      Almost 1.69 m subs. Nice...

    81. Wilfred Palmer

      @Ididathing Mr Beast reacted to this video

    82. Ju Lian

      Since it´s a Beyblade, let two of them compete in a bowl arena XD

    83. Turtleman _02

      Mr beast reacted to your video

    84. Frost bite

      I love you bad. (*-*)

    85. Moshin Buksh

      Aussie comedy at its best....great job up 2 bayblade battle!!!!!!!

    86. Jack Griffiths

      That glue remix is something else 👌 Link?

    87. Thoriq Haris

      Imagine polarsaurus was the one who heard this

    88. PAY R3SPECTS

      couldve just used pepsi to remove the rust and saved like 10 minutes

    89. NOxNI 69

      Where you at man?

    90. Logan Jackson

      The coke on the scale 😂

    91. Systematiclol

      Hey you cant see your extra leg in some of these shots, you got it removed some other way!

    92. Edgar Montana

      I prefer bleach than paint

    93. The Gaming Dino

      Can you break your jaw with a jaw breaker?

    94. RelenaHedacted


    95. Og Sheep

      Fun fact this video was featured by mrbeast on BeastReacts video titled "Worlds Largest Lighter"

    96. stinks or stonks

      Ugh, I think he's cheating on me... The boys:

    97. Atle Engstrøm In the second half of the video there’s something that doesn’t ad up Either you or them are lying🤨

    98. Wallace Shotgun

      Do more scrapyard restoring vids

    99. KeyZ

      Saw u on jordies vid

    100. Psycho Diary

      Bro plzzz waiting for another bomb