ICE IS HERE!!!!!! (Catch KILL Clean COOK)

Uncut Angling

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    First time ice fishing of the year. Look out. BE SAFE!
    ►Frostbite rods and lures:
    ►The Sunglasses:
    ►My Gear:
    Jacket - Simms Challenger -
    Bibs - Simms Challenger -
    ^^^^This gear is the lightest AND warmest stuff I have used. Lightweight may not sound important, but heavy gear in the past was very hard on my back and shoulders, and is brutal for long days on the water.
    Boots - Simms G3 -
    Strikemaster 40V Lithium Ice Auger -
    Strikemaster Lightweight Plastic Drill:
    ^^^battery powered augers make ice fishing sooooo much more enjoyable
    Spoon - Frostbite Dinnerbell -
    Rod - Frostbite Dipstick 39" Light Power -
    ^^^^in stock soon, I promise ish
    Jaw Jacker Tip-up:
    Leader Line - 6# fluorocarbon -
    ^^^it is worth paying the money for expensive fluoro from Sunline, Seaguar, etc as it will last you a long time when using just as a leader, and is a massive difference in strength:thickness ratio from cheap stuff
    Main Line - 5# Power Pro Ice Tec -
    Reel - Sienna 500 -
    Toboggan - Otter Mini Sled -
    Garmin LiveScope Ice Kit:
    Garmin Screen I use:
    Garmin Screen you should use for ice fishing:
    ^^^^I use the GPSMAP series mainly for extra wire port to allow me to record screen, the ECHOMAP series is half the price and still AMAZING
    Dakota Lithium Power I use:
    Dakota Lithium Power you should use:
    ^^^^big money, I know, but ridiculous amount of power, lightweight, and 11 year warranty!!! I am using the 100ah for my big clumsy setup, and their new 18ah will be perfect if you use something more practical like the 9" Echomap
    Underwater Camera - Aqua Vu HD7i:
    Ice Chisel:
    Ice Picks:
    Ice Saw -
    Main Camera:
    Hat Camera:
    Waterproof Camera Case:
    Camera Post Monopod:
    Ball Head for Post:
    Aqua Vu Underwater:
    Waterproof VLogging Camera:
    Vlogging Camera mini tripod:
    Ball Head for mini tripod:
    Drone with kit:
    Drone Lens Polarizer:
    Waterproof Drone Case:
    iPad holder on Drone Remote:
    Editing Program:
    iMac Desktop:
    Waterproof Laptop Case:
    Twitter: who cares about twitter?
    Vine: is dead and it's not my fault.
    *Amazon Associate Links Included*

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    1. Shane good

      You should use peric for bait

      1. Hoodbaby Javey

        @Shawn Pasieczka What have you been smoking? Stocked fish EXIST to be caught. There should be zero restrictions other than a max fish limit so people cant overfish

      2. vikipoyta

        @Shawn Pasieczka What´s the point, honestly? Tbh I don´t even understand the whole stocking culture. I´d just get depressed fishing spots like these that are basically a form of aquaculture. Not against it if you wanna do it but when so many natural fisheries are in poor shape it feels like a cheap and artificial substitute. On the other hand this kind of activity won´t harm the natural fisheries, so that´s a positive, but placing strict rules on these ponds still feels a bit silly.

      3. Ryan Kosiarek

        @Shawn Pasieczka why?

      4. Shawn Pasieczka

        These stocked lanes shout be artificial lures only, no bait at all. Personally I would like to see them no ice fishing as well.

      5. Kyle Pawlowski

        cut em up

    2. Brock Stephens

      Eat wild game !!!

    3. Tomas Paal

      17:24 Words of a pro! So true

    4. Dawson Bollenback

      What is the pest spot on the pond I’m trying to get my first trout

    5. John Johnson

      vegan let me guess your girl is a vegan, so you are vegan allso

    6. Denis L

      Always good video! Too bad it's a catch and release pond as seen by the sign .....

    7. Dylan Bigalow

      What model of Garmin is that flasher anyone know?

    8. Send Fins

      11:00 talks about just emptying the stomach then stuffing is way too fancy compared to spending time to properly filleting the fish and even removing the pin bones 🤣

    9. Susan Adams

      More videos please. You are the best

    10. Cole Hanson

      U haven’t really gone ice fishing if u havent fallen through the ice

    11. Jeff Francis

      Buddy, we need some content! Dont tell me now that youve got a wife your butter soft?!

    12. Bush Weasel

      Unrelated but what would you suggest for a sled? I have an Otter Monster Lodge and Eskimo Eskape 450XD so I think i'll need something fairly large but large means heavy.

    13. Steven Popkie

      2020-2021 ice season has begun LFG

    14. Aleksinatj

      I usually just pluck the pin bones out of the trout.

    15. youarewrong Lib

      You need a Wilcraft look them up

    16. ddub6900

      packing up depending on how much gear you have could take up to 20 min leave them hooks in the water till your all packed up and ready to head out

    17. Ridley Meade

      I live in lac du bonnet and fish at that pond

    18. Bill Brasky

      Fry your onions first you monster.

    19. Nelly's fishing Adventures

      You mention how a lot of people like to fill the body of the fish with onion, mushrooms, etc and then you say i don't know what's that about seems too fancy. I grew up in south america and when we cook fish, we just remove scales and remove the guts fill ot with garlic, onions and parsely and fry it. Fileting a fish is seen as a luxury because a lot of meat is wasted when you do fillets. So I've been living in canada for 25 year now and it seems like the north american culture only like to eat fish filets and usually breaded and deep fried.

