The Champions: Season 4, Episode 3

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    The best young players are taking the Champions House for granted. It’s time to see how things are in the Europa House.
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    1. Rodney Moonga

      Guess who's back in the Europa house 😂😂😂

    2. SDPS

      Really,JUST REALLY you let rangers players be cold really

    3. parsa jahanshahy


    4. Leandra Pereira De Morais

      Os. Melhores. Ansi. Fati e phil fhoden

    5. Vahe Poghosyan

      Oh my god!!! If this is the Europa League house, what will Conference League house look like?!?!! ( If you didn't know Conference League is the third tournament what will start next season, google it)

    6. Zebra 123

      David Luiz is in the vent

    7. Will Douglas

      Best episode ever no 🧢

    8. Santiagoesilvaluig Santiago

      Tem BR ai

    9. Andi Denenenne

      AC Milan is still unbeaten. What do they have to do to be in one episode????

    10. Mr. John Eevie Dean

      Vardy looks like Butthead all grown up

    11. Kamsi Ikedia

      2:31 pennywise sus, he vented

    12. Sihirbaz Güvercin TV

      We lo cool

    13. Harrison Evans

      The fact you stole a line from oversimplified “funny how? Funny like I’m a clown” is actually embarrassing

    14. gygmgw mgwgw

      Could anyone tell me the meaning of “I’d come closer if it weren’t for me ankle bracelet!” at the last moment, please?

    15. Arizona Chill

      Best champions vid so far!

    16. theacme3

      Oh hell yes, Leipzig CAN make you!

    17. Jhonki Gonzalez

      Man The Europa League House is funny as hell! They should have their own show and keep the crossovers... Jamie Vardy Nailed it!

    18. Jhonki Gonzalez

      Poor Konrad de La Fuente ... :P

    19. Hassan Ahmed

      Bruno don't dive though

    20. Bebob Kiz

      The MLS line killed me.

    21. Dennis Tinga

      Rashford always feeding the needy🤣🤣

    22. Nathan Mendez

      We need a Europa league series like if you agree

    23. Nitrox _ Aries

      3:00 Clown in the room?

    24. chava ul

      1:20 well...., he is back

    25. Adrian kklo

      Greenwod and Foden digging to sneak in girls inside the dome😂😂 just like they did on England duty.....Geniusly portrayed

    26. Hol Horse

      I dont see sancho go to arsenal

    27. Celine. lol. Antonio

      Red. Vent

    28. Hippolyte Tenailleau

      « Let me be your goooooooolish guide during this adventure »

    29. استاذ اليوتيوب


    30. martin jones

      Rewatching this after Man U lost to RB Leipzig.

    31. Joaquín Rodríguez

      I was expecting ac milan :(

    32. ANALEX Tv2

      I tought first thah was Bellingham and not sancho

    33. Bill Nye The Russian Spy

      Poor greenwood is going back to europa house

    34. Aaronts07 _Gamer

      Love it how u USED RANGERS FC

    35. Abir Mohd Shakib Shahide


    36. Noah Mafuta

      Ansu Fati's scream like a baby 🤣 4:30

    37. typicalazn16

      2:59 Scared me silly

    38. Juan Louis

      You guys need to make a full movie yo like an adventure with these characters

    39. Juan Louis

      MLS the scariest place to end up for a promising talent

    40. TheHitman JCG

      Imma rewatch this video 5 years later just to see if Brandon Rodgers actually predict their futures

    41. Perico de los Santos

      sad no mention to sevilla fc


      I love their reactions of the eurpa house

    43. Jack Muraska

      Alfredo defoe and shaga are a bit cold, 😂❄️

    44. Juan Manuel Henao Gallego

      That greenwood dialogue aged beautifully.

    45. Nevo Sela

      1:18 yes they can

    46. Emanuel Uzumaki

      Qual é o nome da música 5:26

    47. kchall5

      And just like that, Man U is right back at Europa House.

      1. TheHitman JCG

        @5243 Hoàng Damn imma delete that . But still idk how they lost those 3 games who fault was it . Cause sometimes I was busy doing work to watch those matches

      2. 5243 Hoàng

        @TheHitman JCG they won 3 game man

    48. Fawwaz Fakhrurrazi

      Vardy perfect mentor

    49. zbg13

      Is that on the back a Jose Antonio Reyes tribute at 1:59? As a Sevilla fan, I appreciate the effort and the respect, the guy was a legend.

    50. VETERAN Henry Mworia

      Whose here rewatching the episode now that Greenwood is back at Europa house 😂😂😂😂 “You can't force me to go back”

    51. IC7

      Mata tried to warn us... he said we never knew what the future could bring... and now we’re back in the Europa House. Greenwood is probably having PTSD flashbacks at the moment.

