Why Don't We - Be Myself [Official Audio]

Why Don't We

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    1. broken dollies

      but these artists that gives the biggest facts and inspirations deserve more attention

    2. Gaia Karam

      The dislikes are from people who were crying too hard to see the like button

    3. Zaarin Zara

      The guitar rift sound so much like ‘somebody’s me’

    4. Isaiah Debban

      This is so cool man

    5. Tate Tousey

      These guys are so tightly knit, I mean the point that Daniel cares so much about Jack's anxiety is so great and sweet. #Dack

    6. Kinsley O

      This calms me. I have severe anxiety and used to go through depression, and this song makes me feel like there's someone that gets me.

    7. Mark Tankersley

      If I weren’t a limelight I would say the rhythm was the same rhythm of Kansas City, but I’m a limelight so I would never say that

    8. konijnen fen

      Every time i AM listening tot this song i AM crying and i have goosbumps

    9. Samluvvs

      how can you hate this song omg MASTERPIECE

    10. taylor's covers

      Love this but wish there was more corbyn

    11. StayPositive :D

      Everytime I try to sing this song I get tears that wont come out

    12. Berra

      when i am there is two things that makes me feel better. music and writing. i am here to do both. i dont know what is wrong with me. no confidence, no self respect, no self love. i have dealed with a lot of stuff in the past. and i always somehow got over it. but this time its different. i have had eating disorders. you know all that calorie counting and punishing yourself when u eat too much. yes i have been there. maybe i still am. but the thoughts inside my head. they hit different. i dont want to get out of bed, spend time with people, i used not eat to be skinny but now i cant eat no matter how much i try to. the stress and the anxiety fucked up my whole life. nobody even notices but i have been crying myself to sleep the whole time. i know i have to get out of this but its too hard.

      1. Ειρήνη Τσατσακη

        I'm sure you'll win this...each one of us has a special power and we just have to use it☺️

    13. Sanskriti tiwari

      I love how this has 43k likes and 149 dislikes-

    14. Kenshin

      This song is underrated. This deserves a milly right after it was released , y’all sleeping on this one

    15. jack avery lover


    16. Wonderlandkoo

      Those 152 dislikes got so excited that the album came out they accidently hit the dislike button

    17. AZ - 07ZD 768280 Edenwood MS

      i had a dream that i met them and it was so weird cause they went to places with me and stayed with me for a day and this was playing in the background and i literally was crying like i wasnt enjoying myself like any normal person would i was crying!!!!! likeeeeee tffffffff

    18. AZ - 07ZD 768280 Edenwood MS

      this song is so beautiful and im litera;lly crying rn

    19. Carolina Hernández

      It sounds like an Hymn to everyone with anxiety... I needed it 💕✨

    20. jeje


    21. Diana Olivia

      i'm really suffering so much because of school, and sometimes i get mental breakdowns and just panic so much. i have tried talking about this to my friends, but i just don't really share everything because i don't want to burden them. and instead of talking about it, i go search up this song on youtube and put this on loop because it really has a beautiful message. the first verse hits so hard, and i am thankful for discovering why don't we and stanning them. i will try not to fall. thank you why don't we.

    22. Addie Bangura

      did anyone notice that the beginning of this song sounds like the beginning of long way down by one direction?

    23. Evan HerreraHernandez

      i am making my new album i am going to release it in sep 11 i going to be live too i am going to tour too.

    24. Valentina Esu

      God guys this song and the whole album are amazing❤️ I love you guys so so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. Rylie minzghor

      This song hits me different because I have anxiety and, thats why I write music to realive my anxiety, I want to be famous perform live, I want to write songs to save peoples lives to, it means a lot that you guys care about us fans, and you guys keep up the good work, keep writing music, I love it, I also learned this song on guitar, well thank you for inspiration, keep up the good work.

    26. Sadie Cox

      hey girlies :)

    27. Viola Beckham

      Why are these guys so underrated? Like this is art... Pure art.

