Sofie Dossi

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    This week I had a lot of fun pranking Dom again! He must hate me now. teehee. His friend Andrew and I flirted in front of him and he definitely got a little mad...
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    Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.
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    0:00 PIMP MY SHOE
    1:47 SHOE REVEAL
    #SofieDossi #DomBrack

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    1. Kensley Whitlatch

      I'm a 5th grader and I don't like sparkles But the shoes are fire 🔥

    2. • Zainab Ahmad Joiya •

      Ok..this made ME feel like DOM was 3rd wheelin' A.F 😂😂

    3. Eleny Aquino

      Wow a good Frank

    4. Eleny Aquino


    5. kolim jone

      Giggles adorably

    6. Kacey Hunt

      You should call doms friend babe to see how dom reacts like ben did on lexi and her friend s

    7. rxyyx luxianx

      Dom almost cried

    8. Jada Lockett

      Unicorn abuse

    9. Alexandra Jerlaine Santiago

      Sofia is so pretty i wish i was that pretty😍😍🥰🥰

      1. kolim jone

        Andrew: don’t you think she looks extra good today? Dom: Yah she dose

    10. Roblox Club

      Sofie just casually cutting zacks shoe..... WITH A SAW

    11. Icarus Falls

      I can’t handle Dom’s face😂😂 he was so uncomfortable hearing all the compliments🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Aerial Alexcia

      This just shows you how good guys hide their feelings

    13. Elizabeth Deters

      When they showed the unicorn eating the grass I saw the toes and it looked like those people that wear socks with sandals!! Haha

    14. Savana Shine

      Andrew: doesn’t she look extra good today? Dom: yah *IM ABOUT TO KILL THIS GUY”

    15. Brizza




    17. Mandy Johnson

      Aww Dom looks like he’s dying inside

    18. Goldstandardfarm

      No one literal no one her ones the heads of

    19. Shiven

      dom was abt to legit kill andrew there

    20. Tatiana Dixon

      If anyone did anything to anyone one of my shoes I will kill them, I dont care if they are fricking flip flops from the dollar store DONT TOUCH MY SHOES 💀😘😉

    21. Neetu Singh

      Dom like feels uncomfortable Like he is listening how they r flirting He was almost going to cry

    22. Lehani Human

      Zach aka shawn mendes look a like

    23. Eric Tysinger

      Andrew: don’t you think she looks extra good today? Dom: Yah she dose

    24. Hawa Joaque

      Those are like my favourite shoes so it like suffocated then killed me to see her sawing them up🥺🥺😭😅

    25. Just Jonhdre 33

      My eardrums!!!

    26. CreativeKids S

      Dom’s thoughts: first Andrew took Lexi and now Sofie I want to punch himmmmmmmm 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🥊😤😡

    27. Dhanzen Jeremiah Mirandilla


    28. Wizardbabyt YT


    29. Haleyrx

      Dom was like: “ah baby nah that ain’t gon work” 😂

    30. Ave Lobo

      Dom be like 🤔😪then later be like 😭😭😭😆 😅

    31. I'm a doge

      Sofie decorated the unicorn

      1. I'm a doge

        with shoes

    32. Siphosethu luthuli

      *Soffie Andrew flirting Dom in the back about chop Andrew's head

    33. Chileshe Holdway

      Andrew: do you have tattoos or? Dom: no Andrew + sofie: oh

    34. phillancia fans

      Hi everyone

    35. Nicole Wolfe

      Follow wolfeorganicsco 🥳👏👻❤️👑

    36. Lyrix Love

      Dom was like a cute lost puppy 🥺 Lexi Hensler

    37. Alejandro Garcia Medina

      Sofi dossi what the heck

    38. Lyrix Love

      Dom was about to song ‘everybody wanna steal my girl’ by one direction

    39. cloudyrxses

      Sofie Brack

    40. Darnell Witten

      Dom looked like he was going to choke andrew

    41. Andria Shikwe

      yoo...........Dom looked pissed ,concerned and worried...................poor Dom

    42. Yandel Gomez

      Dom's face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IM DYING!!!

    43. Ian Godfrey

      Does she habe fake nails

    44. Tan Celine

      i totally TOTALLY SHIP DOFIE

    45. Celina Yacoub


    46. Ani Bella

      People who think Dom likes slofie:

    47. Ella Garrigon

      the shoes... Eshays could Never

    48. yktv_pushy

      Bro Sofia is so pretty.

    49. Colaa 1167

      I changed the comment becuase it was weird and i didnt wanna be weird Great video really enjoyed it !

