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    The next all-electric supertruck is coming. The GMC HUMMER EV SUV.

    See it. Reserve it. 4.3.21 5pm ET at
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      Perfect! *Looks Like I will be buying a used one 5 years from now.* at that price tag.

    2. Justin Shirley

      Wasn’t this the song on Shrek the third when snow white started singing?..... great first impression GMC🤦‍♂️

    3. Slava toin

      The first one is a no for me.

    4. Travis D

      Looks better than the cyber truck lol

    5. Vann Junkin

      All this and still no Firebird?? Pfffft

    6. Farcry5AttackersGames

      When this car comes out im definitely getting it to be added to forza not even kidding

    7. Landon Greene


    8. Salty Slappy

      I can’t wait to see these be driven by guys who think that the left lane belongs to them

    9. Ben

      I bet they'll claim this is "eco friendly" because it's electric. What a joke.....electric cars.

    10. The Deans

      The new Hummer DOU:CHE:BAG:MOB:ILE:EV:SUV

    11. Scott W

      Great. Instead of burning clean petroleum it will be fueled by coal-fired generators. Lovely.

    12. MJ Sushi

      Plug it in to charge. Citywide blackout


      They all wish they were a Chevy avalanche from the Honda Ridgeline to the Ford raptor to the hummer ev suv THEY ALL WISH THEY WERE A 03 CHEVY AVALANCHE

    14. Pahtrix

      It’s a yes from me

    15. Ok Google Play

      Original: "aaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAah" Cover: "eeEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeh"

    16. Whyinem

      That looks so cool

    17. Splodin Logan

      I’m just excited for an suv with a removable roof that’s not a Jeep or a sad excuse for a blazer or bronco. I think it’s pretty rad actually

    18. Travis Stankowski

      Haha gm is garbage.

    19. chad rizla

      If your in cali, you could only charge it 9 out of 12 months due to power companies shutting off power due to there awful maintenance of there infrastructure

    20. Boris Kunin

      No thanks I like my hummers 6MPG

    21. happy feet

      Ooooooh... Looks awesome!!!

    22. Mike Honcho

      Not a truck, it's an suv

    23. jggraybill

      Its still a gm and its total trash

    24. C. I.

      Lebron's voice was so pretty good on that!

    25. Obiwan Kanoli

      Brace yourselves for recalls and random electrical fires.

      1. Gio


    26. Ace

      This is going to be a disaster

    27. Leatherface123

      Congrats on ruining a legendary vehicle and ruining a legendary song

    28. Random Radar

      How much ? Oh wait too much

    29. Kyle Horsch

      I have an FJ cruiser. I thought Toyota was bringing it back until I read the ad. Lol I wonder where they got the design idea

    30. Mark Plott

      GMC - no one ASKED you to build a SUV Hummer, go bankrupt Already.

    31. Busted Knuckle 03

      And how much does it cost?... $120,000. Soooooo nobody will be driving it. Great job creating a product nobody can buy!! Also who wants to be limited to 350 miles till next charge that takes 8 hours and repeat.

      1. Mark Plott

        Cybertruxck is 625 miles and Charges 1000 mph in 30 minutes.

    32. JeanAlesiagain3

      I already reserved my cybertruck

    33. Rogue The Reaper

      The new hummer looks badass tho - joe rogan

    34. E Ferrill

      Put an ICE in it and it might sell.

      1. E Ferrill

        @Mark Plott Agenda 2021 has been extended to Agenda 2035.

      2. Mark Plott

        ICE will become ILLEGAL in 2025

    35. Vlogs By Alejandro

      Is that Lebron's voice I hear?

    36. Naj the savior

      Can go anywhere

      1. Mark Plott

        NOPE, cant even go up a 5% grade while towing 14,000 lbs

    37. Hashim Shaz

      What They’re Doing Is Making An SUV 🚙 Out Of A Pickup Truck 🛻 Think About It.

    38. mark marcinik

      GM has always been the best at designing show cars that never get built. This one is probably a one off custom body on a Tesla S chassis. Does any one remember the the Volt prototype? It was never built and what was built ended up not even being an EV.

    39. Spencer Enyart

      Fj cruiser v2

    40. N BA

      Men in black suv

    41. TheDocZ

      Side profile is just an FJ with 4 full doors instead of the half doors in the rear and you cannot change my mind

      1. Dmchavez84

        My thoughts instantly!

      2. Malignant Dignity

        Thanks you ruined it

    42. CedReL

      That looks like a armored car from GTA lol

    43. Small Brain

      April fools day.