    28. _XxChelseaXx_

      Had my first panic attack last night.. :/ It was scary ngl. But thank you for writing this :)) it really helped

    29. Loyce Thainna

      I became a fan after I heared the Trust Fund Baby, and they only have 100k subs. that time, wow they are becoming more famous, kudos!

    30. Addie Vlogs

      Good job Daniel its very good!!

    31. Charlotta Liontin Princessa

      It's So Obvious Jack Did The "Be Myself" Part

      1. _XxChelseaXx_

        I think Daniel did it because he wrote it but he wrote it from Jack’s perspective since he wrote it about him

    32. Rocio Bordon

      Every time i listen to this I need to replay it at least 5 times Omg this is so f*ing good

    33. valentina guillen

      the fact that i stayed alive just to hear this master piece... no regrets the boys have been saving my life since 2017 and i just love them so much thanks boys Corbyn,Daniel,Zach,Jonah and Jack thanks for everything

    34. Emzy Marais -Why Don't We

      my mum likes this song i use this for cleaning my mums work but i creid

    35. SydneyLovesToCreateWithMakeup

      Fallin sounds like rock,For you sounds like edm with a little rap and rhyming and Be myself sounds like country! #WhyDontWe #BeMyself #TGTATBO #TheGoodTimesAndTheBadOnes #LimeLights

    36. Reya Chi

      Had my first panic attack last week and I came straight here

    37. Peighton Murphy

      yall hear jonah's voice kinda shake when he says "everybody" yeah ill just go finish crying now

    38. Maria Skoufara


    39. Abi lol

      I'm not crying, you are

    40. davina scheepers

      This came out on my birthday! Thank you WDW!

    41. Oof Savannah

      This song hits me with the feels- not because of Daniel writing it for jack, it’s because of how god dang deep it is

    42. Gryffindor Girl

      I am inspired that Daniel wrote this song for Jack! This is is actually called ‘bonding’❤️

    43. Typical _Lozz

      I love this song so much.

    44. BabyTigers Roblox

      Be Myself Is So Emotional

    45. Tonette Jaro Baldonado

      it's just so hard to see that some people you trusted the most made fun of you and make up fake scenarios.


      this is such an awesome song.

    47. I still do wdw

      *Guys we made This album billboard top chart.* ❤❤❤ *This album is the best ever.*

    48. Ashal Kashif

      They aren’t the next One direction their the first Why Don’t We

    49. Ellen the limelight ·TGTATBO·

      Here before 1 million button 👇


      why dont we:let make a new song dont tell corbyn

    51. Beeswax

      i actually really liked the meaning of this song

    52. peaches kesya

      its almost 2AM in my country but im getting jawdrop- 👁👄👁

    53. Jh Hj


    54. Alaina Risse

      Thank you for writing and making this absolutely beautiful, meaningful, touching and so much more song!

    55. Anna

      you're my yellow💛

    56. Limelight Directioner

      only thing to say about my broken headphones listening to the song w8 IM HEARING SOMETHING SO GOOD IM BACK I WAS GOING TO COMMENT "only thing to say about my broken headphones listening to Be Myself is 1:45. it WAS THE ONLY PART THAT I HEARD CLEARLY in the headphones" BUT I HEARD SOMETHING SO GOOD AT 1:56 IM MAD. I HEAR JONAH AND SOMEONE ELSE DOING HIGH NOTES while jonah's doing low, but i can't tell who is singing with jonah SOMETHING ELSE IS HAPPENING TOO OH GOD THESE VOCALS ARE TOO MUCH 2:19 is happening. i think this is jonah and jack singing together. i've hit the jackpot. the broken headphones hardly pick up anything besides bass, guitar, claps, and the chorus sounds far away, but in Be Myself. there is like a minute worth of clear-ness. i'm happy.

    57. Noah Perales

      Dont mind me; just going through every song on the album and saying my favorite part(s) Pre-chorus, main chorus, Daniel's verse But I love the whole song

    58. Mahiba Mansoor

      I refuse to believe that this song is in the same album as "Look At Me"

    59. Arlyn Velarde

      I'm telling you guys. this song is so powerful

    60. DLHToronto

      Love Love Love!

