Stunt Tips: How A Motorcycle Becomes A Stunt Bike!


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    Stunt Tips: How A Motorcycle Becomes A Stunt Bike!
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    A complete walk around of my 2004 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r stunt bike converted from a stock sport bike! All the parts needed for stunt riding and an explanation on their purpose. At the end of the day building a stunt bike is all about creativity!
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    Hello! my name is Mike, I'm a 26 year old Filmmaker from Florida with a passion for riding!
    Some of my types of post's include tutorials, How-to's, Product Reviews, Stunt Riding, Motorcycle Stunts, Group Riding, Life Blogs, Daily Vlogs, Skits, Music Videos and Collaborations with other channels.
    Street bike - 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
    Stunt Bike - 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R (636)
    Supermoto - 2019 Honda CRF 450L
    Helmet Camera -
    Vlog Camera -
    Helmet - Ruroc Atlas Ronin - "Use Discount code dankwheelie"
    Jacket/Pants/gloves -
    DISCLAIMER: *All footage is filmed on private roads performed by trained professionals, for your safety please do not attempt to recreate or re-enact any activities. I ensure that my content is and will remain family friendly for viewers of all ages to enjoy.*
    Stunt Tips: How A Motorcycle Becomes A Stunt Bike!

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    1. Dankwheelie

      What's YOUR ideal stunt bike? Join the Giveaway Build here->

      1. Astral Realms

        duke 790 is light weight

      2. Steve

        @videobeast2.0 why r u riding a 600 at 15?

      3. Steve


      4. Magic JR

        @Hak MX736 same I think dirt bikes look clean

      5. videobeast2.0

        Dankwheelie so I got my first motorcycle last week but I have to learn how to ride a street bike. I’m only 15 and I was wondering if I could get any tips from you? It’s a 1989 Kawasaki ninja 600 btw

    2. Cbr boy crazy Camarillo

      Yo dank bro I’m an upcoming rider trying to get into stunting I been practicing wheelies an stuff but unfortunately I’m not very great I was wondering if you could help me out with tips an pointers maybe even a coaching I could pay you or whatever I’m a fast learner I’d be down for video maybe it would help your channel get at me bro show me the ropes an catch it on film email me

    3. 68Ninja

      I have a 2003 Ninja 636 zx6r but I'm not stunting just riding is there anything i can do different to fit better on my bike I'm 6'6.

    4. Steve

      Im too poor to even get a 125cc :/

    5. CrayCray Mose


    6. Bikram Rai

      What is this bike name

    7. Shaq

      What type of bend is the handlebar?

    8. Brap Genius

      This is the year I go for it.

    9. Freshluigi

      Wish bikes like this would be street legal in my country. When it comes to tuning Germany is such a bummer

    10. Burnzy Boy

      Hell ya the homie tang!

    11. Zakovich

      if i payed you would u turn my bike into a srunt bike

      1. Dankwheelie

        yes, email.

    12. Andrew Zamor


    13. Stopka_.12

      are you related to vin diesel?

    14. Exl

      I’m new to riding about to buy my bike and I wanna build a stunt bike anyone know what I need or a video for a full setup


      I don’t have a bike by when I do get one I want to make it a stunt bike

    16. The blue Devil 636

      Is having a 05 06 not a good stunt bike?

    17. Bajwa vlogs Kuwait


    18. Jan Munkler

      Your really serious about stunt riding and your motorcycle has a lot of mods.Be careful out there.It's the wild west where I live.It's happening on Wednesday Nights.A lot of motorcycles show up to ride and have fun!And also on Sundays.I go to the Rock Store and ride canyons to the beach.Ride Mulholland Highway to the beach and ride on Pacific Coast Highway 1 to a place called Neptunes.It's a cafe on the PCH.Where you can get a drink and food and be around other bikers.It's all good! There are Harleys and motorcycle clubs going to Neptunes as well on Sundays.If your cool they will be cool.Hooah! \m/\m/

    19. Ray Madani

      I learned a lot buddy. Thank you.

    20. daniel iversen

      RuRoc is for big kooks....

    21. Dallas Reed

      Is it possible to turn a ninja 250 into a stunt bike

      1. BiggieMac

        yes! anything with a clutch is possible, hardest part is finding parts like a hand break kit

    22. Zakaria Khaled

      Hi with this specifications is there any specific rear tyre pressure to help do more stunts ?

    23. Its Frosty

      I hope you have any suggestions on what I should get for a bike that is able to stunt so in the future if I want to stunt I can

    24. Its Frosty

      What bike did you use in this vid and how much is it, because I’m thinking of getting a bike but I’m only 13 so idk what to get

    25. Kory Manuel

      The video of been finally waiting for you need to know your setup so I can put it on my bike

    26. Brandon Fulton

      I can't wait till I can start riding bigger bikes.

