Sneaking Into VAMPIRE Masquerade Ball In Real Life - Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

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    First, Rebecca Zamolo was spent 24 hours trapped inside dollhouse with hypnotized best friends. Next Matt and Rebecca realized he trapped us while sneaking into escape room for game master master secret. Finally the Game Master Network were in an extreme hide and seek battle royale in game master escape room. Now Rebecca and Maddie have two invitations as part of the sacred 6 to attend a vampire masquerade ball. They will have to go undercover in disguise as vampires while sneaking into the recruitment party for the RHS. Matt stays at home and makes the best diy vampire outfit just like troom troom and 123 Go did for Halloween. It turns into an escape room in real life once inside and a few surprises that create awkward situations. Maddie's crush and Rebecca's best friend are in attendance. Once inside the large ballroom Rebecca and Maddie have do a flash mob tik tok dance. Followed by a challenge with mysterious chalices. Finally a battle royale in real life leaves it down to 4. Do you think they will escape in time or be trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      Subscribe if you saw any clues to help us!

      1. Robert Blake

        Mr x is also king pin’s sister then because he’s the game masters brother

      2. Luna Meilleur


      3. Annmarie Matthew

        hi Rebecca zamolo my name is Ada page is hipmtis

      4. Abdur Razzak


      5. Denise Bridger


    2. Always Teagan jean Klingenberg

      Do you have Ryan had a LOL doll tattoo back of his neck

    3. Puppy Love

      Ryan has a doll on his back

    4. Lani Manalaysay


    5. Vasudha Pappu

      There is a lol tattoo on one person's back

    6. Amy English

      Mat she is trapped

    7. Genevieve Meissner

      Do not trust the game masters sister

    8. Rob Johnston

      So if I am correct if kingpin is the game masters sister then she is also Mr.X’s sister too?

    9. Tessa Thomas

      Matt Rebecca is trapped

    10. Wazahid Ashraf

      Daniel have gold play button

    11. Shamba-lee Clayton

      Rebecca Kingpin was right behind you

    12. olivia yang


    13. Yamileth Sanchez

      Ryan has a lol doll on his

    14. Curtis Hatter

      how on boy friend Go in :\

    15. Candycorn Playz

      I am a vampire batman You are a vampire batman I didnt know what you meant Matt so I said it both ways

    16. Rebecca Zamolo

      I saw someone in a mask in the back relook at the video love you

    17. Camila Chavez

      How do dey not hear rebbecca screaming “alright ZaMfAm” how Dey dat deaf to not hear dem screaming dere plan ?

    18. Lara Bozovic

      I sol a masters sister

    19. Kimberly Fischer

      King pen is behind you

    20. Kimberly Fischer

      Ryan has a tattoo on his back

    21. Maryam Ismail

      Rebecca king pin was behind you and maddie

    22. leilaalexmarrero


    23. Taqwa Meqdam

      I feel thet vampir is faiMilear

    24. Lisa Callanan

      There was someone in the back with a glowing mask

    25. MyBatman28

      Why was Maddy yelling out if she sould confront Rayn when evryone could hear her.

      1. Adell & Alan live

        ya true wired:-)

    26. Lisa Callanan

      Ryan has a doll on the back of his neck

    27. 2- C Chloe Lim

      He has a doll tatto on his back of his neck

    28. Lateef Beauchamp

      I love your videos

    29. Lateef Beauchamp

      Perry Baker and shame

    30. Lateef Beauchamp


    31. Lateef Beauchamp


    32. Lateef Beauchamp


    33. Lateef Beauchamp

      You pick the right vocation

    34. Amy English

      I love your Chanel

    35. Guerline Pongnon

      I saw king pen and you and Evelyn and the whole time

    36. Julia El-Homeira

      don't date ryan maddie he bad

    37. Julia El-Homeira

      matt is coming


      You know that they are brothers but they use to work together but not anymore

    39. Dyani Church

      kingpin was sneking around

    40. Ange B

      There was a tattle on ryan and it was a doll


      I got your Merch

    42. Jasmine Funk

      I am your fan

    43. Jasmine Funk


    44. Ampofo Alex

      kingpin was spying on every one

    45. Kat Davies

      I found

    46. Mina Mahri

      Tendo Switch

      1. Mina Mahri


    47. Tracie Milenkoff

      Maddie and Rebecca had sleep cloud

    48. Aiyla Zahra

      Rebbeca matt maddie daniel i know what king ping look like when i was scroling on youtube and i found ger mask hanging on her wall

    49. Lucas the Little Sketch Guy

      Vampire Batman

    50. Akshaya Gupta

      You should not trust rayan he has a doll tattoo




      i ticks u are the party is huted

    53. jenny poolford


    54. Maisarah Shaikh


    55. SmartLilKitten

      I am going to get the app soon

    56. Sarah Julia

      l am a Fun

    57. Bryan Stewart

      I. Iike. You. Guys

    58. Hill spaud

      can you Sud scrif

    59. Hill spaud

      yes i em son scaf ok i love your youtbe.

    60. Amanda Kuhn

      Ryan has a lol tattoo

    61. Ben Blight

      O.M.G King pin there hip netised

    62. Ben Blight


    63. sophie quarterman

      Guys I just sort of behind you

    64. sophie quarterman

      It was page the whole tire time

    65. Cherif Djalo

      Matt made a DIY

    66. lesley daly


    67. lesley daly

      I am so

    68. Addison Castro

      I want iPhone 12

    69. Adorx Glow

      Just me or Paige is scary like uhm

    70. Iqra Iqra

      I can't believe Paige is Hypnotized

    71. Lindsey Harders

      totoa on neck

    72. BexBex4


    73. Grace Houren

      l.o.l dolls on everyone even Maddie's crush!

    74. Nasir Hashimi

      I saw that Kingpin is watching you guys

    75. lia yulianti


    76. Lenny Guerra


    77. Joanna chong

      Sleep coler

    78. Joanna chong

      Rebecca wineer

    79. Joanna chong

      Im a viprver batman

    80. Joanna chong

      Is rnay

    81. Endia Claxton


    82. Miranda Brito

      mirrors are not a weakness

    83. Tori Jarvis

      Sorry JayTori

    84. Oriana Donlevy

      yes it its

    85. chelsea Castledine

      I love the zamolo So much

    86. chelsea Castledine

      I love the za

    87. mzire Brefki

      Kipan now u maddie and rebcca


      I am a bit feel bad for matt

    89. Eleanor Oh

      Kingpin was behind rebecca

      1. Eleanor Oh


    90. Ericson Abutar

      Its go back the back story is the key

    91. Alison Hughes


    92. 1xxxcruzxx Cruz

      Ryan have a doll in he’s back

    93. Rachel Martin

      1,219 jk

    94. Lesly G


    95. Lesly G


    96. Lesly G


    97. Lesly G


    98. Lesly G


    99. Lesly G