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    Welcome to our channel, MGSlots21!
    We are a husband and wife who love to record our slot play.
    Our channel will be focusing mainly on the High Limit “LINK” Slot machines.…. Superlock Lock It Link, Dragon Link, Dollar Storm, Lightning Link, Ultimate Fire Link etc… We also play lots of Rising Fortunes, Buffalo Gold, Cleopatra 2, Double Top Dollar and a few other 3 Reel Slot Machines. These are the type of games we have had many HUGE JACKPOTS on. Click on our playlist to view the videos!
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    1. MGSlots 21

      We love the $2 Denomination and are always trying to land another $10K Minor Orb! kgup.info/get/kKphdYzTZJF4fWY/video

      1. notis argirakis

        Mee too I like 2 denomination. But I think it is more difficult to catch minor or mini bonus..Between us when you catch 5000 did not you feel overactivity? ??

    2. Wood Man

      The wife is shopping and I’m going through old videos. Just wow. That was great

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed and oldie! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    3. Cheryl Storms

      I just want to congratulate you guys I sincerely appreciate being able to watch your games. I can only dream of being able to play like you play but just knowing that someone is making it happen it’s just amazing to watch congratulations you guys

      1. MGSlots 21

        We appreciate the support Cheryl! And thank you for watching our channel ~ m&g 🍀🥂

    4. Chip McVey

      👍😎👍 Hit & Run Glad you didn’t move back to the 1st slot. 😎👍😎 appreciate the play.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks for watching ~ m&g 🐉

    5. Marianne Maher


      1. MGSlots 21


    6. Larry Maxwell

      Sweet! Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow! Congratulations!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Larry ~ m&g

    7. Ewjiml

      Honestly, great session but how on earth can you bet $50 a spin? That’s my entire session within one spin.

      1. MGSlots 21

        We have a budget and know what we can afford to spin! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    8. John Houldsworth

      A Great comeback!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        We love when this happens! Thanks for watching ~ m&g

    9. John Houldsworth

      Thanks for the longer videos!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoy the longer videos! Thanks for watching John! ~ m&g

    10. rickypickles

      This machine on 10 cent denom Mini $100 $1 denim $1000. You should always play $1.

      1. MGSlots 21

        We prefer mixing it up! $2 denom are actually our favorite. Thanks for watching ~ m&g 🥂

    11. Khanh Le

      Is that real?

      1. MGSlots 21

        As real as it gets. Thanks for watching

    12. Kevin Kern

      Amazing bonus 🙂

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks so much Kevin

    13. gillyoh63

      Can your have taxes withheld on that fast pay ?

      1. MGSlots 21

        Yes I Believe so if you a Florida resident, we are not so we don't have that option unfortunately Thanks for watching

    14. Jeralyn Caballero

      Wow 😳

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Jeralyn! Thanks for tuning in 🥂~m&g

    15. Allison Davis

      Epic finish! What a bonus!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks so much for watching Allison! ~m&g

    16. Gary Carlson

      Wow awesome win.

      1. MGSlots 21

        We appreciate you watching ~ m&g 🥂

    17. Eileen Moccaldi

      First time watching you and won't be the last. You ROCK!!!!!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Welcome Eileen! Glad you found our channel. Hope you enjoy our content. Thanks for watching ~ m&g 🥂

    18. Cynthia Stewart

      I really enjoy watching you!

      1. MGSlots 21

        So happy to hear that Cynthia! Thank you for watching 🥂 ~m&g

    19. Christine Malouf

      Amazing xxx

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Christine! ~m&g

    20. Bradley Smith

      That person who jumped onto the machine next to you got you that win

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you to that person 😉~m&g

    21. Tracy Aukerman

      Great job!👍👍👍👍👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you! 🥂~m&g

    22. Gary Carlson

      That was a good session.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks Gary! Glad you enjoyed the video!

    23. Dkaio

      Lol that guy in the background messed up MG and Ng and said show me the power of your bonus 🤣

      1. MGSlots 21

        That happens sometimes!!! 😉 ~m&g

    24. Sylvia Gandy

      Epic Comeback 🤑🤑🤑🤑

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching-M&G 🥂

    25. Lad Tv

      10000$ win. Its so big and enjoyable 🐹🐹

      1. Lad Tv

        @MGSlots 21 tnx

      2. MGSlots 21

        SO glad you enjoyed the win! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    26. Mary Ridner

      Unreal. Congrats.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Mary!~m&g

    27. Jonathan Manley

      Freaking awesome!! I wish we had that machine at mohegan but I wouldn't be able to get that much. Maybe one day.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Maybe one day Mohegan will get it and you will be able to play hight limit! 🍀🍀~m&g

    28. Richie Sukhdeo

      Whooaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Nice win !

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks Richie! SO glad you enjoyed the win!~m&g


      Awesome! You had to give it to get it. I'll trade $3000 for $9000 any day.

