Claudia Conway Reveals Her Love For Music & Reflects On Katy Perry’s Advice - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    Claudia Conway reflects on her American Idol audition and how she feels about claiming her own identity through music. George Conway joins Claudia to share why he became emotional during Claudia’s audition. Claudia’s biggest takeaway from Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan? Block out the noise!
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. Izie Grey

      They put her on for more than just this seasons ratings... more importantly she has a massive following of Gen Zers that will help bring in the next gen to the show as the long play. Smart money move.. smart.

    2. Azure Vine

      Stupid. This is a Soap Opera, not a talent show. Anything for ratings 🤮

    3. Zac C

      So moral of the story is stop HATING

    4. Amber Daneluk

      Her voice sounds like Shailene Woodley

    5. Danny Steeler

      I am already excited to see what she will be wearing in her next round & I love this script as I hope it will allow her to go much further in this competition.

    6. ransack the elders

      She looks well into her 30's. 🤪

    7. Chandler Bing

      This was privilege at its finest.

    8. Grace Cho


    9. Audrey

      Even if she somehow made it to the voting rounds (hyperthetically speaking of course) I wouldn't vote for her. Not because of herself (her personality and whatnot or who her mother is) but because of her very privilege background. Seeing very, very wealthy contestants on shows like this will never make much sense to me. Rags to riches always makes for a better story. (Ok, not litterly dirt poor. Just a metaphor of course. Just someone who isn't stinking rich)

    10. Alan Snyder

      It's the same old thing people always fall for the story and that's what the judges did and because they are there they're the only ones that can feel the pain in her voice whereas we only hear her voice on TV that makes a huge difference so that's what we were missing

      1. Izie Grey

        that and more importantly she has a massive following of gen Zers that will help bring in the next gen

    11. Gamermomma

      Weakest put through ever. :(

    12. Lucia Martinez

      they just giving anyone tickets

    13. EntertainmentFan

      If you don't like certain contestants on these shows, then just change the damn channel. Simple solution.

      1. Gamermomma

        It just damages the integrity of the show to let people through who are not up to par vocally.

      2. lucky_x16

        @EntertainmentFan Get over the comments or stop responding, This is the purpose of the comments section.

      3. EntertainmentFan

        @lucky_x16 Point is, get over it or don't watch anymore.

      4. lucky_x16

        So, I dont like contestant number 9 so I should change the channel and miss 1-8 and 10-19? Such logic.


      Spoiled Brat! I don't believe her TikTok fits.

    15. haileyxin

      She's pretty though. She needs a professional makeup artist though

    16. Yeet Ya

      Her singing is average. Used her for views

    17. Chrissy Blazier

      Is anyone paying attention to The Great Reset, Transhumanism (Epstein was doing this for years) and pretty much the end of mankind-might wanna research this like NOW because it’s heading to a city near you in the next 2 years. Or are you so distracted by your tv? Pray for mankind.

    18. Kayla

      Agenda pushing!!

    19. Somewhere Down The Road

      What a Joke



    21. Lucida Rose

      Not that good.

    22. Curt Devine

      She needs an agent to tell her to stop dressing up like a corner girl. seriously.

    23. The File

      What a terrible audition. She should never have gone through.

    24. ku'uhiwahiwalei

      I am all for Claudia Conway trying her best at American Idol. It's not right for anyone to say such hurtful things about any of these contestants just because family members might be high profile in anyway or rich. Is this envy I hear or just plain mean people talking? Stop mind mucking Claudia who's already been mind mucked all her life! She's still trying to find herself. Try kindness instead of all this vitriol "Idol Fans." She is still working on herself.. and everyone thinks they know what to do for her life more than she knows. It's her life, not ours and we would never know the truth even if we did walk in her shoes all her life! Sow seeds of kindness or say nothing that will do more harm.. please!

      1. Gamermomma

        But they're giving her false hope - she should find a different career path. Or is it "everybody gets a trophy?"

    25. Mana🌹

      Is this what American Idol has come to ? Mixing politics lmao. Sis cant even sing they just used her story for views.

    26. Tamara Sloan

      I don’t think she is going to go past the Hollywood round. I think first she needs to work on herself and her image then her voice a little more. I wish her the best and hope she can take herself far in life.

    27. Esvee Flowers

      George I could tell you are a very loving Dad, I am pleased with your support of your daughter’s passion. That was nice to see you being just Dad in contrast to your image as a high powered, brilliant, principled man with awesome and incisive legal mind. I’m rooting for the success of Claudia.