    44. Small Brain


    45. Chris Leonardi

      Yeah. Whatever. Looks like an h3 with a curved roof. WAS THAT GRETA VAN FLEET COVERING ZEPP????

    46. MAXI P4D

      She's a very freaky girl

    47. Nick Angel

      Electric vehicles are so boring. Gas and diesel are dependable, predictable and awesome. Not going to charge my car like it’s a phone lol I’ll keep my 6-speed turbo.

    48. Calvin Bowen

      Detroit, not thanks.

    49. Sterling Sigurd

      Great another pos suv

    50. T W

      Never gonna happen.

    51. There Is No Spoon

      Sweet. I would rather have the SUV than the Truck anyway.

    52. James Clark

      GMC is trash and should have never been bailed out.

    53. Noah Shanklin

      Looks like a Toyota 4Runner

    54. john cheney

      The song is immigrant song from the girl with the dragon tattoo

    55. Mr Deeds

      GM can’t figure out their combustion engines without failing lifters in all AFM motors from 2007+. Now the new C8s are dropping valves with less than 100 miles. Now they want to rush into the EV market. No thanks!

      1. Shane D

        I thought I was the only one who knew these vehicles were so bad. I got me a mongoose bicycle and I never break down

    56. Ben Sahar


    57. Mr enderman 02

      Is now a back to this very futuristic looking hummer that has a very meaty first generation Humour appearance I cannot wait honestly one of the most exciting vehicles to come out of GM at a very long time

    58. Robby Anderson is a shrimp Jeffrey

      Cool, now bring back Pontiac as a high performance electric brand and you’ll regain me as a buyer.

      1. FaZe CrAzY626

        Best they can do is a crossover

      2. Diablo

        Pontiac is still around, sort of. Trans Am Depot builds modern day Firebirds (and GTOs) out of Camaros that are officially licensed by GM

      3. Eliseo Ramirez

        They don’t care about you

      4. Obiwan Kanoli

        Loooool. Talk about a loser brand.

      5. Mark Plott

        Pontiac DIED with the BANCHEE

    59. A Normal robloxian troll

      Im betting this is a April fools joke

    60. ThePeoplesChamp

      Idk nothing will ever come close to the H2

      1. Mark Plott

        Cybertruck wipes the Floor with the H2, 1100+ hp. 200+ mph, 14,000 lbs towing.

    61. ItJustScythe on Twitch

      Now this is awesome

    62. Deartabby 1

      No one likes hummers. If you drive a hummer you have a small hog dog

    63. spencer smith

      Everyone in the comments: The Hummer is back! Me: LEBROONN JAAMMEESSS

    64. Michael Azar

      I plugged this into my house and now my city has lost power

      1. Milk man

        @Ryan Optekar you can’t do it without the pfp

      2. Ryan Optekar

        Eat your cereal

    65. Tony Martinez

      Jeep: wrangler 392 Ford:Bronco outlaw GM: electric Hummer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. D Mac

        Who wants a 2 liter bronco? Or electric mustang?

      2. Nando MX

        You couldn’t pay me to drive a bronco 🤢

    66. Tony Martinez

      Hahahaha what isssss that?????

    67. Alexis Segura

      Let’s go electric! Car company: $96,000 starting!

      1. Phlying Phoenix

        i mean tbf it’s really just a luxury suv. it’s on the same level as an escalade. and it’s not like escalades are cheap.

    68. michaeldublg

      Wow, look!! GM created a hybrid FJ ridge line wart hog mash up. ... Now it would be awesome if they brought back the hummer.

      1. Jad Elajouz

        @Mark Plott just buy an avalanche if u want a hummer and change the badges unless it has rust (nearly all do)

      2. Pahtrix

        @Obiwan Kanoli 😆😂

      3. Obiwan Kanoli

        If I wanted a hummer I’d ask your sister.

      4. Mark Plott

        Hummer built on a Avalanche

    69. Firegem Gaming

      Just hope none of these new “fancy” electric vehicles catch fire TESLA is the only one who has proved how to make electric cars good.

    70. Luis Foreal

      Looks like a toyota fj.

    71. Mr Soul

      Too bad it’s not going to be released. If anyone actually knows anything about GM.

    72. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grossly Mismanaged

    73. Tricky Dicky Ball


    74. Eli Payne

      Why is a 10 year old belting the immigrant song in the background?

    75. Jay C

      It ain’t real off-roading when it’s electric

      1. Phlying Phoenix

        honestly a gas engine is probably the worst choice for an off-road with how inefficient the whole system would be. engine constantly idling and barely going fast enough to lock the torque converter.

