James Comey: If You Went Up Those Stairs, You Committed A Crime. You Are Going To Be Found.

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    Former FBI Director James Comey says it is important to find out why the Capitol building was so poorly defended, and he is confident that every single person who took part in the attack will be arrested by the FBI. You can hear more from James Comey in his new book, "Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust." #Colbert #SavingJustice #JamesComey
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    1. 61sasquatch

      Why isn't Comey in jail? He knew the FISA warrants were bogus and still had Strzok entrap Flynn. Lisa Page said after being busted trying to derail Trump That Obama told the DOJ to back off of Hillary. (that's Illegal). Then Queue the meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton and Lorretta Lynch (can you say conflict of interest) Shortly afterward Comey drops the case on Hillary. Yeah that seems fair.

    2. Mikkibubble

      I wish, President Biden would re-instate Mr Comey as FBI director.

    3. James Crome

      Comey should be in jail

    4. SYREN SNO

      He makes most Americans want to vomit. Nothing more than a lying, failed agent, still trying to make a name by going on the talk show circuit. YOIR DONE, STFU, his own agents say he’s a dim wit. 2021 may bring charges re failed RUS probe.

    5. Vera

      Great! I love the old fashion Brazilian music; they're just wonderful. Do you know what "tico- tico no fuba" means? Tico- tico is the common small bird in Brazil, so cute, and, this bird loves the "fuba" that is cornmeal. Thank you for your good taste playing this beautiful old Brazilian music. Please, play it as often as you can so people can learn, some can remember, how good everything in Brazil was, not just the beaches; unfortunately, this was long, long, long time ago, at least 70 years ago because now, Brazilian president (Bolsanaritito), is the biggest corrupt, thief, criminal (the last 5 presidents) in the history of Brazil. He steals so much, so much (the president along with the entire senate) that government (even private) are lacking the minimum basic necessary (like cotton and gauze) to serve the population. At the beginning of the pandemic, he issued a law to the hospitals to LIE on the death certificate and to not certify that the patient died of covid-19. And the Amazon fire that he started and blamed the por indians? And so it goes, it is a country totally WITHOUT LAW.

    6. K. R.


    7. Chaz Atkinson

      Bombshell emails have just been uncovered showing just how deceptive fired FBI Director Comey and former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Clapper were in the whole Russia Hoax. Comey approved a FISA application to spy on an American the SAME DAY that he admitted to Clapper that the FBI was not able to “sufficiently corroborate” the dossier that the FISA warrant was based on.

    8. Chaz Atkinson

      Bombshell emails have just been uncovered showing just how deceptive fired FBI Director Comey and former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Clapper were in the whole Russia Hoax. Comey approved a FISA application to spy on an American the SAME DAY that he admitted to Clapper that the FBI was not able to “sufficiently corroborate” the dossier that the FISA warrant was based on.

    9. Ellie McCarthy

      Watching after the spineless republicans who let flump off the attack on the Capitol

    10. Ellie McCarthy

      The 17 year old who shot two protesters is walking around free after white supremacy groups payed for his $2million bail ... seems u can buy justice :(

    11. Ellie McCarthy

      Watched the comey series , they brilliantly show trump’s mental health issues & huge lack of understanding of protocols...

    12. Ellie McCarthy

      Hugely recommend brilliantly made series about comey

    13. Bacall McElroy

      Please forgive me but I’m very confused, wasn't Comey once the head of the FBI? This man said we should not pursue an impeachment of Trump because it’ll take months and it will be dragged on and divert from the important issues and all this, and it literally took a week, it happened, it’s already over so was he tripping or lying or what? Did he expect trump to testify? How could his prediction be SO wrong?