    28. Mike K

      Not being mean. You used your mom. Dad. And even trump for personal benefits. I don’t know your relationship with your mother but it seems not to great. Your going to learn the hard way and I feel bad about that. My father and myself would always argue political stuff. I mean like knock down arguments. But we never hated each other or thought we were wrong. We’re allowed to have our own choices and feelings even if you don’t agree with each other. Sadly this past Sunday I lost my father and maybe odd I’m going to miss those times. And no one will really take you seriously if your throwing mom. Dad. Trump into the mix. As for American idol I have never been more disappointed in a show or people. Your favorite idol used you and your issues to prop the show up. Everything in my life I did on my own. I never asked for handouts or hey can someone talk to someone else to help me. And I’ll admit sometimes people do need a little help. But riding this coat tail will only destroy you in the end. Yes the ride right now is fun and great. It hurts when the ride stops fast. And for your mom. I respect her. I might not agree with everything but I do respect her. And the same for your father.

    29. Sydnie Rosenfeld

      Anyone else they would of said comeback in a few seasons

    30. Tina Marie

      PLEEEEZE Claudia, do NOT take to heart the biased hateful comments! I don't want you to read the comments either but I know you WILL and I hope you see this one. Good-hearted people KNOW that you & your parents are authentic and you being on this platform has NOTHING to do with them, to the contrary, it is a testament to American Idol staying neutral in such divided times. Although I was sad that no one stuck up for your Mom! Just as a PERSON! And a Mom! I think your Mom is great, & so beautiful. I understand how polarizing it must be because of the politics but your Moms' essence as a human Being rose above that nonsense in EVERY interview she did. It is sad that people are so blinded by the hatred incited by the blatantly biased corporate media and that is why I was SO relieved that American Idol did NOT Go There! I was waiting for ONE under the breath comment especially after you, but to their credit, I did not hear one. Thank God! Please let us be able to go ONE place & be entertained without the political BS! Stay strong and don't feel intimidated to Be PROUD of Your Mom!

    31. Funkysalad

      She doesn’t have a good voice. It’s so average how could they give her a ticket when so much talent was denied? She doesn’t have talent.

    32. Michelle Anderson

      Ugg...her voice is not special but her ego is huge...she needs to go preen elsewhere

    33. Norris Freedman

      I wonder how much money the Conway’s gave to the judges favorite charities... because it’s the only way she could have advanced. She was flat , off key, and just couldn’t sing.. Just listen to any of the other women who went through and you can clearly see the diff between real talent and Claudia Conway..

    34. M L

      Needs a makeover.

      1. J T

        That won't help. That girl was screaming meth addict with all the tweaking and twitching she was doing. It shows in her face too.

    35. PatchesFlows

      I wish her great luck! Train hard Claudia :)

    36. Puppy Love

      Proof everyone gets a trophy


      They say when you don't like someone the thing you don't like about them is something you notice about yourself this girl been all over social media about how she dislikes her parents she didn't say she didn't love them but she does in like their life choices something tells me that when she becomes their age she's going to be just like them apples don't fall far from the tree

    38. BerryinHI

      If they put her through, they should have put the Danica girl with old dad through too. Danica was better than Claudia.

      1. Aliza A

        Thats so trueee

      2. Maureen Rose-Ice

        I agree and said the same thing. My heart felt for Danica and she wasn’t judged fairly. Her father should have been kept out of the audition.

      3. casandra black

        @Michelle L. WHAT eva...

      4. Michelle L.

        It was Lionel's vote that was the deciding factor. Katy said yes to both Claudia and Danica, Luke said no to both Claudia and Danica for he felt they both were not ready, and Lionel said yes to Claudia but no to Danica. Katy and Luke were consistent between both contestants whereas Lionel was not consistent.

      5. Lil Nicky Da Baddest

        Damn right exactly what I was saying

    39. Windsaint

      Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 She sang beautifully 💯

      1. The File

        @J T🙉

      2. J T

        you have got to be tone deaf.

    40. Midlife Maniacal Mayhem

      the controversy surrounding her and her parents is what got her thru. they know people are going to watch because of it. mom is pro trump (obviously) and she and dad are anti trump so most of the market is covered.

    41. kingstewie

      this superstar is gonna sell more than Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood Madonna and Adele Combined !!

    42. arizjones

      Her audition was so rehearsed and fake. The show used her to push the very politics that she claims to not be a part of. She truthfully is not at singing at the level I expect this show to promote.

    43. Ivy Park Music

      Clout chased & trolled parents to get to Hollywood even though she didn't deserve it. They're using her for ratings & rewarding her for being anti Trump.

    44. Ivy Park Music

      Clout chased & trolled parents to get to Hollywood even though she didn't deserve it. They're using her for ratings & rewarding her for being anti Trump.

      1. stewh33

        Exactly.she’s just not good no other words just no good

    45. N Hoff

      She’s not good. Looks like mommy and daddy are blackmailing someone.