      1. MGSlots 21

        💯!!!!!! Thank you for watching Jason! ~m&g

    30. Charlotte Green

      What a great session! That awesome win gave me goosebumps, that was exciting! Thank you so much for the video!🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

      1. MGSlots 21

        You’re so welcome! We really appreciate you taking the time to watch. Charlotte! ~m&g

    31. Nancy Williams

      Loved your sessions guys! I have to say this. 30 years we've been gambling. I can hold my own in the casino. But, I've never seen anything like how you guys do it, fabulous!🤗

      1. Nancy Williams

        @MGSlots 21 Thank you!😍

      2. MGSlots 21

        @Nancy Williams You have to treat yourself to something nice once in awhile! I approve of the purse!~g

      3. Nancy Williams

        @MGSlots 21 My goodness, that was meant to say jackpots.😄 Thank you, September has been a good month for me in the casino! My husband was happy because I put lots of money in the bank. And, I bought myself a new purse as a little reward. 😊

      4. MGSlots 21

        Nancy Williams congrats Nancy!!

      5. Nancy Williams

        @MGSlots 21 You guys are the best darlin! I won at Red Rock again tonight for $600,, so very happy! 😁 Go get those big jackets, yes!😁

    32. Slotty Murse

      Sooo sick. Congrats.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks!! We appreciate you taking the time to watch! ~m&g

    33. Chi Thai

      Good Luck 🍀👍💰💰💰

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you 👍 ~m&g

    34. Cher0kee

      I'm over here clapping as if I'm getting any of the money HAHAHA- Great wins MG - Congrats!

      1. MGSlots 21

        We love hearing about our viewers reactions!! 🥳 ~m&g

    35. tritter82

      So happy for you. Well deserved!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you so much! 🥂~m&g

    36. Sarfarzkhan Khan

      Great game 👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed it! ~m&g

    37. George Vardanian

      Amazing win☘️☘️☘️☘️

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks George!! 🥂 ~m&g

    38. JonesDylan874 The Fragmentationer - Dylan's Arcade

      OH MAN, that was EPIC! Way to go! Also, I heard you have something EVEN better on this game next month, huh, Mark? Can't WAIT for that!

      1. MGSlots 21

        We sure do!! Stay tuned! ~m&g

    39. Jack Daniels

      Nice hit

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks & thank you for watching Jack! ~m&g

    40. Rebecca Kay

      Hi MGSLOTS, congratulations for every winning, I’m very much delighted for your vedio I win but not a lot but still I’m happy, when I see this vedio I’m very very much happy to both of you especially I heard Gretchen screaming …… have a good day to both of you love you guys!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Rebecca and sending you luck for a big win next time you play 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 ~m&g

    41. Corey Hill

      Nice win again! I went last night won $500 playing poker then I went to the price is right slot machine and hit for $2000! Keep up the good videos.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Nice work Corey! Congratulations on your win!! ~m&g

    42. Marianne Maher


      1. MGSlots 21


    43. Marianne Maher

      L O V E IT 🥰🌷❤️❤️❤️

      1. truong nguyen

        @MGSlots 21 g. Mv🥉🥉🛸🛬🛸🤐🤐🤐🤒🤒🔌🕰🕰🔌🔌🥔🥨🥔🥔🍠🍠🍠🧀🍟🎫🥉🇬🇧🇿🇲🇼🇫🇦🇪🇺🇿🇼🇫🇻🇳🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇹🇨🇦🇪🇹🇨🗑💶💴💶 💴💶⛏📟

      2. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Marianne! ~m&g

    44. boar14

      Awesome guy's love the highlimit

      1. MGSlots 21

        👍🏻 Thanks for watching!! ~m&g

    45. john Kulpowich

      Hey. Don't take all the money leave some for us. Thanks

      1. MGSlots 21

        Plenty left for you, don't worry! ~m&g

    46. DW Slots

      My favorite Dragon Link game to play

      1. MGSlots 21

        Golden Century is a great DL for sure!! Glad we played your favorite for you! ~m&g

    47. Chontel Brumby

      Well done another great video I really love watching them nice people always deserve to win good luck 😉

      1. Chontel Brumby

        MGSlots 21 wow u have made my day thank u for the reply makes me feel special

      2. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for your kind words Chontel 😁~m&g

    48. Sabrina Carten

      Fantastic win!!!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks Sabrina!! 🥂~m&g

    49. James Oneavatar

      Another phenomenal win above $10,000, congratulations! I assume that was in the high limit room downstairs? I was just there 2 days ago. I did ok. My last win was 2 great bonuses for about $500 each in Dancing Drums Explosion betting $5.88

      1. MGSlots 21

        No clue James, I play in all three banks of the high limit Dragon Links lol...Best of luck to you

    50. Scott cook

      Gr8 come back MGS. U gotta big bonus.🎉🎆🎇👏👏

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the ride Scott! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    51. 726aali

      Ok. So please do rub some of your luck off on me :) That was amazing!