      2. Arrogen

        Yes it can be.

    76. Holden Caulfield

      Let’s all get ready for the D-bags on the rhode to drive this

      1. Holden Caulfield

        ^ ?

      2. XaZa

        @Holden Caulfield Post a short 30 second video of your imaginary car with your name on on a paper on the seat. Of course you will not..Because you lying cartoon boi

      3. Holden Caulfield

        @XaZa btw the “F” does not stand for “Ford”. You failed miserably

      4. XaZa

        @Holden Caulfield By the way yikes !!!! Ford eww 😬

      5. XaZa

        @Holden Caulfield Words are cheap you have no videos. I guess you can say you Also own the moon lol.

    77. DBoy 89

      That's a fj cruiser

    78. JADsworth


    79. justin weaver

      It's been so long it's over, it's not coming out but if it does, it's going to be super low volume and too expensive for 99%

      1. Jabbalito

        I mean it is a luxury car. It’s marketed towards the upper 5% who can afford it

    80. Andrew Bassett

      This is why Dodge Chrysler is better because they don’t out electric shiii in their cars

    81. Small Brain


    82. Tyler Dillon

      Electric junk

    83. JoeyLovesTrains

      Still waiting for an electric Pontiac, or for a rebadge kit for the ct4 black wing...

    84. black

      Yay hummer is back!

    85. Boom tendo

      looks great!

    86. Nugget the Floof


    87. Roma nator

      Feels like I've seen and heard these ads half a year ago

      1. Nathan

        also i am not surprised that this has been in development for years now, just look at the thing.

      2. Nathan

        @justin weaver GM has been making EVs and hybrids for years now dude, they know what they are doing, and they have the infrastructure to do it.

      3. justin weaver

        @Nathan proof, yes look into the Superbowl add 2020. I guess the stock price is up above junk. The idea that these will become main stream is my opinion that they will fail. GM is too in bed with big oil to build more than a few token electric vehicles, I just don't see that many people plopping down $100k for something with GM build quality or lack there of.

      4. Nathan

        @justin weaver proof? or is this just your opinion

      5. justin weaver

        Way longer than that, superbowl 2020, year and a half almost... Watch GM roll it out slow as ever with tons of issues and ultimately fizzle before it craps out right around the warranty being up and completely worthless due to crazy parts costs in 5 years, GM has given up, all they care about is shareholders and aren't the still junk bonds?

    88. Ronit Eklahare

      The date is like a countdown, 4, 3, 2, 1, NEW ELECTRIC HUMMER!!!

      1. BepTex

        @Koen Oder ok

      2. Koen Oder

        @BepTex Is Pepsi okay?

      3. Koen Oder

        @DarthFN ok

      4. Noah Carl


      5. DarthFN

        @Koen Oder Ok

    89. Quaid

      Buys a new Hummer , rips out battery, puts 6.6 L turbo Diesel V8 in.....peeeerfect

      1. Mark Plott

        2025 all GAS Engines will be ILLEGAL.

      2. Ahmed Assad

        Let's not forget the manual transmission.

    90. 1spunkymonkey2

      Perfect for a Duramax swap!

      1. Mike Nation

        @Zephy Nich idk you might be able to plug in your car in a tree and wait for a lighting strike lol

      2. Master Troller

        @Anthony Sagerman but bulletproof

      3. Dji1 Tommy

        @Mike Nation see Elon Musks response when he was asked if solar will ever be able to charge an EV. They can't, they're magnitudes too weak to give any sort of benefit now and even in the future.

      4. Tyson Davis

        You are my kinda guy durmax swap it and lift it with 42s 🤤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      5. Aaron Rodgers

        @Anthony Sagerman You do know that diesel engines can rival the torque that electrics have right?; how about, read some more instead of posting comments on things you don’t know so much about.

    91. Angel Was Here

      Does it come with an electric tow truck? Or an electric AAA?

    92. daily driven H2

      niceeeee cant wait to see this

      1. Federal Bureau of Investigation

        Technically this thing is your grandson

    93. TRICKSTA

      *Reserved mine in 2008.*

    94. Lord Publius

      I prefer the truck version.

    95. roberto

      Hi from albania 😉

    96. scribklu

      The H2 is back. LOL

    97. pew pew-_-

      Yall shouldve released it at the same time as the other one it wouldve made for a badass double reveal

      1. Nebula1701

        Revealing them staggered like this means more time in the news and media. More eyes on the products.

    98. Kosquo

      4321 lol

    99. Matthew pizzalover1608


    100. Виталий Марченко

      Попробуй покари Россию