      1. tellyouwhatttt22

        Because he is full of crap

    14. Mike Nethaway

      Why isn’t Comey ostracized for his incompetence in handling the Russia investigation? Hasn’t it been proven he lied under oath and allowed his agents to engage in reckless, unprofessional behavior that resulted in 3 years of wasted taxpayer funds? Didn’t one of his FBI Attorneys get arrested for falsifying documents that allowed the investigation to continue when there was no legitimate evidence? If you answered yes to any of those questions you’re right. So, why is he being interviewed and asked his opinion about anything?


      All the propaganda networks have to go down to blaze tv alexjones Lou dobbs Sean hannity etc

    16. Lisa Brygger

      Many White Republican Men answer the question... What would a Dick Do ?

    17. Terry Sanders

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    18. Karen Sicard

      I also loveeeee Brazilian music. It makes me very, very, very happy.

    19. S.L.S

      Comey deserves every bit of shit that comes his way !

    20. Peter Thurman

      Mr. Comey, the USA is fortunate to have an honorable leader as yourself. More fortunate than we realize. Thank you (thank you) for your service to the USA. Peter Thurman - us citizen

    21. Caleb Put

      This guy sucks, feel free not to get his stupid book. You don’t get to hold an entire country hostage and get away with it anymore Donald. The people won’t have it.

    22. Luke Thomas

      I just would like Trump convicted of something so he's ineligible to run again in 2024. I don't care whether he's in a cell, I'd just lock him blocked from power.

    23. Judy Corso

      One good guy or girl with a gun... smh

    24. Mogan Yee

      The stiff fall affectively judge because river steadily fear amongst a abounding order. arrogant, incompetent balance

    25. Sean Hewson

      2 people died of natural causes and one died the next day. The media says he died from the riot but this is the same media that fabricated 911 tapes to make Zimmerman look like he was just a racist. The same media this tool of communist aggression Colbert is part of. Then there was one that was apparently crushed in the throng of people. This happens at soccer games sometimes. Then we get to the unarmed woman that was shot to death when obviously much less force than that was necessary. Now you are trying to make walking up some stairs a crime.

    26. Johleb Y

      I’m glad Mr. James Comey is on the right side of history, but I cannot forget that if he would’ve followed his order and not expose the finding of useless emails from Hilary Clinton, we would NOT be here rights now and Hillary would be on her second term in the White House, which she would be the first woman in USA president 🙏❤️🙏who happens to be the best and most qualified person.

    27. robert gee

      BTW - you say that you could make politically motivated decisions. Your decision to make public an ongoing investigation into Clinton, but not divulge an ongoing investigation into Trump WAS a political decision. It was a purely political decision, was definitely an ethical violation for a law enforcement official, and was probably illegal. You should be prosecuted - there are deaths and depravities on your hands, Jimmy.

    28. robert gee

      There is no single person more responsible for Trump winning the 2016 election than James Comey. Ergo, he doesn't have the right to an opinion on Trump's effect or disposition. You don't get to set a house on fire, then complain it's too hot, Jimmy. The protesters should be prosecuted to the maximum extent - sedition, conspiracy, murder and a&b for those who harmed police officers and others. And James Come should be prosecuted for divulging the content of an ongoing investigation for political reasons/gains.

    29. Maria S'

      They look like each other


      I keep playing this interview over and over just to hear Jean Baptiste play those piano licks with the three T's. There must be an incredible sound system at that studio.


      If I was an American, I would want James Comey to be the next President, after Biden has run his course. Donald Trump was an enigma and truly stands as a great leader of people in a dangerous time.


      What did these people expect to achieve by storming the building?

    33. Harley Cyn

      John Batiste is awesome. 💖

    34. Losaiko Save the Earth!!!

      I see a collaboration at high levels in our government. The mob riot was incited by speeches given.

    35. Diana Cole

      I am so sadden....very worried.

