Remember, Spiderman was a teenager too

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    1. YEET

      Yo smooth transmission

    2. Devin Victoriano

      That's was clean

    3. FrostyPlayz


    4. Rockabi11ykid13

      That do be smooth doe 😳

    5. - Soap -


    6. Player

      Garfield McGuire

    7. Just_ HaikaL

      He was testing his organic web shooter

    8. Theo N

      Plot twist: uncle Ben wanted to join peter

      1. Phoenix Gonzalez

        That’s disgusting

    9. Fright Insanity

      andrew garfield was the absolute worst spider-man in history. you can’t change my mind

    10. Mohammad Ameer Racman


    11. SpinelPlayzGames

      R. I. P the creator of Spider-man

    12. Epaliwtis Gang

      Class video 😂

    13. Kakashi 2009


    14. E88e LOLXD

      LolXD 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    15. Eli Castro

      That was clean

    16. Ahmad mohammad

      Gotta lock that door homeboy

    17. Kharl jayson Alcantara

      I give him check

    18. Totalis

      What’s wrong whit this

    19. InsaneUpper J

      That transition from the hub to sunflower was too smooth, he's done this before.

    20. Chris Tine


    21. cherishing the hope you gave me

      so no one is gonna talk about the fact that he is using internet explorer?

    22. Yousaywhat3

      Uncle Ben just exposed himself

    23. ねこ助


    24. Mieko Howard

      Ayo ayo Peter WOAHHHHH

    25. Nicholas Mitchell


    26. Jadon S. W͟i͟n͟d͟o͟w͟s͟ S͟o͟n͟i͟c͟ 2007

      Plot twist: he went to the wrong website

    27. Stix


    28. D4VE HUNT

      I love both them spider mans

    29. Lil Baddie



      what is the name of the song?

    31. Ezra nicole Duya

      When your the only one knows the sound in your family🤣 safe

    32. joshplays

      The computer one

    33. joshplays

      I know that simple for some reason

    34. Darius

      Challenge;Slow down the video and sequencing and figure out what he typed

    35. Isaac Hodge


    36. Number 11

      If you seeing this when your parents go to your bedroom be like

    37. Umbro cat

      Children, hide, run from the device you are using and you may come back when this video is over

    38. The Kim Possible Channel

      Internet Explorer not more support some websites.

    39. Big Gay

      What’s that song

    40. patorex


    41. Bryant J Anderson


    42. FarmBoySteve

      Fake Spider-Man

    43. Bałt ekNowotnik

      this andrew garfield

    44. screaming cat lady

      Those reflexes were smooth

    45. its__ levit03saaa

      i cant tell if this is real or not😂😭

    46. LaZ

      Turns out that was a different tab

    47. Pepe John

      wtf lol

    48. Araceli Rodriguez

      Why dose look like Brent Rivera

    49. snow oo

      So that's how he has that much spider web, feels bad for people who get spider web'd.

    50. Friendly neighborhood JDM Lover

      I didn't have my headphones on and my parents were next to me and this played and they grounded me😥😥😥

    51. nlss Phoenix


    52. joe wolf 506


    53. Marlon Benito

      Hahahaha true

    54. Deb Roy


    55. Unknown Gacha

      *me acctually confused because i dont know what that load-in screen is*

    56. Electric Car

      His spider senses sure helped him there

    57. Hilda Columnas

      Peter Tingle

    58. Lady Dimitrescu

      It looks so real😂👌

    59. Mr. Salesman

      How do you think he makes his web shooters

    60. Michael Williams

      dont wanna ruin your post but at that time pr0nhub didn't have that intro :°[ he should be watchin xvxx,xv1does or ikshamstar the other hand he can be searchin for premium accounts [i added family friendly filter use ur imagination]

    61. Anon

      Plot twist... uncle Ben was making sure he didn’t accidentally stream it to peters laptop

    62. nooby

      Omg. Im about ro watch that move 10/10 hilarious

    63. Goth Frogg

      I'm confused-

    64. J Tolly

      PETER NO-oh wait

    65. Ergie WasntHere

      Spider senses sound rlly useful right about now

    66. Thatguy Thatguy

      Lmfao you so funny

    67. ExcelSoma

      had us in the first half, ngl

    68. SOAR_DeaDlyy

      Love it

    69. xBuk0

      OH MY LORD! 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

    70. Jessica Dourado Silva

      Im a smOOth dude.

    71. michal

      Lol man lol cool 👑🤘🤘🤘😎😎

    72. Marshmallow Fluff

      Transition was smooth tho-

    73. Fire ems Guy


    74. Bonito Flake

      We do what we gotta do

    75. Nate SCP 3509

      Oh dear god

    76. Ethics Agencies

      What is that logo I don't understand

    77. Geoffrey Wilfren Juliano

      Peter what are you watching?😏

    78. Lian Luc

      Peter didn't get the ending he deserved, after a long day of web slinging he never got a chance to watch some PH

    79. Omer Aldajah

      Spiderman: *home-CUMING*

    80. JohnWick


    81. MIKEX Gaming


    82. foxy the odd gamer48

      Wow hero that is awkward

    83. Burak Kılıç


    84. Ren

      I don’t get it...

    85. The Orsis

      Are ya winning, son?

    86. POTATO BOB

      Hey peter wat your doing: Surffing the web 😂😂😂😂 Not funny sos

    87. Daniel Fletcher


    88. mynameschr

      Do you watch that peter

    89. Ali Asghar Ilyasov


    90. Pietro Bellani

      If I was the father I remain in his room lol

    91. ClouX

      What is music?

    92. Honeylette Ywayan


    93. Super Seth Gavin

      Damn, Out of pirate website options?

    94. ホフマン日向

      Spider senses came in handy

    95. Cthulhu Reactions

      ALT +TAB, for anyone who needs a quick getaway

    96. Justin Robertson

      What a sticky mess that was.

    97. Exploding Jellybeans

      "With great power comes great electricity bill"

    98. UI Memer

      When you change the 1.1k to 1.2k Reality can be whatever I want

    99. I'mThatPerson ;-;

      The transition was spot on o.o

    100. blitzo

      The original web shooters