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    Watch the winner of Season 2020 be revealed at the Dancing with the Stars Finale!
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    1. The Mist


    2. Katherine C

      They worked hard for it.

    3. The Mist


    4. Poke Shawn


    5. Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

      To most people 2020 is the worst year. But for Artem 2020 has got to be his most memorable year. 1. Has a fiance 2. Has a new baby 3. Won DWTS for the first time since he joined 7 or 8 years ago

    6. Golden Lioness

      Horrible Choice! If not Justina which I feel was the best! At least Nev! Reminder why I really don’t watch this show like that! Same stupid outcomes!

    7. Stazia Kibera

      Sinister cause and the den of thieves present girls and boys on KGup

    8. Gabriel Bologna

      kgup.info/get/qYeCiZaSmoRmo5k/video See the Official trailer for "Tango Shalom" starring Karina Smirnoff from "Dancing With The Stars"!

    9. Wendy Levy

      I'm just gonna This season who was robbed? Skai (of finale) Nev (of winning) Justina (fourth? should have been third maybe second) AJ (of semi finals)

    10. Sherene Schultz

      I didn't watch this season of the Tyra Banks show.... Frankly had never heard of any of the D'list "stars" so I didn't bother. First season I have missed since it started.

    11. Craig Bphone

      wait this crappy show is still on? bwahahaha

      1. random guy


    12. jennifer gertrude

      5:02 klik now --->> 💗 tinyurl.com/StephaniePrivateCams Bu oyun oyunçuların istədiyi müddətə və ya hekayə məntiqi bir dayanma nöqtəsinə gəldikdə davam edə bilər.


      I love nev and jenna

    14. m a d i s s o n

      Happy for Artem but was rooting for Nev! I felt he performed well all season

    15. Jeffry Komala

      Why Dancing With The Stars removed videos of previous seasons? I am so sad. I am a super fan and I love watching them over and over again. In contrast, The British Strictly Come Dancing keeps all their videos from previous seasons intact for fans to enjoy them forever. I hope DWTS do the same and re-load those past season episodes.

    16. Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

      I just now realized she went farther than Chris Souls. Wasn't Kaitlyn on Chris Souls season of the Bachelor? And if so that means she was like Boyfriend Girlfriend with him on the Bachelor and both of them got onto Dancing with the Stars but hooray Kaitlyn did better.

    17. Don't know anonymous

      I thought Dwts is on at a different time but this year it seemed like it was on during the same time as strictly come dancing also Bruno is a judge on both the shows, if they were both at the same time then he couldn't be a judge on both he could only be a judge on one

    18. Charlie Lie

      I’m sorry but Derek overscored Kaitlyn WAY too much.

    19. Liz Ruiz


    20. Debbie Joy

      Nev and Jenna got robbed. I don’t even like these shows, and I forget why until crap like this happens, then I remember. They pick someone from day one, then it makes no difference what the actual performances bring. That voice show is absolutely no different. Definitely done watching this bs.

    21. Twilight Core

      I am happy for artem but the sad thing is Sasha didnt get one :(

    22. Aiden Corliss

      Yay I love artem my role model My favorite ever ,🙏🔥❤️ So happy u won my idle.

    23. Gerald Lenard Alvin, Jr.

      More So Happy For Artem

    24. Charlie Lie

      Guys next season...... NEW HOST It’s Jeannie Mai.

    25. Monique Dior

      Nelly should have won

      1. Hector Firpo

        No way he was the weakest dancer

    26. Donna P

      I'm very EXCITED FOR THE WINNERS!!! With that said, please tell me we don't have to endure one more season of Tyra Banks as the Host!! I simply couldn't watch it... she's so over the top and attempts to upstage the dancers... enough..

      1. Brad Scott's

        Hi dear how are you doing over there?

    27. kathy marchese

      Bring back Tom.

      1. Brad Scott's

        Hello dear how are you doing over there?

    28. Juwayriyya bint Abderahmane

      Tyra is a disaster omg

    29. Angie Barrientos

      Still so sad about this, I was rooting for Nev or Justina

    30. Candyscorner Heck

      Tyra adds nothing to the show. She is the worst!

