A Brief History of Graphics


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    1. Tublet

      Me is doing math homework while listening* Also me: hears him say, "similar to minecraft." "I HAVE BEEN AWOKEN"

    2. Carl Bennett

      What about the polygons of Simcity? Or am I too easily impressed...

    3. Det0x3dN3rd 1.0

      brief description. me: looks at 40 minutes *lies, deception*

    4. Dot Euphoria

      Please do an updated video! ^^

    5. vans4menu

      WOW car polo is basically rocket league 🤯🤭

    6. My Name

      Obviously winner is Crysis

    7. Javier Fito

      This video is 5 years old and its already so outdated!

    8. Mr. 99

      Here's an idea, "A Brief History of Sound"

    9. László Barnicskó

      you know a video is influential when it's not a meme and still gets recommended out of the blue after 6 years

    10. npcwill


    11. Mister Music Man

      While we on the topic, it's MARIO. Not mary-o.

    12. Evan Fabri

      AAA content. Thank you for this chronology of cool

    13. SirMrDudeEsquire

      Who knew that rocket league was the first color arcade game? @2:25

    14. A Baron of Chivalry

      Car Polo is just 2D Rocket League

    15. Ben Foley


    16. are you sure that you exist at the present moment

      Jesus this video just shows PC's are 10000 times better than consoles

    17. Red Rogers Apex

      look, all these graphics are cool, but can it run badapple?

    18. Natjo

      If he had waited 3 more years, he'd be talking about RTX for ray tracing, and DLSS for improved performance

    19. Ice Frozen

      When you realize Ahoy uses his own gameplay

    20. Gracie Hurst

      brilliant video, great help for my dissertation, thank you!

    21. contrite sinner

      And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30 [KJV]) Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 20:21 [KJV]) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV])

    22. Tibor Schimek

      Disappointed in this video. Although it does show progress of video technology in terms of showing samples from oldest to the newest, the commentary has failed to explain anything that a viewer would remember as an Aha moment, something to have learned. The voice is relentless, sounding like the speaker was saying something important, but once you are not a foreigner and understand what is being said, you are left disappointed in not learning anything. I was hoping to learn how the graphics were/are made, but this video failed to do that. I guess the voice guy got paid for a nice voice, but the text given to him was garbage. Sorry, was expecting better.

      1. James Orrell

        @Tibor Schimek I actually really like this video. I've watched it 7 or 8 times over the past 6 years or so. No, it doesn't go extremely in-depth (possibly because doing so would result in a 4-hour episode) but what it does do is give a really nice overview of how the graphics of video games have changed since they were first introduced to households in the early 70s. Yeah, it may not be your cup of tea but you have to have respect for the hours and hours of time that Stuart has put into research, writing, recording and editing.

      2. Tibor Schimek

        @James Orrell You know it is, since I did not use that word, but you did. I am not here to compete as a producer of videos, I am the audience the video is made to be liked by. Well, I did not like it because it lacked the aspects I described. Shish!

      3. James Orrell

        This video is clearly not aimed at you then.You’re calling this crap but I don’t see you doing anything better on your channel. Come back when you have better content.

      4. Vanessa Magick

        this entire video was made by one guy

    23. Shane

      I begin realising how "old" I am as I recognize playing practically every game in this documentary all the way back to the original pong. Great memories. - and being a game developer now -very inspiring. Edit: I've probably watched this at least 3 times in the past. The edit is so KGups algorithm shows this at least 3 more times to the future Shane. Hey! Future Shane! I love you dude :) Fantastic documentary.

    24. Elric

      Where's cyberpunk? IK this video is from 2015

    25. Bruno Lima Dias

      Everybody's gangsta until Crytek releases a Crysis

    26. Kalifornia

      So here we are in 2021 and the best graphics of 2015 look so bad now and that's how it should progress is the natural order.

    27. Jotaro Kujo does anims

      Me: mom, can i have rocket league? Mom: we have rocket league at home Rocked league at home: 2:21

    28. Coolbro66 Coolbro666

      "A camera that permitted exploration without frustration" Ahoy 2015

    29. Arthur Banda


    30. Zachary McDaniel

      Holy shit this came out 6 years ago? I wondered why it ended so abruptly. Jesus this isn't dated at all!

