I Went UNDERCOVER in a RARE SKIN ONLY Tournament! (Fortnite)

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    I stream sniped my girlfriend's superhero only tournament in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
    Samara's channel: @Samara Redway
    Merch: typical.store
    Twitter: typicalgamer
    Instagram: typicalgamer
    Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com

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    1. javier aguilera

      It was black

    2. Tremaine Patterson

      He cursed 11:54

    3. Alexander Byrne

      Does she not c the kill counter

    4. Noah Vamvoudakis



      You hit 3M subscribers!

    6. hayden


    7. Sierra Andres

      Hi typical I have Benn watching you for years since GTA vids

    8. Righteous King

      i love your videos people hit that subscibe and like

    9. Ghost

      It turns black

    10. Forza legend Ez claps

      Not kidding

    11. Forza legend Ez claps

      Myn turn black

    12. A. Rodriguez

      I love ur contemt so keep the grate work

    13. Fernando Alvarez

      dis wus on my bday

    14. Coroban Eusebiu


    15. Daniel Ruiz

      I really don’t get how that happened he’s used a bouncer that was a glitch he should’ve won that

    16. Nafa Nagi

      The like button turned blue wow

    17. Jamal Yousuf

      True black

    18. Jonatán Rodriguez


    19. Shocked Plays

      Your better then ninja

    20. Simon Corvin

      Venem smash and grap if you use it after bouncers die

    21. Hugh Stewart

      I think the smash and grab cancels the bouncer

    22. Manuel Alcocer

      He died because it wasnt hes bouncer

    23. Beverly Ramirez

      U don’t upload every day

    24. Stephen Silverman

      how do people join her she never actually goes live

    25. Anthony Ve

      why dose samara put 69 in her code thats kinda sus tho

    26. Cadence Lackey

      keep making vids

    27. Nimconuura Mohamed


    28. JackDash


    29. Anthony Fortnite A

      It turns white

    30. scythe ッ

      This guy always does these vids and looses and then calls the player who won trash. Like chill bro we get it your cool, your mad u lost dont get salty.

    31. Stacey King

      My like button went wite

    32. Nana is Reading

      He die bc when you use venom smash and crab it cancel the boudser

    33. Mattea Austin


    34. Areisha Edwards


    35. Jjfire DabeastXD

      My like button turns black

    36. kieran gaming

      hes insane use code typical gamer

    37. Vincenza Caico


    38. Sean Nordsvan


    39. Ninja Chef


    40. joey antonio

      Can you get me a wildcat code

    41. Etta Holmes

      The immense cost spindly joke because tyvek outstandingly cheer of a quaint blinker. perfect, threatening betty

    42. Neil Chavez Dela Cruz

      I think the venom grapple mythic cuts off the bounce pad effect im just saying idk how it happen

    43. vlogboy Gowers

      Honestly does he not notice that it was the venom smash and grab that caused typical gamers death

    44. itsTj_Dragonite


    45. Annie Ford

      I’m a KGup or two

    46. Annie Ford

      It’s white

    47. Etta Holmes

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    49. Fishstick Fortnite


    50. Wilson Yngoc

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    51. zbenz1100


    52. Orange_ Fanta


    53. Jed Dunk

      TG rules

    54. Braedyn Pope

      It turns white

    55. george kollaris

      Why did he not wear gold peely

    56. Life and Gaming

      Hi tg I love your videos

    57. Life and Gaming


    58. Chad Hammon

      love the vid

    59. Lucy Rockwell

      Typical gamer I have that skin that you used on my intundo! Lol

    60. Marcus Dominguez


    61. Brody Smith

      When they are switching screans with samaras and his if you look closely at the load out on both of there screans are different 🤔

    62. Megan plays


    63. Crackhead Sisters

      Andre I’m sorry but.. that’s karma for being toxic 😂😂

    64. Daniel Segovia

      Some how I got purple like button I’m a og fan damn then I stop watching for like 2 months 😞but yah

    65. Amy Jane


    66. Adriana Hernandez

      I have the wildcat and i dont live in Europa

    67. Poke Master


    68. Benita Ople

      LOL that death tho

    69. allygirl1117

      love how andre just walks in samaras office just casually talking about how he died but i think Tg should’ve won but gg

    70. Kaitlynn Beaverbone

      My turned black

    71. allygirl1117

      i really agree how i said the henchman moved really weird

    72. kap 250yt

      I think a hot a glitch after he hit the bouncer

    73. Lillian Vance

      The like button was bkack

    74. jaycito

      Andre: I won't turn down a fight Later... Andre: I ain't taking that fight

    75. Seth Tongia


    76. Cool Ezekiel

      1v1 me in 2 days ok

    77. karla Chamorro

      Tg is good at then game

    78. Ashley Barewicz

      Mine is black

    79. Dante Edwards

      Minecraft block

    80. anamatronic World


    81. Grace Encierto

      I mean fishstick is rare

    82. Gaming Aryan

      U always say u try but u always go

    83. cakeyy

      TG:I never turn down a fight Also TG: I dont think I should take that fight

      1. Deanna Montez


    84. Hollyzwood

      White=not liked yetblack=liked

    85. Triqzy ¿

      My guy is out of breath

    86. Rxckets :/

      LOL you read this:/

    87. II - 04PM 855030 Stanley Mills PS

      Can I have one skin please I have no skins I am a default and I subscribe to your channel

    88. Abubaker Mohammed

      I don't want to watch it


      someone being alittle toxic

    90. Megan Storey

      I have wildcat bcs it switch exclusive

    91. Akshara Aggarwal

      I got black

    92. Uren Playz

      Like blue

    93. Oscar M

      Ur map is HUGE!

    94. Michael Mendoza-Trujillo

      I always get blue

    95. cheese string

      Armie Hammer

    96. Rhona Buchanan


    97. Aminta R

      Fall damages is so wired

    98. Juan Roblox

      Dude cool video!

    99. Shooting_ Comet


    100. Emirhan payback

      Word of the year "Doneski"