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    Captain Holt is the ultimate dog dad - and Cheddar's the ultimate accomplice. Forget Jake and Amy - this is the greatest partnership Brooklyn 99 has to offer (give a take a few common b***hes).
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    #CaptainHolt #Dogs #DogDad #Cheddar #Brooklyn99

    күнү жарыяланды 2 ай мурун


    1. ceo of existing

      cheddar in swimtrucks omg


      “You’re just some common b*tch” The double entendre

    3. savery alike

      The torpid lyocell ideally launch because cultivator secondarily stain below a fuzzy scanner. ad, helpful mother

    4. Andaeru Pollendar

      I thought it said died for a second

    5. Seraphine

      Holt calling a dog an idiot is one of the funniest things.

    6. Almighty Fluff Boi

      "i conjured him"

    7. Vincent Zhao

      Can someone tell me which episode was cheddars Instagram episode

    8. rose

      “you betrayed me,,, you’ll explain yourself later”

    9. rose


    10. Landon Ujimori

      “You’ve betrayed me. You will explain yourself later. Please return to my office.” If my fluffy boy listened to me like that my couch pillow wouldn’t have a brown stain on it

    11. ShotJon 2

      How have I never found this tv show

    12. Lady of Darkness

      With the beard, Kevin looks like Van Gogh.

      1. Ferdoushi Zaman

        Finally someone said it

    13. Rylanor The Unyielding

      I conjured him- Jake I love this

    14. Olochgu


    15. LOCATOR

      Our fluffy boy cheddar has died RIP

    16. SERdar Bro

      Friend: Who’s your favo- Me: Cheddar Friend: I didn’t finis- Me: C H E D D A R

    17. Carly Hazen

      Ah bingpot

    18. Ben Cox

      The blue cornet jointly disappear because corn counterintuitively fill in a adhesive saudi arabia. determined, cheap algebra

    19. Dinh Tran

      As a corgi owner this episode had me hyped!

    20. ashlin1902

      0:17 Holt: I could not have been more clearly talking to the dog. Cheddar: *woof* yep

    21. WWEFromMyPerspective

      “Amy, I think we need to use the binder” “Oh, mama!”

    22. dragonmemeZ

      I love how almost every scene chedder is in they are smiling

    23. Amy Helen Davies

      “I conjured him” 😂

    24. pleby turtlesaurus

      Such a serious man with such a cute fluffy boi

    25. Angel Cardoso

      Every time captain holt said return to my office I always lose it lmao

    26. Nick Arnup

      I saw Diaz vent, emergency meeting 😂😂😂

    27. Sairam Prasath

      1:11 return to my office please 😂 😂

    28. I'm a VNTR

      This is not Cheddar, this is a bi. A common bi!

    29. Eleven Racoon

      I love how cheddar audibly agrees with Holt in that little noise he makes at 0:17

    30. mohammad reza moradi

      she snuck up through the vents, I think Diez is the imposter guys.

      1. I'm a VNTR

        The tell me why among us animated video is perfect for this

    31. { Insert Funny Name } !!!

      "You're just some common b*tch!" -Captain Holt Season 4 episode 6

    32. boyinchlorine

      4:50 Is it me, or is it just Pimento looks like a crook on those slacks

    33. Luis Enriquez

      The beneficial noodle unintentionally camp because kite reilly inject astride a deafening capricorn. acidic, fluffy appliance

    34. Thor Odinson

      Cheddar you duplicitous bitch

    35. Moon Dreamer

      I absolutely love cheddar as a dog name it’s adorable

    36. Rosie Widdicombe

      Is Chedder a male or female in this video?

    37. SomeBaconOnTheSide

      The Fluffy Boy.

    38. sreekanta yogesh krishna

      You *betrayed* me, you'll explain yourself later

    39. UrBuudWill

      its a diffrent dog. Lik they swtiched up the dog alot? or am i just crazy.

      1. Luno_3

        The original dog sadly died, so no your not going crazy :)

    40. jd wii

      The championship cummerbund kept flipping in tha scenes with kevin

    41. Iakovos Pitsikalis

      Cheddar is different in the park part 😂

    42. Rana Haseeb

      Why are voices so high pitched in this video? Especially holt.

      1. baba yaga

        Its normal in mine

    43. DZA

      Return to my office

    44. Anjale Navanathan

      when jake is equal to a dog

    45. Rachel Marks

      Why 30 hates????? Why!!!????

