Eating Only What I Catch for 3 Days with MICRO Rod!

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    The 3rd "Eating Only What I Catch for 3 Days!" It's gonna be a long time before I make another one of these.....
    Level up in real life, my friends.
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    1. Ace Videos 2

      If you watched this video all the way through.................I don't deserve you. Get access to all the member's only videos here://

      1. Jake Shelton

        "BREAKS ROD" 😳🤣

      2. Jake Shelton

        "Got a battle axe cause why not" facts 😂😂

      3. MRxPotassium

        You sir have earned yourself a new subscriber. Thank you for the good content, loved the challenge.

      4. CooBossBoy

        ive watched all of them all the way thru

      5. Joseph Jester

        Hey ace guess what it hit a million views bring on another 3 day challenge for everyone not just members plz 🥺 much love ❤️

    2. D Tetstone

      So it hit a million views plus it’s been a while how about a 5 day adventure? Leaving us viewers sad 😞

    3. Javish Ramcharitar

      Wellllll we reach 1.3 million views

    4. Footsee Tv

      That blue Gil looks small compared too my pond on the back of my house, I’m not even joking I have caught a 4 pound blue Gil.

    5. Footsee Tv

      That looks like a shinner

    6. Alex Lewis

      that turtle eats toxic mushrooms as its main diet do not eat them

    7. Kai

      1:52 we aint even start man xd

    8. Johnny SRE

      NEVER eat wild mushrooms just stick to store bought

    9. Cameron Black

      You have a million views

    10. Zach Squires

      Do one in Florida 3 day challenge

    11. Naruse Raptherz

      57:29 *Sus*

    12. LavaPlays

      You lost challenge

      1. Reversible

        He didn’t

    13. Carrie King

      This message is from my son who is using my phone. He is 14 years old and would like to meet you one day. His name is Riley.

    14. Jackson Hearnes

      me trying to open a box that has ducktape on it. 19:38

    15. Im1LetterShor

      I think one of the fish you caught in the river might have been what we call a "creek chub," not sure of a proper name otherwise

    16. HoneyBear

      Mushroom trap got me 😂😂😂💀💀

      1. HoneyBear


    17. the green tangerine

      Looks kinda like a shiner

    18. the green tangerine

      You could just see his heart shadder when the rod snapped

    19. Anu Malik

      You earned yourself a subscriber the moment you read that bible.

    20. Graoly

      I watched to the end :D. What an adventure, and what a pain.

    21. rudy watkins


    22. ricky bourn


    23. r6 support

      This tiny M little Rod : breaks

    24. CaddyDaddyYT

      the 2 fish you didnt know what they were we call them sucker fish

    25. GW GW

      great Vid, and this guy looks like Coach, Coach Corey Wayne

    26. TomsGoldDirt

      your dad is such a good sport

    27. TomsGoldDirt

      I figured out why you dont encounter the danger noodles.... they are afraid you will be on a 72 hr challenge lol

    28. TomsGoldDirt

      literwlly love the vids. I Think you should swing up to ohio basically same species but you could catch a musky well 1 in a 10000 chance lol

    29. Robert campbell

      Dude you absolutely have to be more careful with what you do with mushrooms at any wild editable but with mushrooms there spores spread so easily and you just mixed all of them up... I would recommend reading books on the area you are visiting, books are way better then anything you can read online especially regional specific books

      1. notafurry101

        Not necessarily, what if sed’ book is outdated

    30. dumb guy

      my parents trying to explain how there day was when they were kids

    31. GrazeNight

      You should try the rapala black cricket lure, always have had great luck with them

    32. Freda Gacha

      At 7:47 I think It is a fly

    33. Blazin Tacosauce

      “I’ll just look em up later” he’s gonna trip out if half those mushrooms r poisonous or phycodelic lmaoo

    34. Naci C

      Bruh Ive been Starving for months man

    35. JBlayze TV

      "I got a good battle axe, because yano, why not!" 🤣🤣🤣 I love this guy he's such a vibe

    36. VeniX ???

      I love your videos

      1. Shay Hauser

        what is ur pfp. sus

    37. Will Rannikko

      The pure Ace comedy in this video is peak entertainment

    38. Seth Flannery

      Those nuts are walnuts your soppised to eat them when the putter skin is black and falling off or off already when you find them

    39. bamsbbq

      yeah my crawfish and minnow traps would have followed me during the day since they were basically of no value back at camp

    40. Aislinn Fisher


    41. kevin atkins

      The fish you caught is a shell cracker your line is messing up cause u put the new line on WRONG . Thts why is tangling up .