    36. Andrew Dow

      So I'll tell you what is happening because the Liberal mainstream media won't. Comey loves the Clintons and the Democrats. He HATES the Republicans and Trump. Comey was enlisted by the Clintons to "verify" the Steele Dossier, which was fabricated by a British "reporter" Jeffery Steele who also in a proud Never-Trumper. Steele was paid by The Clinton Foundation to dig up dirt on Trump. The FBI agents who saw the dossier all said it was not verifiable, as it was mostly likely Russian disinformation. Comey verified it, despite it being an obvious lie. The FBI's legal team also altered E-Mails to falsify evidence that Carter Page was a Russian spy, when in fact the CIA told the FBI that Page was working for them FOR YEARS!!!!! The lawyer has since been paid off by The Clintons to be the Escape goat and take the fall. He is currently in jail on his plea bargain. The illegal dossier was then used to get an FISA warrant to spy on Trump during the 2016 election. That lie continues to this day with CNN & MSNBC spending the last 4yrs programming their listeners to believe Trump-Russia collusion existed. After the election, Trump discovered this act of treason, and fired Comey with cause. 8 other high ranking FBI members were also fired with cause, and their trials continue to this day. That illegal dossier was used to start the Trump impeachment, but when it was discovered to be illegal the Dems switched to the "whistleblower" who's name is still protected by KGup. The whistleblower just stated lies currently known as lies, but the Dems had no plan B at that time. It was alter discovered by The Dems that they could use Biden's illegal call to the Czech President to get the prosecutor fired who was investigating Hunter. That video of Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor is still on KGup. Trump found out about it, and called the Czech President to investigate. The Dems used that call to shift attention away from Biden's call and use it as their primary evidence for Impeachment #1 When it was discovered that no laws were broken, yet again, the Dems were knee deep in thier coup and could no longer stop. They got 4 "constitutional experts" from Ivy League Universities, all known Trump-Haters, to testify to tell senators that is is "totally OK" to impeach when no laws were broken. The KGup video of Pamela Karlan is priceless. She gets engaged when she finally realizes that the senators are laughing at her stupidly to justify impeachment based on bad behavior only. Karlan then lashes out, like a typical Liberal with no facts or argument, and she attacks Baron Trump, a 12yr old kid because of his name. Weeks later, she gave the standard Liberal "apology" which of course isn't an apology but a middle finger to right wingers for her getting caught. Trump won. He'll win the 2nd "impeachment" too, as the Dems still don't have a clue how to legally beat him in an election. Trump returning in 2024 is sometihng that the Dems can't allow to happen, as Trump has 4yrs to prepare and he'll win again.

    37. A Mills

      The GOP’s idea of getting on with it is let the most criminal President go free, what a distortion. Yet prosecute his base?

    38. A Mills

      How can the American public forgive Comey for his part in helping Trump getting elected? He was complicit in helping the GOP. Is he demanding that Senators get onboard with impeachment now?

    39. LuckyEssoBee

      I just came here to say FU to Comey.

    40. Emma Wiseman

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    41. walinton

      James Comey is a snake in the grass.

    42. julia Arana

      He would be able to say anything, as long as he can sell his book ... boooo

    43. Sam Smith

      Get Jon out of your monologues. He's awkward and detracts from your show.

    44. Alex Williamson

      From observing what happened at the Capitol, and as a former soldier in the British Army, I was shocked how easy it was for the rioters to get into the building, the lack of security was astounding. This has damaged America for a long time, let’s hope you guys can get together and show unity, I visited the states many times, a great country and fine people. Come on Yanks! You guys are so much better than this! 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

    45. Peter Vescro

      I read Comey's first book and his claim that he didn't think the clinton email investigation announcement days out from the election would influence it, and I couldn't believe how such a naiive person could become FBI director, but this "don't prosecute Trump" thing tops even that.

    46. Conservative View

      Sad, Comey 'doesn't see' or refuses to acknowledge that America is toxic with white supremacist that, from the top down, seeks to prove itself in every corner - even at the Capitol where the terrorists were welcomed with open arms.