      1. MGSlots 21

        🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Hope this helps!! ~m&g

    52. Michelle Dyson

      Oh my goodness!!!! That was AWESOME!!!!! I almost threw my mouse again LOL I'm going to have to get a bungee cord for it LOL Thank you for sharing!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        🤣🤣 We have to stop putting out mouse throwing videos Michelle!! Thanks for watching 😉 ~m&g

    53. Josh Obrien

      Can someone American explain how American ponies work lol. Aussie can’t just change bet amount on a denom like that without changing the amount of lines ... if that makes sense lol

      1. Brook Wison

        Josh Obrien in this case it just all comes down to the max bet, Australia is either $5 or $10 depending on state. If you played on 1c denom it would work this way, you could keep max lines with a different bet level.

      2. MGSlots 21

        They work the same as in Australia. It just seems that we have more options for bets and pay lines. Lower denominations have more pay lines, Higher denominations have less pay lines in most cases. Hope that helps! ~m&g

    54. Lindylevo


      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching!! ~m&g

    55. albertha218

      Beautiful screen I love the $5,000 ball💗🤩

      1. MGSlots 21

        Such a beautiful sight 🤩. Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    56. Rebecca Kay

      Hi, MGSlots, I’m always happy to see you winning and I’m happy watching you both all the time have a wonderful day.....

      1. MGSlots 21

        Hi Rebecca and thank you so much for watching today! ~m&g

    57. FNS SLOTS

      From the amazing handpays to the way you talk to your Viewers, you guys are the real deal! Can't wait to meet you both one day!

      1. MGSlots 21

        We can't wait to meet you and your dad one day too! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    58. Kyle R

      What a battle! Digging these ultra high limit longer streams for sure. Such a solid result at the end. Thanks for sharing 🔥🔥🔥

      1. MGSlots 21

        You're welcome!! Glad you are enjoying the longer videos! ~m&g

    59. Fatin Salaymeh

      that was amazing .. timing you were going back to other machine and someone went on it crazy......

      1. MGSlots 21

        Some things happen for a reason!!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    60. Lupe C

      Incredible session🥳congratulations 🎉🎉

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks so much Lupe! 🥂~m&g

    61. Denise

      Nice jackpot. Wow!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Denise! ~m&g

    62. thomas washington

      WOW! Incredible!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Thomas! ~m&g



      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for tuning in Don! ~m&g

    64. Charmaine Robinson

      MG another Awesome bonus , enjoyed watching . Continued Good Luck to you and Gretchen , stay safe. 🌹🍀🍀🌹

      1. MGSlots 21

        So glad you enjoyed this one too Charmaine! Thank you for watching 🥂~m&g

    65. Mathew Horodner

      AMAZING! Congratulations!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks for watching Mathew! ~m&g

    66. Alimp3


      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    67. Jack Stearns

      A magnificent session!! We do like the longer videos where you play a couple of different games. We also like how you explain your strategy in playing the different denominations. I am a numbers person and this is not wasted on me!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you are a numbers guy!! We have another viewer who loves the numbers, Rick Leong. He usually posts a breakdown of every video. Some interesting number info there if you care to hunt down his posts!! Thanks for watching Jack! ~m&g

    68. Lin Rowback

      Absolutely phenomenal !!!!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed it Lin!! ~m&g

    69. phillipsal57

      Wow nice hit congrats

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks!! We appreciate you taking the time to watch! ~m&g

    70. Marie Jung

      Just recently played dragon link for the first time n won Major it was just $800 something nothing like your numbers but still im hooked now😒🤣🤣🤣..anyways Awesome win...got my first handpay last night ..😄👍 learning from you MG n Slot Queen n BC n NG

      1. MGSlots 21

        Congratulations on your first handpay Marie!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 ~m&g

    71. LaDonna Raney

      Woot Woot!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching LaDonna! ~m&g

    72. Pyretta Blaze

      It's crazy how invested a viewer can get watching your videos... I literally screamed as if it was me winning when that $5000 orb dropped 🤣 amazing win! Congrats!

      1. MGSlots 21

        SO happy to hear when our viewers have reactions like that 😉 Thank you for watching!! ~m&g

    73. Celeste Brown

      WOW what a massive jackpot 😍 Sorry for missing this premiere. Congratulations MG 👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Don't worry about it Celeste! Thank you for watching now! ~m&g

    74. reasa Davis

      You guys my favorite..Nice hit!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Reasa! ~m&g

    75. Peter Piper

      Superb win,loved every minute of that video....Thanks for posting....

