Is our universe the only universe? - Brian Greene


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    Is there more than one universe? In this visually rich, action-packed talk, Brian Greene shows how the unanswered questions of physics (starting with a big one: What caused the Big Bang?) have led to the theory that our own universe is just one of many in the "multiverse."
    Talk by Brian Greene.

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    1. HARISH HG

      Strings are studying strings...whts da ultimate goal...humans wanna become god...r god really exists...ufff

    2. Rebeem

      You lost me from 00:01

    3. Rebeem

      I dont know why I am watching this

    4. C F

      Brilliant lecture...I’am an engineer and know basics physiques I was taught how Nucleas Reactors work...but he takes me into outerspace where we can’t measure anymore or even down to the tiniest level where can’t measure anymore...amazing stuff! Happy to be able to graps what he is saying...and making me aware that getting my groceries is what I have to do daily....

    5. Sam Bones

      It's all cool but this would mean that there's a lot of suffering happening in this multiverse, seeing it's so big, a lot of existences would be tortured, that makes me so very sad

    6. Hiro_444

      6:34 (auto generated subtitles)

    7. Loser Nobody

      There is also multi polyverses. Reality is like a fractal

    8. Loser Nobody

      *complex system known as the polyverse

    9. Guruprashanth Krishnegowda

      He is a potential theather artist

    10. Rasputin Disclaimer101

      'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Viewers/Listeners/Readers discretion and discernment is advised.

    11. RamChandra Varshney

      Well, the universe is 13.8 billion years old. Is that something to do with this number ending with 138???

    12. Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

      Explaining the local phenomenon of life's origin, cognition and the resulting self awareness.

    13. Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

      The redesign of the logical truth tables

    14. Cosmopolitan

      The best of Brian.

    15. The Exiled

      I saw this man in the series named The Big Bang Theory...

    16. EARTHIAN

      Thank you brain ❤️❤️❤️ loved this explanation 😘

    17. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo

      I just went on a ride of Rick and Morty episode in my mind.

    18. Kenneth Haines

      Could the mapping of the Cosmic Web structure be extrapolated backward to narrow down the list of possible shapes of the smaller dimensions?

    19. Haana Mendoza

      isaiah 45:18 For thus says the Lord, Who created the heavens, Who is God, Who formed the earth and made it, Who has established it, Who did not create it in vain, Who formed it to be inhabited: “I am the Lord, and there is no other.

    20. Peter Darmis

      What is unique is Human ego.

    21. God_Ozai

      is the multiverse infinite because if so then that would make life 100% possible in other universes

    22. Chuck Mos

      Bravo. Speaks with the heart I put into playing musical instruments. Love this guy.

    23. Barragin

      Stephen King knew about the multiverse decades ago...

    24. LeviBoii


    25. Zubairullah Enaam

      21:48 Quran has already said first heaven is only groomed with stars while other heavens not and much more add to this heaven, 6 heavens more are existing too, this guy did it now.

    26. M7wal R

      Can I borrow your brain

    27. wa mulyati

      There are another six universe. We are living in the lowest one.

    28. Daniel Morris

      Brain Greene fucks

    29. Lok783

      Our Universe is the only Universe, Because we create it inside our minds therefore there can not be any others, in order for Other Universes to exist there would have to be an Objective reality. And Objective reality has been disproven to exist. Don't confuse possibility with another Universe, There may be overlapping possibility multiple realities coexisting within the same Spacetime as potential outcomes but these are not true Universes only waves of potential because they have not manafested into a choice or a measurement. By the way String theory has been challenged by Qauntum gravity which appears to be gaining ground in quantum physics. If you have to leap to a multiverse theory to support your argument then it's invalid because then your suggesting a Universe inside a Universe inside a Universe to infinity totally ignoring subjective reality while suggesting objective reality, Your argument is flawed although the Math is lovely it breaks too many established scientific truths. Might doesn't cut it, Either you prove it beyond any doubt or your theory is incomplete proving nothing while only speculating with too many problems that depend on a multiverse to even function as a working theory totally ignoring that Objective reality does not exist. Sounds logical in many ways it's a beautiful theory but it has too many holes in it, You need to solve the problems with it without depending on a multiverse. Because basically your theory is suggesting infinite Universes and dimensions when you include the dimensions of those other Universes, and the law of energy conservation couldn't possibly support an infinite scale. You have to explain what those Universes are in and then what created that and what's outside of that and outside of that and since you can't it's a broken theory as it is.

    30. mike dar

      I don't care. I also do not stare at my belly button.