    50. bharati hiremath

      Sofie.....I won’t like you until you stop doing stupid and very very humorous thing

    51. Hailey Stadnyk

      Dom is was so jealous😂😂

    52. MoDanger

      u have the same birthday as me

      1. MoDanger

        That’s mine

      2. MoDanger

        June 21 I think

    53. Lila Niles

      I love how Dom is in the background just like wtf is going on


      dom: what, you said what adrew: i forgot me hahahahahahahahaha

    55. ceerw buty

      "Commiting suicide doesn't stop the pain" "It passes to someone else"

    56. Carlotta Tyler

      Ooooo yall bad ha ha prank ha

    57. Santa Biswas

      I felt so bad for Dom. Cause he's so good

    58. Nkr Nkr

      Dom was really about to kill Andrew 😂

    59. Michelle Castro

      Dom got made because #DOFIE IS A THING!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. ceerw buty

        No one: Litterally no one: Dom when Andrew says he fixed his hair cuz he was about to see sofie (at 4:34): 😐😑😐

    60. Sandra Sourav

      Dom looking so cute when he is jealous

    61. Coffee Gloss

      I SHIP ITTT ( Dom and sofie)

    62. Vanessa Lee

      Sofie in 2017: In America's Got Talent Also Sofie in 2021: OK imma pin zak's shoe and puts unicorn toy on it with holes

    63. Nengi Lenka

      That was cute 💙💙💙


      Andrew should be an actor


      Andrew: not like you know like you know that Me: Dom must be feeling like a third wheel teehee

    66. Keji Olaleye

      💏 uh no youto go Sofle Dossi

    67. Tehilah Ogidi

      i would have got out of that car immediately .

    68. SULLY

      Andrew and sofi about to kiss Me: oh no Andrew and dom about to kiss Me: YEEESSSSS

      1. SULLY

        I feel bad for dom

    69. Brisa Rodríguez

      Am I the only one that CrInGeS when I see this types of vedios

    70. Miracle Archibong

      dom know dat he can't hit Andrew like he did with ben cuz his older..... poor dom...well he feel wot ben normally feels 😁😁 love the squad 💗💗💗

    71. Nehir Ünal

      “We’re just friends” BULLSHIT !

    72. LinenIsMyLife

      Dom: when they ask you if your fine, but your not fine...

    73. Rebekah Garvin

      No one: Litterally no one: Dom when Andrew says he fixed his hair cuz he was about to see sofie (at 4:34): 😐😑😐

    74. Rebekah Garvin

      No one: Litterally no one: The horse on zak's shoe:why are you making me eat your foot fungus moss

    75. Fun Facts


    76. Klaudia Barnas

      Lol Sofie and Andrews couple name should be Alofie idk lol

    77. Shona

      Hi God loves you you’re so appreciated and loved Jesus is coming back soon I want you guys to be ready and not regret anything and to be kind to others and respect others God bless you🤍✝️🙏🏾

    78. maria slate


    79. Ali Chehab

      The amount of times people are in this friend group say ‘I’m down’

    80. Michael Bailey

      dom will get so jealouse

    81. Alexis Brouillard

      Dom being defensive was so cute

    82. InquisitorMaster_fan

      You should sell them I’ll buy them 😂✨

    83. SABAH _ Rah

      I feel so bad for Dom stop parking him

    84. Annalysia C 2026231

      they like each other i know it

    85. Violet Quinn

      Sofie puttting $5 unicorn heads on expensive Louie Vuitton shoes

    86. Mia Alonso


    87. Omesh Chandrapala

      Andrew kinda be like the ladies man lol

    88. Emma McCabe

      The fact that she know he is going to react protectively over Sofie and the fact that he was jealous literally proves that they are dating

    89. Ali Chehab

      Dofie's future kids: our parents are JUST FRIENDS.

    90. Niaomi Zed

      i heard if u say ur idols name they pin ur comment SOFIE DOSSI SOFIE DOSSI SOFIE DOSSI

    91. Koni MAKWARELA

      4:31 he went from 😶to😳 to😑

    92. Krista Mcdowell

      Merrey chrismas sofey

    93. Krista Mcdowell

      Hi shofe

    94. Diana mitroiu


    95. Warda Ait Ziane

      Dom is so nice-he doesnt want to interrupt

    96. Lolo Falelua

      bro I'm legit DOM when I am third Wheeling my bff and her bf

    97. Poppy Jenkinson

      Wow that’s cool

    98. Ritika Jhajharia

      Andrew being the catalyst to every 'just friends' relationship 😂😂

    99. ActionZoom

      How dare u do that with air forces

    100. Da Best

      "You're hair looks amazing today" "Doesn't she?" *looks at dom* "ya." *He's going to kill yah if u don't do smth*