      1. MGSlots 21

        You're welcome & so happy you enjoyed the video Peter!! 🥂~m&g

    76. Sibel Netherlands

      Wow wow wow M&G 😍😍😍 congrats on that amazing jackpot. Love you guys keep it going! 😘

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you so much for watching Sibel! ~m&g

    77. Lisa Delrosario

      WOW !!! What a comeback mark !!! Way to go and more luck ...

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the video! ~m&g

    78. Immortalx Soul


      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you very much for watching Johnny! ~m&g

    79. Awoopa *Paul

      That was unbelievable so good congratulations 👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you & thanks for watching Paul! ~m&g

    80. Nick Grebenc

      Great session. Awesome.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Nick! ~m&g

    81. david michelin

      I watch all your videos, i cant believe how lucky you are.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching and good luck when you play again David! 🍀~m&g

    82. Brent Drexel

      Amazing! Awesome hit!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Brent!! 🥂~m&g

    83. Maria Williams

      Congratulation Wow big wins All the best to you and Gretchen 😁

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you Maria!!! 🥂~m&g

    84. Roslin Impat Impat Roslin

      good luck MG..

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for the luck Roslin! ~m&g

    85. BOMBA Slots

      BOMBA! 💣💣💣 What an amazing bonus/comeback! 🎉🎉🎉

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the video! ~m&g

    86. Elisha Nolan

      Phenomenal finish guys!!! Well done. I got super excited for you. Haha

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks Elisha! We appreciate you watching! ~m&g

    87. mike lky

      Awesome jackpot 💯👍👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Mike!! ~m&g



      1. MGSlots 21

        Imagine it into reality 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    89. Rico g


      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks for watching Rico!~m&g

    90. porkostar1

      YES!!! Well done MG and Gretchen. Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾🎉

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you so much!!!! 🥂~m&g

    91. Wayne Smith

      Love the informative talk while your playing Mg smart playing also

      1. MGSlots 21

        So glad you like our style of play Wayne!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    92. Yola Nowak

      Great come back.. 👍.. I Can see you are learning from ladyluck HQ?.. She usually plays $50 a smack on $2 deno and wins massive.. 💵💵💵💵. After such a great bonus, I would of kept on playing. Strike when its hot on fire. 🔥♨️😉

      1. Yola Nowak

        @MGSlots 21 keep up the good work!.. 😉👍

      2. MGSlots 21

        😂 We have been playing $50 Dragon link for several years so it has paid us massively with 2 $12,500 orbs and many massive jackpots!

    93. anazilia 5961

      MG, you spoke too soon! You kicked the Golden Century butt!😆😅 Well done! Great massive win there!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Definitely spoke too soon! Thank you for watching! 🥂~m&g

    94. Helen Rosario

      Man teach Ng to play like this. Thats how u do it.

      1. MGSlots 21

        We are rooting for NG just like everyone else🍀! Thank you for watching Helen!~m&g

    95. DAyala Musica

      Fantastic sessions ~ wow ~~~

      1. MGSlots 21

        SO glad you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    96. Thomas Blake

      Wowzer migowzers

      1. Thomas Blake


      2. MGSlots 21

        LOL!! Thank you for watching Thomas! ~m&g

    97. Pat Loh

      Awesome is an understatement..You guys and NG are smoking these bandits..Grats guys.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks Pat! ⛔️🔨 ~m&g

    98. Cg Fh

      Wow really thought the fan was awesome n genuine Mark and I know u thought so afterward 👍 Had great respect for the high limit players. Even named top 3 👊

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching! 🥂~m&g

      2. MGSlots 21

        We have done a livestream with Francine & Miran before... kgup.info/get/iamYiXaYg2qoqIs/video Enjoy!

      3. Cg Fh

        U guys should do somthn with Francine and Miran such a great combo with u n Gretchen! Couple vs. Couple? Think about it would even love it if Narek brought his wife cause he is so cool n wanna see a couples session 👍

    99. Miss Eye Spy

      Great video thanxs , we still in lockdown town lol till maybe oct 28 or nov Love the $2-00 Ideas and Gretchen videos good luck keep winning love the donations to the kids top effort

      1. MGSlots 21

        Hopefully the warmer weather will chase the scaries 🦠 away and you can have some normal back in your life down under!! Thank you for watching 🥂~m&g

    100. Cg Fh

      Wow Mark Realy Nice start! Love your mannerisms man, in general you're a good person in retrospect! The way u play n act is not an act, just yourself bro great hits always cool to watch u play. Wanna see u play some Blackjack one day if it hasn't been done? Would even LOVE to see you do some ACTUAL Texas Hold'em! Bring a bracelet home for WSOP! Awesome to see man 52 cards 7 to 9 handed not hard to figure odds man and sometimes easy to read opponents

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for the kind words! Mark just filmed some Blackjack videos in Tampa last week so they will be coming out soon! Stay tuned 😉 ~m&g