      1. Kyan Kasuri

        @baba yaga racist

      2. baba yaga

        Problably accidently disliked them or muslims

    46. Avoiceintheshadow

      "and I couldn't bring myself to neuter Cheddar, but I will neuter you all." my favorite line

    47. ogladacz r.t.

      I don't like dogs, like Chandler

    48. Matthew Maletto

      Rosa is an impostor! She used the vents!!

    49. Enycma Pie

      RIP Cheddar. The original dog they used, Stewart has passed away at 12 years old. They are using Stella, his sister for the newer episodes.

      1. Shadow_ Girl

        I knew Chedder was different after the dogsitting episode

      2. The Spartard

        I noticed he didn't have that black spot too quick

      3. William Little

        @Titian Trigon haha the last 2 seasons have been made by nbc I’m pretty sure

      4. Mihir Deshmukh

        RIP Cheddar (Stewart)

      5. Lady of Darkness

        That happens a lot more often than we think. Stella from Modern Family was replaced so many times. Unfortunately, animals die.

    50. Bálint Ács

      9:09 Rosa sus

    51. Theodrin

      cheddar was the least consistently cast dog ever. look at the fur color

      1. Rana Haseeb


      2. Aiden Bielefeld

        The first cheddar died, his brother replaced him.

    52. Juan Manuel Penaloza

      So what police rank do you think Cheddar is?

      1. Marie Whitbread

        Assistant captain

      2. micky69

        Captain's dog

    53. Bill Butt

      I just realized cheddar is a different dog

      1. For Wakanda

        Yea Cheddar was rotated with his sibling and unfortunately, the real Cheddar passed away this year so they added a few more corgis to rotate. R.I.P Cheddar.

    54. himiko 1

      He protec He attach And most importantly he love his dads and always come back

    55. MandyDandy-02

      Love that Jake and Holt knew that the dog wasn't cheddar right away

      1. poppy's paperbacks

        Like father like son

      2. Mordirit

        The best detective of the NYPD and the best detective of the 99... Hard to fool them!

    56. Max Payne

      Cheddar is love. Cheddar is life.

      1. himiko 1

        He protec He attach And most importantly he love his dads and always come back

    57. Angelo Gopaul

      "Return to my office"

    58. don't :3 watchmeh

      Gosh i love brooklyn nine nine im watching it for the 7th time right now LOL

      1. himiko 1

        Chedder best boi

    59. Uriah Evans Dragon77

      French cheddar: Le Woof

      1. TheRealDavis660


    60. TheZzZzZzZzZzA

      Soo this is just Parks and Rec but with some variations?

      1. himiko 1

        Parks and rec police version

    61. Battle Duck

      Cheddar's feet clapping the ground will always be the best noise

    62. Francesca S

      Can't. Wait. For. This. Show. To. Return.

    63. Laurence Lauzon

      5:31 I can't stop laughing at how Charles is walking

    64. Tomas Mccreesh

      Rip cheddar

    65. Alex G Reid

      Jake would be the person playing Among Us who always camps Security and doesn’t complete his tasks.

    66. La s er

      Holt: Cheddar has now over 14,000 followers... it's an incredible feeling

    67. Thugga 91

      I love Cheddar, that‘s why I call my German Shepard „Cheddar“ 😂😂

    68. Elmer Sirianni

      I like how Captain Holt literally has the personality of a cat but the writers just decided to make him a dog person.

      1. Ryan Burns

        Good job copying the top comment m8.

      2. Nick

        Good job copying the top comment m8.

    69. Nevan Slone

      9:16 Watching season 8 of Game Of Thrones

    70. Hello From The Other Side

      I love that there is barely any dislikes

      1. Hello From The Other Side

        @Francesca S ikr

      2. Francesca S

        Wow you're right. The positivity of this show, wards off the negativity.

    71. Jareth The Goblin King

      Aww, you didn't include that long slow mo run Cheddar did in the latest Halloween Heist

    72. Barin Tanir


    73. Phương Hoàng

      I love that Jake is literally Luke Dunphy from Modern family as a grown up

      1. ragnor fell and can't get up

        With the daddy issues

    74. Karolina G

      9:12 what episode is that?

      1. Tahrae The storyteller

        Season 6 episode 16 cinco de mayo

    75. Abin

      I love that "fuzzy" boi

      1. Abin

        @Emma Ray he's scruffy

      2. Emma Ray

        He’s not fuzzy he’s FLUFFY 😡

    76. Ceddy

      "Oh good grip, pristine coat. That's my doggy!"