    47. K. R.


    48. Eustacius

      "Committed a Crime" is a tad tepid. Let's try COMMITTED TREASON AND SEDITION! 10 Years minimum!

    49. sd gardner

      He try to hold on to his power

    50. b kelley


    51. b kelley

      It was a PLANNED EVENT...by UBER WEALTHY individuals & Giant CORPORATIONS...& the Corpoate OWNED Republicans & their FRONTMAN TRUMP...

    52. jellyphish420

      Can we please have a show just dedicated to the repartee between the smooth and cool Jon Batiste and Colbert??

    53. JC * inc

      Does anyone know if Jon Baptiste is a licensed gun owner? I asked, because all black men, living in America, should should legally own guns.

    54. Anthony hau

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    55. R1GAMBLER

      criminal filth. 👈

    56. Austin Newman

      Ship them to Gitmo.

    57. Cherry lin

      How can we get a $2000 stimulus check, when they have to fix this building? Take all their names and no stimulus check for them and increase ours.

    58. tahiti treat

      WOW! They look alike. They must have come out from the same .... hole.

    59. Rama Chandran

      Here is the case of "DRACULA" being put in charge of the "BLOOD BANK '' so who is going to put the stake through or has the "CROSS" ready? Just a pathetic and yet the direst warning to our state of the UNION not to let the "HATEMONGER-IN-CHIEF" and all his corrupt colleagues go without facing the consequences of such an act of open "TREASON" and "TERRORISM" by the very person who is supposed to defend all AMERICANS

    60. Rich K

      does that include every congress person

    61. Do Med

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    62. Leeds Judson

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    63. Penny Stout

      An ethical man like James Comey should never even be questioned about loyalty to a dispicable man like Donald Trump!

    64. Sarah Major

      Let us not forget that Comey decided to release the email letter and handed the election to Trump. So instant karma Comey. You're as bad as the rest of them.

    65. Sarah Major

      Jon is truly groovy. He makes me happy every time I see him.

    66. Lori-Louise Hubbard

      No, having "the lights go out on him" is NOT the worst punishment he can imagine. Putting his lying, corrupt ass IN PRISON is the appropriate punishment. Stephen, this guy is still a crapweasel who deliberately handed the election to the Gropenführer in 2016; why are we talking to him as though he's a credible authority?

    67. Indiahindustinky Curry

      Biden wants all these republican senators and congressmen traitors be free from arrest for the crime of treason. This makes biden a criminal too just like the Republicans for not upholding the constitution.

    68. Moe Zura

      is it still a crime even though the "capitol police" opened the barricades and let everyone through? asking for a friend...

      1. Moe Zura

        @Johelen Fugate are you a conservative? making sense doesn't come from the left.

      2. Johelen Fugate

        If a bank teller encourages you to rob the bank you are still culpable. The teller is complicit.

    69. Elise Perez Alford

      Love the talent from Jon Batiste...and may I say...he is absolutely beyond delightful to look at.

    70. Steve Scott

      Trump needs to be held accountable for January 6th, as do all the other provocateurs that riled everyone up on the 6th and the 5th.

    71. Norma Sentmanat

      Agree with Mr. James Comey. I am so sorry what the country is going through. We will heal.

    72. Reynolds Mayert

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    73. Philip Demetry

      Jon Batiste is good. That opening, him sitting there casually playing piano looking into the camera. Damn.

    74. N Kriesen

      Anyone else notice the snarl that crept through when Comey said ‘if you were there...”?

    75. Rafael Perches Pierri

      Why Rio, Stephen? Come to Bahia! The largest black population in the world, outside of Africa!!!!!

    76. Clara DeLuca

      He's always on the wrong side until Trump fire him out.

    77. Clara DeLuca

      Hillary lost the election because of James comey.

    78. Ben Chode

      What a weasel.

    79. Scott Allen

      Comey violated the Department of Justice principle that the FBI must be politically neutral.