    31. dgsgsgsfh

      I am sure that with the knowledge you have, your life and thinking would be freakkkkin' awesome, needing no one but your mind and its imagination to keep that spark of excitement always alive in you. I always believe that the one who explains physics in a way that a layman with minimal knowledge of physics would understand, is the one having a deeper understanding of the same (as believed by Richard Feynmann too).

    32. Kinga Gorski

      Brian Greene! He has such great inflections in the way he speaks, similar in ways to NdGT. Mind blown, as usual!

    33. Will Hemmer

      Sounds to me like he's saying we're here because we're here?

      1. Fundamental Fanatic

        basicaly yea. we are here because we can

    34. Stoney Dabs

      No it’s not the only universe

    35. Light Years Away - The Day we left Earth

      Is there life outside the Earth in the universe? This question has fascinated humanity for a long time👽 they still do not know the star seeker many times visited us. Our minds, religion and upbringing do not allow us to believe in such things. You were deceived. My childhood and adolescence I spent the time repairing on a alien spaceship. "Light Years Away" convinces the human mind and science has once again triumphed. 👩‍🚀📖 This is My Story


      Isn't trying the prove the existence of something that can't be observed similar to proving the existence gods. "Sometimes, GOD guards her secrets with the unbreakable grip of physical law." Yes I have the knowledge of physics that an average ant might possess ( with no offense intended towards ants ).

      1. Fundamental Fanatic

        you are correct. we cannot test if parallel universe exists. so its similar to saying "maybe god" that idea originaly arose from quantum physics and all uncertainty principle thing. how you cannot predict with 100% certainty where a particle will land. only aproximate probability... so idea arose that all possible outcomes do happen. but only one outcome can be observed per universe

    37. Aage152

      Both "The Bible" and "The Indian Vedas" talk about "Water", in the "The Creation Stories". NONE of them, is telling, that the "The Water" was created. ... "The Indian Vedas" calls this water "Undifferentiated Water". Is this - a hint - that this is a special water (the substance filling out .. the empty room between The Atom and The Electron)?? --- If we look at this water .. "in the microscope" - and consider it .. parallell to the water we know - then: * It consist of oxygen and hydrogen. * Two gasses - that we can make - "explosive (Read: 'detonating', if you wish) gas" - from. Do we have the foundation for "The Big Bang" - here? Well, it is not impossible. === ANOTHER thing is: Since the water, NOT - was created, it represents an eternal nature. AND - since the water, we know - is a foundation for life .. then, what do we have - here?

    38. Pes Sien

      Wonder if there's a universe out there with enough dark matter for energy based beings to form🤔

    39. Rich Tygart

      I wonder if in a hundred years physicists will look back and laugh and our goofy idea of string theory

      1. Fundamental Fanatic

        probably. maybe not. cant be certain. anyway i had similar conversation today with coworker but about doctors. how maybe in the future people will laugh at our doctor methods. "haha they used metal plates to heal badly broken bones"

    40. Shenanigans Fπckery

      Somewhere in the audience Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farah Fowler is making fun of him.

    41. Cyrex Diablo

      Nice Mice! 🎙 Must name it Quantumphone rather than micro.

    42. Adiel Esdras

      What he said about the future cosmologists is the same of what we think about the past. We tend to think that the ancient knowledge means nothing and the people would know nothing but maybe they could know better than us.

    43. AntiLarge

      Imagine living 2 billion years go, the universe would of looked so different

    44. Brian Murray

      This discussion is a demonstration of another important scientific theory: theoretical pile up. I have a theory that I can’t prove or is inconsistent with observation, so I add another unprovable theory, and then another, ...

    45. jared clancy

      If there are as great a number of different universes as 10^500, couldn't that leave the possibility of other habitable universes open? Just like in our universe theres likely to be aliens, how would this differ?

    46. J. Akamu-Adams

      as well as a brilliant physicist, he's a great story teller. I think thats something a lot of scientists lack with the obvious exception of Sagan, deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye

    47. Neil Crowe


    48. Da_ReDMaN1

      It would seem that we live on a higher dimension than we are saying because when you look through even just electron microscopes you can start to see more dimensions forming. So, if the smaller you go the more dimensions you can see, doesn't that mean we should add that to the total number of dimensions we are? Also, I don't understand why we say that we build in only 3 dimensions when you have to also factor in dimension of the thickness and structure of material. So, why only third dimension?

    49. Tater Avila

      People know that there are multiple universes. People don't know who killed Tupac.

    50. Gary Kelley

      Dark matter and dark energy is coming from God

      1. surendra adhikari

        Who create god bro haha there’s no god

    51. 유라시아뽕Eurasia lover

      I don't believe multuverse

    52. king James

      He's kinda got it. He doesn't realize how thin reality is when you apply the proper math. You can walk but you're a scared species. Almost though.

