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    Alien VS Predator... this time for real! Today we'll be determining this mystery once and for all with a KILL RACE! Whoever gets more points WINS! We hope you enjoy!
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    1. Sleety

      No spoilers the winner starts with a J 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    2. Sleety

      We're going green only. Pulls out mandos sniper😂😂

    3. Alexander Velasco

      Predator versus TECO alien

    4. Alexander Velasco

      I hate

    5. Baldionic

      dont wanna spoil the video but the winner is J

    6. Alejandro Orozco

      No offense but Jordan is better than Jesse in Fortnite ;-;

    7. ItsErnny

      team alien

    8. Timmy Marju Vesagas

      since pretator killed me in pro 100 go alean

    9. Djuro Stocko


    10. Lucas Mills

      These videos are to good

    11. Isaac Plays

      Predator was said to ALWAYS beat aliens in the avp movie

    12. harpreet singh

      weird that epic give a teleporting boss a health bar but not an invisible boss a health bar

    13. Tamara Witkowski

      Stop getting bonus every snipe Jesse that aint fair

    14. caira brown

      The person who played as alien is trash

    15. McCreamy

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from W W W. S E K U T . F U N

    16. aditya singh

      It was green only so why did Jesse take Grey lever

    17. Nasser Shayya

      Even if Jordan lost he could win he have more points

      1. Elliesprize

        Gg bro

    18. Leander Helwig

      Avp 1 celtic predator vs grid alien 😂

    19. James Hooper

      shot me out

    20. Jerri Porter


    21. JJ Camp

      I think we can all agree Jordan is just better

    22. Flor María Torres Díaz


    23. IDninja

      There is no thermal effect with the invisibility cloak.he wouldn’t see you

    24. Kaloqn Chemshirov

      Let's go alien you are pro ,bye bye predator

    25. Ulas Ekin

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    26. Aiden Cokelet

      Best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Eazy

      Truly one of the most unrealistic fights ever but I will take it

    28. Tristan Contreras

      F alien

    29. ToxyStillPlayz :]

      Just like the movies alien wins

    30. BagelhotnessYT

      I honestly expected Jordan to win is a universal law that the predator loses either in a film or games it’s always gonna happen

    31. Jenna Shaham

      I like

    32. Holly Brown

      They don't know how alien vs predator goes

    33. Marcus Balinton


    34. Jonas Strömberg

      J hghjmn

    35. Tarkan Korkor

      predator is the best

    36. Kosmix cnp trust


    37. Cathy Mcgrath

      you guys have the best videos

    38. Jody longboat

      I watch your stearm

    39. Nana Rashied

      My best youtubers in the world IF YOU with me leave a like .

    40. James Hooper

      get me the fortnit preder at 9 45

    41. cade sirianni

      that is good ideas

    42. alban hyseni

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    43. Adam Taab

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    44. Jose Alegria

      62 thouh

    45. Caiden Craig

      'so today' never gets old.

    46. Easton Greco


    47. Black Panda

      " Congrats to Everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆♥ "

    48. Tsuseb Mlking

      You guys are a pro in fortnite

    49. MouseΨ


    50. MouseΨ


    51. MouseΨ


    52. David0908 Mccafferty

      Am playing fortnite right now

    53. Mm Oo


    54. Diane Fallan

      what is the name of the music when predator and alien are facing off

    55. Tor Georg Von Der Ohe

      Jordan:"aliens are green almost everytime" Me: "Have you ever seen a alien?" (pls like it so jrdan can see it!)

    56. Adam Beluch

      Predator pro elien hacker

    57. natalia sadkowska

      wnstukewez klekstu patrpas 8sawatwiz

    58. natalia sadkowska


    59. FIFA 20

      How do you get into the same solo mach

    60. Kayla Sheets

      JESSE y do u look like your 14 or 18

    61. Sam Sehein

      The president in the alien skin is in real life

    62. amanda fludger


    63. Deep Kelz

      Alien vs Kiwiz

    64. Kim Wallace

      Can you friend me

    65. Ahmad ashraf

      what is an ai?

    66. Benny Taylor


    67. Mr Ron big try

      Hi wun v wun me

    68. Satori Halldorson

      Did he not notice taht the grenades were grey

    69. Vassilios Stasinopoulos

      Eleni is Dog food

    70. RPN FN

      Do blue superhero skin vs red superhero skin

    71. 2 2

      Wat you ar code item shop

      1. 2 2

        I'm want to use it

    72. Keith Ellis

      You kill livestream apax to damn you to gell

    73. Depux Ray

      yes just like the movie

    74. DRIFTY evoli

      What the ... you have joining my game the slurpman is always in my game it s my personal bot

    75. Opeyemi Olarewaju


    76. Robinsons landscapes NE


    77. Luv.

      Subscribe to Luv.

      1. Luv.

        Also x2Twins I love u guys

    78. Talkative Dumb

      Fun fact: ""legends are watching this lying on the bed""🔥🔥…........

      1. Rvora

        I am

      2. Cherie Hiland

        I am

    79. liorX Gaming


    80. The Ghost

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    81. Leisha Farrugia


    82. Pro Gamer

      I am watching thin at like 2 in the morning

    83. Txx Space

      Great vid its relax its chill Thx bro

    84. XDSHANOO9635


    85. Elliotte Burns

      so they are tied

    86. Ishan S

      He shouldn’t have won

    87. USSF Enterprise

      AVP Movie

    88. Karen Miranda

      The thermal sniper doesn’t work with the mythic the predator

    89. Emir Fırat Çirci


    90. Emir Fırat Çirci


    91. Kyubi _studios

      That's unfair manfo sniper is much better than the predator mythic also they're gods with snipers


      even if Jesse won the 1 v 1 he would still lose by 7 points

    93. Adrian Uliszewski

      I'm at fortnite pretty good

    94. The Kid Scientist

      “I am not doing a 1v1 again *ALIEN VS PREDETOR

    95. Nazzarena Mason

      Alien haven’t 23+ kills and predator 17+ (you are fake about your kill)


      jordan was lit

    97. Sultan Alkaabi

      “Beanie Alien Head 😂”

    98. Elsie Hooper

      you know that defulat girl with cammo pants that me

    99. Kingox -_-

      It's kinda unfair jesse challenges always harder😂

    100. Mariya Rahmani

      Jeannette est très bien elle a pas de problème