    42. Ghosty [VR]

      Nice survival video ace and have a nice day 😁

    43. CooBossBoy

      *checks crawdad trap* GUYS I CAUGHT MCDONALDS

    44. Chris B

      What kind of stove is that? Thank you

    45. Chase Last name

      I like how he said homemade papcorn

    46. Miles Hii

      He uses I promise instead of I swear

    47. Jr Terry

      It's got a million man where you at you need to get on this

    48. Jackie Yang

      As hunger grows, so does the sarcasm 😂😂😂

    49. Henry Barrett

      Best way to catch crawfish I used a minnow.take minnow chum it up with rock n dip near bigger rocks in water bout 2ft deep the crawdads clamp on n pull bout four to five at a time n shake off line in bucket the minnow stays hooked an last aslong as I need to keep dipping to get as many crawfish you can eat we've done it under culverts bridges n creeks in indiana n you can fill a five gallon bucket half full in no time you n buddy with lil practice you can use lil rod n reel or tie line n hook to stick love to see you use it n let me see what you think

    50. Damon Hahn


    51. Green Acre Birds

      When is the fourth ever coming

    52. Mark Guerrero

      Use guts and bread for the traps

      1. KingCobraJFS

        i always get leeches when using guts. dried dog food always works for me. never tried bread though

      2. Mark Guerrero

        Blue Gill is a good bait for catfish

    53. Ryan Nicolson

      We have tons of turtles in Idaho what are you talking about

    54. sam duerkes

      that was a rotten wall nut all of them were rotten you roast them when the outerlayer is dark green so you ate them non cooked and rotten

    55. Ewol

      “So anyway I failed the challenge” *grabs a bag of chips* what I thought you were going to grab when you grabbed the crawfish trap

    56. Liam Abbott

      ive been subed for years hiii

    57. Ryder Gillespie

      Can someone please tell me who disliked this video and why???

      1. Jxmi Official

        they thought he is gonna eat that turtle

    58. The Gamer Jstorm

      Yo my guy you good? It's been a while


      The mushroom looks like turkey tail not hen of the woods i thing you can use turkey tail for like drinks and tea

      1. Nathan Piggy

        yes and the tea and mushroom can help prevent cancer if they where turkey tails

    60. Nick zimmerman

      that jelly like thing u found is a fungus its not edible

    61. Sneaky Emu

      This guy is catching fish with a stick and I am still hear trying to catch my first fish

    62. niowik2010 franzen

      This is a idea you kan take a blugril and hock take The hock and take The side in blugril mouth

    63. cameron frantz

      i think the mushroom at 57:00 may be turkey tails

      1. Nathan Piggy

        yes and the tea and mushroom can help prevent cancer if they where turkey tails

    64. Gordon Maginnis

      I’m a beginner and my pb bluegill is bigger than my pb bass(also my only bass)

      1. Lozeran

        You’ll be catching 10 pounders soon bro 👊

    65. Fmiyko

      because of these videos a sub is delivered

    66. cameron frantz

      green "bumble bee" is a cicada

      1. Pearlz

        thought it was some wood beetle

    67. Gavin Fleming

      I’m dead at 47:41

    68. Ameer Hinnant

      I was 😂 when he said time to go

    69. laura sacco

      Your kitchen looked like a toy kitchen

    70. Bo Chiang

      36:46 that’s wood ear! That would fill you up! But u have to cook with seasoning! I would eat it all day, if I have nothing to eat!

    71. Luiz Fernando de Paula

      aparently u have to XD

    72. Michael skaggs

      Welp ita 1.3 mil

    73. chrisuk1000

      Enjoyed that immensely

    74. Shay at The Oily Mamma

      it looks like a shiner

    75. munky 1806

      On that first fish, why did you cut the tail off. The tail is the best part when crisped up properly

    76. kappa 666

      is he in Milwaukee Wisconsin in this video? bc i think ik the spot he was at

      1. SleezyRaidz

        nah, he said the smokey mountains, therefore tennessee or north carolina i can almost bet this is near townsend tennessee

    77. Evil Termite

      Do 3 day challenge in Chesapeake bay

    78. Chaysesfortniteplayz


    79. Tom Aldred

      The thing I love with your videos is I can watch them over & over and not get bored of them. I've watched this episode about four times now and I'm as hyped now as I was when you dropped the vid. Love your work brother

    80. Sofia Boutella

      The pine reportedly part because toothpaste decisively disarm modulo a terrific probation. female fertile, open cemetery

    81. Nico

      The girls watching you from the other car at the end lolol

    82. J.E. Hood

      Dude I love watching your videos, my wife a I started carrying a cooking kit so we can catch and eat immediately, next time your near Douglas lake in Tn hit me up, we will provide some southern hospitality....

    83. Zachary Strain

      Oh meant part 4

    84. Zachary Strain

      I love your I only eat what I catch for 3 day vids please make a part 2

    85. DeVon Kitt

      im sorry nut you lok like one punch man MUCH LOVE THO

    86. Jincheol Jeon

      Your dream wasnt a dream it wwas a nightmare

    87. ESskills Milrs

      The thumbnail is why i use braid and always will

    88. 9dh

      He got so hungry he made a fishing rod😂😂

    89. Liam Odell

      He was so excited but he broke the rod

    90. Evans Fishing


    91. Warren Chan

      1.3M views, it's about time brother!

    92. kam’ryn johnson

      how old are you

    93. Dawson Harris

      Lmfao that rod snap deserves a like.

    94. Egle Rudzinskaite

      I'll watch it all dayyyyy

    95. Egle Rudzinskaite

      I love ur vids

    96. Chris Swanson


    97. Vamshidhar Nippani

      After watching this vid like 4th time Im now wondering, where is your restroom?

    98. bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit

      Dude you lucked out that your bad itentification turned out to be turkey tail. Be careful brother

    99. bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit

      Black walnuts. Please don't eat them like that again haha. You have to season them for a year

    100. Piar Geva

      Is he the puebes guy in tiktok

      1. GameXBreaker518

        Idk but he looks like him