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    With Snow Falling on your request I converted the DRIFT TRIKE to the SKI TRIKE........
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    1. Bruno Do Gado

      man, I’ll tell you about Brazil🇧🇷, like many other people, I don’t understand anything you say, but your projects are incredible congratulations and continue like this always! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    2. Samuel Alleman

      I want to see the snow dance again

    3. RTX ฟีม0628T


    4. RTX ฟีม0628T


    5. Xtreme Garrage

      You should race one at Le Mans!

    6. luiz trader

      Colocar legenda em português porfavor

    7. Chatd Ydshs

      Snow dace moment

    8. John Smith

      I was wondering why Colin was happy all the time-cause he's making a shit-ton of money off his videos. Good for you mate....if you find a way to get rich, why not?

    9. Patrik

      Cool drift trike! Why did you make the ski point up though? It already has the curvature at the tip. Horizontal should be enough.

    10. Uriah Dacosta

      Slap a turbo and a jet along with the engine

    11. Sudosu: X-5

      Now put paddles on the wheels and go to the sand dunes

    12. Travis Lee

      Does anyone else watch these for the music? Thank you Colin

    13. vlassah nascimento

      Uma inspiração de vida

    14. insanity 2

      Taxes now has a solution to their snow prblem

    15. Clev3rByte

      maybe something a peddle snow mobile without a motor or making a Moped motorcycle into a snow mobile

    16. aidan clifford

      You should put blades on the ski and take it to a frozen lake and go ice racing

    17. magiklok

      Please take this to somewhere where you can actually drive on ONLY snow, not a slight layer :D

    18. asd ajsh

      can you make a hyper high pressure washing machine ? no need to have soap, just a wall of jets and clean all the dirt in seconds

    19. blueking2211


    20. Trevor Adams

      Please could you tell me what mate and model is your profile cutting machine

    21. Skot Matthews

      Whenever I watch his videos half of me thinks "damn, if I had all that equipment I could build cool shit, too" and the other half thinks "yea right you don't even know the name of 3/4s of those machines, let alone what they even do or how to use them- you'd cut a finger off 2 minutes after you turned it on- if you could even do that!" me #2 is probably the right me, but well never know🤷

    22. Iggy Aldred


    23. chatsworth777

      The trike is impressive. The most impressive thing here; Colin refuses to bow to the safety Nazis and wear approved safety gear.

    24. Fids,n,Fads__warthunder

      New idea use the stawars flyer in a previous episode amd swap the wheels for skis

    25. Ostie Guy

      Hi ! I was a drummer and always needed to some day maybe see a flying drum. Is that possible ?

    26. Will Barrett

      Make a 360 swing that spins

    27. Wing Wong

      This is how golf courses should be aerated

    28. Dylan yacky

      Next time it snows try them spikes on the front ski on the back

    29. LG nkounkou

      where does he get those ideas?

    30. uzzie88

      Luckily you didn't blend your leg up when you fell off the back.

    31. Jamesthebond 007

      Hey Colin do you know if you can use gokart rear wheels on a motorised drift trike or can you only use front gokart wheels?

    32. Rocco Leader

      4:07 colin are you ok?

    33. RYAN ODAWO

      or make it flote

    34. Pierce Fenwick

      There’s one way to air rate your lawn

    35. Fraser McDonald

      Make a mini motor bike

    36. alfonso Pina

      This is a serious comment and not a troll......can you explain why some parts are 3D printed and others are, well, cut out or plasma cut. I really want a good explanation and (like my brother) you are a plumber so I feel you can bring it down to earth without over explaining it.

    37. Tiana Dohnal

      You should make a bunkbed that can go up and down like an elevator

    38. BlueX Demon

      sheep: oh wow this thing looks cool and human looks friendly. Colin: starts up trike ski sheep: oh sh!t we were wrong, RETREAT, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!.

    39. gamedo

      Colin sorry but I need me skis back

    40. design engineer _ K


    41. ANdrew crockford


    42. Stephen V. Tom

      Great videos. Keep up the great work.

    43. Connor Gunion

      I just commented on your newest video but could you please make a badass electric bike ??

    44. Bert Rich

      4:06 that dance 😂😂😂

    45. Su Anjelica

      vGhislaine Maxwell

    46. Noah_tea

      I purposely don't watch a bunch of colin's vids so that I can binge watch them later lmao

    47. Digalog

      Imagine being his neighbor and seeing this crazy invention with a ski you throwed away 10 years ago xD bloody respecp

    48. Jake TheDoggable

      You are one of the only youtubers where you say “it’s really quite simple” And it’s actually simple

    49. Jared Wycuff

      Where do you buy the 2 stroke 125 pit bike engines?