    46. SilverStrumer

      I'm so proud of her for doing this. Its a good learning opportunity to gain independence rather than seeking emancipation off her parents. Hope she doesn't read in to too much negativity online!

    47. Deena D

      Whatever happens, congrats on your singing voice, and more importantly your voice against your moms politics. Best wishes💫

    48. Lady T

      You only picked her because she has high profile parents. She really doesn’t sing well. First elimination... bub bye.

    49. Neeko

      I feel like this poor girl is getting abused by her parents and used by American Idol for ratings. I can see that the Conways felt like this would be a good PR moment and American Idol could make some bank off of it. I hope that she is able to find some semblance of calm in her life where she can just be a kid.

      1. xxx

        Would you say that if it was Obama's daughter?

      2. Dixie Cup

        @Jake Offenhymer wow you're objectifying a child 🤢

    50. Oka An

      I don't like her personality. Also don't think she's idol material. She'll be better singing at the bars.

    51. Arimonet

      Okay but like do none of you guys in the comments realize what she’s been going through and with her parents? A lot of the TickTok videos that she used to have posted on her TikTok are now deleted but they were mostly showcases of how abusive and mentally destructive her parents were I’m pretty sure this was just her chance to finally find her self and find her true calling. I get that she isn’t the best out of the talent here, but most of you are just judging her by her parents. With just some coaching she really could be an amazing singer.

      1. Arimonet

        @Gamermomma Of course and I agree! However I see some people in the comments only judging her by her parents (even though she made it very clear she doesn’t agree with them) instead of her as a singer. I’m sure through time she’ll be able to improve her singing skills, but we need to judge her by that and not her not so good parents.

      2. Gamermomma

        This isn't a "who has the best sob story" competition. This is a vocal and stage presence competition. She needs to go get lessons for a couple of years and then try again.

      3. J T

        @kingstewie her voice sucks and she will not win. Don't be deluded.

      4. kingstewie

        the is awsome she gonn win !!

      5. Arimonet

        I suggest you watch d’Angelo Wallace’s take on the situation with her parents (more specifically her mother).

    52. KentuckyChickRK

      But... but... she’s not good 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

      1. EntertainmentFan

        Then just change the channel.

    53. OHigherThanStarsO

      They let her through because they didn't want to get sued by her dad.

      1. Just Chill

        This is so LOCAL

      2. Puppy Love

        This made me LOL so hard

    54. SLYFOXX32

      Good try but her voice was not up to par.. I was disappointed in the judges. The 17 year old with the 73 yr old dad sounded much better. She won't make it past the group round. Not trying to be mean, just real.

    55. Ken C

      She’s never going to make it through Hollywood. She’ll have a big dramatic meltdown. She’s in way over her head with the level of talent already shown in this first week.

      1. aureat

        She’s 16.

    56. Mike Braham

      Rubbish. Should have been sent home

    57. Martin Kimathi

      Am glad she has a vision to write ✍ her own narrative, this is her opportunity. Hope she ain't faking it

    58. malexroswellnm

      If this isn't feeding into the rumors that they only kept her for ratings... Edit: the girl with the childish dad was somewhat better than claudia. I don't hate her but it's true

    59. JasMar

      She is so mature and a good singer. And she will be amazing with some coaching sessions. She can do it for sure.

      1. stewh33

        I want what you’re smoking

    60. kytown 4

      Can't believe they put her thru

    61. ashley Michelle

      I respect her .. I thought I wouldn’t but she’s actually trying to be herself and separate her self from her parents wish I don’t agree at all

      1. xxx

        It took a lot of courage to go on idol knowing the hate out there for them. She's trying to find herself. I wish her well.

    62. McKenzie Leclair

      she deserves this♥️ good job Claudia

      1. kingstewie

        she is gonn win i love her

    63. Penny

      A star is born! Common guys! She will make it regardless of American Idol. 👍🏾💪🏾

    64. Rafael Winston

      She’s genuine.❤️

      1. stewh33

        @kytown 4 right someone else had to deserve to go on. This girl needs to go home and get counseling

      2. Rafael Winston

        @kytown 4 bro, I didn’t say one word about her performance or her winning a trip to Cali. I’m strictly speaking on her personality. I didn’t critique her performance at all.

      3. kytown 4

        @Rafael Winston kid or not, she wasn't good enough to go through.

      4. Rafael Winston

        @kytown 4 she’s a Kid bruh.

      5. kytown 4

        @Rafael Winston There's nothing genuine about her. She's learned from the best... her mom!

    65. jabbabbabba

      The producers are just taking advantage of her popularity and instability. She needs mental help, not to be thrust deeper into public attention. But a $ is a $ I guess. Funny how they pretend to care about her.