    53. shield400

      My Bungie Theory: The universe is still expanding but that expansion is not infinite. Eventually space will stop expanding, pause and begin to collapse back into itself. Nothing is infinite!

      1. shield400

        @Fundamental Fanatic Ok

      2. Fundamental Fanatic

        sorry, thats called Big Crunch hypothesis. only it proposes that a new big bang could emerge after it

    54. MrManInTheBox

      I hate this guy

    55. Elsa Hunter

      woah, this is sick

    56. Charles Mack

      Imagine this for a second, this is an immense universe, and there are others that are same in numbers as there are stars in our universe. Comprehend that.

    57. Neisan Land

      Planet Solar System: combination of planets Galaxy: combination of solar systems Universe: combination of galaxies Multi-Universes: combination of universes. now if u see this going like this, i would assume that there is more.

    58. 박현

      The fearful fearless authority uniquely scrape because stretch unprecedentedly suggest regarding a fluttering bathtub. nice, didactic time

    59. Harsh Gautam

      How those strings are getting energy to vibrate?

    60. Milton Miranda

      Dark energy is the reason universe is expanding

    61. rajan jamwal

      How gravity works : -. The sun in our space creates the stretching of the space. Same like the way in the rubber band when we stretch it. And due to this stretching the space becomes less dense and more free to move and due to this free movement in space the earth moves easily towards sun. It's same like when we are walking on land we move faster but when we walk on water we move slower because the medium is more dense. It has nothing to do with disturbense in space.

    62. Raman deep

      Amazing This what I find

    63. Virendra Sahani

      i just want to say i love our form of life. Who knows in other form of life there's no Newton, Einstein, or Brian Greene for explanation...

    64. Ocean

      In either case do we have anything to do? Just waste time discussing all these things. Earth is the only place we have. Spend time taking care of mother earth than thinking about universes

    65. PREM RAJ 28 B


    66. terry

      expansion-------aren't we expanding at same rate? =. no dark skies, ever if so.

    67. mot di


    68. Mikael Lewis

      Mind blowing stuff. Fascinating.

    69. I_Love_God

      The oldest spiritual texts of the planets called 'Veda' from Hindu philosophy already mentioned the existence of multiverse, time dilation, even big bang (of course in different words which may not look scientific to today's world but they were highly scientific to the civilization that time). Our ancestors already knew this but unfortunately very few understood the importance of that knowledge. The studies on Vedas and other Indian spiritual texts (like Upanishads) are being performed by top universities including Harvard. The truth will be revealed in due time

    70. Mahmoud Barakat

      Expansion of the universe was actually mentioned in holy Quran 1400 years ago.

    71. Don Emigholz Jr.

      TED would be great and not a waste of time if the world did not have major and pressing problems that may erase mankind or at least as we now know it. Fukushima disaster is not getting better for one and under just a few plausible probabilities could become a planet killing disaster. Then of course there is the relentless and never ending quest for tax free profit using USA's military might and USA trained Mercenaries/PMC. Mercenaries start the unrest, turn it into Anarchy and then instigate Civil war all for CEO profit. TED Talk is a distraction not any kind of solution.

    72. Times Face in Energy

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    73. Aneil Kaushik

      centuries of knowledge

    74. Jeremy Bumpermanpub

      Terrible speaker

    75. Ellen Boyd

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    76. azeem mirza

      Either there is only one universe or there are 7 universes one inside the another

    77. Jimmy Grant

      It just dawned on me. The vibrations of strings are directly proportional to the shape of the extra dimensions, and those shapes are...wait for it...those shapes are determined by the frequency of music. Same like when you put sand on disk and then play a sine wave. The sand will form a different pattern based on the frequency. Yes, I have discovered the key to the universe. It is all bound by music. Rock on my friends!

    78. Viva Ayuso Thatcher, At RojoAmarilloRojo

      @Brian Greene, your way of communicating it’s just magic. You make it sound so simple and understandable, it could be a language of its own. Thank you so much for your passion and enthusiasm, and for existing. Big fan 🙌🙌

    79. Navjot Singh

      My religious guru says there are infinite earths(planets) , skies(space),underworlds(i can't precisely describe this). And man will be exausted finding of all them. He also says universe has expanded many times. he actually used the word expanded. he said universe has had infinite amouts of big-bounces but the God (An indescribable being which has a small part called Law of nature) has remained the true since. Everything matches Science .

    80. Asad Iqbal

      Only 0.00138% of audience were interested in this lecture

    81. Tobias Clement

      But how long did the Big Bang itself last?