    31. Betty Blue


      1. Brad Scott's

        @Betty Blue Hello dear how are you doing over there ?

      2. Betty Blue

        All the country was like O. How you like this....she was the winner....I still don't get it :(

    32. Emma Harris

      Here are 2 of life’s biggest mysteries: 1. How did Justina come in 4th? 2. How did Nelly come in 3rd?

    33. Sarah

      Can the crew please film like they used to? When they film from afar, we cannot see the movements of the dancers 🙁

    34. Tezz 4444

      Im so proud of Artem! He went under rated and unappreciated for years and then kicked off the show only to make a come back and win that mirror ball like he deserved!! He's an amazing dancer!

    35. Didso Lv

      wow tyra became so big

    36. Kaels

      My heart wanted Nev yes, but I am so happy for Kaitlyn and Artem. I do wish Justina could’ve at least got 3rd over Nelly though...

    37. Beverly Anderson

      Can we vote Tyra Banks out? She’s only ok and I hate her weird costumes!!! The attention on her takes the emphasis away from the dancers.

      1. Brad Scott's

        Hey dear how are you doing over there ?

    38. pasang sherpa

      Buddha lama ra Subiju ko dansing great xa.yo 2 jodi winner hunu parcha.

      1. Brad Scott's

        Hello dear how are you doing over ? greetings from 🇺🇸.....

    39. pasang sherpa

      Kunai halat ma pani preim jodi ko dans ko dam chaina testo dansle bhot kinera ramro dans garnelai out garnu mildaina.

    40. pasang sherpa

      Priem jodi ko dans ramro chaina paisale bhot kinna paiendai hosier.

    41. pasang sherpa

      Buddha lama is winner.

    42. pasang sherpa

      Buddha lama ko dansing is very nice.

    43. Kxrrin

      That wait was painful

    44. leejandro belight

      Baby matteo must be happy with daddy

    45. BlaqueGyrl

      Over dressed

    46. TheThe RandomGuy12

      Of course another Bachelorette won 🙄. Since when did people from Reality TV become “celebrities”. The name of the show is called “Dancing With The STARS” not dancing with some stars lol.

      1. Bethany Johnson

        Nev is from a reality show also.

    47. Aiden Marple

      KAITLYN AND ARTEM DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

    48. Realta 140

      I really wanted Nev to win

    49. Kourtney Cook

      No reason for kaitlin to even be in the finale way to go ABC sticking with your own. Top four should have been Nev johnny skai justina. Just saying when you give up mid dance villains night you should be OUT

      1. Eric Sharkey: The DWTS Superfan

        @Kourtney Cook also bachelor nations got massive fan bases by the way. So that's why she got the win. Despite struggling with two dances she and Artem are really consistent.

      2. Kourtney Cook

        K 🤦

      3. Kourtney Cook

        @Ashton A lol points don't matter

    50. Bianca Chiareli

      I hate the new host!!! Bring back tom and erin!!!!!!

    51. Marta Sanderfer

      Congratulations! I’m very happy for Artem.

      1. Brad Scott's

        Hello dear how are you doing over there ?

    52. Marina Williams

      I really never thought that Kaitlin was better then Nev over all. She had the stiffest arms and absolutely no personality. However the finale was Kaitlin’s night. She danced very well and had a personality.

      1. Brad Scott's

        I would really wanna know you better marina. Where are you from dear.

      2. Marina Williams

        @Brad Scott's Ummmmm........ fine?

      3. Brad Scott's

        Hello dear how are you doing over there ?

    53. asioe kiou

      Nev was the very Best.. Kaitlyn was bland, but I feel it's for Artem.. he is deserving.

    54. Amy Rios

      I wanted either NEV or Nelly to win LAME asf !!!!!! And PS I Hate Tyra she’s LAME and old

      1. asioe kiou

        I quit watching bc Tyra ruined the whole feel of it for me...