    52. Chollins 802

      Live the way that Greenwood is back in the europa league

    53. Arnþór Atlason

      and mason geenwood is back in europa house

    54. Yuri Delgado

      2:00 is that why Ben left to Chelsea

    55. Mr Football

      "No I can't go back you can't make me!" They actually did go back to the Europa league

      1. Arda Vamık

        @Isai Lujan he meant that Manchester United did go back to the Europa League in real life

      2. Isai Lujan

        Greenwood didn’t go

      3. Arda Vamık

        I know right.

    56. 39 ROBIN BIJU

      Ha ha

    57. David Vasquez

      0:58 If Sancho does play for Man United, he’ll shipped to the M L Ssssssssssssss

    58. Minhazur Rahman

      Lol who is here after Man U is back to Europa? poor Mason Greenwood.

    59. MM16 25

      1:21 Greenwood: No I can’t go back, You can’t make me RB Leipzig: we can😏😏😏

    60. RnD_Guy

      is david luiz a reference to the it clown? hes almost everywhere

    61. Lilian Mbwette

      I need Jesus

    62. Jason Anudu

      😂😂😂 dfkm

    63. Sucukluev GTO

      After ManU got back into Europa? (3rd in Group H)

    64. Pamir Baran

      Where do the other players who aren't in the champions league or europa league live?

    65. Jack Bolstridge

      greenwood running away from europa house, but after today... 😬

    66. Beckett Sollars

      Low key can’t wait to see if Brendan Rogers predictions come true 😂

      1. Maher Loco

        Maybe for phil Foden ig because we didn't see a world class British player in a while

    67. Dale Turner

      ironic that man u were the ones lecturing about the Europa League

    68. Sonyc 1986

      That is why i hate bayern so much this video explained

    69. João Pereira

      lmaoooo vardyy

    70. 5p1tf1r3

      I hope Leicester makes it to the CL next season, we all need more role modeling by Jamie Vardy.

    71. Max Webber

      MU players missed the LE tour, but LE tour don't miss MU XD

    72. clayripblair

      Man united back to europa league house 😂

    73. Răzvan Dincă

      1:19 - this aged well :))))

    74. pinsen galaw

      Great episode! Way better from the previous Chlesea one. 👍🏽

    75. Max Stock

      Greenwood “don’t want to go back there “ Oh wait RB Leipzig 3 Manchester United 2. Manchester United is now in the europa league

      1. Fawwaz Fakhrurrazi

        Guess Greenwood's too late then...

    76. AIH Hazim


    77. Grace Mirchia

      Guess Man United won't be eating eggs for the rest of the season

    78. Niko Kadas

      I really don’t understand what people have with Bayern buying the best players of their teams, in there starting formation against PSG in the finals they payed less then 100 million for their team

    79. leu thovinh

      Who’s here after Man Utd returns to the Europa House lol

      1. bulldogsfan

        No I can’t go back you can’t make me.

    80. Joshwele Acho

      Sorry Mason looks like your going back to Europa House 🤣

      1. Aparna Bhandary


    81. Kochi3

      2:25 I beg to differ that is how you are suppose to do it

    82. Charlie Gussen

      U guys prob know everything about soccer. All I know is I like the tank guy with a man bun. I think it’s abrievheveviech

    83. heroanddeviant

      Here after RB Leibzig vs United 1:19 Poor Greenwood lol

    84. Arnav Upadhyay

      ManU moving here again xD

    85. Omar Niño

      Poor Greenwood,he's going back to Europa League house

    86. farrell

      1:20 now he's back

    87. CWE

      Hahahahaha!!!!! Greenwood was terrified of going back to Europa House and now MU are in Europa! Ha losers.

    88. Julian Caryll

      Here after Man UTD lost to Leipzig 🤣😂

    89. Faris Troy

      I guess Greenwood IS going back to the Europa league now.

      1. Cole Scott

        What bout now?

      2. thug village


      3. R O B

        Have a good eeeebening

    90. Rizzeh

      Im here after united got sent to europa Poor greenwood:(

    91. Walid fathi

      1:21 sorry but you will go to europa house again

    92. Adesina Martin

      Brendan Rogers looked like a Titan

    93. seeni gzty

      I like how Tottenham didn’t even appear in this😂

    94. chris9879

      I wonder how the Conference League house will be like. Maybe a tent or a cave

    95. D J

      Best episode! More Vardy episodes😆😆😆😆😆

    96. Dax Taylor

      Did you guy see david luiz in the backround at 2:58

    97. Evans Mwesigye

      will episode 4 come out soon

      1. seeni gzty


    98. asioe kiou

      This episode is a banger

    99. homboltv

      Normally I get all the jokes, but why do Rashford and Greenwood sound american?

    100. Kevin Omondi

      2:30 did you see clown luiz "easter egg" in the vents