    61. isa


    62. Estephany Meza

      I’m crying 😭

    63. Lil Scaredy

      “I might fall again I might faaaalll” the words people feel sometimes

    64. Jaybert Allera

      I lovee you why dont we😭😭😭😭

    65. Angeline De Ocampo

      This song reminds me of the movie called "All the bright places". I recommend this movie specially for those who are suffering mental illnesses.

    66. Toto It

      This song makes me cry every time because I suffer from anxiety too so to see jack feel the same pain just hurts 🥺

      1. _XxChelseaXx_

        @Toto It you can get through it :) I wish you luck🤍

      2. Toto It

        I just wish there’s someone to support me just like the boys support jack with his anxiety 🤍

    67. Jigyasa Kumari

      My dear limelights, Be Myself was written BY Daniel for Jack, as well as for HIMSELF!! Even Daniel had anxiety and when Jack told him about his, he thought it'd be great to write a song about it, seeing how many people can connect to it.

    68. jasmine

      I feel like y'all just shared a huge part of y'all selves. Good job on the song.

    69. A selenator And a limelight

      I’m so glad that these boys are there for each other were meant to be together. They supporting each is sooo incredible. Jack has the best people in the world. I hope he’s fine. Their voices are healing me like always

    70. Rishika Devehnthran

      absolutely speechless

    71. Rishika Devehnthran

      me just casually listening and crying cause this is literally me

    72. QwQ

      this song is so beautiful... it feels like I've heard it before but not really..

      1. QwQ

        the melody makes me so sad...

    73. World of M.

      Amooo a estos guys .


      lo amooo

    75. Adi Tuttle

      When I first listened to this song, I cried. I cried knowing that Daniel wrote it for Jack. I cried because finally someone put all of this into words. This song has helped me so much. I cannot express how much just listening to this song has helped me. You guys have literally saved me. And I am forever grateful

    76. CW says nope

      I love this song so much it makes me cry every time🍋💡❤

    77. muhammad talha

      this song makes me emotianally unstable cause it hits to my anxiety and last line that corbyn sang i lost it.

    78. Emily Bergen

      It is soo sweet that Daniel made this for Jack BEST band ever

    79. Lianne De Scheirder

      WOW DAMNNN this is definetly my favorite of the album !!!

    80. Beatriz Morais


    81. Beatriz Morais


    82. Beatriz Morais

      Que musica maravilhosaa. como não se identificar?

    83. Amber H

      I have been listening to this all time but I just listened to look at me and I thought 😦

    84. Moon Zaman

      Take me to Why Don't We concert where I can Be....... I can Be Myself. And nothing else......

    85. Jan Angelo SJ San Juan

      Be Myself deserves more

    86. Emma Purl

      Jack you are amazing and nothing will change that!!!

    87. Emma Purl

      We're dancing on anxiety ledge. I have anxiety but this song helps

    88. Yuka Aoki

      I cant even say in words how amazing this album is. Kinda made me tear up

    89. Emily YT

      Wow, just wow

    90. asioe kiou


    91. Indu Thapa

      the dislikes are ppl who had their phones upside down :)

    92. hybrid love

      Jack don't you let your anxiety get the best of you. And Daniel it is so sweet how you wrote this song for Jack

    93. Karolayn Makeup, Art & Stuff

      kgup.info/get/l3-ddH7Wf4Cjr24/video ME and MY SISTER REACT to their album **CUTE**

      1. asioe kiou


    94. Naila Amani 6C

      before watching this rn i just watched taking you and the grew so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    95. Keira Baxter

      This is so sweet

    96. Maanya Gupta

      Just can't get enough of this song.

    97. chen salazar


    98. (NLS student)甘珈惠

      I have anxiety and I'm still fighting through it, and i'm never done fighting. This song really helped me, I'm so proud that i know this amazing band!

    99. Ahkam Ashmawi

      "We're dancin' on the edge of anxiety's ledge" THIS ONE WAS FOR JACK OH MY GOD GUYS IM CRYING TOO MUCH :(

    100. Ahkam Ashmawi

      guys, i can't breath i'm crying way too much.