    55. Amy Rios

      LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASF

    56. Luis Antonio Alejandro

      WTF happened to Skai Jackson?? This was rigged

    57. Melissa Prime

      OKAY NOW ITS TIME FOR KEO TO WIN A MIRROR BALL 🕺🏿 (or at least have a chance🙄🙄)

      1. Melissa Prime

        @layla mood yea I agree. I’m so happy he won as well. He puts so much into the dances. He’s my favourite pro

      2. layla mood

        @Seal 6 Why can't you disagree without being such an idiot about it. I don't think she's a fool. I think YOU'RE the fool here!. You're way too aggressive. Calm down! The pros as well are important because the star cannot win without them! DUUHHHH!! You fool!

      3. layla mood

        @Melissa Prime I understood where you came from. I feel like he never really had great partners anyway. But other than that I'm so happy Artem won!! It's his first Mirror Ball

      4. john saves

        @Seal 6 lol you have issues. So what if she wanted to like her own comment? lolol. You're lame. Haha. Who upseted you today? lmaoo

      5. layla mood

        @Seal 6 I think YOU ARE the real FOOL! Because clearly, you lack the understanding of how to carry about a proper conversation without resorting to personal attacks and insulting someone. You can agree to disagree without getting so hot and heavy! So get THAT through YOUR THICK SKULL!

    58. Ophelia Rey

      No disrespect to Kaitlyn, but Nev should have won. He's the better dancer

    59. Cinde Shemanski

      Who cares did not could not watch Tira Banks!! Nope!!!

    60. Valerie Hunter

      I really enjoyed Nelly and Daniella, Britt and Johnny and Artem and Kaitlyn. Looking at Dancing with the Stars gave some happiness when so much is going on in the world! Congrats to Artem & Kaitlyn. I will miss the Show.

      1. Brad Scott's

        Hey dear how are you doing over there?

    61. Sally Stori

      Iim sorry but Tyra banks is not I repeat not a good host . I hate her costumes and her parading like she is in a fashion show herself . She is not always easy to u.nderstand her when she talks . I'm hoping to see someone else as she spoils DWTS for me . Can Tom Bergeron please come back . Not crazy about Erica Andrews but still better than Tyra and I love Derek Hough . What a fantastic dance he did . I'd like Inaba to quit messing with her hair . Her own hair is great.

      1. Brad Scott's

        @Sally Stori can we chat else where Sally.

      2. Brad Scott's

        @Sally Stori I would really wanna talk to you and know you better Sally. You seem very nice..

      3. Sally Stori

        @Brad Scott's I'm from Mn

      4. Brad Scott's

        Yeah Sally. Where are you from Sally

      5. Sally Stori

        @Brad Scott's are you talking to me

    62. Zenner Scott

      Danielle this cocoa Nelly wife now you can stop hugging on my husband Nelly and that forever but I still hugging on your husband pasha and that for ever b

    63. Zenner Scott

      Nelly my husband it over now it time for your wife cocoa act a damn fool yep

    64. Zenner Scott

      Well that was a fair vote cocoa the peoples was honest I am glad they see how the judges wasn't fair

    65. oiuet souiu

      I love how Jenna was really happy for Artem. This just shows that dwts makes great friends. Everyone is so supportive of each other

    66. Jasmine Smith

      I’m glad they won don’t get me wrong nev was amazing but Jenna has one. His was redemption for attempting from being fired last season he needed this win congrats

    67. Vickie Hickinbotham

      who are these people 🤔

    68. blackattackcat


      1. oiuet souiu

        i wanted justina and sasha to win, i think they deserved so much, but im happy for the winners, they were great.

    69. Elaine Marie

      I quit watching bc Tyra ruined the whole feel of it for me...

    70. Diana Mari

      Nev should have won dwts I think I’m done with the show

    71. lee

      man hell no. it should’ve been nev. tf

    72. M


    73. Krina Patel

      Tyra banks did such a great job hosting this season! So excited for the next season!

    74. Danny Zuniga

      I don't care who wins. I love all of them.❤️

    75. vbddfy euuyt

      all of them🤍

    76. Mia Medina

      imagine if they dropped the trophy...

    77. Aeria Cross

      This was Artem’s win. Props to Kaitlynn but knowing what Artem went through, he deserved and worked hard for this. Sad that his season with Nikki was politicized. They could have won.

