Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3

Clash Universe

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    Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
    Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
    React quickly to find the imposter
    Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

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    1. QC ✔️

      Im good at this game

    2. Karim Salah

      pls we want tips on the other maps

    3. Jacqueline Gargoles

      It sounds like he is skip the tutorial :/

    4. Andrew Liu

      if you get kick and press the button it doesn't work it sucks

    5. Simple Eve

      tysm, i'm now good at this game bc i'm a ' good ' detective.!

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      you guys are the best i have bacome a way better amnong us player now

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    13. Jack Hoff

      Map button: I about to end this mans whole career.

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      Clash Universe changing thumbnail Me: Nayi video aa gayi 😂

    16. jennifer mitchell

      1:55 it also works with admin btw

    17. Arttu Kemppainen

      Are you really this??? Im yelllow from the other game

      1. Arttu Kemppainen

        Dio i mean

    18. Albert Lemieszko

      Another trick on card swipe fast card swipe 4 times on same swipe then boom done

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      When you only play polus map😵

    25. Martin Therese

      Clash i saw u in my among us game luv ur vids

    26. Apex Predator

      Fun fact cremates kill more than imposters

    27. antonette cruz

      Low fact: how does this work?

    28. Manoj Gangwal

      Part 4

    29. Ramadevi Pillari

      How can crewmates use vent button it doesn't make sense because imposters can only use

    30. nickfarts alot

      Me when I hear that you clear someone if a sab goes down when someone's on a vent:but what happens if they open the sabotage menu before they go on the vent?

    31. Sumit Dharmadhikari

      Hey a page in instagram is using ur content to gain followers without even giving credit to you. Page name is amongusplays put a copyright strike on that channel

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      Hey I went on among us and spread the word about your channel

    33. Victoria Montalvo

      I Need this information from the rest of the maps. Please

    34. Victor Winton

      If someone sabotaged at the reactor or o2 and they are at cams they can hit sabotage and then move closer to the cams same with the vent.

    35. axel roy

      Pubg tips

    36. Kartik Legend

      He is Indian

    37. yana_ louise

      Omg i love his omg woow i RELLY LOVE THIS

    38. Kayden Playz

      Fun fact:if u press savatage before then go to cams it still appears on yout screen

    39. ari. cvps

      I became an imposter and i didn’t kill anyone throughout the whole game.... and i am searching this even tho it’s our exams tomorrow lmao

    40. N gaming

      Guys please watch my new vid in this vid I will tell how to have no name in among us

    41. Beku Beku

      bro camera no body see camera ligt dark color some one see camera ligt in red color

    42. Jose Del Castillo

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    43. Geeta

      you can sabotage stand in near vent and security by clicking sabotage before going near vent and then go to near vent and ya

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      9:25 Start Reactor *Hard*

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      Upload pubg content

    48. Ramlah Fatani

      There is A shield Task Only Crewmate can Do Becuase Outside There is A light Off If the Crewmate done Shield Task U Will Recognize The Light Will Be ON 👍😃

    49. srinivasan s

      I liked every video i subscribed

    50. Hawk NikhiL

      I think Swiping Card Is best not without tips

    51. Li hwang Lee

      I do one of them all the time

    52. Dhruv Maheshwari

      Me at the start reactor last stage- 1) Someone calls a emergency meeting. 2) Someone reports a dead body.

      1. George Francis

        That's the worst!

    53. Jereicka Luciano

      When im impostor mu cosin always wants to be imposter in my phone


      He is doing too much hardwork

    55. Rada Yem

      I do the slow and fast one

    56. Eelaf 1005

      Among us but the baddest movement we all hve faced

    57. Maddie Skinkis

      The rejoin one I use all the time when someone kicks me so I can make them mad 🤣🤣

    58. Vule Milosevic

      Fun fact:you can listen to medbay scan even if visual tasks are off

    59. RDC

      An Impostoe could open sabotage menu and stand on a vent and sabotage

    60. Vân Anh Nguyễn

      1:56 They also a crewmate if they’re standing next to the admin map. Cuz the sabotage button got replaced by the admin map button

    61. R I Gond

      He is Indian 100 percent go in Instagram and search clashuniv and watch him

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      Clash one day did you see a guy named imposmate well actually thats me

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      Where are you 5?

    64. Neptune Squad

      when will be part 4

    65. PlayerFridei

      3:50 This is worst guide ever seen, the Tom person is gonna suspect Clash now because he just appeared in reactor. Most likely the people are gonna just check the rooms before doing any tasks.

    66. MinxiMin

      WHO THE HELL IS SUS?!?!?!?!

    67. Owen & Ashley Show

      Why Why

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      U did this like three times

    70. Nathan Nathan

      I m too smart to those task in the reactor

    71. Owen & Ashley Show

      Why no new episode with part 4

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      But the crewmate in my game are not fixing sabotage😠😠😂

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      O lol

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      Fun fact: most of the tips are already told by clash universe in his another vids ಠ_ʖಠ

      1. Shyamlee Suman

        Or i guess all tips are already told ಠ_ಠ

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      clash universe always OP .

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      that cams one is wrong

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      Pls tell how to download it free on pc without ant supporter

    79. Little Singham kidz cartoon

      I call for a sabotage to the right Everyone goes and checks the left

    80. Arshad KHAN

      Clash please tell how can we become imposters in every game please

    81. Kamil F.

      Pubg tricks please

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      Part 4?

    83. Juan Tablet

      Clash when you doing another pubg tips and tricks

    84. Shambhavi Verma

      Hi, I wanted to thank you in other videos you told that there was only one upload place and that was in admin, so if anyone goes there right at the start you can tell that they are imposter thanks for that one that was my fastest gameplay, without anyone leaving

    85. Gryffin Dork

      0:28 I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*


      Watching the swipe card Me the god thats a cheat i so fast than that

    87. TSG GAMING

      5:1 That's my trick

    88. rohan jalui

      You are among us`s pro

    89. SincoDah

      But u can run and press sabotage while runing and go to the vent and cameras Clash or u didnt noticed 😂🖒🖒

    90. O O F

      The doors and vent thing white will still think u sus bcz he checked the cams and didn't see you walk in the reactor

    91. YESNOOK Gaming

      I am not a pro player but I spend my most of Time in Recording Gameplay Editing And uploading I need all My brother Sisters and Friends Support

    92. Tejasva Shukla APSB

      Make a trick: how to remember these tips and tricks while playing the game

      1. Cilian

        Try them in action and you will get used to doing these easily. Without practicing these you won't get much better

      2. The Youtubester

        Yes, same here

    93. Mildred Agcaoili

      IM a cheater in among us

    94. Tinmaung Tun

      I have IQ 21

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      Bro u give the best tips so please make a series of it every day

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      Hacking is much more efficient than tips and tricks you know

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    99. alyssa_depressedwolfie

      Plot twist: the person near the security/vent/admin was an imposter, instead the other imposter did the sabotage

    100. Habi Husain

      Pls make always imposter trick