    20. Joe M

      Love your channel

    21. Jerksonly

      Bro I died at the trout comment lol This is a stocked trout pond.. Exit out of the video.. thumbs down. Unsubscribe.. Haha

    22. Pirags

      Why the hell don't you have a spud bar?!? Or cleats for that matter?

    23. James Ross

      Come to bc and do some fishing

    24. Roy Elvine

      Hope to get out there soon, super busy lots to do.

    25. Tristan Reynolds

      Why are your sunglasses tinted 2 different shades?

    26. Bill Housley

      Yep, and you got to practice that crawling manuver two-weeks later didn't you.

    27. Nicholas James.S

      hey dude, isn't Lac Du Bonnet ponds catch and release only?

    28. Kyle Garfin

      Thank you UNCUT ANGLING!! looking very forward to this ice season and looking very forward to your vids!

    29. Doug H

      I get excited every year for your new videos. Good fishing and stay safe!!

    30. Brandon Bean

      Anyone know what kind of sunglasses those are that he wears?

    31. Brent Bazaire

      I am from Michigan and catch a lot of trout. I have never done fillets. I tried it and I dont think I will eat a trout any other way now!! Amazing! Thank you.

    32. Emily Scott

      good looking stocker, bash em!

    33. Meyer Rosen

      Many of fishing trips have ended with everyone watching me try to get those last couple minutes out of it in pitch dark while everyone else has their rods broken down or packed away.

    34. QueasyAmerican

      While fileting that out, you could pickle the chunk you cut out. The bones would dissolve.

    35. Colorado Fish Guy

      I find the color of the fish is usually related to if they are stocked or not. Usually white meat is indicative of super farm raised fish

    36. Scott Milner

      what glasses are those, I've been seeing them in all your videos?

    37. Theodore Schatz

      You said be safe but I’m your next video you fell in 😂

      1. Theodore Schatz


    38. sebastien dompierre

      using what they eat is callled matching the hatch

    39. Get'n Bit

      What happened to her ? Did you junk her ? ... hopefully.

    40. Keith Nichols

      The best thing about leaving the fish whole and stuffing it, is that when cooked properly the meat pulls away from those bones and the stuffing method does work for flavor

    41. Bobby Isztojka

      Here’s a secret. Most experienced trout fishermen who want to discourage the average fisherman who wants to keep trout for the table will say that trout taste muddy. When actually trout is very good in flavor. Even the stocked tout taste great. They say that the giant ones have the most fishy/ muddy flavor which isn’t true they don’t eat mud, and say that the “pan sized” trout are best to eat. This is just a gimmick. What they want is to keep the big reproductive fish in the water longer so that they continue to grow and reproduce. Which I agree with. Let the breeders go. But, one thing is for sure. Trout is delicious no matter the size. It’s even good for you, trout and salmon is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Now a days trout are so massively produced, I highly suggest keeping them and bringing them home. Regardless of its a 1lb trout or a 10lb trout. Catch clean and cook on!!

    42. Michael Mace

      "This could be the only video because of something horrific happening" - Almost didnt age too well

      1. Blackwater Sportfishing


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      When’s the next video dropping?! My Favourite ice fishing videos are by this man right here

    49. Spring Piston Rifle Fever LoneWolfStrength

      Loved the video. Don't take the chip/vaccine no matter what. It is evil.

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      Hi guys, cool video. If anyone has a few minutes to check out a far less entertaining video I have one for ya on my new channel The Fishing Expat. I'm living and fishing in Germany after separating from the Army. Check it out here: Or search for The Fishing Expat in the search bar. Thanks. Also, Epstein didn't kill himself..

    51. isar _angler

      Nice video😍I love how you kill the fish properly and not just throwing him on the ice and let him die. All my respect for that!💪👏

    52. 13284276

      man, where are you? I can't believe it's ice on the pond already just Oct. so shallow water you catch one

    53. jordan keller

      Really wish I ordered my frostbite rods before the freeze up! When can we expect new stock? Great videos great content really wanna try the gear!

    54. Jachin Hansen

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    58. Brennan Swanson

      do you ever mount your fish like a repikla but u put the big fish back i was wondering?????????????

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      Why was it blurred out when you cut the gills out? It's information on how to acquire and prepare food.

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    64. Chasing Tails

      Hey bud, is that the Simms Challenger insulated jacket? I just ordered one myself, if it’s Uncut Angling approved that’s even better.

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      Why do you use the 8610xsv vs the 93sv?

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    71. Stephen Spinella


    72. Team Jesus Outdoors

      Crazy that ya'll already have ice, since I was trolling this past weekend on Erie, in a T-shirt (75+ degrees on Sunday)!

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      Nice video! Now I really want to go ice fishing but the lakes aren’t frozen yet 😢

    76. Reid Simonson

      Also add olive oil to the onions, helps them caramelize. Adding a bit of garlic enhances the flavor.

    77. Reid Simonson

      Trout, Salmon, tuna = cook rare. Walleye, panfish, Pike = cook medium.

    78. Reid Simonson

      Eating McDonalds now a days is almost eating vegan since practically the majority of the meat is not cow meat.

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      This is the first video of urs that ive seen and you are a very helpful person and i hope u post more than just this

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