    80. Scott Allen

      Why is Comey still talking? He helped give us the Tangerine Turd 💩 🍊

    81. lance forbis

      Now that your "cash cow" Trump is gone, i hope you don't run out of things to talk about.. you and Brian Williams

    82. Chris Millar

      I totally agree, turn off the spot lights :-)

    83. R M

      Yeah but if they prosecute Trump then they will have to prosecute all those that openly encouraged the Antifa/BLM riots on the Dem side which there are many... not going to happen obviously.....what is most concerning is the double standards the world has watched for the past 8 months! The nerve of some people is nothing short of alarming and this makes you think what are these people capable of doing whilst they have the power? People should be concerned....

    84. Ed Lewis

      I'm sure he's a good man, but I disagree with Comey's call on Hillary and his call not to hold the former president accountable for laws he violated. It invites the message that if you're president, you can get away with, literally, murder.

    85. Marc

      I believe not just a crime...but a felony. Please broadcast that point!

    86. Mr Scrofulous

      There are thousands of poor folk in jail for minor offences......why the fuck should you not prosecute Trump and his minions for his blatant crimes ?

    87. Stephanie Brady

      This F#@%in' guy. He couldn't keep his mouth shut. He was SO WORRIED he'd have to arrest the President as soon as SHE took office THAT HE DID NOTHING WHEN TRUMP WAS SWORN IN AND BROKE THE LAW IMMEDIATELY - AND AGAIN - AND AGAIN - AND AGAIN. Trump is your fault - CHOKE ON IT.

    88. Wyndella

      This coming from a guy who lied. Wake up america we are being played by the hese fools. If any of us did what he did we would be in prison. Right or left divide and conquer is what they are doing

    89. tiaghoseth

      Tico tico no fubá! Obrigado (thank you guys)

    90. Cora Mendiburu

      "I'd rather the lights go out" - AMEN!

    91. Cindy DT

      Comey is a criminal. Hit lists on fed judges scotus and more. It’s all coming out now

    92. Michael nguyen

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    93. Jacinta Harris

      That is straight up bullshit that he is talking about not charging Donald Trump and his lawyer. I have watched enough crime shows to know that a mastermind behind the crime gets charged just like the person that Acted out the crime. If Trump wants the spotlight then this is the best damn spotlight he can get and deserve!!!

    94. Texas Ray

      This is not spontaneous discussion. This is scripted dialogue written lolng ago. Just as the events in Washington were planned and scripted. We are being led, step by step, toward a totalitarian communist style dictatorship. And both parties are in on it. Not the true believers of course. As always, they are just being used. But the self-serving elites who run both parties (and the media as well) are not true believers. They are untrue decievers.

    95. Texas Ray

      Good Lord, it seems like the Commies have taken over and now their planning their purges. Clearly there is going to be conflict. And leftist media provocateurs like Colbert and his ilk are doing their best to incite it.

    96. Patrick Irvine

      I still think James Comey is responsible for causing Clinton to lose the election to Trump when he re-opened the email investigation days before. I don't know why Stephen keeps interviewing him. He's a f'n self serving snake.

    97. snoozemumrik

      Please, don't give these people the chance to just wash their complicity off like Oliver North and their likes, so they can continue peddling their bullshit for money

    98. Nardus Ellis

      America is falling apart by the seems.....

    99. Gunsmoke

      If you signed off on those FISA warrants you committed a crime

    100. Cisco52

      Trump fomented insurrection, expected the terrorists to murder Pelosi, Pence, etc. to disrupt the vote count thus creating chaos in the country, then he would declare martial law and declare himself the winner of the election and install himself as a dictator president. This is the logical sequence of events had the terrorists succeeded. Trump’s motive is to avoid the inevitable indictments coming his way by continuing the big lie about fraud. A thorough investigation must be done. Sounds bizarre but not out of the question. Healing cannot occur without justice.