    31. bn bn

      Emphasis on the word: brief

    32. Embruhh

      Surprisingly there's no mention of max payne here which imo had phenomenal gameplay and GRAPHICS

    33. Music Creditor

      Remember, this is only a "brief" documentary

    34. p0mf!

      need new video for new graphic technology

    35. Tanner Eanes

      Damn son it took me the whole video to realize this is from 2015 and is also a 40 minute video. I was like: "Damn, has it really been that long already?"

    36. Brooks Pearson

      This is not what I would call "brief"

    37. PounceLyGrin

      Ahoy's videos are timeless

    38. Ashe Yang

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    39. Vinicius Almada

      So, where are the overcited RAYTRACING?

    40. 4Heed Indeed

      Great video

    41. Maria Evans

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    42. Terabyte

      35:10 but the real question is... _can it run Doom?_

    43. PolyValk

      Art style > graphics. Ori is evidence enough

    44. LAN iD

      I love you but Magic Carpet was extremely fun to play. The only thing it lacked was additional content and/or a remake!!!!

    45. Brian C

      The forgetful scooter coincidently heat because exclamation expectedly crawl aboard a limping coffee. ubiquitous, automatic turnip

    46. Mason Greenley

      A Brief History of Graphics (Is 44 minutes long)

    47. John Little

      0:14 plz tell me the name of this game plz tell me plz plz plz tell me plz luvvia : )

    48. Arnis

      All good except "Brief" part. This is not brief even by 90s standard.

    49. Ludus

      ........and then cyberpunk came out

    50. Yu Tubaru

      I was kind of hoping you would have mentioned how advanced 2d graphics were improving along 3d graphics for a while. Showing the incredible 2d art and animation of Street Fighter 3 and much later Neo Games. Sure you showed some early on but sort of abandoned 2d in the video as soon as you started talking about 3d.

    51. Yu Tubaru

      I saw this video a few years ago

    52. flippert0

      What this video aims to be: providing an overview over developement of video (game) graphics. What the video is: a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

    53. OolexPlayz

      A B R I E F history of graphics Video: almost 45 minutes

    54. Адым Темучин

      21:11 This is not pronounce "Wolfenstayn", this is "Wolfenshtayn". You are mispronouncing this word. "Stein" is a rock in German.

    55. Nirvana Paradox

      I love how some gamers can't fathom graphics that don't look like staring at the pores on a mechanic's buttcrack, lmfao. Curb your perception.

    56. Isaiah Ballestrazze

      if only he had covered RDR2

    57. GroundThing

      Kid: Can I get Rocket League Parent: We have Rocket League at home Rocket League at home: 2:21

      1. Sekir80

        I was wondering myself! Didn't know that idea was this old! :D

    58. Nerf pup

      2:21 car polo huh. I guess rocket league didn't have an unique idea

    59. Skurk

      Imagine how the 2100's people are going to look at our fake 3d on a 2d screen.

    60. syncopated84

      this channel is amazing

    61. cproteus

      OMG these titles from my childhood...... I played so many of these. .25 cents a game.

    62. American Guy

      Journey has a video game but Metallica doesn't

    63. GuyInARoom

      I was like "why did he stop in 2015?" but this was uploaded so long ago we need an update

    64. Megan Jean

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    65. apenas um nome de canal

      6 years later and we have Ray Tracing. It's very expensive now but I can see it becoming the norm in some years.

    66. Lebendiges Gespenst

      It just came to me that while pixels rainend supreme in the 2D era, and modern reinterpretations of it, it was actually vector graphics which can be traced more as an influence in the evolution to modern 3D with its vector wireframe polygons. Meanwhile the pixels, when translated directly into 3D, are the less successful voxel graphics which are more seem on the indie scene today

    67. Seema Pandey

      I was wondering why he didn't say anything about ray tracing and then checked the year it was uploaded

    68. Do Ngoc Quynh

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    69. Lebendiges Gespenst

      Cyberpunk 2077 has become the new crisis

    70. Lebendiges Gespenst

      Vector, Voxel... it seems that if your graphical display method starts with a V then you will have interesting graphical alternatives allowing for cleaner images at the time but will soon hit a ceiling which is simply not there for the mainstream competition

    71. Brooks Pearson

      You seriously should of done Portal/Portal2.