    78. Rainbow Man

      Congratulations Artem & Kaitlyn! 🏆 💃

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Popularity won her the mirror ball but I'm glad artem got his first one

    79. Tancia Bradshaw

      I knew Niv would go all the way...he’s actually a great dancer!!


      Yay for Artem!! But that sucked.... Didn't want Kaitlyn to be The Bachelorette I wanted Britt. I didn't want her to win DWTS either. Damn ... she WAS a good dancer BUT she WASN'T the best ... this show is so rigged 🙄 Edit: and what the hell was up with Tyra making that awwwwwwww noise right before she said Kaitlyn and Artem ... makes it seem even more rigged and of course they had to mention that it would be Artem first win here .... before he won and it would have been nice if Kaitlyn didn't run off so that we could have seen their reaction together because she had to hop away we couldn't get a clear reaction of Artem whatever 🙄 #DWTSRigged

    81. Ashley Sirois

      Nelly not belly

    82. Ashley Sirois

      Some how belly go 3rd place

    83. Roberta dos Santos

      i wanted justina and sasha to win, i think they deserved so much, but im happy for the winners, they were great.

    84. Gracie Longley

      I'm so happy for him and now when matteo's older be can go on KGup and watch this and artem could tell him all the story's😊

    85. Brandy Tejeda

      When he went back to dancing with the stars he said he was going to win the trophy for his son Matteo and he did he did it I know nikki Bella and their son are very proud of artem for winning his first dancing with the stars trophy 🏆 I'm so proud of you artem

    86. soiung toiue

      The ONLY Professional dancer to win BOTH Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars! ARTEM CHIGVINTSEV LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!!

    87. Pinkmelly

      Congratulations Artem! Finally a DWTS mirrorball trophy to go with your Strictly Come Dancing one! 🎉

    88. Tinycat Vloggs

      Dang what happened to sky?

    89. docyu09

      i wanted Justina to win just by her overall personality and passion but my fave was Kaitlyn and Artem. Artem has been one of my faves since i started watching DWTS and he really deserves this win, Kaitlyn also. Although i would have no complaints if Nev won.

      1. soiung toiue

        Congratulations on 3rd place Nelly. I know you say nobody remembers, but i will remember and so will many others

    90. Brooklyn Ryman

      My opinion 1.NEV! He should’ve one he was the best dancer 2.Kaitlyn 3.justina 4.nelly

    91. Maya Seguin

      im i the only one who knew carrie ann and artem were dating a while ago and the broke up thats why she was going so hard on kaitlyn and artem but i wanted kaitlyn to win the first time i saw her in the rehersal room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS QWEEN

    92. Sashah Soheili

      There is a conflict of interest going on here. Of Course, a bachelorette star won because both shows are run by ABC. Nelly should have won.

    93. Kaleb Anderson

      Popularity won her the mirror ball but I'm glad artem got his first one

      1. Bethany Johnson

        So what. That is why fans vote

    94. Val A.

      Oh My Tyra Banks Is So GIAGANTIC !

    95. Juli Hawn

      I sooo wished that Johny won he was soooo good

    96. sigfried caban

      Please no more tyra banks

    97. Nikole Turner

      Ahhh congrats all my votes went to yall

    98. maria A

      Nevvvvvv 😔

    99. gisela morones

      I’ll be honest I was really disappointed on the places but everyone did absolutely beautiful first of all but, Justina, Sasha, Nev, and Jenna were WAYYY more consistent throughout the season and danced 10x better than kaitlyn and nelly. I still think this win was soo wrong and totally should have gone to Nev or Justina. Although kaitlyn was a beautiful dancer, she wasn’t as consistent and powerful as them. This competition is really based on popularity and not the actual dance performance, I mean look at all the past seasons!!! Remember Season 27??? It should have gone to milo but it didn’t. Nev and Justina should have been the final two. Overall, if you watch next season just know whoever is the most popular celebrity will more than likely win. You can base it on dancing ability but at the end of the day that’s not how you will win. Ps I think Artem deserved the win tho he’s amazing! 🤩

    100. qopoy dnon

      What a great comeback artem , so so proud of you, well deserved 🤍🥺