    27. Brandon Fulton

      I'ma junior stunt rider, my first bike was a 2002 Kawasaki ninja ex500r and I want to get something actually built for stunting!!!!

    28. Ethan Macheras

      Bike looks awesome, definitely want to build a bike like this, but not stunt, I want to make more of a streetfighter naked bike!

    29. LowSideLogan

      Are the parts bike specific? Or could you kind of mix and match parts for different bikes?

    30. Rahul Debnath


    31. skeetuschrist

      Thanks for the Shock Sox tip, just copped me some

    32. NIMA mg

      that's a loooootttt work🤕😁

    33. johnnyshd

      I always wanted to learn but I am 65 years old and retired. I have the time now !

    34. UNIQUE BOY,S Cr3w

      How much cost find modify this bike into Passion pro bike engine

    35. akin Hercules-Walker

      hey man have you got a upgraded sub frame? i see a lot of you guys don't is it because after a certain point your scrapes are less violent? or just money saving or what?

      1. Dankwheelie

        Certain year/model bikes have strong stock subframes such as the 03/04 Zx6r and cbr f4i’s

    36. Feo Diente

      1:04.... I felt and understood that ..😂😂😂 subbed right there...

    37. Chris D

      Dank u look like identical to my cousin lmao! I'm not playing he's from mid Florida..

    38. Alex Bozanich

      Time to meet damp wheelie and steal his money

    39. bbs540

      man, that's so much more jank than i realized lmao it works though

    40. LevreX

      I absolutley love motorcycles, I have never ridden one, but one of my dreams is to have one. I will get there one day. whe I do get there i thank you and many other riders that I have watched throughout the years for the shit you do.

    41. xBlockhead

      You don’t give a fuck about dropping it or the way it looks. -stunt bike

    42. Shaun

      Badass industries frame!!!!! I used to help Billie out best frames out imo

    43. To Mod or Not to Mod

      I am not into stunting, but I like the bike and the video, wait maybe I want to build a right back

    44. Abieser Tavarez

      Put a Red light bar In The Back

    45. A day with Mil

      In my opinion stunt bikes are trash bikes or practice bikes

    46. Paul Barrick

      I just started riding my first bike an 08 ninja 500r I love it too man

      1. Paul Barrick

        @___Blaggard999___ the 500 doesn't have much more power then a 250. I want a 600 or 650 now. You would think a 500 has alot more power then a 250 but its only slightly more. I love the bike but its definitely lacking in power

      2. ___Blaggard999___

        I want a 400/500 for my first road bike. How do you like the 500 as your first bike. Ive had dirt bikes atvs anything you can think of except actual road bikes. The 400cc seem fun but easily outgrown.

    47. AJ'sMotoLife

      Stunting-ruining 03/04 ZX6R's for 15 years!

    48. Socialising

      Buy a dirt bike

    49. Sergiy Ivantsov

      Bruv use the 20$ get some ProGrips & grip glue XD! Sick build!

    50. ToTheWheelie

      My bike is slowly getting there!!!! Thanks bro!!!!

    51. river spaans

      I wana get into weelies on my 1995 cr125r

    52. Matt Kelly

      Only stunt riders would call that bike clean 😉😉😂😂😂

    53. gulag dt

      finnish 2stroke moped stunt build shortened clutch handle and a high rpm torque pipe

    54. Cody Hoffman

      Rice it out. Strip it if the aero that it should have. Make it look crazy gay flashy, and ultimately ruin it.

    55. EbluestarE

      How fast can you actually go with that big sprocket?

    56. David Weru

      Love the look of a stunt bike for the street. The SuperDuke and HyperMotard can chill, this is the real naked.

    57. Bones N' Sleeves

      Good summary of this bike: Gets the job done.

    58. Motorsport Dork


    59. Musterd

      Im sorry but this photography is just annoying ngl, btw love the bike

    60. Platinum K

      Hairspray works great as grips glue

    61. JR_113

      RuRoc straight jackin the old school Rockstar logo

    62. James Brandon

      I heard you say you had a ninja 500 as your first bike. I just bought one did you stunt it? I was wondering if there was a way I could get wheelies out of it? I'm absolutely in love with it.

    63. DCJunkAcct

      I have a 07 Kawasaki zx6r I want to make a stunt bike. What are your thoughts? Can I make it into a stunt bike? If not, what makes it a bad idea?

    64. royhance hines

      Got a 05 636 today for 500$ it has a rod knock so tearing into it rn watching your videos for guidance thank you dankwheelie for all the knowledge you share it's hard finding the parts it seems.

    65. Connor Smith

      do you have idol control?