    77. Yara Altro

      Im gonna get a corgi just to call it Cheddar and love him as much as Holt

      1. Paul Detomas

        @the doctor productions "I think from context it means not educated" - whichever the boy one is from sweden

      2. juliet munlenz

        Btw, if you want a dog always get a border terrier!

      3. juliet munlenz

        And make him wear booties in the snow but nothing else?

      4. the doctor productions


    78. Vida Sultani

      Amy's face at 8:56 is just an everlasting mood

    79. Tyler Halloran

      I see holt I click I see cheddar I clicks I see Brooklyn 99 I clicks

      1. Lavanya Verma


    80. Misha Kapadia

      "It was very intense, *friend."*

    81. Sushant Mireddy

      "You're not Cheddar, you're just some common bi-"

      1. Wizard Wizard

        The writers are genius.

      2. For Wakanda

        @Rekusa Axelrod Cheddar's sibling switched scenes with him bit after the original Cheddar passed away this year, they added a couple of more dogs :/.

      3. Francesca S

        @Rekusa Axelrod Captain Holt could tell you, but then he might have to detain you. Better not to know.

      4. Rekusa Axelrod

        Yeah but cheddar is also a different dog in differnet episodes ... HOW MANY CHEDDARS ARE THERE?!?

      5. Francesca S


    82. Angelis

      Does anyone else want to hear cheddars explanation on why he betrayed holt? or just me

      1. Emily O'Shea

        @Layan Salameh oh that would be spectacular 😂

      2. Layan Salameh

        in season 9 cheddar's gonna win the halloween heist

      3. Hyperion

        @Adriel Cruz I mean he's a detective. And he's seen them both together before. Makes sense.

      4. the doctor productions

        These are both important questions

      5. Adriel Cruz

        What I want to know is how Jake learned that holt and cheddar walk in perfect lock-step

    83. D00TaN

      Is it just me or are some of these clips slightly sped up?

    84. Diana Nascimento

      Kevin starting an insta for Cheddar is very cute and sweet ☺️

    85. Martinkerbelle

      How could you not have noticed this?

    86. Joe Clark

      It a shame that they had to switch dogs I think the og cheddar died so they had to switch but I might be wrong

      1. Zapped RT

        The og cheddar died so they used his sister for the newer episodes

      2. 쀵쀵귀염이

        Yep they posted about it before. OG Cheddar has passed a while ago.

      3. stahp pls

        Yes but the OG Cheddar's children play Chedsar now too

      4. Kevin Gomolchak

        I think they use multiple dogs for different purposes.

    87. Brandon vethanayagam

      Jake & Amy must be so jealous of the attention that Cheddar gets!!!

      1. Zach Brookes

        It's fine - they have each other.

    88. Cormac MacSuibhne

      Amy should've given Charles the finger when he was being rude. He wouldn't have been able to see her.

    89. Maria Feliciano

      rip the actor cheeter

    90. RSC

      Whay are you ge?

    91. Braxton Bobo

      2:20 best part

    92. Jan Erik

      This " you betrayed me you have to explain yourself later,waot in my Office please" is so goddamn hysterical to me

    93. Ethan Rebeiro

      I like how Captain Holt literally has the personality of a cat but the writers just decided to make him a dog person.

      1. Kassi Savage

        That’s why he’s a dog person people with cat personality’s need dogs and vice versa

      2. Lady of Darkness

        Right? I'd never think he'd own a dog, chaotics and cuddly, and matter of fact the first time he mentioned Cheddar he called him "my husband's dog" so maybe he wasn't so nuts but Cheddar grew on him being so well trained and all.

      3. clara pessoa

        He likes the possibility of training a pet to do what he wants, cats don't do that. He's a dog person from the beginning.

      4. juliet munlenz

        OMG Y E S


        Not only that, but they gave him a very playful and high maintenance dog. Corgis are herding breeds and, considering the fact his house isn’t torn to bits in every episode, Holt and Kevin have to be playing with him at LEAST and extra half an hour every day

    94. 4096r

      Oh mama! ❣️

    95. Quinn Moseley


    96. Joel Idicula Verghese

      I love that bingpot was something Jake accidently said and then it just became a thing.

      1. the pancake lazer

        @Francesca S i already use it

      2. Tahrae The storyteller


      3. Francesca S

        I'm going to start using it.

      4. Kevin Gomolchak

        Great catchphrase.

    97. Michael keaton

      "It's an incredible feeling" Love that line, and I don't even know why

      1. hchcey

        must be the way he deliver

    98. edcrimson


    99. aze

      jake sayin bless you was so cute

    100. Overlord Dan