      1. stewh33

        @Brandon Bachman I have the unfortunate privilege to live near her and this girl really does need help. Who picked her outfit out for her i feel bad and those songs were totally wrong for her. You’ll be reading about her when the show pushes her too far she’s gonna snap

      2. Connor Turnecliff

        Um I agree, but she willingly auditioned so, it's her choice to be on the program!

      3. Brandon Bachman


    66. Tom Jones

      The lady from Little Rock is going to win

      1. Andy Fro

        I dont think they make her win! But she will get a recording contract.. Record labels are looking for teen with a big social media!

    67. Caroline Shackelford

      Trust me honey we can't believe it either 🙄

      1. Martin Kimathi

        I bet

    68. WS

      I’m sorry to say her singing and voice weren’t that good, not trying to be mean, just being real... honestly shouldn’t have been put through to Hollywood..... good luck to her....

      1. Gamermomma

        @Sharon Hills I agree and have been a professional actress and voice over artist for over 20 years. So there ya go. Also friends with a former contestant. Also performed with a several times over Tony winning actress. Even so - you don't need a music degree to hear she was not up to standards to be put through to Hollywood.

      2. lucky_x16

        @Sharon Hills Your saying he is not allowed to voice his opinion? Precocious?

      3. Sharon Hills

        How long have you been in the music business?

    69. History and Headlines

      I hope she avoids Twitter as people's comments there are just hateful, racist, etc.

      1. stewh33

        @History and Headlines really you were her moderator you’re so nice to do it

      2. SilverStrumer

        @History and Headlines agreed they were so nasty. Hope she stays strong and focus on improving herself on Al.

      3. History and Headlines

        @jabbabbabba No, there were comments on Twitter that I reported that were far worse, i.e. racist, hate speech type of comments about her ethnicity and the like.

      4. jabbabbabba

        Like she can't sing well and only made it through due to her current 15 minutes of fame? AKA TRUTH

    70. Twindragon1111

      The fact that she went through, with a performance like that, is disappointing but not surprising. If you take away her social media presence and family connection she wouldn't and probably shouldn't have gone through.

      1. JT LovesCodeLyoko

        100% true and that's the sad thing about this it's that presence and connection that people care more of than her singing

      2. Team Heat

        100 percent facts

    71. Stephen Lotha

      i really like her.

    72. D Irish

      Spoiled Brat.

    73. Zoe

      They are really promoting her heavy for ratings 🤣 she didn’t come close to having one the best auditions last night.

      1. Team Heat

        @Zoe 🤣 she was not really good at all

      2. Zoe

        @kingstewie lol ok

      3. kingstewie

        this superstar is gon sell more than Kelly Crakson Carrie Underwood Madonna and Adele Combined !!

    74. bswelch01

      I was surprised she went through. She wasn’t bad...but she was not anything special.

      1. M Palmer

        Yes she’s special she brings ratings

      2. lucky_x16

        @WBB Clips WTF? Both sides are shallow and narrow minded trying to get something for nothing while convincing their constituents they are doing it all for them. I would be happy to see them all given mandatory retirements (blocking them from entering government jobs again. Calling anyone out as shallow is reckless and says a lot about your character and or lack of it.

      3. WBB Clips

        @lucky_x16 If she’s shallow then why isn’t she a Republican? It’s the party of shallow selfish people.

      4. lucky_x16

        @stewh33 All speaking to how many out there that are truly simple minded followers. At most the most critical thinking the people that followed her have done is "whats for dinner?"

      5. stewh33

        @whushaw it wasted a spot that someone who deserved to be there could’ve had ! You honestly think she should be going to Hollywood

    75. zaying Hui

      Jesus she’s a train wreck. They need to as a family get off social media and figure it out. That’s going to get more toxic the more you publically air out dirty laundry.

    76. Remz Marac

      Second comment

      1. Raj Ali

        third comment🤘🙏

    77. Mary Kay

      I know he's not perfect but i am glad that george seems to be a better parent than kellyanne...hope she gets to break free from her mother and maybe repair her relationship with her father. He doesn't seem to be as gaslighting and aa abusive as Kellyanne and his love for claud seems genuine

      1. Caitlyn Farrell

        @J T Just say you don’t care about victims of abuse and go

      2. J T

        you sure drank the koolaid didn't you...

      3. Caitlyn Farrell

        @stewh33 There’s literal evidence. Have some empathy. I truly hope you’re never abused and no one believes you.

      4. stewh33

        @Caitlyn Farrell you cant trust what comes out of her mouth she’s a drama queen and her mom is so loud and yells at her and swearing every other word This girl is the type to say her dad did something wrong when he didn’t

      5. Caitlyn Farrell

        Sadly, she’s said that he’s physically abused her throughout her childhood. Abusive people are just good at hiding their true colors