Press Conference: Gonzaga vs. UCLA Postgame - 2021 NCAA Tournament

March Madness

34 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

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    2. Trieu Hung Dao

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    3. Glenn Shannon

      Great semi final game.

    4. debsam77

      UCLA played their hearts out. Gonzaga really got put to the test that time but will likely win the championship. No hate because I’m not a fan of either, but let’s face it people. The shot was just pure luck and honestly, I don’t think no one is sure who belongs where because of COVID. So many games got canceled until who knows!!!!!

    5. J C

      great game timme travels more than harden

    6. Unknown 1081

      IMO, NO ONE should have lost this game--both teams played their butts off. This reminds me of San Diego-Miami in the 1981 NFL playoffs...

    7. Jo NoSaY

      I gotta give credit to ALL the young men in the Tourny this year. They have been gracious, humble, and considerate in every press conference I've seen 💪🏾 No showboating or talking their opponents down 💯

    8. Even Q

      19:20 Who tf gave Terminator the mic?

      1. Jo NoSaY


    9. Mark Herron

      UCLA made a classic mistake in the loss. You have to put pressure on the inbounce passer and press up on the inbounded player catching the ball to slow advance up court. 3 seconds is a live time in Basketball. Remember when your shooting in your backyard....What do you say ....3.....2......1.....shot off ....slow motion in your head....ball rotating......GOOD. UCLA had the game. Let them off the hook.

    10. henry martinez

      I could watch this game again right now with the commercials it was that good 🤣🤣 Im gone✌

      1. Jo NoSaY


    11. henry martinez

      imagine taking ucla money-line💀

    12. Jericho Shelton

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    13. Protagonyst

      Zags never had a game all season with that many lead changes and where they were behind MOST of the game. Zags are still alive...but barely. No swagger guys.

      1. isaiah g

        you really decided to comment twice... how sad do you have to be? lol

      2. Phifty nic

        UCLA is a great team played an awesome game but Gonzaga is the better team flat out

      3. Phifty nic

        @bobcougar77 it means that he’s a fruit cake from cali

      4. Phifty nic

        @Will Thorson facts. This kid is definitely little spoon

      5. Will Thorson

        In other words it was a great game. Stop being salty. Ucla biggest lead was 6 and zags was 7. They had 18 or 20 lead changes. Man you people are a bunch of crybabies

    14. Protagonyst

      That was no Zag play called from the bench. Few said it-they were lucky. No team calls a 50 footer. UCLA played head to head with this media darling to the point where the Zags had to throw up up prayer in hopes of keeping their season alive. Suggs walking with big swag and should have hit his knees in giving thanks. The difference in this game with all the Zag over-hype...was a lucky bank shot. Mystique pulled the mask off the Zag face. No seniors on the Bruins squad and not intimidated by Spokane one bit. Rock on Bruins! All other PAC-12 were blown out in the losses. As usual, east coast media hacks are sleeping by the time west coast teams are playing. Go Bruins!

      1. Phifty nic

        @Dairy Free Milky Way Suggs practices those shots all the time, mabye if UCLA knew how to play defense there would have been different results 👩🏻‍🦲

      2. Phifty nic

        @Dairy Free Milky Way dawg your team lost 😂 go home

      3. isaiah g

        @Dairy Free Milky Way i’m not hiding from it.. it was a miracle shot. but we still won and you lost!! lol

      4. Bard Owl Kinsey

        @isaiah g its not about the wins- when a game is great like thise one was everyone is a winner and everyone and all fans win- the media hype is that it is all about who ends on top and then they get to be macho and all tough and THAT is a loser- those winners with "swag". swag is gernerally trying to proclaim manhood bc you fear you are not a man- it is bluster, it is a stain ona beautiful game- if we evolve we will look back on sports and be amazed at all this emphasis on winning- as if you're the man- it is so meaningless and boring this pursuit and this is not the road to love and self respect by dissing and dominating another.

      5. isaiah g

        @Dairy Free Milky Way winning by a miracle shot and winning by 100 are still wins. how was it seeing your team go home?

    15. Budy 3dymensi

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      1. Nathan Ruth

        I didn't know Bruce Willis coached UCLA. Makes sense, "Die Hard!"

    16. Mars Hard

      Gonzaga best in the west..hats off to UCLA they played their best game all season.

    17. Kim Jong Trump

      If Ucla completed that upset that would have been crazy

      1. ROSE SBSM

    18. Brian A

      Wish Juzang had just pulled up in front of Timme on last shot in regulation & gone with a floater, probably game over for Zags, but it is what it is...GREAT GAME for the ages!

      1. henry martinez

        Instant Classic🔥🤾‍♂️

      2. Stephen Jones

        And correction..17 for 25 from mid range for UCLA tonight was THE HIGHEST percentage in a NCAA tournament game EVER, not just 1 OF the highest.

    19. Keith Copeland

      UCLA was criminally underrated and lost because Gonzaga got lucky! Johnny Juzang is the best player in the tournament. UCLA is back and will be a force in the very near future.

      1. Will Thorson

        They were not criminally underrated. They came into march madness with a 16-10 record, losing 4 straight and bounced in the first round of the Pac 12 tournament. The got hot. It happens. I remember in 2016 Gonzaga was on the verge of not making it and they won their conference title and made it past the sweet 16, destroying really good teams just like UCLA losing to Syracuse by 5. It happens. UCLA won't be the last team to get hot. Don't act like they are the first or the zags got lucky. Zags been #1 since preseason destroying a ton of top 10 teams. It is way it is. Crying and whining about it is pathetic. And Baylor on Monday? They play up and down like Gonzaga does. It will be fun. You get to stay home.

      2. bobcougar77

        @Keith Copeland you do know the game was tied before he hit that shot right. UCLA played an amazing game and Gonzaga still beat them. Sour grapes

      3. dabney offermein

        @Stephen Jones It was an incredible part of the history of NCAA March Madness.

      4. Keith Copeland

        @Stephen Jones So the winning shot wasn't lucky? Please! Gonzaga barely beat UCLA. Beating Baylor is going to take a lot more than luck.

      5. MrHifihifi

        @richard jaquez Has Baylor?