    72. Diesel Pierre

      This explains a lot about the types of graphics. Thank you for the education.

    73. Solo Action

      When you don't see Crysis remastered do know its 5 YEARS old!

    74. Lio Prime


    75. Gary J.

      13:43: The great old days of Delphine Software...

    76. Eva Julia

      Who played that bit of Crash for the video, Played like a psycho

    77. sluggotg

      Ya, I can't take it Galaxians was not a Color version of Space Invaders.. Galaxians was VASTELEY more complext. like comparing a Model T fo a Corvette. So Asteriods was Truely Awesome.. YOu did not mention the Unbelieveable Tempest graphics, (or Gravitar or Star Castle).

    78. Astropathix XIII

      I've watched this at least 3 times over the last 6 years. Cheers!

    79. Yousef Reyhanı

      "Doom was the DADDY!!"

    80. Dale Grat

      I love it when he says vvvvvv

    81. Olusegun Sojobi

      09:36 The wheels moving along the sprite terrain. Must have been a lot of work at that time

    82. anonymations

      brief history ei

    83. Damidas

      14:33 I have nothing but seething disdain for anybody that pronounces "controversy" like this. I will slap your face sir

    84. Aleksi Loisa

      Now we have games like Cyberbug 27 inches that are crippled by their overkill graphics

    85. troubless saké

      "A Brief History of Graphics" *45 minutes long*

    86. PixelAmethyst91

      I love true informational game videos like this. Amazing work 6 years ago, man.

    87. Abdelkader Nechadi

      Thank you so much, this Video is a Gem

    88. Idontknow

      I watched this like 40 times now this will be my 41st

    89. M17UN4 C4P70R

      Leaving Halo: CE out of this is a bit frustrating. Also X-wing games had great graphics and polygon spaces for their times. I think they were both worth mentioning.

    90. XtroTheArctic

      After a year, I rewatched this video like it was my first time watching. The year is 2021 now. This video needs a sequel!

    91. Big_Joe_84

      "a brief history of graphics" the video: over 40 minutes

    92. Makari Shenouda

      9:20 "kick-started" *kicks*

    93. TommyMG96

      I swear to god the recommended feed said this was posted 6 days ago

    94. gpoop23

      Ken at 9:10 is really liking that shoryuken.

    95. otha cindy

      Give it 20 more years

    96. CX43 moments

      Fun fact: Roblox uses vector3

    97. SilverStone

      I would really like to see what a modern vector monitor would look like, but more so I want modern PC monitors to start using global render, rather than rendering one line at a time, it would be a lot smoother and dumb problems like screen tearing would be a thing of the past

    98. animatopia animations

      took me 41 mins to realize this video was 5 years old

    99. The Nasiudk

      2:21 Rocket league predecessor

    100. Dazz

      Really well documented the history of graphics, I remember growing up looking in C&VG magazine subscription dreaming of the future of graphics which looked then like movie quality though were still just basic pixellated blocks. I grew up to all these games & played most of them also. I remember going into arcades & thinking the graphics were simply amazing though still they were rather shit. Though a long way into the next galaxy from my 2600 days. Tomb raider was the next gen experience for me the game which really did bring graphics forward though it looked crappy it was a huge improvement. It's amazing how many of these early games I once thought were visually outstanding though advanced cpu's, graphics cards, software, hardware, sophisticated & mind boggling computer languages. Now we even have AI, the future of programming computers to teach themselves how to think & act writing their own code from pre-programmed algorithms named simply as "machine learning" the future one day will be robots so advanced they'll be the evil one day which supersedes us humans. Computers so intelligent they can even be programmed with all sorts of fed human DNA strands, AI & machine learning to concoct an evil DNA virus named SARS-COV2 which will slowly then rapidly kill us all off. That god damn awful human evilness, seventh deadly sin named simply as "GREED" oh yeh & there's "CORRUPTION" though even those so called celebs without an ounce of intelligence, natural skill or a days hard work will be nothing in the end also when they realise money isn't everything in life. Take care all we will make this world great again with good old fashioned values, morals called "love".