    50. super duck 44

      How do you make all this stuff

    51. Unsqeakable8989

      I needed THIS when I still lived in Canada!!

    52. N2R

      Colin you look like that famous painter here: 6:36

    53. Sebastian Zając

      Ku*wa moje pole

    54. Damari Massenburg

      still good content wow

    55. Patrick Hobbs

      Easily the best channel on KGup if not ... life! Keep it up you wonderful human 😄👍👔

    56. Rafa

      You are a mad man. an awesome mad man!

    57. James Wilson

      Mister Furze, bolt a 3/4 snowboard to the forker. Screws only 1/2 inch longer. Wax that wanker!!! And have so much fun! This was me not watching the full vid. I'm sorry bub!

    58. smiley satanson

      the spikes looked like a mixture of mad max meeting saw meeting hell raiser meet resident evil

    59. Honra BRO

      Что бл я незнаю английский но очень интересно 👍👍👍👍👍

    60. Amity S

      Excellent music as always. Is punk+brass=always ska or is there more nuance

    61. WelshWolfie

      Is it me..... Or should Colin Furza AND MasterMilo82 do something together? (For those that don't know, Milo is a Dutch/German guy who has made crazy inventions and such, like the RollGolf and other insane stuff)

    62. James Sansome

      I don't know what it is but trike drifting is one of the most fun things that you can do! Used to have an ATC 70 trike with a big engine in it and regret selling it!

    63. Jbdark _ripper

      When you think about it it’s a ski doo with one ski and two tracks

    64. Aidan Crow

      Is no one gonna talk about how he put horse sound effects over some sheep

    65. Cor Cor

      The field is gonna look interesting when the snow melts

    66. Gunnar Davidson

      Is it possible to turn the drift trike into a mud bogging drift trike

    67. ShakeyBoyzs

      He's living in everyone's dream

    68. Saltier Names

      Need to do a collab with Sam Pilgrim! You two would be a very interesting combo!

    69. nightcrew photography

      Should've made a rocket sled with the pulse jet

    70. Гена Владимиров


    71. Reinhard Krüger

      So you built it motorized, electric and for snow. For me there is one option left... What do you think happens if you equip it with paddle wheels and make it swim? ;)

    72. GLR

      awesome content

    73. MakeAwishKid

      You need tracks for snow and spikes for ice

    74. Fresh Fruit

      How big is that motor??(i need it)

    75. Bruno Gagne

      I would like to buy one for quebec winter. It would be epic

    76. Toontje


    77. افریدگار ابی ابلیس سبز

      You surprised me again

    78. Dylan Antonacci

      Should put small snow blades instead of spikes on the wheels

    79. Mr Law


    80. Arwyn Smit

      Go check out bikes and beards😂

    81. Положительная Энергия

      You're mega big master!!!

    82. Sage Javinar

      This one is way better than bikes and beards.

    83. Tyerece Hazzard

      Hey man can u make the assin creed arm mounted cross bow gun

    84. Tim Wells

      Bikes and beards said his is better check it out on KGup

    85. Duephilroy 92

      colin look at bike and beards

    86. Owen Barker

      kgup.info/get/fKdmkK7OoY17rKE/video You've had a response video from an American Bike channel.

    87. Алиэн Doom-VI

      Argh RUSSIAN SUBTITLES???!?!!

    88. T O K K I C I T

      can ice tyres on snow??🤔hmm

    89. Mason Blue

      Colin make a Motor bike

    90. Liam Christensen

      He should put treads on the trike and maybe he will have enough grip and no spikes and no wheeling too much

    91. T Sasso

      My boy you need to one up this flat lander from warped perception he just made a JET POWERED GO CART !

    92. Meary Rous

      The new lab

    93. Parker Teeter

      Looks dangerous, and yet, so fun...

    94. Douglas Peters

      My son, who is 6, is requesting a sled that shoots fire and can also shoot rocks out the back like a trebuchet. We love what you do and he calls you crazy guy collin.

    95. daniele mezzadri

      Do that with your gocart

    96. Wallie Ollie

      How I’m finna be rolling through the next ice age

    97. Mikho Sihombing

      Anak indo ada

    98. SIER SOSA

      It’s the sheep’s for me 🐑

    99. Max Cope

      You should make an off-road version and put monster truck wheels on it

    100. Kevin Brown

      awesome, you should make a monster trike, has monster truck type suspension and wheels!