    66. First Last

      Lol, keeps his gauge near the floor because that's the part that's usually at eye level. Badass as fuck lol.

    67. tryumph jordan

      Just need a cage/sub cage dirt bike bars handbrake and maybe a sprocket and you’re good

      1. tryumph jordan

        Oh clean air for the 636 and oil pickup for the f4i

    68. Jorge Torrescano

      Love it! Thanks for a perfect detail walk around. Keep em coming!!

    69. Reckless Canadian

      Why not zip tie the lose lines to your forks?

    70. scarredreflex 17

      even if iyur not stunting the cash cage would be briliant

    71. Kevin Newell

      Florida man rides Betty White hard.

    72. AridersLife

      a stunt bike becomes a stunt bike when its entire purpose is for stunts. lol.

    73. ME TO


    74. Stixx

      Education that's kool man ppl can learn the hard way but I dig it when ppl share to help others righteous man

      1. Dankwheelie

        Grant Daly I took a rough route on this stunt journey so if I can help anyone find an easier route then I’m doing my part🙌

    75. Paul Watson

      Super Krispy vid. But i think betty just makes it that much more Krispay

    76. Lala Land

      Oh ok....

    77. OsceolaLongBeard

      2019 zx6 ftw

    78. woody Dupont

      How do you prevent people stealing things off your bike ?

      1. Dankwheelie

        keep an eye on it as much as possible.

    79. Jordans bikes

      Love zipties dont ya

      1. Dankwheelie

        every stunt rider does

    80. The Beez

      Giant dinner plate size rear sprocket.

    81. Bumpy

      Id like to stunt with you one day

    82. eddie

      Yo Mike did you have any knowledge about bikes before man or did you learn just from stunting and riding!? Dope ass video man!

      1. Dankwheelie

        With stunting majority of the riders can't afford to have shops repair their bikes on the regular so it's kinda like sink or swim. Learn to fix it yourself or go broke.

    83. archie wilson

      I would love to try and start stunting. Right now I take my bike to a go kart track. Can those bikes still do a good lean angle with those cages?

      1. Dankwheelie

        decent lean, not full apex

    84. Heavenly Vibes

      Tag said 420 dank!!

    85. Trev TheImposter

      Question. How expensive is all this? like i see bikes like this a lot in Atlanta, but the people who drive them have a like 9-5 job. I understand someone like you affording this, but what about the commom plebs lmao. I wanna get into stunts but i really need a price range before i drop cash on a bike.

      1. Denvar

        @Trev TheImposter I would not consider an R6 a starter bike. 2nd bike? Sure. Even the oldest ones have close to 100hp. That's a lot of bike when you have no experience, especially when you're gonna try getting it on 1 wheel.

      2. Trev TheImposter

        @Denvar ok thank you. I've got a Yamaha r6 lined up and from what I've heard that's a good starter bike

      3. Denvar

        Can you wrench? Get a used Bike and a cage and some bars, go from there. None of the specialty stuff existed till people were already skilled stunters. You wont need the tank till you can hold balance point, you wont be holding balance point for a while yet. So you wont need a dual caliper till you can sit on the tank etc etc. Just do it gradually and the cost wont seem so severe.

    86. Skm18

      This is so dope thanks for this

    87. suuzzeeq !

      I miss the bicycle bell 😁

    88. Swift_

      She’s a keeper🤘🏻😎

    89. GiXXER ROBK6

      such a clean build, cant wait to see what the giveaway bike turns out like!

    90. Burnzy Boy

      Hel ya! Tang killing it. Love tang ride with him here in Texas

    91. Yaineliz Centeno

      I was singing with the song at 2:48 i love music 😂

      1. Yaineliz Centeno

        Peter Berndt the car was playing Hola remix by Dalex

      2. Peter Berndt

        What song does he play

      3. Marc Rosado

        yo lemme get that snap

    92. denni_1337

      8:00 "the bike is street legal" Unfortunately you cant build a bike like this and get it street legal in germany... Btw i love your bike😍

      1. denni_1337

        You need to have an "e nummer" (e number) for every part you install to your bike. So the light, exhaust and so on all need to have an e number or must be seen as street legal by the tüv(the guy that checks your bike and writes the parts in your bike papers) And in germany you would never get the permission from the tüv to ride this on street. (Sorry for bad english)✌🏼

      2. Dankwheelie

        hm wonder why exactly, thanks!

    93. Bigotheking

    94. Kc .95

      I need engine Zx6r 13-18 ?

    95. RealMoto's

      which handlebars do you run? thx for the info btw!

    96. WaveyGames

      This bike is sick

    97. Christos Nikolaou

      Betty white without anything whine on her ❤️😅 but we still love her

    98. Akeem Romany

      Loved this video bro

    99. - BigBoiStrand -