    82. Jatin Chawla

      This was remarkable. I loved it

    83. Benjik Nrets

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    85. Rabishankar Pal

      Whatever be it may, nothing beyond the four operations of addition, substraction, multiplication and division.

    86. Travelpillar

      Hats off 👏

    87. Aman Deep

      Well as he says future scientists will trust their own findings more than what is in past data. Same might be happening now also. We are trusting our findings more than what our ancestors have presented and we call that data mythology. Or I might be wrong it's just an idea anyway...

      1. Aman Deep

        Also this is just a thought to tease the mind. Maybe in future scientists will develop technology sufficient enough to verify them as that previous assumption is based on current state of science

      2. Aman Deep

        @aditya when you can not prove that scientific data is right or wrong, it's nothing less than a hypothesis. Not even theory as you cannot prove it. That's what he is saying that when in future scientists cannot verify these findings they will not believe in them and try to find answer on their own rather than believing in our work and continuing from there. Now what I am saying is we also cannot prove that those findings are right or wrong hence we do our own research and try to find out truth in our own way. So there is a possibility that we are already doing what he is anticipating our future scientists will do.

      3. aditya

        There is a difference between scientific data and mythological fairy tales. And he is telling about an event that will happen in future. He is making an assumption. You don't need to take the words as it is. You are supposed to use your brain and understand the meaning behind those words.

    88. 420 Cloud

      Any universe connected to our universe would be considered part of our universe still, so even with infinite universes, we could be the only universe that we all know

      1. aditya

        @420 Cloud What do you mean by connected? Don't apply your 5th standard school book logic here. So when you touch another person do you become a part of another person's body? ehhhh..? Or if you live in a house with other people, all of you are considered as a single person? Another universe would be governed by different laws of physics, it would have different particles. It can never become a part of this universe, just like how you can never be a part of another person's body as DNA would never match.

      2. 420 Cloud

        @aditya if they're connected, then they're a unified place..a universe..if they have no connection to each other then it would be called multiverse

      3. aditya


    89. PREM RAJ 28 B


    90. Salah Elhaddad

      So how to explain that weird number referring to the amount of dark matter in our universe ? No way but a theory called string theory allows for such number to be generated, the generated number depends on how the extra dimension is shaper though, well why would our universe has an extra dimension in that specific shape and not the other shapes? Well, that's because their may be infinite numbers of universes in which the extra dimension may be shaped differently, in our universe it has certain shape of extra dimension and certain amount of dark matter that allows for stars to form . Other universes with more dark matter no stars will form and others with less dark matter the universe won't even expand Hmm so back to explaining that amount of dark matter in our universe, it's because our universe happens to be the lucky one with the right shape of extra dimension that generates that specific amount of dark matter , just precisely balanced to allow stars and galaxies to form So the answer to why we have that amount of dark matter is because we live in the lucky place with just enough dark matter ? And why the sun is 93 million km away is cause we live in the lucky planet that is far enough ,,,, and the answer to every factor that allows for us to exist is that we are lucky enough to be in the lucky planet ? I wonder how likely is it for all these favorable conditions to life to co exist in 1 single planet, like 10% ? If we start calculating proportions starting from being in that 1 lucky universe with all the correct laws, till being so lucky that random coincidental chemistry allowed for life to emerge out of non living chemicals It all sounds like a whole lot of chances and coincidences , I'm not sure I have that faith

    91. joker3053

      it's sad to know that future astronomers will forget our discovery and knowledge about other galaxies and how big and old our universe is , or dark matter, string theory etc, just like we ignore cave men's drawings of gods and aliens visiting.

    92. Albert van der Heiden

      Looks more like a replacement of God. You can never prove if this theory is right or wrong. You just have to believe in it.

    93. Nicolle

      My take away: anything is possible

    94. ayush sindhwal

      so my theory is that, Due to greater Mass or Size of other Universe around our universe they are capable of attracting our universe(due to Gravitational Force), so our universe is growing in both the directions . 😆 😆

    95. Emperor Europa

      brian has been freebasing, i can tell

    96. Deepali Singh

      "we don't know what we dont know"

    97. Corey Burton

      This means DC is wrong to keep heroes and villains of other universes in different ones

    98. Nichoas Wilds

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    99. Shirley Matthaeus

      Have seen and heard many western folks laugh about indian culture but that is funny because the concept of mutli universe has always been there in the indian culture. Around 1980 when I was a child I knew about the concept of multi verse. Of course science is proving it now - but my question how did someone write about it 3000 years ago in indian scriptures and they exactly talk of 10 phases.

    100. duke salazar

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